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Found 26 results

  1. christopherj

    489 Restrictions on employers

    Hi All....The restriction on the 489 visa when it comes to working.... what about the following scenarioIf i want to work for a consulting company which has a registered business address in the CBD BUT i will not be working at that this location at all... my work will be at the above employers' Customer locations (100% of the time) which are in regional areas i this possible ?
  2. Hi All, Couldn't be on this forum for sometime.. Was tied down with work. Have found some time now to get back to the important things. I have managed to procure the employer reference letters from 2 out of 3 of my previous employers. I have uploaded one of the edited versions of the letter from one of my previous employers here. Please let me know if the information contained here in will suffice. Regards, Rahul
  3. :wubclub:Hi any New or current empoyees in WA for Liebherr on here Hubbie starts to work for them in April , he wants to touch base with anyone in the WA workshop/fieldwork for a chat and maybe a few tinnies in March when we get to WA :cute: Cheers Brides and Den x:notworthy:
  4. I work for (and am joint owner of) a small company which has been offered work in Australia. A colleague has done some work there under a 456 (business short stay) visa. This is OK as far as it goes, but restricts an individual to no more than 6 weeks work in a 12 month period. We would like to do more work than this, and have been told the work is there. Our client in Australia would be willing to sponsor an individual (its a very specialized field) but this would mean becoming their employee and would also be effectively a full-time commitment to work and live there for at least a year (we have been told you must be there for at least 9 months out of 12). But actually we want to remain as paid employees of our UK company and not move permanently to Australia. Also we would like flexibility in which of our employees we send out to work there (perhaps for a few months a year). Ideas include setting up an Australian branch of my UK company (would that really help?) or collaborating with an existing Australian company as their subcontractor. Does anyone have any other ideas? I am struggling to find material on the official Australian immigration websites that covers our case, it generally assumes that a sponsored individual is an employee of an Australian company. :GEEK: Pip
  5. Hi Everyone Ive been in Australia now 22 months on a working holiday visa 417 - Im now in the process of being sponsored by my employer here in Brisbane but cant seem to find out much informtion about what type of medical I need to obtain to submit with my applicaition. Anyone who lives in Brisbane and has been through the same would be great to hear from you Hope everyone has a lovely day Dan
  6. HI All, I am currently doing my ENS visa though my employer. One of the things on the checklist for the Employer Nomination is for my employer to supply Bank Statements. Is this for the most recent financial year? If so, my company receives weekly bank statements, which is a heck of a lot of paperwork to put in with the application. Does it have to be for the whole year? Any help would be appreciated? Cheers
  7. Hi, Has anyone recently been offered PR visa by Hospital in Sydney for nursing post. My wife received email on Friday from agency confirming she has been approved by NSW heath for Royal North Shore Hospital. However during the interview interviewers haven't discussed about the type of visa they are going to offer and also when they want the applicant to start for them so no idea what they are going to offer. As we have 7 year old son we prefer PR visa so appreciate any info from anyone who has been recently approved for nursing post in Syndey. ....Mansawant
  8. http://windowsteamblog.com/windows/b/windowsexperience/archive/2011/10/05/10-ways-you-know-your-child-will-grow-up-to-be-a-microsoft-employee.aspx
  9. Hi my skills assessment with VETASSESS is currently being processed. I understand from numerous sources that my manager who wrote my reference may receive a call. Is this always a spot check or a guarantee? I've told her to expect a call at some point but she's very nervous as she doesn't want to say anything that may harm my application (very sweet). If so what type of questions may she be asked from your experiences so I can put her at ease! Many Thanks
  10. Hi experts, I got my 176 visa VIC SS recently and planing to move to Melbourne next month. My current employer like me to work for them even after I moved to Melbourne. also they willing to offer Auzee salary scale. Since I VIC sponsored, Do I need to work for an Auzee company after I moved there? or Is this possible? your valuable replies most appreciated :notworthy: Thanks, Horizone.
  11. AaronS

    Employee sponsored 121 PR visa

    Will a 121 be processed as fast as a 457? Would seem not since it's a PR rather than temporary like the 457. Would be great if it were though. Anyone have any experience or insight on that?
  12. Hey guys, I am preparing for my skills assessment with the ACS. As we all know that we need a ref letter from our employers. I found this certain template regarding the stuff that the ref letter should contain which is as follows: This Reference should: · - show the official company or government department letterhead of the organization which employed you · - show in the letterhead the full address of the company, any telephone and fax numbers, email and website addresses · - be from your supervisor or the manager of the human resources department –references from colleagues at the same level or below are not suitable · be signed by an authorized person whose name and position is typed or stamped below the signature – a signature which cannot be identified will not be accepted and include the following information: o the direct contact number of the person writing the reference o the exact period of employment o the required working hours per week o whether that employment was permanent or temporary o whether the employment was full-time or part-time o the position(s) held o the main duties undertaken o the salary earned o Positions should not be described by generic titles, but according to the nature of the duties undertaken. Is this information sufficient ? Please assist.
  13. Am I reading this right.... To be eligible for this visa, I have to find a job paying me a quarter of a million dollars? Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856)
  14. Can we get an employee sponsers even with govement issues?? I have a possible job offer but people have told me you cant go ahead until the govement allow it?? :arghh:
  15. diandal

    Employee Sponsored Visa

    Hi If you can find an employer to sponsor your visa do you still require an ANZSCO number and skills assessment. Diane
  16. Hi, I'm about to lodge my application and nomination for ENS 856 visa at Sydney Parramatta office. Does anybody know how long it takes for the visa to be granted? Thanks heaps! :hug:
  17. Guest

    Outsourcing employee

    I have doubt about whom should give employer reference. I have been working for them for 2,5yrs; first 6 months through outsourcing contract then 1 yr as their employee (temporary contract; replacement for girl on maternity leave) then again on outsourcing contract. I have already lodged my visa application and uploaded employer reference from company i work in (not from the company that "leasing me"). Also there is noted what type of contract is. Do you think i should provide them reference from that HR firm also or not? And what do you think if they will checking my employment what employer they will check?! :confused:
  18. jakc

    Employee Refused LAFHA

    I work for a fairly big company in Melbourne. After finding out that a number of other people on 457 visas are entitled for this LAFHA allowance, i enquired about it with our HR department. I received the below response (with bold bits). Can someone with a bit more legal background than me, clarify if I can do anything about this? ************************** Below are a couple of extracts from the legislation that were considered when assessing the merits of your request to be paid LAFHA. the payment of the whole or the part, as the case my be, of the allowance constitutes a benefit provided by the employer to the employee at that time. Abstract 2: -This seems to be the largest stumbling block to paying LAFHA.
  19. Hi - i know these aren't visas that are talked about on here much - but i'm hoping someone can help. They are the Employer Nominated Schemes - and our situation is this: When we were out on a year working visa my other half worked for a scaffolding company that desperately want him back. They can't get anyone with the experience and qualifications he has in scaffolding. Now as scaffolding isn't on the skills list, i'm guessing this is his only route (i can do the 176), but i hear the ENS is alot quicker??? Can anyone shed any light as to whether or not this is infact a quick option - his old boss emailed him this morning literally saying he still wants him and would we be able to come over asap! Any help on the ENS appreciated Suzanne
  20. So my husband's prospective employer already had sent us his employer sponsorship approval and employer nomination approval notices, and he just needed to send in the application to nominate my husband to fill the position.... when he emailed us back he said it should only take a couple days to get the approval number so we could start our application. Well it has now been about 8 business days since he did this and no news. How long did yours take? I thought since he already had the sponsorship and nominations approved it wouldn't take long but it's been taking a lot longer than expected and we are dying to get start on the visa application! Any advice would be appreciated....
  21. Has anyone got / getting a visa through this route and can tell me how long it takes to process. We are at the initial stages, ie., Employer applied for authority to nominate and im in the process of collating information for TRA. How long does it take from the time we submit our visa application? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Hello people Just joined the forum as my boyfriend and I are looking at options to immigrate to Australia. We are both British. I have an Aunt, Uncle and two cousins who are Australian citizens but don't think this helps at all. I'm 27 and currently working as a Mortgage Broker and have been in Financial Services since 2000, doing various roles including IFA. I hold full CeFA and CeMAP bridge as my industrial qualifications. My boyfriend is 21 and has recently started working as a Travel Agent after some time in retail. He has already done a year's tourist working visa. I've tried to make sense of all the stuff on various websites about my qualifications and whether they help me with getting sponsorship to move to Aus but without success. Anyone working in Financial Services after gaining their qualifications in the UK? We have been together for 8 months, living together all that time, were friends before - so wonder how that would impact if one of us was to get the visa and then the other come on the partner visa? I'm trying to find a website that offers assistance with finding a suitable employer to sponsor an application in Financial Services but cannot seem to locate one - any suggestions? Any help would be gratefully received. Mark
  23. Hello. Wondered whether anyone can advise on following ... We are moving to Aus later his year and I am currently negotiating an employee share option that have been approved by UK revenue so that when exercised tax will only be payabe at the issue rate. e.g. if shares are issued at the nominal rate of £20 and if exercised at a value of £100 I will only be liable to pay tax at the £20 per share rate. Does anyone know would this situation "travel" to Aus or not as I am not intending to return to UK ...and would like to be aware what tax liability I may be walking into .. Also interested to know what the capital gains tax is in Aus. Thanks kieran
  24. Guest

    employee sponsorship?

    Help! I failed T.R.A in september due to lack of experience ( 3 years) as a air- con engineer and do not want to go down the vetassess route due to time and money. We cant wait any longer so we our thinking of selling up and going travelling around oz whilst at the same time looking for employee sponsorship . is this an option? can we go from tourist visa to a 457 visa without leaving the country? how easy is it to get a employer to sponsor myself? shane
  25. Hi to all, been a while since I posted but we could really do with some help and advice. My hubby is a skilled pipe fitter welder over here. Over there he is probably classed a first class welder. He is coded in various welding things and we are so desperate to get over. his job is on the modl list and I believe his trade is in high demand. Enormous problem he is 59 :sad: years young. Must admit he looks a good 10 years younger. Looks like his best option is going to be a employee sponsored visa under the exceptional circumstances rule. Has aonyone any idea how we go about getting a sponsor. More than prepared to e-mail his c.v over to as many companies as neccesary but how do we find out who to e-mail them to ? Also is it worth us getting in touch with a migration agency or will we just be throwing money away ? Please can anybody help us or are we really wasting our time. We need to hurry to do this as he is not getting any younger. Please, please, can someone tell us how to do it. Thanks Sheratt