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Found 24 results

  1. Darius Kedros

    Musical equipment

    Does anyone have an idea about the rules on shipping/importing my musical equipment into Australia? I have a home recording studio full of equipment & instruments, and as i am a sound engineer i guess it would technically be regarded as business equipment, and not personal effects. Any ideas on where i stand with this please? Thanks
  2. Guest

    Port Equipment

    Hello all, I'm new to this site and i was wondering if anyone knew of any companies that deal with port equipment, ie Reachstackers, RTG's, big forklifts etc. Live in England and Currently working in Nigeria but looking to move to Oz with the family. Thanks, Stuart
  3. Permanent Australian Residency offered to CAT Trained Heavy Equipment Fitters / Mechanics – We pay migration fees, visa costs and relocation. If you are a CAT Trained Heavy Equipment Fitter / Mechanic in the UK or Ireland and are interested in working in or migrating to Australia then please email me with your details and your cv cat-jobs at cat-jobs.com There are currently 45 positions available, these are in various locations around Australia some are in Capital Cities and some are regional – the Permanent Australian Residency visa offered will be employer sponsored, either the RSMS or ENS depending on job location, this means you and your family will be Australian residents from day one in Australia, your obligation under this visa is to work for the employer for min two years. The salary offered is high, as these are mining related positions, the company will be paying all your migration fees, all medicals, all visa fees, air fares, is offering a relocation payment and the company will subsidise the cost of house rental for the first 12 months. This is a genuine opportunity to not only join a great team working for a very good employer, but to also get permanent residency for Australia for yourself and also your family. This is the first time I have used this forum to post a job, if I have made a mistake or breached any rules it is not intentional and please advise me if changes are required or my post is not appropriate. My team and I will be in the UK and Ireland in May to interview CAT fitters and talk to them and their families about relocating to Australia, feel free to come along and ask questions about relocating to Australia, this is not an Australian Expo, there is no charge, we are genuine Poms who live in Oz and have the chance to offer that opportunity to other suitably qualified people in the UK and Ireland, why not come and have a chat with us, we will be interviewing in Manchester, Reading, Dublin, Cardiff and Edinburgh in May, exact dates and venues will be published on the websites in around two weeks time. If you know anyone that works on CAT heavy equipment in the UK or Ireland that is interested in discussing living and working in Australia – please let them know, they will never have a better offer than this. Please PM for more information. Thanks Dennis Migrated from UK in 92 and still loving it
  4. Hi we are moving to Sydney in the next few months. Im currently working as a mobile Beauty therapist and wish to ship over most of my equipment. I wanted to know if there would be anything that they would be funny about letting in i.e. Wax heater, Nail Vanishes, Eyelash Glue etc... I've had a look but can't find any threads relating to this. Any advise would be great.
  5. I currently own my own business in the UK as a Motor Mechanic.(garage based but also mobile). I have successfully run my business for over 6 year now. I work on all makes and models, both diesel & unleaded engines. I specialise in Gear Box replacement & repair. I can carry out all diagnostic work, Servicing, Full engine re-builds, Timing Belts, Clutches & cam belts etc. I would be bringing my own Snap-on tools / tool box's and diagnostic equipment. I would be looking for sponsorship in this trade. I would be moving to Australia with my partner and two young daughters and looking to PSMS. (south aus, victoria & tas) Any information welcomed. Kind regards Kevin Raynor (age 30)
  6. Guest

    Camping equipment??

    Any keen campers moved over to Perth, we do a fair bit of camping when the UK weather lets us, interested to know if it's worth bringing our stuff over? Or selling and buying new.
  7. Guest

    outdoor toys and equipment

    We have been told by our removal company that if we jetwash bikes, slides etc they will disenfect them and should be okay. Has anyone else taken this kinda stuff. Also have gas BBQ could we take that. Hubby has ooodles of fishing gear. Knows he can't take tackle but wants to take his rods and reels etc some advice would be apprecitaed
  8. Hi I applied for state sponsorship in South Australia on 03.03.2011 and I am interested if someone else has already applied on this occupation, please share your experience Complete Set of Documents Received by Immigration SA Office 07 Mar 2011 Thank you
  9. Hey, I'm an IT professional (and Geek) with a fair amount of equipment that my wife and I are goin to ship over to Aus. I'm looking for some details of similar experiences i.e. whether you had problems etc? Any stories would be helpful.. I'm just worried that I'll have my high end PC, Cisco Lab and VMWare server delivered in a pile etc... Reassurance would help. Thanks, - 4lan.
  10. A brit with queries about personal insurance. I have a few queries about this: Do I need health insurance if so any suggestions who with? Anyone have/use/recommend insurance for personal equipment? - I'll be travelling and have cameras, laptop etc I'd like to cover. Any suggestions appreciated. I have another post about driving but as we're talking about insurance I wondered if car insurance was compulsory in Oz (it's not in NZ hence asking) and any suggested providers to cover a van/camper. Many thanks.
  11. Anyone want to live the dream in Thailand. Teaching or guiding scuba diving. Everything you need to start tomorrow. Office equipment includes all the usual printer, filing cabinet, stationery, storage, log books. Household some basic items such as coffee machine nice bamboo shelves and cupboard made to measure, steroe speakers DVD player with 3 speaker set, blender, etc. Mostly hardly used or newish. Please send a pm for cmplete list. Also may be selling the Thai registered company which allows for 2 work permits for foreigners and can be used to buy land build a house or any sort of trading business venture you like. Written up by leading reputable law firm in Phuket and english translations.
  12. Hi everyone, got a 12 month visa for Oz, I`m airfreighting my studio equipment, guitars, mixing desk etc. which has cost me quite a lot of cash to send, does anyone know if there are any duties etc. to be paid at the other end? It is my own personal belongings. The company that is sending the gear says there is`nt, but you know what some of these guy`s are like, they say there is`nt any other charges but once it`s there it`s easy to say the stuff can`t be released and delivered to the door until it`s paid. Maybe I`m just being over cautious but any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Terry.
  13. Im going to be having my baby in Australia by the looks of things :biggrin: Ive been online browsing for baby equipment and everything seems really expensive. Im on my 3rd kid and dont want the all singing all dancing vibrating paddded to within an inch of its life stuff, i just want a basic range that functions. All the shops i find seem to be botiques or else they carry cots at $600 not including matterss. Can anyone point me in the right direction, we will be in WA btw and will need somewhere that will deliver to Margaret River
  14. Do you want to work and live in Margaret River WA the premium wine and outdoor adventure region of Australia? We are seeking a passionate and enthusiastic fully qualified SMALL ENGINE MECHANIC (chainsaws, ride on/push mowers, generators etc). You will work with a small and energetic team of dedicated technicians specialising on one of Europes top brands Husqvarna. Please don't hesitate to email us for more information.
  15. Hi Guys We are hopefully moving to QLD in early 2011 and wanting to take some of our electrical goods eg. washing machine, lamps etc. Is it best to get the plugs changed over from UK to OZ before we leave (anyone know any companies in the UK that can do this? If we waited until we were in Australia, would it just be a case of going to the local DIY store for new plugs (anyone know if the wiring is similar?) or trying to get an electrician to come and sort for us. Cheers Juls x
  16. Hi.I am an electronic instrument tradesperson. This does not appear on the CSL...as anyone got an assesment from TRA for electronic equipment tradesperson. If so do you meet all the criteria for that skills and granted that assesment. Also when documenting your apprenticeship do have have to list daily acitivities and handtools etc. Need help??? Nerve wrecking to complete. Thanks D
  17. Help! We are in the early stages of looking into everything. My OH works for Sky Tv as an installer. His job description matches that of a Foxtel Cable TV Installer in OZ. We would like to know if his job falls under the skill 'Electrical Eqipment Tradesperson'. 4315-11 Electronic Equipment Tradesperson Points 60 Radio and Television Repairer Maintains, adjusts and repairs radio and television receivers, and related audio and visual reproduction equipment such as tape recorders and video cassette recorders. Skill Level: The entry requirement for this occupation is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. Tasks Include: identifies nature of equipment malfunction monitors radio and television reception to assist in diagnosing faults removes protective coverings to gain access to equipment performs voltage and resistance tests and waveform checks, using electronic test equipment adjusts or replaces faulty parts tests electronic circuitry, resistors and capacitors records servicing time and replacement parts used installs television sets and antennas on clients’ premises adjusts controls of colour receivers using colour bar generators may accept payment and issue receipt for service may examine and repair motors of record turntables and tape recorders And the following is his own job desription at SKY: Sky TV Engineer/Satellite Installer Technician: City & Guilds Certificate in Digital Satellite Installation with Health & Safety Working practice. (Gained on the job) Including: Digital Satellite (arial) Installation Satellite history & transmissionD Dish assembly & repair LNB & cabling Dish alignment using a rover meter Sky box functionality Programming remote control unit Telephony Connectivity Health & safety working practices Ladder working Risk assessment Pitched roof working & chimney lashing kits Flat roof working Use of a variety of power tools Nobody seems to be able to answer us as to whether this job falls under this. We have looked at several companies in OZ such as Mr Antenna & Foxtel, and my OH would be able to fulfil their requirements. But nobody can seem to answer whether his job falls under the 'Electrical Eqipment Tradesperson' Skill Category, which gets the max 60 points. Its very frustrating. He has been doing the job for 2 years, so we are aware that he may need another 1 or 2 years on the job. But He has also got the City & guilds training and certificate. Can anyone help here? We would be so grateful.
  18. Hi, there. Is here any body completed his skill assessment as electronic equipment trade person ASCO code 4315-11. If here is anybody can I get help? I need a sample experience letter. Plz. Thanks with regards. Jony
  19. Hi, wonder if those of you who have already made the move could help us a bit. OH is tape and jointer/painter decorator and as money will be tight we were hoping to take as many tools out as possible. Thing is we had people in to quote for shipping the other day and they said that most of the stuff would have to go as they were covered in paint/plaster etc. He started to look at brushes/roller cages etc and realised that just that stuff would be over £200 to replace. We are currently trying to clean them up as much as poss but just how clean do they have to be? Paint still on the inside bits of the rollers and paint splatters on brush handles etc other than that not to bad. Just how clean do they have to be? Hope you can help as we can really do without having to buy everything new over there. Thanks Sarah :arghh:
  20. I will be shipping out a fair amount of tools etc and just wondered how clean they want them. I ve got a few trowels etc that have gone a bit rusty in shed, if i brush off or scrape off excess and spray with WD40 (to stop them rerusting) will this be ok.
  21. martincburgess

    Sending Computer Equipment Securely

    Hi all, Starting to look at what to take to Oz and I have a desktop and laptop I would like to take with us. The laptop can accompany me on the flight, but the desktop will have to go some other way. I will be pulling off data on to an external drive, but do not really want to strip it off the main computer drives. Any thoughts as to security and shipping - in other words the risk in someone extracting data off a pc for ulterior motives. With concerns over identity theft etc I am worried about handing over I.T. kit to any third party. Anyone with advice / experience out there? Thanks, Martin
  22. Hi, Can any sparks out there, especially "IN" Oz tell me whether the sizes of things are generally the same as here? What i mean is things like bushes, SWA glands, conduit, Crimp lugs, etc. I'm going to Queensland in September and as you know us sparks like buying tools. Well, i don't want to buy stuff i can't use over there. I'm going to send over my tools in a container, some of them i'd like to get new. i'm going to leave myself with stuff i can get by with for the last couple of weeks. Any advice would be great . Regards Keith.
  23. mandymcqueen

    Baby Equipment

    Hi All Does anyone know of any good website to buy baby things, you know the usual, high chair, potty, car seats etc a website a bit like mothercare. I have decided to be very organised, we are leaving everything behind here in uk and starting a fresh for our new life. So thought it would be a good idea to buy the essentials that I will need as soon as we arrive just now. I have an address that I can get things posted to in Oz so I can start buying now. I have had a look through google etc but doesnt seem to be anything like mothercare or even argos. thanks Mandy
  24. Guest

    Camping Equipment

    For those of you who camp can you tell me whether it is easy to get calor gas for a camping stove. When I was there last time we had a stove that took LPG and bought it back with us only to find that it is difficult to LPG here. So which one should I bring back? Thanks