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Found 12 results

  1. vimjay

    PR for Cerebral palsy kid

    10-07-2018 Hi All, I am from India and planning to migrate Australia with PR / 489 Visa with my family. I want to migrate with my family i.e. me (42 yrs), my wife (42 yrs), my two kids (14 yrs and 9 yrs). I am from IT background and going to apply as a developer software / software programmer. My younger son (9 years) is suffering with cerebral palsy. He is physical disable. He can't walk, can't speak meaning full. He has mile stone delay and currently his physiotherapy is going on. My main question is that is he eligible for Visa / PR ? Is there any problem to get VISA ? What type of care should I take to get VISA. Is there any special condition or special process to get such VISA ? If anyone experienced person, please guide me. URGENT. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have epilepsy and take medication everyday, currently i get it free, how much will it cost me in Sydney? Will i have to go see a doctor in Sydney straight away to get me written up for repeat prescription or can i take something to a chemist that my doctor here could write out to start with? Thanks xx
  3. Janie101

    Anybody flown with epilepsy?

    Hi everyone I'm more than sure that the answer is Yes but I have a 6 year old son who has epilepsy and only has seizures whilst he is asleep and usually bought on by tiredness. The thought of this long haul flight is stressing me the most coupled with the fact that my OH may be going on his own with us joining him later. I also have an 8 year old! So not only the thought of taking 2 young children on a plane (poor other passengers) but also him having a seizure? Stressed thinking about it :arghh: Thanks Jane
  4. Hi there I've seen from searching the forum that a few PiO members have kids with epilepsy. I wondered if you could help me out with developing an emergency response plan for my son at school? We moved over in January this year. We are on 457 visas tied to my husband's (permanent) job. We had no problems whatsoever getting a visa for my son. He hasn't had a seizure since March 2008 and he has been off drugs since September 2010. I have a letter from his neurologist in the UK with a complete history, saying she feels he has (had?) a benign childhood form of epilepsy and is unlikely to require a neurologist in Australia. In fact I have only once taken him to a GP and it was a drop-in clinic because he had a viral infection and his temperature wasn't coming down (no seizures though). I felt it worth flagging up the epilepsy with his school just in case he has a seizure, and understandably they want to develop an emergency response plan for that eventuality. I feel perfectly able to write this myself (based on the information we used to give to all his carers and his previous schools in England) but I wonder if it is worth taking him to our 'regular' GP just to let them know, and make sure they have an input into the plan? Anyway if anyone wants to share their experience with me I would be very grateful. Thanks so much Scimum
  5. Hi all! Taking over as Mrs Tonyman tonight. I was hoping to get some info on parent contributory visa's,as my Mum is applying to come over on one. My main question really, is with regards to her health. She is a relatively fit 60 something,but was diagnosed with epilepsy around 10 years ago,they put it down to work related stress! She struggled to find the correct medication that worked for her initially,but thankfully has been symptom free for about three years. She recently had her medicals and says all seemed to go smoothly, but I wondered if anyone had any knowledge or experience of reli's coming over with health problems. She is happy to pay for health care and scripts,but could her epilepsy go against her?? She really can't bare to be away from her five Grandchildren a minute longer:no: Any info would be much appreciated:notworthy:
  6. Hi, My company are sending me to the Brisbane office for 2 years and we are currently in the process of applying for the 457 Visa for my wife and I. We are at the point now where the Visa has been paid, and uploading all the supporting documents. My company have asked that I cover myself and my wife using private medical insurance. We have been told to specify that my wife suffers with controlled eplilepsy in the application, and provide a supporting document from the doctor which we have. The main issue we have is getting the appropriate medical insurance. We are confused as to which type of policy to get, as we have been told that we wont get a policy that covers the epilepsy. But we a re worried that if the policy doesnt, then immigration could turn down the application. Does anybody have any advice regarding pre-existing medical conditions, and which companies they have used? Our main priority is to be accepted by immigration. The condition is well controlled using medication and the policy with AXA which we inquired about excludes epilepsy and even the medication. She could probabaly still get the medication sent over though. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Marcus
  7. lizzy27

    Just found out I have epilepsy

    Hi, Had a seizure last week in front of my Kids, was carted off in an ambo, had some scans & was told I'm epileptic. Iam really worried this will affect our pr app. We are on a 457 now & only have a few months more until we can apply for pr. Doc said I will be fine on meds, but it doesn't stop me worrying. Any reassurance wud b fab!!
  8. carolinemc

    Cost of Epilepsy meds and medicals

    Hi, Myself and my partner both have Epilepsy ( no we didin't meet in a support group:) And we are just starting the visa application process now, I have spoken to a migration agent here in Dublin (she is on the Aus gov registration) and she has advised us to go for medicals before submitting any paper work. Has anyone come up against any issues with medicals? My partner is seizure free for 5years and I am for 3years. We are both on long term medication and both have been dischardged from our Neuroligsts care as they are happy with our progress. Finally how much approx does it cost per mth/per year for medication in Oz and do you have to pay for it all yourself? Thanks Caroline
  9. _shel

    Epilepsy & medicals

    Sorry to completly go off topic but Jo I'm interested to hear what extra medical stuff you had to do for epilepsy? I have epilepsy, had brain surgery also and am going to apply for my Spouse Visa 309/100 soon. I know my medicals will be refered but was wondering if they will make me have more medical investigations etc.
  10. Guest

    epilepsy and medication

    Hi everyone, Wondered if anyone could advice me and my boyfriend we are only in the early stages however we are coming over on a State Sponsered Visa, Hopefully! I have Epilepsy which is controlled i am on two types of medication, Toprimate and Lamotrogine i haven't had a seizure in 2 yrs and it has never prevented me from working full time. As our visa is a temp one does anyoune know the situation with medication how much it will cost me? will it go against me in my medical. Also here goes sounds like were on deaths door:chatterbox: my boyfriend has a bad back over here he has pain killers as he has a bulging disc, and the odd epidural again he has never been of work and has been a property manager for 10yrs as he is the main applicant I have considered just not mentioning his bad back as you wouldn't know to look at him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS TOSHANDJO:Randy-git:
  11. JAYZO

    Epilepsy down under

    Hi all Wev just made the decision to emigrate to Brisbane, and as im Epileptic i was wondering if anybody knew if i would have to pay for my prescriptions? At present i have a medical exemption certificate so i dont have to pay. Also can anyone reccomend a good agent that is reasonably priced ( we dont want to be ripped off) Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Jayzo
  12. Guest

    Epilepsy concerns.

    Hi everyone. My son is 12 and has suffered with a mild form of epilepsy called partial seizure disorder for the last 9 months or so. He's under a consultant who we see every 4 - 6 weeks. The medication, that he's been on since we first became aware of his illness, controls the symptoms and we've been told that theres a very good chance that he'll either grow out of it or will live with it under control and should therefore lead a full and normal life. I'm worried that we'll only find out if his illness will be problematic to our visa application late on. Both my children (I also have a 16 year old daughter) are so excited about the possibility of living in Oz, that it'll break everyone hearts if the visa falls flat on its a##e I know there's quite a few members on here with medical backgrounds and would really appreciate it if anyone could give me any information Dan