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Found 5 results

  1. neetu9780

    No invitation yet for 189 visa

    Hi All, I have submitted my EOI for 189 visa under the 2613 category as a software engineer in April 2014 and still haven't received any invitation. My agent is handling the whole process and i have been sponsored by my uncle. Timeliness are as follows 1. Appeared for Ielts and scored overall 8 bands (L 8.5/R 8/S 8/W 7) 2. Received positive assessment from ACS in November 2013 3. EOI submitted in April 2014 and still waiting for the invitation At the time of submitting EOI i received only 25 points for my age but now i have turned 25 so i suppose the system should have updated my age points My points breakdown is Age: 30 (25 at the time of EOI submission) Degree: 15 English : 10 Sponsorship by relative :10 Total: 65 (60 at the time of EOI submission) So my question is what could have gone wrong that i still didn't receive any invitation?
  2. So this morning after worrying about it for so long I received some great news from Vic Uni - my skills assessment had been successful! Now that I have the skills assessment required and I got 8.5/8.5/8.5/8.0 for IELTS, I am now ready to submit an EOI for a skilled independent migration visa (189) as I have the 60 points required. Does anyone have any advice or anything to look out for when submitting my EOI? I'll also share my full experience with Vic Uni for those interested or in a similar position to myself. I am a 24 year old carpenter from Scotland. I qualified as a carpenter in September 2010 after a 4 year apprenticeship. After returning from a Working Holiday in Melbourne 2012/2013 staying with relatives, seeing their lifestyle and the opportunities for work in Melbourne I decided I'd like to move there. After a lot of research and gathering, the time came to submit all my documentary evidence to Vic Uni to start the skills assessment process. I submitted around 3/4 payslips (from a variety of different dates) for each employer (6) I had worked under since I qualified, I also got references from each employer and 2 supplied more detailed 'employment statements', as well as my TradeSet report and photographic work evidence w/ technical write-up. I posted all my evidence on May 21 2014 and it was received at their end on May 28 2014. On 11th June 2014 I received an email stating one of employment statements had to have more detail and I also needed a statutory declaration + letter from accountant confirming my self-employment for a period of 1 year and some alterations were needed to my photographic evidence. My advice would be to follow their guidelines completely, it was my fault that these items were missing from my package. After re-submitting my revised evidence on 19/6/14 I was informed on 2/7/14 I had been successful in the documentary evidence stage. A date (17/7/14) was arranged for my 2 hour Skype Interview for my skills assessment. I was rather nervous building up to this as I had been reading about people who had been in the trade for 15-25 years going for this assessment, I felt that my experience (or lack thereof) may hinder my ambitions. I would recommend to anyone who is going for this assessment to brush up on Australian Health and Safety as a lot of the questions he asked were related to this. Work Safe is a good website for research. The assessor was great, he understood the differences in terminology/technique etc and took this into account. The questions he asked were all from a booklet which was based on the candidate guideline you are given by Vic Uni in preparation for the assessment. I would highly recommend the service that Vic Uni provide for skills assessment, all of my emails were (generally) replied to within 24 hours and they walked me through the process step-by-step. I realise this is a bit of a passage to read but I appreciate it if you take the time to read it and have any advice regarding my EOI. Any questions regarding anything in this thread are welcome as well! Thanks, Steven
  3. Hi Everyone, I am thinking about preparing to submit an application to ACS in order to have my ICT skills assessed. But before that, I need to ensure whether I could achieve 15 points if I placed an EOI in order to receive an invitation to apply as an independent skilled professional (subclass 189), given that the assessment came out positive. My estimation is that, if I get 10 points instead of 15, then my total points will not be 60 and therefore I will certainly not receive an invitation. Please tell me whether I will get 15 points based on my information below: ICT Major: Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from a Canadian university ANZSCO: 263111 (Computer Network and System Engineer) Previous Company outside Australia: 2.5 years of fulltime work (40 hrs/wk) closely related to ANZSCO 263111 Current Company outside Australia: 6 years of fulltime work (40 hrs/wk) closely related to ANZSCO 263111 Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I just registered here but wanted to ask for peoples advice / experience since my past dealings with DIAC has suggested to me that I'll get given about 4 different answers (or no answer) to each of the questions I have! I'm currently on a 457 visa which expires in at the start of Sept. I'm only on a temporary contract with my work and despite my attempts I haven't been able to find another employer in my profession so far and the short time remaining on my visa is beginning to hamper the job search further. Rather than getting kicked out of the country in September and be forced to head back to Scotland, I've been looking at the 189 visa. Can people advise how long they've typically had to wait to have all the information required to lodge an EOI (VETASSESS etc, do I need an IELTS if I'm from the UK?) I've looked at the points system and reckon I'd have between 60 and 70 points, depending on what score I get allocated for the English language ability test. What I'm wondering, if I get everything done and submit an EOI, what are the chances of being invited to apply before my visa expires in Sept? I know there's no set time limit or guarantee of being invited, but I'm looking for advice on how long others have had to wait in similar circumstances. And obviously I don't want to waste a lot of money on putting everything together if I'm unlikely to be invited to apply. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. My son is lodging his EOI as a Software Engineer (261313) with 60 points. On average how long does it take to get an invitation? From the perspective of people that have been invited, are 60 points enough or would he be relegated to the bottom of the pile? If he gets an invitation he would be applying for the 189 skilled visa. On average how long are these visas taking? Thanks