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Found 15 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and this is my first post (though I've been a silent reader of this group ever since I started researching OZ). So i am sure someone would be able to help. We are planning to go out next year and my husband would be the main bread winner. We would prefer to go on a PR and in our case it might have to be a ENS121. But reading the timeline for it and because my husband was keen to start work preferably by the Australian winter(next july/Aug) we were also considering applying for the 457 as it would be granted quicker. Does anyone have any experience of applying for both together? Would it save us from having to do two police checks/medicals etc? Would be grateful for any info. Many thanks in advance.
  2. twinkletoes35

    who can certify documents for ENS121?

    Hello all Been on the DIAC website all morning but cannot find out who can certify documents for ENS121 visa?. Can I use a solicitor or does it have to be a JP?. Made a mistake with Aphra so do not want to waste time and money when it comes to completing the visa application. Also, from what I can see I will need to make a paper application as it would appear you cannot apply for an ENS121 online or am I wrong? Any help much appreciated! TT x
  3. the_whites

    Advice needed please

    We currently have 457 visas valid until March 2012 with me as the primary visa holder. We came back to the UK in Dec 09 and have now applied for ENS 121 visas (offshore) with my husband as primary applicant. Can anyone advise if we can return to Oz on the 457 visas whilst waiting for the 121 visa to be granted?:unsure:
  4. hi, I have been reading through some info on the Visa we will be migrating on (ENS 121) and it says that all kids, even non migrating kids, needs meds done. We have an older daughter 22, lives in Germany and a 20 yr. old daughter staying here......do they both need meds done???? Hope not as this is a total waste of £500!!!!!!!!!! sharon.xx
  5. Hi, I am the secondary applicant, husband has been offered a job with a ENS 121, and I have recently learned that I may have to take the IELTS!!!!!!!!! How is it poss. to provide evidence that you were educated in English???? I have contacted my old school, no records... Also no teachers who remember me (was a while ago). I have asked my mum if she has my school qualifications....she will look but doesn't think so. I know I can have tem re sent at a cost of £40 but don't want to pay out anymore money.....paying enough!!!!!!! It is so frustrating. How did your secondary app. provide evidence of schooling?????Is it poss. to do a statutory declaration for this. Please help. sharon.xxx
  6. Guest

    457 and ENS121 at the same time

    Hi, I got a job in Sydney and the employer is willing to sponsor my 457 or ENS121 visa. I need to start my job there in July. I prefer a perm visa and would like to get the pr asap. However given the time constraint, I may have to apply a 457 to start my job in time. The HR manager told me if i apply perm visa after my landing, processing time could be lengthy. Can I apply for both the 457 and ens121 at the same time offshore? Many thanks. Larry
  7. hello all can anyone help with this one? I am about to apply for an offshore ENS 121, my employer in Oz is adament that my APHRA registration is enough proof of my skills and I do not need to provide an ANMC skills assessment From reading the application form it would appear I do need to provide one with my application. I have four and a half years post reg experience could someone give me a concise answer so I do not make an error thanks TT x
  8. Guest

    Ens-121 visa

    Hi All, Anyone out there who has successfully gone the ENS-121 route and if so: HOW LONG DID IT TAKE ANY ISSUES THAT MAY BE PERTINENT I am to be sponsored by a Government Department so not sure how this will pan out. Thanks in advance for anyone with information.
  9. munchkinpie

    WHV with view to Ens121

    Morning all Just throwing a question out to see if anyone can help me. (We are looking to employ an agent -probably GoMatilda - who we were happiest with on our initial contact but we are trying to get our heads round everything first) Anyway due to oh's job being difficult to "categorize" we have taken the step of contacting all the major companies in his industry in Australia with his CV and showreel to try get some feedback etc. In 24 hours he has already had 9 of the 20 companies show interest ie asking when he will be in Aus etc. Now oh is under 30 so WHV is an option for him and we think it would be excellent opportunity to go over and get into these companies for short projects to build contacts etc (and beg for sponsorship lol):yes: We are not married but been together 6 years and lived together officially for past 2 years. We have joint tenancy on our house and we have joint bills but no joint bank account. Oh yeah and we have children (me and kids would be in UK while he was on WHV as we know that WHV doesnt allow dependants to travel) Now here is the question - if he is away on 3/6 month WHV will this affect our de facto relationship evidence when it comes to applying for us all to go if he gets ENS or whichever route we have to go down depending on new lists etc? :goofy:Sorry ive waffled on and probably given way to much info but you will all get used to my ramblings!!! L x
  10. Guest

    ENS(121) Processing times

    Hi, Has anyone got an up to date timelines for the processing of an ENS(121). I have a feeling its seven months! I think thats terrible for a cat 1(i think) If thats the case some employers may not want to wait that long. Can you get a Bridging visa whilst waiting? Jodie
  11. Guest

    ENS121 - Timeline

    Does anyone know how long it's taking just now to go through ENS121 (CAT 2 I think) I may have an employer ready to sponsor but wants to bring me on a 457. If I can get a ENS in roughly the same time I would like to go that way. I would be changing my GSM176 that is already lodged:idea:
  12. Hi Has anyone had any luck securing a job offer under the ENS(121)scheme. Oh has sent off CVs but havent heard anything. This seems like the only option after having lodged a 175 and a 176! Jodie
  13. Would be grateful for clarification please. As we are currently in the long queue, not expecting our 175/176 visa to be processed before the end of 2012, we are looking into employer sponsorship. We were aiming towards ENS121, but it seems difficult to convince employers into this sponsorship route. Therefore, I wonder if anyone could tell me simply - are there any other employer sponsorship visas which are more widely recognised by employers/used in Australia, that also carry top priority processing? We have flights booked, arriving in Brisbane on 9th Feb 2010 and were hoping to have our visa by then, but looks like these will be return flights now. We're going to send speculative letters/CV to lots of companies. We've already sent a few out but basically mentioning ENS121, so I wondered whether there were any other visa options open to us. Ideally we'd like PR from the start, but would consider other options. Thanks in advance, Mandy
  14. Guest

    ENS121 Visa Processing Times

    Has anyone any idea about time-frames from ENS121 visa. We started the process in March 09 with a job offer and sponsorship from Joondalup Health Campus and our Visa application was lodged with perth office 24/7/09. We originally planned on a 457 visa but changed our mind after reading posts on POMS IN OZ and switched to ENS121. The visa application was front loaded (as per the request of employer) and we have a case officer (since end August) but according to her e-mail this morning she has not even reviewed my application yet. This whole process has been such a roller coaster ride and the wait is driving me mad (not that I am desperate to get away from the NHS) Anyone in a similar situation? or any help would be greatly appreciated :arghh:
  15. melbournegirlinny

    ENS-121 Visa-Employer Training Requirement?

    Hello. This is my first post here although I"ve been reading the website for a few weeks and find it very informative! Does anyone know what is required of an employer sponsoring for an Employer Nomination Scheme (121) visa when it says that they 'should have a current training strategy for existing Australian employees'? Does this mean that only large corporations will be allowed to be sponsors for the 121? I don't know whether a normal trade business with a handful of employees would meet the training program requirement for the employer. What exactly are they looking for as evidence of such a training scheme? Many thanks.