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Found 46 results

  1. First of all, I wanted to say hello to everyone and second, I want to apologise if my post is in the wrong section, seeing as I'm still quite lost in here. The reason why I'm posting here is to seek some informative answers from someone who might know something more than I do concerning procedures to take in my particular case. Essentially as explained in the title, I wish to know what realistic possibilities (in my particular case) I have to move to Australia, preferably in Queensland. Relevant information: I'm a 21 year old Croatian-Italian (both EU) citizen with an Electric Technician qualification/degree obtained in Italy after 3 years of study, with 2 further years of study to obtain a complementary degree equivalent to the A Levels in the UK, after a block of exams referred to as "Esame di Stato" in Italy. I have successfully completed an IELTS test in 2013 with a score of Band 8 (Writing 7, Reading 8.5, Listening 8.5, Speaking 8) out of 9, Academic. If it adds to anything, I'm an advanced Italian speaker and I am also fluent in German and Albanian (the latter due to my Albanian origins). I possess basic knowledge of the following languages: Serbo-Croatian and Spanish. Due to how the economical situation in my family evolved, I decided on moving to the UK in hopes of pursuing my dream of living in an English speaking country, I've done unskilled work (barista) whilst there, and have informed myself concerning procedures to make my degree count for an apprenticeship or similar path. However, at some point I lost my job, and I found myself looking for a new one, albeit without success. After a period of hopeless searching, I found myself having to move to my parents' in Germany (where I still am), where my parents had moved to escape Italy's declining economical situation. I'm currently working a similar unskilled job to earn money for a possible move. I still haven't been able to complete any apprenticeships, despite having a total of 5 to 6 months of internship in the electric industry during my school period. Although not a bad place, Germany as a whole does not suit me and I would much rather live in an English-speaking country while I can still pursue that, as it's what makes me most comfortable. I have experience with friends who have moved to (and in some cases also back from) Australia, citing Working Holiday Visa frequently, but also Visa subclass 457. Sadly after giving a chance to the UK I've realized why many people are moving from there to Australia whenever they get a chance... though some will probably disagree. Basically, to reiterate: Are there any realistic procedures in my case to migrate to Australia (much preferably but not limited to QLD), perhaps making use of my degree or knowledge of languages, and in a potentially (though not necessarily initially) permanent manner? I will also be contacting the embassy, but I'm thinking that people here might have experiences that help the case at hand. Lastly, I know my situation doesn't sound like the most favourable, but I think enquiry is a harmless yet necessary way to shed some of the doubts I have. Thanks in advance to whoever takes time to read or even reply to my thread.
  2. Hey everyone, I am a experienced site administrator for the Mining Industry and i am heading to Geraldton in the new year, praying our visa is granted before xmas, does anyone have any contacts or advice on trying to get a position in Geradlton area? Thanks Donna :biggrin:
  3. maireoc

    New Visa Enquiry

    Hi All, I am currently in the very initial stages of applying for a VISA subclass 176 and have allot of questions. I would be very grateful if anyone can advise me on any of the below: 1) Out of the states’: Western Australia, Victoria and NSW which is the quickest route for securing a state sponsored visa, it seems to me that the Western Australian website is much more encouraging to apply for a VISA. 2) Both myself and my partner have jobs listed on the skills list for Western Australia do we both have to apply for a skills assessment or just one of us. Will it help our case if both or us apply. Both our occupations appear on the schedule two list but not on the schedule one SOL. Do both of us have to complete the English language test for maximum points or just one of us. Also, do we both have to apply for state sponsorship or just one of us, the website doesn't seem to provide the option of submitting a joint application. 3)If the state agrees to sponsor you, what is the likelihood of receiving the VISA and roughly what is the overall timescale. 4) Is it possible for an aunt living in Sydney to provide sponsorship (I thought I read this VISA wasn't available for Sydney). Is there other criteria in place such as you must be the only relative and there must be a genuine reason such as illness? 5) Is it quicker to secure a VISA 175 rather than a VISA 176. Apologies for all the questions, I'm trying to figure the whole thing out!!!
  4. It does not make sense unless it's all part of Rupert Murdoch's cunning plan to take over the world?
  5. l have been working as an engineer in the company for 11 yrs with a diploma in mechanical engineering, my job scope is equivalent to an engineer. During my work peroid, 1st yrs onwards l took up offshore part-time studies and have graduate with a mechanical engineering degree from University of South Australia in April 2010. Does this allow me to claim points for 8 yrs of Overseas Skilled Employment? Please kindly advise me. Thank you..
  6. Hi, Does anyone here have tried to apply Skills Assessment for ICT Customer Support under TRA? My concern is that I hold a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and have work experiences As an ICT customer support. Will it be correct to have my skills assess under TRA or VETaSSeSS? Hope anyone can help me out or share his/her Experience relevant to this matter? Thanks. Appreciate.
  7. margaretka233

    886 visa Enquiry

    Go a question guys, me and my partner ( de facto) would love to apply for 886 visa, got TR granted,, how does work to get the nomination scheme and how long it take to get unswear yes/no? It would be very helpfull if could somebody advice us who got experience with this type of visa as we really struggle. Did couple searches bt not very clear if we can submit multiple applications for each state same time or one state by one and wait till unswear and than second one ...etc.. Thank you guys for help :biggrin:
  8. Can anyone advise on the transition process required under the ACCA qualification or similar recognised qualifications into an Australian senior accountants role? In particular is it worth shipping over my accountancy related books? Also can anyone advise as to the level of retraining required? Many thanks, Lisa.
  9. Guest

    Visa enquiry

    Hi. I'm not actually in Oz yet. Got my visa and flighst sorted and leave in about 2 months but stupidly put my passport through the wash the other day and I have had to apply for a new passport. I know I need to get my visa transfered over to my new passport but does anyone know how I got about doing this and if it will cost me any extra money? I'm working hard at the moment trying to save up and I keep getting hit with extra expenses. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Poms!
  10. wishfulthinking

    Visa enquiry.

    HI everyone, this is a question from my nephew which i can't seem to answer or find the answer so was wondering if anyone on here could help. My nephew is a fully Qualified Electrical Engineer and is engaged to his fiance who is a Fully Qualified Beauty Threapist. They are wanting to emigrate to Perth, I know he would be able to because his qualification is on the demand list, but hers isn't on. Would his fiance be able to apply with him(as a couple) or would they have to get married first, then apply. Cheers if anyone knows the answer.
  11. Hello, This is my first post here. I want to share my thoughts and ask some questions. I have completed my PhD last year. Right now doing a job in Singapore. I want to shift to AUS. I need to know which would be the easiest way, to look for a job or to apply for the immigration? I have some quires about the immigration application. 1. I have completed study in chemical engineering and now working as a process engineer. Where should I apply for the skill assessment? 2. In my PhD time, I worked as a research assistant and draw monthly salary for the assistanceship. I need to know whether I can use this as an experience? If it is possible, I can claim more points for that. Please explain. 3. How much time is needed for the skill assessment? How should I proceed for that? 4. What are the steps I need to follow for the overall application? Please inform me in details and let me understand the procedure. Thanks Hassan
  12. Guest

    Online visa enquiry

    Is anyone else having problems accessing the online visa enquiry link? I am getting a server error. :confused: https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa
  13. Hi , sat here today looking at a few peeeps who have agents and who seem to be hitting their heads against a brick wall with them ie wait for a week .....or in my case diac are very busy at the mo :eek:. I know i haven't waited long but wondered if i could check status . Poor hubby is waiting to hand his notice in ( he has to give 12 months notice ) so just wondered if anyone has filled this online form out who had a agent. General Skilled Migration Post-Lodgement Enquiry Form As anyone who has an agent ...took it on themselves to fill in the form online ? To check status .....if you did what did you put for this question Are you the client's agent or authorised recipient? (REQUIRED) yes or no ? Hope you understand what i mean Brides x
  14. Hi All, My potential employer/sponsor has asked me to go over to him for meetings & assesments in April for a month. I think this is also the best idea then he can look at my work and I can be sure that his workplace & the area suits me. I would be going over on my own (my wife & 3 kids will stay in the UK) we see it at a business trip but I will do research on the area, schools housing etc. Anyway all I need is a months rental for one person in the karrinyup area. If anybody knows of anything could you please get in touch. Thanks Cobbler
  15. PEDLEY

    Help! General enquiry

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can clear something up for us. We are looking to migrate to WA as soon as possible. We are currently going through the process, we have just passed stage one vetassess and got our practical booked in april, then assuming we pass that we will then be applying for WA SS (approx 4wks to process) then submitting our 176 visa in June time My oh's sister is getting married in perth in Jan 2012 which is when when we want to be there by and make it a one way ticket!! high hopes i know. Does anybody know if our visa is not cleared in time is there any way aroud staying in Oz until our visa is cleared? we would be allowing 7 months from the time it would be submitted, from other posts ive read this is feesable. But we just dont want to go over there in Jan and then have to come back tot the UK to then go back again. Any info will be much appreciated!!!
  16. Guest

    My second enquiry

    Hi all, Thanks to previous responses from you i am now in contact with Go Matilda:cool: my next questions are Perth or Gold Coast???? Suitable for a family of five How long does the emigration progress take? Best area for Jobs in Early Years Education.. Kinds regards everyone Look forward to hearing from you Louise:wink:
  17. mlsdq

    South Australia SMP Enquiry

    My email: Hi, I am sponsored by SA as graphic designer last august 2009, and lodged my visa application the same year, my question is, what will happen to my visa application if my occupation is not on your SMP? Will i get lowest priority if in case im not included? Will I wait forever? Thanks for your time and their we-are-so-tired-of-replying-to-your-email-enquiry reply Dear XXX This is the last correspondence Immigration SA will enter into regarding your application 000000 or any additional correspondence regarding sponsorship, as there is no change to our response and I reiterate, you received sponsorship from Immigration SA on 10/08/2009. Your Form 1100 (notification of your sponsorship nomination) was generated and sent to DIAC on 09/09/2009 and your visa application is now in the DIAC visa processing queue. Immigration SA no longer has any input into the visa process and any enquiries should now be directed to DIAC and not Immigration SA. As the State Migration Plan (SMP), new list of Occupations for Sponsorship and current sponsorship criteria, has not been finalized or implemented by DIAC and Immigration SA, we are unable to advise you whether you qualify. Please monitor the Immigration SA website for the implementation of the SMP (date not confirmed). http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/sa/migrate_from_overseas/visa_options/gen_skill3.jsp When the SMP is implemented if your occupation is on the list your application will receive priority processing as directed by DIAC. Please visit the DIAC website regarding priority processing. http://www.immi.gov.au/ If your occupation is not on the list your application will still be in the DIAC processing pipeline and as Immigration SA is not involved in the visa processing system any queries regarding your visa application and processing times should be directed to DIAC. Regards Program Support Officer, General Skilled Migration :cry:
  18. hoorayhenry

    Citizenship Enquiry

    Hello I've got a bit of a convoluted question and home someone can help me!......... I arrived in Oz mid-July 2008 on a GSM, permanent residency visa. I am hoping to apply for citizenship, which I believe I can do in 4 years time, i.e. mid-July 2012. I am hoping to go travelling outside of Oz sometime in 2011. I haven't made definite plans yet because I am wondering if there is a limit as to how many days/months I can be away from Australia before it starts to affect my application for citizenship. Do I have to remain in Australia for the whole four years or will I be able to go on my long trip? Any advice / help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks HH
  19. Guest


    Hi,if successfull on trade assesment how long does actual application take to get the go ahead Thanks Tonya
  20. Guest

    Bus/Coach driver enquiry??

    Hi guys My friend in the UK has been a bus driver for the past 13 years and would love to migrate over to Adelaide. Would he be able to get a visa and which would be the best one for him to apply for?? Also, could he apply for job sponsorship and if so, how would he go about that?? Many thanks:notworthy: Helen
  21. Guest

    ACS online enquiry form

    Hi, Hope someone can answer my question. I've posted the same question twice to the ACS using there online enquiry form but haven't recieved an answer to either of my requests. Does anybody know if I'm using the right web address (below) ACS (Australian Computer Society) - Membership, Professionalism and Leadership for ICT Professionals and the ICT Community Thanks in advance
  22. Hi I think i am going to book with either John Mason or Doree Bonner, still umming and ahhing.... but both seem pretty good from what people say on here (correct me if i am wrong please!) my question is do I take their insurance, or go privately? I have found Removals Insurance | International Removals Insurance | from Insure Your Move and also Kays, but was wondering if they would offer the same as someone like the actual moving companies themselves? Also advice accepted!!
  23. Anyone know when the status of the docs required on the online enquiry checklist change from Required to Met. We lodged our visa on 7th May and have uploaded all docs but the on-line system never changes. Is it when you are allocated a CO this changes? Apologies if this has been asked many times before Claire
  24. HI all Am in process of appying for spousal 309/100 visa via British/Australian long term partner. She has a students loan via the Commonwealth Bank/ Dept Education Employment and Training (DEET) dating back to 1996-7 for 7000 Aus $ (then). She has been living here for 12 years with me and we now plan to move back together. We are worried that this may be a problem as the form asks if we have any oustanding debts to the Aus govt/ civil depts.. Does anyone out there know if they write these things off/what to declare/ how we could find out about it etc. Would appreciate any advice from 'Poms in the know' cheers Dan:GEEK:
  25. Guest

    Self-build enquiry

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can give me some advise. We are thinking about purchasing a piece of land to build a house on. Is there a time scale in which you have to complete the house build once you have bought the land and whilst building are you allowed to live in a mobile home accommodation while the house is being completed?? Thanks for any replies :biggrin: