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Found 108 results

  1. Hi, Can anyone help us please. We are moving to Melbourne in Sept this year and have narrowed it down to a few areas; Berwick, Narre Warren South, Lynbrook, Endeavour Hills. Our kids are primary school age still but we are trying to think about Secondary Schools for when the time comes in 3-4 years. Can anyone shed any light on the situation with secondary schools in these areas? Any good ones to recommend, or avoid? Also, where does Lynbrook Primary feed into? Many thanks, Sam
  2. Guest

    is my dream coming to an end??

    Hi guys please help anyone. Right so me and my hubby wanted to go to Australia on a skilled sponsored visa as im qualified in being a hairdresser and beauty therapist and his father lives there hence the sponsor. But have been told now as i have not done the hairdressing for last 12 months this was not possible, then i said well massage therapist was on a list which i also do in work, and the agency said my nvq was not high enough for this he said i would need a diploma of some kind, so then it was back to the drawing board. What can i possibly do now it just seems an impossible task of us getting there, we have evan thought of doing a working holiday visa but im 30 in a couple of months so am i too late, my husband is 28. What other ways can we get there we are hoping to spent at least2 years there with possibility of citizanship. But it seems to be looking bleak, also my hubby said he has a friend who works in the mines and there could be a job available if we ever went there. My hubby is in the construction industry and his job is also not on the list. HELP!!!! What can i do next?? xx Denise:arghh:
  3. Any input is appreciated..thank you..:biggrin: Northern Territory at top end for job vacancies http://cfd.net.au/home/article/northern-territory-at-top-end-for-job-vacancies-20110331-81858.html
  4. Hi Folks I've been in Sydney hills district for a year and half now. Wife and I have decided to go for PR after our 2 years in January. Thing is I'll loose LAFHA as soon as I apply We have 3 kids so when we get PR it will mean we will save $13.5k in school fees, however we went for the big house with pool etc as LAFAH pays 40% of it. Our rent is $900 a week. Anyway as soon as we apply we loose LAFHA and will need to down scale our life a bit (House and big Car) My question is - Do we move away from the hills area and go up or down the coast to get a cheaper rental ( Eg $500-$600pw for a 4 bed ). I've always wanted to life near the beach. The compromise would be that I work in Eastern Creek / Rooty Hill area so would have a big drive from the coast and the kids would need to move school. Any ideas on good areas that are close to a beach and within 1.5 - 2 hours of Rooty Hill that rentals are cheap and we would have more of a beach life ? Cheers G
  5. Cold, and wet every day, almost need to get my hot water bottle out again. Is this down to global warming. Let's hope Julia's carbon tax kicks in soon.
  6. Peach

    High end Hi-Fi

    Nearly a decade ago, when the world though it might end with the y2k bug and I was IT contracting I invested in a reasonably expensive hi-fi system (Meridian amplifiers and ProAc studio speakers). All these years on, as beautiful as it still sounds I don't listen to it all that often and am wondering how well it will all travel in a container to Australia? A quick look on eBay tells me that even second hand it's worth a couple of grand. Am now wondering whether I should cash in my chips and trade down? Has anyone bought one of these Brennan all-in-one players? (Revolutionary HiFi - Brennan).
  7. I plan on moving into an unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment in Brisbane at the end of January. I would like to purchase living room and bedroom furniture for the apartment (e.g. queen beds, couches, coffee tables etc.). Does anyone have a set of furniture for sale that meet my requirements?
  8. My apprenticeship is coming to an end in the coming months, and recently going to Sydney/Melbourne on a 3 week holiday, I've got the bug to get back out there and make something of it. I've just turned 21, halfway through my 4th year Mechanical engineering apprenticeship working on all aspects of lift engineering/installation. I'm still undecided in what route to take, backpacking way (which I've kind of done) or the sponsor way, and settling down in the one place and finding my feet soon as. Advice? Im still yet to go through the migration and visa process, but once that's sorted in the new year, does anyone know what the lift industry is like down under? It's not just lift's I'd be interested in, I'd consider other engineering jobs. Any advice and information would be grateful, thanks. Jack.
  9. Hello:biggrin: Hope some can help us, we are looking for 3bed 2bath and 2 car garage, in the Mandurah region. We don't have any pets. Regards Julie
  10. Credit Suisse Goes For Broke: Predicts End Of Euro, Escalating Bank Runs On "Strongest European Banks" http://www.zerohedge.com/news/credit-suisse-goes-broke-predicts-end-euro-escalating-bank-runs-strongest-european-banks
  11. Hi to everyone, This post is aimed mostly at those people who have recently been granted their partner visas for Australia. I recently submitted a partner visa app (309/100) in London. The payment was taken around 14/10/11, the app was complete & front-loaded (nothing else required by CO). However, we noticed on our confirmation email from our CO (PS) that he has back-dated it to 30/08/11. Can anyone confirm which date they are using when calculating the time-frames for granting visas? I.e. - is it the date your payment was taken/the date on your confirmation email/etc? I am just wondering if he back-dated it because of the police check/medical having been completed around 3-4 weeks prior to submission. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
  12. gazsmith

    Is this the end!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im really hoping someone can lift my spirits with this problem! Having gone through the entire process DIAC emailed me over a week ago stating they had not received my police check! Then on Monday morning they emailed again to say it had been received with the outcome of 'NO LIVE TRACE' which they stated shows I have a conviction! Having contacted the Police they have told me it was for an offence when I was 15 (26yrs ago) where I had a conditional discharge! I have had to write a statement of all the facts and send this to DIAC but its got me so frustrated as when I was 15 the police told me that Juvenile records are wiped at 18 and this has really put the hand brake on the whole process!!! Long shot but has anyone gone through this or know of anyone who has been through a similar thing? It would be good if i could see a glimmer of light at the end of this very dark tunnel! Gary & Sue :sad::no:
  13. As an ex international student, I have been through the rigmarole of studying and applying for the 485 Skilled Grad visa, working as a cook and going through the Job Ready Programme. Recently Perth was reclassified as a regional area but only for the purposes of a limited amount of visas. As someone of 43 years old, I fall 5 points short of the passmark for migration, and needed the points that studying and living in Perth for 3 years would have given me. I passed my IELTS at 9 across the board, giving me 20 points for superior English but that isn't getting me very far. I'm becoming depressed. I've done everything I have been told to do, yet by the time I can look at applying for residency I will have been pushed over the age threshold. Its been 3 years of drudgery and constant paying out for immigration processes that become obsolete with every change of rules, which is about every 3 months on average. I've invested so much, not just in financial terms but in blood, sweat and tears. Is there any way at all I can work around this? It seems after so long doing this there should be some way. Employer sponsors aren't that easy to find, as most of the worthwhile jobs require you to have PR already. My previous employer was in fact interested in sponsoring me once the RSMS status had been accorded to Perth but I had to work with someone who (I'm fairly convinced) was a clinical sociopath and I couldn't stand it and left. A 457 visa is a slave visa in this industry, and the moral objections I have to it would see me rather go home than be owned like that. Help, I'm drowning in a sea of frustration and angst!
  14. Hello guys, I never thought the time would come but it has, we leave for Dubai this week end for 3 nights, then our onward journey to Qlnd, we are staying on the gold coast for 10 nights, then a further 10 nights on the sunshine coast, during our stay we will look at areas to live, whilst at the same time visit fun parks etc. We will also drop in on people from this forum who now live in oz, you people know who you are! I will update on my return Bye for now. Proview
  15. Hey Guys, wondering if anyone can shed any light. I've noticed over the past few months that there are loads of Front end web designer/developer jobs in Sydney. How is it that these occupations (ASCO category System Designer 2231-13) aren't on the CSL? My ACS results letter is currently on it's way under Systems Designer 2231-31 (fingers crossed) and I was wondering if this occupation would be listed on the new list as there appears to be a high demand particularly in Sydney. Any ideas??
  16. Hi everyone, I have been reading these forums for a few months now, it's been a good source of information and a nice thing to spend 10 minutes on while at work in rainy London! I know that a lot of posts are quite similar when people make the move but I thought I could share my situation to see if any of you have any golden tips! I've been lucky enough to secure a job with my current employer (a bank) in Melbourne and the company have applied for my 457 visa, I have my flights booked for August 25th and have been reassured that the visa should be in place by then!! I'm currently going through the emotional roller-coaster of being incredibly excited one day to 'what have I done?' the next! But on the whole I'm really looking to forward to it all. I'm 26 and don't know anyone in the city yet so looking forward to getting amongst it and making some friends! In terms of preparation I have opened a bank account, tied up most of the loose ends here in London and seem to think I'm quite well set at present. What I really need to do is arrange for some short term accommodation to give me some time to sort out a more long term solution. Are there any recommended websites or contacts that would be useful? I've been trying to work out where I might like to rent (or share - that's another decision!!!) and I'm being drawn towards St Kilda at the moment (work is on Collins St). Basically if anyone has any wise words or information that maybe useful I'd really appreciate it!! Also if there are any poms that have found anywhere to play football (soccer) or golf I am all ears!!! Thank you!
  17. Well folks, I have been doing avoidance behaviour today I have to admit. We all do it to an extent I am sure, but I have been doing it more than usual today. I have a task I have to get done, my final one for a qualification I have been doing, but can't get the last thing done. No matter how much I talk to myself about it, I am not listening:laugh:oh, I just realised I am on PIO and not doing my task...again, whoops. Be kind to me...............please:biggrin:Any advice? (I've already been for a walk in the sunshine today:yes:)
  18. Hi all, I read somewhere recently (can't remember where, might have even been on here) that quite a low proportion of people who come out to Oz on a 457 actually end up staying for good. I'd be really interested to hear peoples experiences, because I was going to use this option to get me and my family out to Oz after I graduate from uni. I'd hate to sell my house and possessions to find that after 4 years I'd be coming back to the UK as I couldn't secure a permanent visa.......maybe it's just a risk I'd have to take???? :chatterbox:
  19. hi all We are in the process of getting quotes in from shipping companies for hh goods and our car - a 2005 BMW 330 convertible. All our stuff will just about fit in a 40' hi cube. I have the paperwork for the licence to import the car (costs $50), but I am a bit confused as to what happens to the car once it gets to Perth. The shippers all say that our car must be collected by us from the port (while hh contents will be delivered to our final destination in Margaret River). What needs to happen between the car arriving in Perth and me collecting it? Is there stuff I need to do now, or can it only be done once it has arrived? Seeing as we wont be living in perth, I dont want to have to make multiple trips to the port if it can be helped. Advice gratefully received! Thanks:biggrin:
  20. Hi I hope someone can help. We are leaving Aus in the next 2 weeks to go back home. What happens about lodging your tax return before end of financial year, (end of June)? I really dont understand the tax system or anything you have to do so any help would be appreciated. :confused: Thanks Jill xxx
  21. I've been speaking to a few people on here who are going to be here end of may or beggining of june this year and suggested maybe a newbie meet up? If you keen let me know and can arrange a meet up for a drink and can introduce you to a few people I already know Speak Soon Tony
  22. Hey! Well im a newbie to the forum, a friend in work actually reccommended it! Im hoping to come out to Oz in the next few years! Im 23 just now and was wondering which part of the country do u all think would suit my age group? My friend is in the gold coast just now and loves it! I work as a theatre nurse and was wondering how easy it is to find work? I'll probably be travelling out alone, so might be a bit daunting, was just wondering is anyone else was in this same situation, was it easy to fit in, make friends ect? Thanks Guys! Any advice would be really appreciated! Karen
  23. Hi Everyone, How are you? I hope all is well! I'm Anna, I have been looking around the forums for a while, but thought I would get in contact with you all. Well, I would basically love to move out to Australia. Last year, I spent 4 months Backpacking around Australia, and i fell in love with the place! Ever since the plane landed back at Heathrow, all I can think about is moving out there!! i think about it all day every day. I am hoping to be heading out in a few years. The plan at the moment is, to go to University, (I start in September.) I am going to study Podiatry. That will take 4 years, and then I hope to work for a couple of years, pay back any student loan, and then get a bit of money behind me. I will be 28 by then, and so hope to go out on a WHV and then try and get Sponsorship. (Although I use a wheelchair, so we shall see what happens!) hopefully in Tasmania!!! That was my favorite part of the whole of Oz! I was up in Yorktown, near Launceston. I've never been to such a lovely place! Anyway, that's a fair rant, so I better leave it there. Just a huge hello to you all, and good luck with everything you all do. i'll see you in Oz one day! Anna. X :biggrin:
  24. Hi, This is not really a migration issue (as I'm not migrating) and I'm not really a Pom, so first of all sorry for "hijacking" the forum, but I'm hoping someone might be well-versed in this visa business to offer some advice or help.... I have a bit of a complicated situation... I am a Canadian who has been in Australia for about 3 and a half years. For the first year and a half, I was here on 2 working holiday visas. Since the end of August 2009, I have been on a 457 visa which is valid for 2 years. Obviously that visa, and the associated work contract expire in a few months. I have recently (last month) married my Australian husband. I know you're now thinking, great, just apply for spousal sponsorship. Our issue is that we don't plan to stay in Australia. We would like to move to Canada for personal reasons. We don't feel that us spending $2500 for apply for spousal sponsorship is worth it when we plan to move away anyway. He is currently on a work contract until the end of this year. He is a teacher, and cannot leave in the middle of the year. Initially, we had planned for me to head back to Canada at the end of August and start getting us settled, and he would join me in December. However, it seems like such a long time to be seperated from my husband, and besides that, it leaves him to pack up all our stuff and organise getting it shipped over all on his own (and we have a 3 bdrm house worth of stuff to sort through - so not an easy task). Now I'm wondering if there's anyway I'd be able to be granted a tourist visa at the end of my 457 visa. I know that I would not be able to work, but since it would only be a for a couple of months (I'd probably want to leave in November due to some things going on in Canada) we would be fine on one income, and it would allow me time to get all our things organised. Can anyone give me some advise with this? Would I have to leave (to New Zealand) and gamble on being able to get a tourist visa granted from there to come back? Or is there any way to apply from onshore? What would my chances be of being approved? Obviously, I'm not applying for "tourist" reasons, but one of the reasons listed for granting a tourist visa says "to visit family or friends" and technically I want to be able to visit with my husband until he moves. I know my other option is to try to get my company to renew my contract and 457 visa... but I'm not sure if they would be willing (or able?) to do this for such a short period (3 months?) or if I'd have to lie to them that I planned to stay, and then quit after a few months, which I don't feel very comfortable with. I'd appreciate any advice that anyone can give me... I may contact an immigration attorney at some point but I thought I'd test the waters here first. I really want to make sure I don't overstay or do anything against my visa conditions as obviously, with my husband being Australian, we do plan to be back here visiting quite often, so I can't afford to become subject to an exclusion order. Thanks for any guidance that anyone can give... and thanks for reading my long question!!!
  25. The Yorkies

    West End Oppinions...

    Hi everyone Hoping to get to Brisbane around July time, we've been looking on the internet at some places to rent and West End seems to have some nice places at decent prices, while we won't choose somewhere until we're out in Brisbane, we're just trying to look at areas to live. What do people think to the area? thanks