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Found 15 results

  1. JoandJon

    Empty house...

    So - the Satchdog is waiting our her sentence, sorry is enjoying her short holiday in Club quarantine. - the Husband is working stupid hours and is only just coming home now after leaving at 04:30 this morning - the furniture and stuff has been taken away by Doree Bonner (lovely guys, hard workers, good packing & wrapping!) - the tv, internet and phone have been disconnected by Sky 1 week earlier than requested (oh you clever ba8tards) Guess all that's left to do is clean the empty house.... And then maybe pop down the pub
  2. im a cup half empty type of guy--i just think there's more to be had out of life--me missus is a cup half full lady,and is quite happy with all life gives her--so what are you--half full or half empty
  3. We are in the process of having removal quotes, one company said they take everything out of drawers etc and box it. The next company said they leave stuff in the drawers etc and if empty they will put stuff in them as it is wasted empty space. what is normal?? Thanks Sam
  4. Hi Sent a smallish envelope via Royal Mail to WA with photographs and letter inside - it was delivered to the correct address in Perth but was found to be neatly slit open (at the side) and completely empty! Just wondered if anyone else has had the same experience. David
  5. its full,and i cant empty it anymore:wideeyed:can a god from upstairs do it please,im thick at computer stuff--or tell me in pictures how to do it--thank you:wubclub:
  6. When we moved we took out Landlord's insurance. Unfortunately, we still don't have tennants and, because of this, our insurance provider is cancelling our policy on 24/12 (60 day unoccupancy rule). We have been on the internet to try and get just buildings insurance or equivalent, with unoccupancy, but can't find any. (would change back to Landlord's if we get tennants) We have family checking our house 3/4 times a week and just now putting on the heating for us so it is getting looked after. We are really looking for insurance incase our house somehow burnt down. What did you do? Can anyone help with suggestions of companies, etc.? Mandy
  8. Guest

    Leaving house empty

    Hi All Looks like we wont have sold our house before we leave the uk So will have to leave it empty until it sells. Our estate agent has recomended that we leave the utilities turned on and set the boiler to a frost setting (if it has one, not checked yet). anyone have any advise on this and anything else i should do? thanks Ness
  9. HUNDREDS of new high-rise apartments on the upper north shore have stood empty for months due to a lack of demand, casting doubt on the State Government's strategy of opening up the region for high-density development. Developers have resorted to offering thousands of dollars worth of free furniture in an effort to sell apartments in the shiny new five-storey blocks that have sprung up from Wahroonga to Roseville. I do not recall ever seeing a real estate story in newspapers admitting that first they have empty flats, and secondly cannot sell them?
  10. connaust

    Lake Mulwala Yarrawonga Empty

    If you want to see something both unique and eerie visit Lake Mulwala Murray River at Yarrwawonga, pictures show that while empty, very surreal.
  11. Hi - We fly out to Oz on 28th November. Our house is still on the market and we want to leave it there for as long as poss. We think we can keep it on market till the spring and if it still hasn't sold then we'll rent it out. My question is....has anyone got any top tips for leaving ahouse empty? We'll have someone come in every so often to check things over but should we switch all electrics/water/gas off and drain central heating system or should we keep it all on and ask our friend to run the systems for an hour or so? My husband is worried about frozen pipes etc. Any thoughts would be welcome. Alex
  12. Ok with all the discussion going on about people being fed up with others posting they hate Oz and others posting if you don`t like it it bugger off and how the UK is rubbish got me thinking (dangerous I know) Im very much a glass half full type of person and certainly mellowed a lot since moving to Oz. I do see the negatives but also see the positives and tend to concentrate on those (or maybe Im just lazy and can`t be arsed worrying), now some would say Im just hiding from the negatives, how do you view life AND THIS NOT TO DEGENERATE INTO A WHINGE!! It`s about how you view life and what is your coping mechanism, have you always been like this, if not what changed you. All points will be listened to thoughtfully with no slagging off otherwise I`ll clip yer ears!:policeman:
  13. My hubbys company want us in Oz by the middle of December. House has been on the market for about four weeks with no interest (one viewing but too far away from nearest town - buy a map and look before you view!). I have just instructed the ea to drop the price by 20K (From 350K to 330K) to see if that generates any interest. My hubby and I have been talking about what to do should it not sell. We need to sell it to buy a house in Oz (we own it outright) so we need to keep it on the market. Has anyone ever emmigrated anyway and just left the house empty but on the market? The thought of dealing with tennants doesn't appeal at all, plus there is the bother of having electrics etc checked. It is a lovely 200 or so year old cottage so I am reluctant to let tennants, who do not have a vested interest in the property, live in it. We have no family close to where we live to keep an eye on it, and I feel cheeky asking friends or neighbours since we are moving away. My mum and dad in law would probably be happy to come up every couple of weeks to weed the garden, check the house and mow the lawns etc in the short-term. Any advice? If anyone wants a nose, it is on rightmove UK Estate agents with homes, houses & property for sale on rightmove.co.uk
  14. Guest

    Leaving house empty

    Anybody leaving their house empty and just leaving cause you havnt sold it, OMG we are, leaving the sale if there is one!! to the estate agent and inlaw, just hope doing the right thing, too late now flights are booked for sept:jiggy::jiggy:
  15. We are hoping to move to Perth in Oct/Nov 08 so we have started to look at real estate sites. The question we have is 'why are most of them empty'? It looks like about 80% of them are either empty or only have a few pieces of furniture in them to show them - no personal items around. Also, if a house is sitting empty would a sale go through quicker. I have read on this site that somebody bought and moved in in under 2 weeks, thats quick! Any ideas.