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Found 12 results

  1. Good evening Can anyone recommend a good agent in Perth that could process an ENS 186 visa? I am currently over in Aus on a 457 (med to long term) visa and working for a company that is willing to sponsor me. My 457 visa was processed by an agent recommended to me by the company I work for. Am I obliged / is it recommended that I should stick with this same agent when applying for the ENS186 now? (perhaps to ensure continuity of the whole process, since he holds my initial documentation from when he processed my 457?) I haven't been entirely happy with him, as he can be very sketchy when it comes to giving me answers, his prices are way up there, and he's using 'scare tactics' to pressure my wife over the phone to get things done 'now' (he has said certain things over the phone, yet in writing/over email he won't/contradicts) Thanks in advance
  2. Hello there, I am lodging my application for the ENS186 in the next few weeks, after my employer lodge their nomination, on the 8th of October, which is only few days after my 2-year anniversary with them. I am using an agent to lodge my application but my employer is lodging the nomination without the help of any agent. The HR person who's lodging the application, she made a big mistake on my 457 two years ago, when she put 26 months on the duration of my Visa because she saw it on another application... She feels pretty confident that the nomination application isn’t too difficult and they have all the documents they need. To be honest I feel a bit concerned and my agent quoted me $3000 to do the nomination for the employer too. I spoke to my boss and to the HR person and we decide to go through the nomination together. On the Home Affairs website I found these two pages that speak about the needed documentation for the nomination: 1. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/supporting/Pages/186/employer-documents.aspx# 2. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/supporting/Pages/employer-sponsored/temporary-residence-transition-employer-nomination.aspx I was wondering if you guys had a bullet-pointed list of documents that they would need to provide in their nomination? Thank you
  3. Hi guys, Since July 2012, there is no separate subclass for onshore/offshore. Very simply put, after a successful Visa application (189) visa what if the applicant decides to move back home and wait for the approval? i.e. Applied for 189 on the 457, resigned job and returned home awaiting approval. Thanks Bonza
  4. Hi all, Lodged 11th December still waiting....Any pattens in recruitment consultant waiting times 457 to E186 employer nominated. MA keeps sticking to his word on 12-13 months but ' has seen them approve before' I feel like a stage 5 cling on, I've asked every possible questions - I just need an average of months ffs! Love and light to all x
  5. Hi Guys, I know that the nomination paperwork/checklist for the ENS186 (a)Direct Entry and (b)Transition are different. Situation : - Applicant lodged ENS186 NOMINATION for Direct Entry (Approved) - At time of approval for the ENS186 Direct Entry, the applicant has also become eligible for the ENS186 Transition. Does anyone here (particularly Raul) know if DIAC will be obliging to accept the Direct Entry approval for the Transition? I am guessing the answer is NO. However the fact of the matter is that the Direct Entry has more rigid requirements (Skill assessment, IELTS etc) and the Transition doesn't so I am curious if this has been attempted before. Thoughts? Cheers Bonza!
  6. Hi Guys, First of I know this is a very personal decision - still I'd like to see what your opinions are (especially Raul and other Migration specialists). Occupation : Marketing Specialist, ANZSCO 225113 Transition stream : In about 75 days I will qualify to apply under the 2 years 457 (same employer) category. Direct Entry : I have a positive VETASSESS skills assessment towards my Master of Marketing + previous work history I nominated the Marketing Specialist for my 457, I will nominate the same for my ENS186. IELTS is not an issue for me, its simply the cost. Given my employer may take 2-4 weeks to organise the NOMINATION paperwork, does it make sense in pushing and going under the Direct Entry? I have seen people previously suffer from waiting (i.e past June 30th in case new rules come into place). All other paperwork for my VISA (police clearance etc is actually ready, I just the NOMINATION paperwork from the employer). Thoughts?
  7. Hi Guys, Page 40 : http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/character-requirements/character-penal.pdf States that : Non-resident citizens -> Apply to the nearest Indian High Commission, consulate or embassy in your country of residence. Technically I am an NRI (Non-resident indian) as I have been in OZ for 3 years now. The thing is my application is ready to submit and I'm pending the Indian PCC(I have a valid one from the Police Commissioners Office but as of Feb 2013, DIAC wont accept that anymore). I want to goto India and get the PCC from my local RPO instead of waiting endlessly at the mercy of VFS in Sydney. The reason is I travel a lot on work and cant afford to have my passport locked up with them. Has any NRI citizen successfully had an onshore visa application approved in Australia with a PCC that was obtained from the local RPO from India rather than the VFS centre in Australia? Thanks!
  8. Hi All, I am totally new to the forum culture . Following are my information Application date: 10th May 2013, confirmation on the same day with bridging visa Application type: ENS 186 Decision ready onshore Applied to: Parramatta processing center Type: ANZSCO 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer) Can any one estimate how long will it take to process through? Anyone's similar type application processed in recent days? Many thanks in advance Best regards, ​CandyCrush
  9. Harpersgirl

    ENS 186- Which Stream????

    Can anyone tell me whether it makes much of a difference which stream is used to apply for PR on a ENS 186? We are applying via the Temporary Residence Transitional stream but wondered whether immi in all their wisdom processed one faster than another????
  10. bonza2211

    Who was your assessing authority?

    Hi Guys, Some feedback please? For Skill select (ENS186) / EOI 1. Who was the assessing authority? 2. How many years of your work-ex was assessed by the authority? 3. In relation to #2 for the 3 years work-ex requirement for DIAC, does that have to be assessed or you can submit the original employment letters regardless of whether it was assessed or not? Thanks Bonza
  11. DIAC The following link : Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) Says that for the Direct Entry stream If you apply for the Direct entry stream, you must: provide a positive skills assessment in your nominated occupation provide evidence of at least three years of relevant work experience have competent English. For #2 above : Are original letters from my overseas employer / payslip / contract letters sufficient? For the 186-Direct Entry will DIAC consider 3 years work-ex even if it wasnt submitted to VETASSESS (it is relevant to my nominated occupation) Previously I used this work experience with DIAC to approve my 457 which I assume they have on file. No assessment was required for the 457. Now the next question : VETASSESS I understand what the skill assessment requirements are from VETASSESS. at least one year of employment completed at an appropriate level over the last five years in a highly relevant field to the nominated occupation is required for all nominated occupation. To speed up the process I've thought of only submitting my 18 months Australian work-ex (Marketing consultant and I just completed a Master of Marketing prior to that @ Uni Syd). So the educational qualification and work extremely tightly related. I also have a reasonably high salary bracket and I am employed by a very reputed firm that operates in my specific industry and I've also consistently been a top performer (certificates/awards to prove this). So what I specifically need to know is if DIAC will only consider the same work-ex submitted to VETASSESS or the 2 can be independant!
  12. Hello All, With the ENS186 Direct Stream, 3 year experience is required but it does not mention if all 3 years needs to be full-time or part of it being part-time is acceptable. I have 2 years full-time and 2 years part-time experience but not sure if its worth to lodge a case with DIAC with my experience. Not sure if DIAC would consider 2 years part-time to be equal to 1 year full-time ? Can anyone provide suggestions/feedback regarding the same ? Appreciate your time. Cheers.