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Found 4 results

  1. I didn't want to highjack Woodyds thread. So I'm starting a new one. Whilst reading around online news in general I came across this... Legislation allowing gay people to hold civil partnerships in places of worship could be derailed by a group of Tory MPs and peers I think it's wrong in this day & age that there is still so much inequality, it's barking mad . The average Hetrosexual person is probably not even aware of half the things The LGBT population face. This article already states that religious venues have an option where they may op out of performing Civil Partnership Ceremonies so why the need for more legislation. I had clients who are a lovely couple these men have been in a relationship for fifty years, imagine thats an incredible thing in itself but when you think for the first ten years of their relationship they were illegal & could've been sent to prison. After fifty years they had a civil partnership because it meant their wills could actually be the way they wanted instead of family inheriting in the place of their partner. Those of us in Hetrosexual marriages get to take so much for granted. While we are gaining licences to marry in ever more outlandish places. There are those within government position trying to make Civil partnerships even less equal now trying to legislate where such cermonies can be performed, even though every religious venue already has an opt out available. I think if you are a gay person who follows a religous faith this must be even worse. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2011/12/02/gay-partnerships-churches-threat_n_1125704.html
  2. As the title says will a move to oz give me equal or better lifestyle to UK (Scotland)? My Current situation in the UK is as follows:- Myself and my partner earn approx £60K in the UK (Approx 94,000 Aus D) We have a 6 year old child, who is watched by my parents, so no child minding fees We have a 3 bedroom flat in the UK, but realistically if we sold now we would probably only cover the mortgage We have a 1 year old car, that if we sold we would prob make a loss on this, and have combined debts that cost us in the region of £300-400 per month (i.e. loans/credit cards) I have probably painted a rather bleak picture above, however we have to be realistic!!! I have the prospect of a job in Perth city center area with sponsored visa, job salary is from 70,000 - 100,000 AUS D (i wouldnt accept anything less than 80,000 AUS D). the package includes relocation costs (i.e. one way flight for the family, 1 months furnished accommodation, and 1 months car rental, and removal costs for our furniture etc) My partner works for a well known supermarket/food store as the store manager and earns approx £30,000 (i.e. half of our combined income in the UK). How easy would it be for her to get a similar job in OZ, and what are the salaries like for this type of work? As wee have a small child, if we both worked full time, we would require child minding, what are the average costs of this? If this costs alot, she may just look to work part time (i.e. 16/20 hrs a week) what is the average wage for this type of work Any advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance:biggrin:
  3. Afternoon all... I have just 'invested' around an hour reading through some of the 'Cost of Living' threads and I've got to say that I feel a little better having done so. I have been a member of PIO for around 12 months now and the one thing that seems to be ringing in my ears more than any other is that Australia is sooooo much more expensive than the UK. Having looked through some of the figures on the site though this really doesn't seem to be the case. Food certainly seems to be more expensive but then this looks to be balanced out by the fact that utilities and petrol is so much cheaper. I'm beginning to think that the discrepancy here is that people are including their initial set up costs having made the move. Our position is that we will be paying a big whack up front and bringing everything with us.....40ft container full to the rafters (even asked if we could put a roof rack on it to add some more gear!!! :biggrin:) plus another 40ft container with our two cars in it!!!! I would much prefer to take the hit in the UK and cut out the poor exchange rate than face the pain in Aus. Real estate seems to be the other area which is causing a skewed comparison. Australia is still struggling with high purchase and high rents whereas the UK has slowed down and people are currently 'enjoying' the lowest interest rate in decades. This won't last and when the UK rates start to increase the cost of living in the UK will start to feel much higher. I've noted a few of my UK outgoings below and they seem way more than anything quoted on this thread: £500 pm Food £173 pm Council Tax £70 pm Oil (no mains gas) £50 pm Electric £38 pm Water Rates and of course £.136 per litre fuel.....even my bloody LPG has gone up to 70p per litre! Life's bloody expensive everywhere!!! :arghh: Thoughts......??:confused:
  4. Guest

    457 visa and SMP/176 equal?

    Hey all, i have applied for a SMP/176 and now I got a job offer and could apply for a 457 visa. Should I exactly fill out the forms equal, which is quite complicated, as I applied for SMP with my old ASCO Code and the 457 job title is a bit different. Would DIAC compare visa applications or would it be ok, if I would use for both a different occupation. I am still working in the same branch, just the occupation title is different. Thank you Sam