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Found 83 results

  1. Hi there, Just wondering if someone out there could give me a sort of career advice? After living for a year in Perth while on a Working Holiday Visa in 2012 I became interested in the mining sector/way of life. At the time I had no formal qualifications. I came back to the UK and graduated in Mechanical Eng with a First-Class Degree in 2018. Got a job as a Field Service eng. for a biotech company but the idea of "going underground" never went away!! Not to mention that the salary for Engineers in the UK is just very low (I have friends packing boxes at Amazon - with overtime taking more money home than me!! ) I am now 33 currently going through a mid-life crisis - single, no house, and not many friends! I feel like now is the perfect time to take action and leave the country! (of course, covid has caused some delays) but hopefully, the borders should re-open by next year! Anyone out there working within the mining sector in WA (Trades or engineering)? How do you see the future of mining in Australia? - It seems that everything is going autonomous with potentially a lot of demand for robotics, automation, and AI... I am looking at a Masters's Degree at Curtin in Kalgoorlie ( I know is not the place to live but there is a possible scholarship to relocate there)! Much Appreciated! Cheers
  2. The DJing Engineer

    Any fellow Engineers in here?

    Hi, I'm currently a commissioning engineer for a large gas turbine OEM (supplying mainly oil & gas and energy sectors) and looking to find out more about the industry in Australia, in particular the best areas for my type of work, and what sort of salary I could expect? I have already realised employer sponsorship would be nigh-on impossible. Perth seems an obvious choice for the oil & gas jobs, and my own company have offices in both Melbourne and Sydney (so could be a possibility of employer sponsorship if I'm still working for them at the time) - add in the fact we are childless (and intend on being) and very social then we are very much looking for that "city life". I've had a quick look at visas and would both be looking at skilled visas (missus is in mental health nursing) as both our occupations are on the SOL (I believe I would be eligible for state sponsorship too) - I have 21 years experience in engineering in various roles, and I have a bachelor degree which I have confirmed is accredited. Only thing against me is my age (will be 40-44 when we intend on moving). I guess I could take one of the English proficiency tests if i needed the extra 10 points? Skill-wise, my degree is in Mechanical Engineering, as is my apprenticeship, but currently working in controls (PLCs) and electrical (instrumentation) with limited exposure to valves, compressors etc. Anyway, look forward to hearing the thoughts of any fellow professional engineers
  3. Hi, Me and my fiancée are currently discussing a permanent move to Perth. Currently I am a electrical fitter at a worldwide defence and security company manufacturing x-ray systems to scan cargo vehicles. I currently hold the following qualifications: • BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering • EAL Level 3 NVQ Extended Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering • Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) • HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Can anyone give me an insight into the job opportunities related to my qualifications in and around Perth? Also some info on salaries would be useful! Any help is much appreciated! Thank You, Jack
  4. I'm in the process of Applying for my Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia including a Relevant Work Experience Assessment. On the Engineers Australia website, I've seen the excel spreadsheet which lists the summary work experience. However it also talks about having a more detailed "endorsed" document which should detail exact periods of work, specific duties etc. which needs to come on Company Headed paper. I'm lucky to have worked for the same employer for over 10 years and for a lot of that time I have worked predominently for one manager who is personally willing to assist me with a statement but i am reluctant to "officially" inform the personnel department by asking for a formal company statement until our Visa is either well underway or granted. Can anyone out there advise me on their experience of RWE statements or possibly share a copy of one? My specific queries are (a) typical content of a statement (b) who it needs to come from? I.e. does it need to come from the personnel department or can it come from a direct manager provided it is on headed paper? The company I work for is a large multi-national and we have little contact with the personnel department so the person writing the statement from personnel is unlikely to know me and will just copy facts from the Company payroll system etc. Your help much appreciated Ashley:hug:
  5. Evening all, I am starting my HND foundation degree in mechanical engineering alongside a level 4 NVQ next month with the hope that it will put me in a good position to progress into an engineering career in Victoria Australia. Are there any engineers on here who could give some good careers advice to somebody wanting to climb the ladder in Aussie engineering? More to the point what level of job should I be hoping to obtain with the HND level qualifications. I want to be looking into jobs well in advance but am not sure at what level they will give me the time of day. Graduate schemes etc. I am currently a Quality inspector for a large international company producing industrial gas turbine and Aero engine components, at the time of emigration I will have around 10 years experience within an engineering background. I will hopefully have Status metrology CMM qualifications also. Any help will be much appreciated
  6. Hello, Not sure if this the right place for this, but I'm in a bit of jumble on what occupation to nominate when I do apply for 189. I'm on a 485 which ends next year and would like to get this out of the way. I'm still drafting my episodes for the Skills assessment. Studied Bachelor of engineering in mechanical engineering and have a masters in manufacturing engineering ( project about solar energy for 6 months) Work experience: Casual customer service for 2 years with university Installation manager for a solar energy startup Operations analyst for a Energy retailer Currently, Operations manager for solar energy startup
  7. Hello to all, My name is Ryan and i'm currently a third year Building services engineering student at Glasgow Caledonian University and next year i'm aiming to graduate with full honours degree in this discipline. My question really is can anyone share their experiences of the move from the UK to Australia as a graduate engineer, information i'm looking for: The Visa application: I still have to do more research on this topic but if anyone can give any pointers or information i should be looking for. The Graduate opportunities: what are the opportunities for graduates like in Australia in comparison to UK, my girlfriend is also a graduate in Public relations and Marketing so what would the opportunities be like for her as well Building services Engineering, Can anyone from this Industry background share their employability experience from looking online seems to be a lot of opportunities for this profession Any considerations I should make before a move to Australia? I Know this post is very vague but would like to hear from your experience before a move is on the cards, looking forward to hear from you all!! Many thanks Ryan.
  8. Hi everyone, Myself and the OH are both in our mid 20s and just finishing our degrees. I'll be graduating with a BEng in civil and structural engineering and she'll be getting a MSc in environmental engineering with project management having finished her BEng last year. We both have small amounts of experience in related fields (<1 year) but nothing post graduate. We're just finalising our application for a 476 recognised graduate visa which gives us 18 months in country with no restrictions on employment. We have been looking for employment in QLD (due to family and friend links) via the internet but there doesn't seem to be much for graduates on the usual suspect sites (seek, indeed, etc.). We are persevering with job hunting but we're thinking of coming out whether or not we've secured a job. Our ambition is getting into the resource industry as we both studied in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, surveying, structural engineering and project management. I was hoping that someone on here might provide some insight on the situation and be able to tell us whether we're being stupid or whether if there is a good chance we can find work when we get out there. Any and all help is gratefully received and I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks, Jay
  9. Chrisa2083

    Help I need advice!!

    Help I need advice and hopefully someone has been in a similar or same boat. I am a time served (UK recognised mechanical engineering apprenticeship with the UK MoD) engineer with nearly 17 years working for the U.K. MoD on systems undertaking strip / build / test maintenance tasks in accordance with maintenance manuals and processing check sheets. I also have lower level qualifications in this field but not to degree level (i.e. HNC and NC and SVQ Level 2 and 3 in Mechanical Engineering). Through this time I have also been responsible for ensure safe systems of work are adhered to and then followed for the last 11 years through line management ( supervisor) and now senior management as a site (300 personnel) safety manager. My dilema is would I receive a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia in either Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Management given that I don't have a degree? Or should I be concentrating on the safety side of things? i know it is hard to say either an assessment would be successful or not as every one is different however there must be someone who has been in a similar circumstance?? i don't want to go to the expense of 1 or 2 skills assessments for both to be unsuccessful!! Thanks in advance!!
  10. Hello I'm new to this forum & please excuse me if I'm posting something discussed earlier. I'm a Sri Lankan citizen. I've completed my higher studies in UK in the field of EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ( B1 Mechanical). This is not a degree however the main requirement to obtain the Aircraft Engineer's Licence. The certificate is issued and recognized by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and after minimum of 2 year of work experience I'll be eligible to apply for the Aircraft Engineers Licence. Currently I'm working at Sri Lankan airlines as an aircraft technician. I've now gained work experience of 1 year. Here's the matter ..... I was so interested to move to Australia after I got sufficient work experience. However unfortunately the New SOL does not consist Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. I'd be really greatful if someone could tell me about the other options available to me to move to Australia once I've gained enough experience. Thanks in advance
  11. Hello, i was wondering if there are any jobs in design or mechanical engineering
  12. I have done my Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Production.My experience is as follows 1) Pipeline Valve Industry - 2.5 Years as Quality Assurance Engineer. 2) Software(IT) Industry - 9.5 Years . Currently doing the role of IT project Manager. I am bit confused whether I can quote my IT projects in CDR and request for assesment as a Engineering Manager (ANZSCO 133211) from Engineers Australia. Note: IT project Manager ( ANZSCO 112411) is no longer in SOL else ACS skills assessment under RPL was the best option. Thanks In advance for all your inputs.
  13. Hi I am moving to Sydney in February with my partner (who has a 457 visa/job lined up, so I don't need sponsorship), and therefore need to find work. In London I have primarily worked as a software engineering in investment banks (foreign exchange trading), usually as a contractor - can anyone here from a similar background share their experience finding work in Sydney? I also thought about applying to Google or Atlassian, as they are two well respected software companies. Marcos
  14. jackkingsford

    Migration and Career Advice

    I just finished a degree in BS in civil engineering in Dubai. I was planning to move to Sydney and apply for a job there. But before I do, I want to know if I have a chance to be hired by a company in Australia. Do I have a greater chance to be hired than to be rejected? In addition, I have read about sponsorships but I don’t know what they are for. Will I need sponsorship in order for me to be hired? I also want to know if what job opportunities are waiting for me. And what about the salary? Is the salary going to be high?
  15. Hi all, I'm in the early stages of planning to relocate long term with young family to Oz and need to investigate my employment options so I know what/where we can afford. I work as a Civil/Structural Technician on all sorts of construction projects, using AutoCAD to produce 2D/3D construction information/drawings/schedules for building sub/superstructures in steelwork, concrete (inc. RC detailing) masonry, timber - all the usual suspects including piling works, drainage, externals, retaining walls and the like. I worked for 7 years as permanent employee but went freelance in 04 and now have my own Ltd. company in the UK, currently working, via an specialist structural recruitment co, for a consulting engineering firm called Buro Happold. Is there anyone around here who might be able to advise me on the following matters: Any significant differences between UK & Oz structural design & construction technology & practices? Permanent - v - Contract ? Is there a market for freelancers in this field, and do they do the ltd. company thing like we do in the UK or are the tax rules different? Whether to bother with the agencies or approach firms directly Availability of work ? (we're considering Brisbane mainly but are openminded) Salary expectations for both perm & contract roles My wife (OH?) and I also have hundreds of other questions but this probably isn't the right place for them. Any advice at all on any of the above would be much appreciated If you got this far, thanks for reading! Dan
  16. Hi all, My wife and i have been considering trying for a visa etc for a while and are commencing the process soon. My question is regarding jobs.... I am an Engineering Manager with significant leadership / budgetary experience in FMCG manufacturing and more recently the uk power generation industry and I am a chartered electrical engineer (BEng CEng MIET). My wife is a senior occupational therapist with both nhs and private experience. I realise both our careers are sought after but wanted to know what the likelyhood of getting sponsored jobs would be ( + salary) as I have a good job now and would not want to drop standard of living etc. Your thoughts / comments would be appreciated Cheers G PS We are flexible on area and primarily want to move for the weather and better life for the children (2 & 4)
  17. Hello, I have a PR visa and have got all my engineering registrations (Electrical). But don’t seem to be able to get an interview whilst applying for positions from the UK (Queensland). I have 22 verified years’ experience from electrical controls apprentice to electrical engineer in UK. But can’t seem to get an interview, I have tried mining, processing, oil and gas, government utilities, where my skills are transferable, but not much luck. I have heard that there isn’t really an engineering shortage in OZ, which is contrary to the official declarations from the local and national governments, engineers Australia, as well as migration shortage lists, but from my experience they don’t seem to be that short. Or is it just not possible to secure an engineering position from the UK? Has anyone else found this to be the case?
  18. Ive browsed through some random posting to see if anyone else is in the same boat. I am U.S citizen on the brink of finalizing my 176 visa and sponsored by Wa. My initial interest was to pursue my career in the mines as a boilermaker/welder in Australia (I was sponsored based on this skill set), but Ive often thought about trying to get my degree in engineering. I know that working in the mines with my skill set, can be lucrative but hard work. Ive been a welding tradesman for the last 10 years, I'm currently 30 years old but I'm coming to the realization that my body and lungs will be wrecked by the time I retire. Does anyone know: 1: How long it will take to achieve this degree in a Wa institution (typically)? 2: Permanent residents have access to subsidized education from what I gather, will the costs be outrageous? 3: Whats to be expected with pursuing an engineering degree abroad? 4: Repayment of school loans? I acknowledge that repayment in Oz is different from the U.S.... If anyone has had the same thoughts or has had an experience with pursuing a degree abroad, I would love to hear from you. - Helix
  19. Greetings all, I'm hoping to get assessed by AIM as an engineering manager because of my degree is in engineering and i have relevant work experience and the required potion within organization structure. I have heard that although AIM is the best path to get assesd as Engineering manager, its also the hardest one to get a positive assessment ! :confused: Has anyone in this forum been through the skills assessment process recently ? Has anyone received a positive outcome from AIM ? appreciate it a lot if you can provide tips or advice. Thanks ,
  20. Hi All, My hubbie is waiting for a competency assessment through Engineering Australia. We have been waiting for nine weeks, and we thought it would take about eight. Having checked their website, it now says that it could be up to sixteen weeks! We would prefer to get in our application before the changes in July, although we could apply after if necessary, but can anyone tell me how long they waited in their competency assessment, and also if they were successful. Thanks all
  21. Hi, just wondering if anybody is in this field? I have a work visa, and have been firing off job applications for a couple of months, but have had no luck yet. Have any other engineers been in the same position? Do people mainly have to wait until they arrive in Australia to get interest from recruiters, or do most people get jobs before they leave? The thought of giving up work here and heading over without a secure job is a bit scary! Thanks for any advice!
  22. shikac

    Engineering skills assessment

    Hi to everyone, I have an engineering degree from overseas but I have no so much experience,actually just part of internship app. 2 years.In engineers Australia they told me that I still can apply for a professional engineer and use some uni projects.I am a bit scared of that,so can anyone help me with advice or experience how they are tough and strictly in marking that assessment.Does it help if I mentioned that can find employer here in Australia. I would like to hear any advice or experience.Thanks
  23. Gary Pepper

    Engineering Opportunites

    Good evening, im currently in Ireland for the next two weeks then into Manchester, Birmingham and Edingburgh, looking for general engineering staff. In particular i am looking for:- Car Mechanics Diesel Mechanics Welders Boilermakers reply to me and im happy to arrange a meeting to discuss options. Gary
  24. Guest

    Engineering in Electronics

    Hi Everyone, I am about to apply for an Australian immigration and am in a dilemma as to which VISA category to apply in. I am Engineering graduate in Electronics from India but I have an overall experience of 6 years in the IT Field as Software Engineer. I need to know whether a degree in electronics engineering will be considered as relevant to the ICT qualification and can i get my skills assessed from ACS in skills category or do i need to apply in a different category and if yes in which. Thanks Sukesh