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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows our entitlement to Medicare, if we have any ?? We are going on a Bus Visa 163 (Temporary), and do not believe we would be entitled to help, but my OH thought he read on a post on PIO that we might be ?? Any advice would be helpful, as my OH is a diabetic, and here in the Uk we do not pay for any of his medication , so wondering about costs in Oz. Thanks
  2. I'm waiting for a Skills Assesment to come through. My employer has said that they'll sponsor for PR application. I hope to apply in the next month. Am I entitled to claim for the Child Care Rebate (we've 2 kids in full time creche) as soon as I apply or is this only possible after the PR is approved down the line. I'd heard that I'm supposed to lose LAFHA as soon as I apply so it makes sense that I'd be able to claim from the off. If someone could let me know where I stand here, that would be great.
  3. hi, my parter and i are moving to Sydney in a few weeks, i have been sponsored by my company on a 457 visa and my partner is on the visa and approved. my question is can she work?? i thought initially she had the same working rights as myself but have started to doubt myself and have not found the answer. if anyone knows it would be much appreciated. thanks Ed
  4. Hi, I am just wondering if anyone can advise me if my partner would be automatically entitled to permanent residence, due to the fact that I have dual citizenship, from having lived in Australia from when I was 5 till when I was 10 and we have just had a baby together. We are discussing the option of going over as I still have a lot of family there and was just wondering what process we would have to go through and how long this would take. Any feedback would be much appreciated!
  5. Hi My Partner and I have out 176 visa and are flying out in January. I have just found out I am pregnant:biggrin: The baby is not due till June. Does anyone know if I am entitled to any help from anywhere. I was going to get a full time job as soon as we got there but its looking unlikely that anyone will employ me now I am expecting, so I will have to temp till the baby is due. I really need to know if theres any benefits I would be entitiled to, or help from the goverment , given that we would not have been there more than 5-6months. I'm really worried now as we were hoping to have a double income of sorts but this has changed alot of things. Any help gratefully received.:hug:
  6. Guest

    will i be entitled to anything

    i will be moving back home with my family sometime next year and i want to know will i be able to claim anything until i get back on my feet? ive heard you have to wait 6 mths, is this right? i don't even know if i would get anything. also i won't have a home to return to so should i get intouch with the council and tell them my situation and see if they could offer me somewhere when we return as i have no one we could stay with when we get back. i have young children who are school age. we have lived in england all our lives until we came here one and a half years ago.
  7. I have just started working part time at the same office my partner does. Whilst the job was offered during my illness and did not require an interview etc I am grateful to be given such an opportunity to ease back into work. However, if any important facts ie wages, tax, super, hours, contract, hours etc were discussed prior to my start date, this was all done by speaking to my partner who then spoke to me. Surley AUS must have DPA and FOI that protects my business from this? Whilst I couldnt careless about what my partner knows, it would be nice to have the company discuss things and negotiate directly with me. Now I have started work there, the issue of hourly rate and wages has come up. I am employed as a part time casual worker, however if my partner was to ask about concerns relating to my salary and tax, would it contravene AUS DPA act and FOI act? If i have put on my TFN form provded by work that I want to claim the tax free threshold, do I pay tax straight away or pay once I have hit the $6000 threshold? As this was my very first pay in AUS, and paid tax on it. should I have? Sorry if it sounds like i am moaning, just had a bad day.
  8. Does anyone know? I am a single mum of 2 fabulous children, Becci (14) and James (12) due to emigrate over the New Year. We have been planning the migration for almost 2 years and the first thing I did when I thought about migrating was to go and speak to my ex-husband (the children's father). After-all, if he wasn't happy with me taking the children I wouldn't have started the process! He agreed that it would be a great opportunity for all of us and supported my decision. We have been seperated for 8 years and he has since remarried and has 2 more children (5 & 3yrs). The divorce wasn't particularly pleasant and he stopped paying voluntary maintenance and forced me to go through the CSA. Since then I have received regular payments and there has never been a problem. The problem seems to be cropping up now though - he is saying that, as he won't be able to see the children regularly (although I have promised to bring them back to the UK for 6 weeks every year) that he won't be continuing paying maintenance for them. I have tried to explain that just because he's not 'seeing' them they will still be in regular contact via web cam, email etc and that just because we are on the other side of the world they don't stop being his children. The amount that he pays isn't a huge amount but it would help with school fees (the children are going to a Catholic school so fees are involved), uniforms etc. Does anyone know whether he can just 'stop' paying? I've emailed the CSA twice but just get the standard response 'we'll look into it and get back to you'.... then hear nothing! Help!! Zoe xx
  9. Guest

    Entitled To...?

    Hi i am a born and bred british citizen(welsh) but have a australian citizenship also from living there about ten years ago. I was just wondering when i move back to Aus what monies can i claim for? Child Tax etc... I am taking my partner and 2 children with me! Thanks
  10. Hi All, Due to arrive in Oz in August, after 2 months travelling in SE Asia so lots to sort out right now! Top of the list is insurance for SE Asia, but not sure whether I need to extend that for Oz too or whether we're automatically covered by medicare. When I look on the medicare website it says we're entitled as we've got a permanent residency visa, however it also asks you to provide proof of residency which I'm guessing is going to take a little while to do. If anyone has any info on what they did when they first arrived I'd much appreciate it. Watersports P.S. Hope the weather is good where ever you are out there.....England is selling herself well at the moment, it's gorgeous over here! Maybe she doesn't want me to leave?!