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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. A friend of mine had his nomination applied for subclass 482 back in June 2021, and haven't heard anything yet. His employer suspects the agent is holding back information, and would like to check the application himself. Can the employer create an Immi Account to check the nomination status? My friend created an Immi Account but seems to be able to import the visa application only, not the nomination. Thank you.
  2. hwhattywhat

    Help With Employer Nomination

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone out there is able to help me. I own a very small bricklaying company in WA and am looking to sponsor a British national so that he is able to stay working with me. I am trying to gauge whether or not I need a migration agent or whether I can work through the nomination process myself. I am unsure on how I would provide evidence for the following requirements (in terms of the format etc. as I know the immigration department can be very particular): evidence that the position is currently occupied by a temporary resident evidence of an increase in business activity (e.g. new contracts won) requiring workers in the nominated occupation If anyone can offer any advice around these requirements or just employer nominations in general I would be incredibly grateful! Many thanks in advance!
  3. Hello fellow Poms in OZ! I've found some great info on here and I'm totally hooked, great to see so many people helping each other out. I've got a couple of questions regarding the 186 Employer Nomination Scheme route to sponsorship. I'm currently on a working holiday visa (417) and freelancing for a company, and basically I'd like to propose to my employer that he sponsor me. It's a small company of just 4 including myself. I have an ABN - so I just invoice him, and I deal with tax and super etc. Now, here's the issue. I need to propose to him that it's worthwhile keeping me on. I can for-see that he will find the whole application a pain in the ass. I'm happy to pay whatever costs are involved applying for the visa. He's been operating for over a year. - Will there be an issue with the fact I haven't been on the 'payrole' as I'm effectively a contractor? - Is there a significant cost in employing someone 'through the books'? Obviously there's super payments, holiday etc to factor in.. - I feel the market salery rate might be higher than he's currently paying me - a potential negative for the boss. Any tips here? Visa Prices: From what I understand I'd need to go the Direct Entry stream route - again, immi.gov states the employers fee for applying is $540 From the immi.gov site, the cost calculator estimated the visa application would cost AUD 5,280.00. Does that sound about right? Would you guys recommend a visa agent? I assume they're expert at smoothing out potential cracks in visa applications... Any idea on costs and pitfalls? I'm Sydney based. Thank you so much. I hope there's someone that can help! Cheers, Stuart Edwards
  4. Hi Guys, I know that the nomination paperwork/checklist for the ENS186 (a)Direct Entry and (b)Transition are different. Situation : - Applicant lodged ENS186 NOMINATION for Direct Entry (Approved) - At time of approval for the ENS186 Direct Entry, the applicant has also become eligible for the ENS186 Transition. Does anyone here (particularly Raul) know if DIAC will be obliging to accept the Direct Entry approval for the Transition? I am guessing the answer is NO. However the fact of the matter is that the Direct Entry has more rigid requirements (Skill assessment, IELTS etc) and the Transition doesn't so I am curious if this has been attempted before. Thoughts? Cheers Bonza!
  5. Hi all, just discovered pomsinoz and hoping someone will be able to give a little advice i am a hairdresser currently working in Melbourne on a 457 sponsorship I have been on this visa for 3 and a half years now, the problem is my employer does not want to nominate me as he has not fofilled his visa duties , example ;not paid the nominated wage award (was agreed at beginning ) Not used 2%of the company's income on training and education and am sure there is a few other things,, so am wondering what happens once I reach the 4year mark? Am I able to apply for P.R without nomination? or am I better off looking for a new employer who will nominate me??? any help would be much appreciated !! therr could be a haircut in it for you regards beandos
  6. Hello, Im in need of any advice/guidance for what has become quite a complicated process from 457 visa to PR. My partner has been on a 457 sponsored visa since July 2012. We only had the visa approved for two years and it will expire in two weeks. His employer agreed to nominate us for the 186 subclass employer nomination visa under the Temporary Residence Transition scheme. We were advised from the Dept of Immigration that it is "risky" but we would have to lodge both the nomination and our application on the last day that our 457 visa expires as we won't be eligible for it before. However we have since learnt that my partners employer has already put in the nomination 4 weeks ago without us knowing and received an acknowledgement and TRN number. Its my understanding and info from immigration that if we now apply for this visa it will be cancelled as they nominated us before the 2 years had been completed on the 457 visa. Fortunately we have not started or paid any of our application, just gathered all our documents/evidence. Does anyone know if my partners employer could cancel this and do another nomination through the direct entry scheme? and if my partner needs a skills assessment (as required for direct entry) could this be completed after we put in the application as we are running out of time? Or any other ideas whatsoever? Thank you for any advice/info.
  7. Hi all I am currently on 417 working holiday visa and looking to get on a 186 visa, my company has never sponsored or nominated anyone for visas before. So before i mention visas to them, i was wondering does anyone know what the employer requirements are before applying for a 186 or know a website outlining the exact details for this visa? So if they ask me questions about it, i can show them exactly what they will need to do thanks
  8. Hallfamily

    Expression of Interest Advice

    I am right in saying if you are not on any states sponsored lists and do not have an employer to sponsor you can you still lodge a EOI through skillselect and see if any employers or states will nominate you.