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Found 32 results

  1. My wife and I are living in America and have just found out we are pregnant. We have decided we want to move to Australia to have the baby and plan on flying there at the end of July 2018. I need to apply for the partner visa and due to time, will need to apply for it onshore. I am wondering which visa I need to enter the country. We will be submitting our application as soon as we arrive.
  2. Hi I am gonna undertake medicals. I have already undertaken Police checks 6 months ago. Enter before date in visa application is calculated based on medicals or PCC? For instance if I submit a fresh medical test along with an old pcc which is still valid then my enter before date will be calculated based on medicals or old pcc? Regards
  3. Has anyone done this ?? A country can NOT deny access to one of its own citizens ! So if you are a dual citizen, say Australian and British, with a valid Australian passport, but your UK passport has expired. You shouldn't need to just travel as a tourist on your Australian passport. Exit Australia on your valid Australian passport, and show your expired UK passport to UK border staff. They will let you in. If moving back to UK and don't want to renew UK passport overseas due to the cost, this should work fine. I haven't actually done it, but I repeat "A country will not deny access to its own citizen, even if their passport is expired"
  4. Firstly, hello to all! As a dual Australian/British citizen without a British passport (Expired) I'd like some advice about entering the UK on an Australian Passport on a one-way ticket (We are moving back permanently to the UK) what evidence do I need to show that I'm a UK Citizen - A UK Birth Certificate, National Insurance Card, Driving Licence are these applicable? Or, do we still need a new British Passport? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  5. We have got our 176 visa sponsered by Victoria.House is up forsale but not much happening yet.We have til Dec 6th 2011 to validate,we have a family wedding in Brisbane in September and are planning on going if we havent sold house and need to validate.Question is do we have to fly into Melbourne to validate or can we come in via Brisbane.Then fly out of Melbourne and validate it then as all the others are going straight to Brisbane.:wink:
  6. Just a quick question. We are planning moving to Canberra in Sept 2011 but i was planning on going over the month before to do a reccie for a few weeks to try and organise a rental,schools etc before we all move over as a family. The 176 visa is in my Wifes name but can i go over as her husband and sort rental etc or do we all have to come together. Just would rather sort out rental/schools etc before we arrive in Sept 2011 but not sure if i wuld be allowed to do this?
  7. Guest

    Veyron to enter Bathurst 2012

    Bugatti Veyron Super Sport If I order one now do you think it will arrive in time for me to enter Bathurst:laugh: Pah you call that muscle:jimlad: 335kw look at these 882 kw pythons
  8. Hello, I will be starting a permanent role with a large (ASX listed) company in Sydney in January. They are sponsoring me for a 457 visa, but have asked me to apply for a 417 (working holiday) visa in case the 457 doesn't come through by my planned start date. I have now had confirmation that my 417 visa has been accepted, however one of the conditions of this visa is that "work must be secondary to your main purpose of your visit". If I do end up having to enter Australia on a 417, can anyone advise what kind of questions they ask at immigration and what level of detail they go into? Obviously, my main purpose of entry is for work (although I do plan to travel whilst there). Do you think this would be likely to cause me any problems? Thanks in advance Jon
  9. Now things are moving nice and quickly, we're now thinking about the actual move... I realise we will need to enter Australia to validate our visas by a certain date, but if we then wanted to travel around for, say 6 weeks, before settling in Victoria, I assume we could do this? Are there any restrictions on when you need to settle in the state by? I'm guessing not as I've seen other posts saying that you actually have no legal obligation to the state...just a moral one. We just thought we might kill some time (and have a bit of a holiday) before our furniture turns up...assuming we get a visa of course :biggrin:
  10. Hi all My mind is going to explode.... please someone shed some light for me! Does anyone know if i can enter oz on a ETA tourist visa whilst my 457 is being processed and in last few stages? does it complicate things? i know i need return flight ticket if entering on ETA but would i be buying a return ticket anyway if the 457 was done? cheers muchly Ann xx :arghh:
  11. Just wondered if anyone is in the same situ as me? I now have only 110 points and under the 175 would now enter 'the pool' for a max of 2 yrs. This seems insane to me as it's such an expensive visa in the first place to risk not been considered at all. I can't imagine anyone would risk it. I am a nurse who doesn't want to go for state sponsorship as I don't like the idea of been tied in for so long. Any advice much appreciated!
  12. hi everyone,i have applied for my offshore visa and ive been told it will not come through untill Feb..does anyone know can you enter aussie and wait for it over there..jst such a long time be away from my husband as he is already in oz....i asked my case officer and she told me to check the website which doesnt realy clarify if you can or not ..thanx
  13. Hi Can anyone help I am just wondering if you can have your visa excepted if you have a CCJ, as we have had a letter come in the post this morning and someone has decided to take my OH to court for some work he carried out 3 years ago, although I am hoping it won't come to anything I am worried just in case we end up with it on his record as we are going to be starting the process soon with the visa's. Any help would be appreciated x
  14. I'm Australian living in London and my husband has just submitted his temporary spousal visa (a week ago). We hope to fly out to Oz in early October and have made quite a few arrangements. We just heard back our case officer saying that they need more information from us but plan to grant him a permanent visa instead of a temp. My question is, will this take longer? Our case is pretty straight forward ( married, one baby and I've just found out there is another one on the way) The email from our case officer said current processing times are 3-4 months but that seemed to be a standard issue estimate. Does anyone know if this is likely to be the case and can my husband enter Oz on a tourist visa if we run out of time??
  15. If anyone can help me with this question I’d really appreciate it as you’d save me the ridiculous fee of 1GBP per minute calling the UK Visa Line! I am a UK (and also Canadian) citizen, living in Dublin. My partner of 2 years is Australian and I am going to apply for the Off-Shore De-Facto Visa. We are going travelling this October 2010 for 8-12 months (depending on finances) and will then be going to Australia. This puts me in Australia June-Oct 2011. I’d like to apply for my De-Facto Visa now, but want to know this: Once the Off-Shore De-Facto Visa is granted, how much time do I have to enter the country? Is it matter of months? If so, can you postpone date of entry? I’m concerned that the Visa will be approved even before we leave for travelling or perhaps while we are travelling and we will have to cut our trip short or not go at all. Should I wait until we are already travelling to apply? If so, can I go for an interview/health check abroad? Sorry! So many questions! I’d really appreciate any advise on this!! THX
  16. Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone has any experience of the following or has done the same thing. I know Im doing alot of thinking here but Im trying to think of the best options to get us to Oz. Basically at the moment we have applied for SS with the ACT - when it is successful we will lodge our 176 before July 1st. At the moment we are using the OH occupation 2231-11 Systems Manager to apply for our 176. As we don’t know the new SOL or the SMP for the ACT we could be in for a 2/3 yr wait which will bring us up to possibly June 2012/2013 and its highly unlikely that the occupation will be on the new SOL and at the moment 2231-11 has been changed to the offlist and is not in demand anymore. At the moment I am continuing my degree which will be completed by July 2011 - but I will have actually have it in before then - just the results dont come out until July 2011. Ive done alot of research into the area that I am currently working in and unless I am a qualified Social Worker/Psychologist my opportunity for work will be limited so I have actually decided to do a Masters in Social Work when I arrive in Australia. Ive already checked to ensure that I can meet the requirements for this course and I definitely do. At the end of 2 years study I will be a qualified Social Worker and will be able to become a member of the AASW. It makes practical sense for me to do this for my long term career prospects. The sample SOL also has Social Worker on their list so I would imagine at this stage it will be on the new SOL- HOPEFULLY. Social worker however is on the Quota list for the ACT at the moment and is limited but of course all of this could change. I have been in touch with the Australian Catholic University in Canberra and I know that I will have to wait until August 2011 to apply. The masters starts in February 2012. Because we aren’t sure at this stage if our 176 will be granted or not and I know that it is a risk to take ........ but we were thinking in the interim we could apply for a subclass 573 – higher education visa for Australia (Masters by Coursework). This would allow me to work 20 hrs per week and my OH could go on this visa as my defacto and it states that if you are doing a masters that your dependants can work an unlimited amount of hours. Obviously we know we would have to pay international fees for both myself and my daughter plus Health Insurance. So I was wondering could we go on a subclass 573 with me as main applicant, then when we arrive in Canberra we change our 176 to an onshore 886 as my OH is the main applicant on the 176. Does anyone know how this works or if it is even possible? Any advice, opinions or comments would be grately appreciated. Thanks Suzanne
  17. Guest

    how do I enter in to Australia

    Hi again, my husband is in NSW on a 457 visa, (I am on it as well) but I am still in uk and not able to join him until July, his 457 expires June 30th (it was only for 12 months) His boss has now made him permanent so he is now going to put in an application for an 856. It says that all members of the family who want to be included must be onshore at time of grant. It also says that if they are not onshore at time of application, then as long as you inform them when you arrive before grant you can be added. What I need to know is how do I get in to Australia? as the 457 will be expired by the time I travel. Will it be ok to get there by tourist visa, as I will not be included on the 856 until I actually arrive in Australia. Very confused at moment, any help would be most appreciated.
  18. Hi can anyone help? we have a few questions around sorting out visas for Australia from the UK. My Partner is a New Zealand Citizen which means that we could enter Australia and provided I follow her in I could get in on a sub class 461 this has some drawbacks especially if we settle and grow old so would prefer not to go that route. As the 461 visa only takes 12 weeks and is a low cost would it be better to apply for this visa, enter Australia and then try to get a potential employer to sponsor me for a 457 visa ? (am I actually allowed to apply for another visa once I am in on the 461) Or Would it just be best to take the risk enter on the 461, start my new life and make sure I get the right amount of insurance to cover me for medical, pension & disability. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers Rob
  19. Hi all, We are not UK residents but we are desperately in need of ‘informal advice’ as I can’t seem to find answers anywhere else! We had migrated to Australia (skilled) late 2006 from Singapore. My mum has been using the tourist visa (ETA or 676 – max. stay of 3 months multiple entry, fyi DIAC refused to grant her a longer visa) to visit us in Oz. In Feb 2009, we lodged the PCV after settling in Australia for 2 years. Recently, I tried applying for an extension of my mum’s tourist visa, i.e. further extend her visa for 3 months so she can stay for up to 6 months in total. The officer said my mum had been using the tourist visa too frequently to enter Oz and since she did not exit Oz for a min. of 1 month each time she leaves Oz, she was considered to have been living ‘onshore’ and have been here for 1000 days!:confused: The DIAC officer warned me my mum is not allowed to use another visitors’ visa to enter Australia for at least 3 to 6 months after she leaves in Mar 2010. Their decision is based on the fact that she had visited us too frequently (“consecutively”) & cannot use the tourist visa to visit family until her PCV is approved. If she were to apply for a 676 offshore at an Aust High Comm – it will likely be rejected. If she tries to use an ETA to enter Oz, the immigration at the airport is likely to deport her and cancel her tourist visa on the spot! I was so mad when I heard these comments. It is totally ridiculous if my mum can’t visit family & grandchild in Oz as she pleases even if her visa allows her to. She did not violate any immigration rules or do anything illegal the time she spends on Oz soil, I cannot understand why they have been so sticky about this whole matter. Also, how can she be considered ‘settled’ in Australia where she has no assets, bank accounts, Medicare benefits etc. from the Oz government! It’s so frustrating!! :arghh: Here are my questions: - Is there any rule saying you have to leave the country for more than 1 month each time you exit Australia? - Is there any ruling stating you have to be away for at least 3 to 6 months before one can re-enter Australia on a multiple entry tourist visa? - Should I obtain in writing DIAC’s policy on this? I am inclined to write and rebut the verbal conditions given by the officer and request them to provide me confirmations in writing! Otherwise, there is no reason why my mum cannot visit us in the interim? - Is there a policy on the immi website stating DIAC should grant you a tourist visa for a longer stay to visit family in Australia? (posted by Gollywobber in another form thread) Sorry, I couldn’t find it. - Is there any way to expedite the PCV? No case officer has been allocated to-date. - If my mum applies for the visitors’ visa at the Aust High Comm. overseas & gets rejected / refused entry at the airport – will it have a detrimental effect on her PCV? I am not sure if anyone has a similar situation. Any comments are much appreciated. Thank you!! :cute:
  20. We received our family 176 visa and I (main applicant) done my 2-days reccie in Australia three months ago alone. Now, can my family enter Australia to settle there permanently without me accompany/travel with them? Peter
  21. A federal inquiry has heard families are abandoning their disabled children in order to fit into Australia's immigration criteria. A parliamentary committee is looking at relaxing the rules which block many immigrants from entering Australia if a family member has a disability or a health condition.
  22. Dear all. Can anyone help? I currently hold a 676 tourist visa but I am in the process of applying for my 457, (as have been fortunate enough to have been offered a job. ) On the 457 application form, I need to enter my current 676 visa number in the required box, but my 676 visa grant number is too long!!!..the box won't accept it!!..and so i can't proceed further with my form! Very frustrating as need to apply urgently! Does anyone have any ideas on what i'm doing wrong??
  23. Hey all Just wondering if anyone knows how long you have to enter oz once your visa is granted? Ta x
  24. hi there as the title states, we were just wondering if once you have your visa, medicals and police checks in can you go to oz and wait for them to be processed? We have submitted our visa in early december have all the forms for police checks and medicals, plan to do these in february its a skilled 175 visa. we were thinking if we can sell flat could we just fly over on holiday visa (around april time, depending if flat sells in that time). This is only just a thought and just wondered if it was possible? We are both just getting fed up, my sister is in oz so would live there until visa awarded. If we left around april our visas would be in for around 5 months so hopefully it wouldnt be too long before they are awarded. i would imagine that you would have to leave and re enter oz once they are awarded? Just want to know if its possible?!?
  25. Hi I have just received notification of my de-facto spouse visa being granted but I am not sure if myself and my girlfriend (Oz citizen and my sponsor) can enter the country at different times. I have a job to start ASAP and my girlfriend needs to work out her notice and finish things up in the UK. I dont want to get off the plane and face questioning at the border as to why I am alone....