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Found 9 results

  1. Good afternoon all C and I are both serving UK police officers. I have 5 years service and C has 9. Having reviewed the WAPOL international recruitment criteria it appears as though C has too much service to make her eligible to apply this time around. If I were to apply and be successful, would WAPOL permit her to migrate to Australia with me as my partner? What are our best chances of securing a visa for C given that her only career since university has been in the police. She is a qualified detective, sergeant and completed fraud and surveilance courses. C has a 1st degree from Cambridge in Natural Sciences so perhaps this could lead to alternative employment? Alternatively C has a keen interest in equestriansim and would consider a career in this field. We are really committed to settling down in WA and would appreciate any help that you can offer. Thanks R and C
  2. Dave321

    Staying Longer???

    Hey im heading over to oz in august with a working holiday visa and by that stage i will have completed 4 years of college stydying Information Technology. I will be going there to start my career and not a holiday. I was just wondering what my best options are in order to be able to stay longer then the year? i know all about getting the second working visa but im hoping to move there indefinatly. Like is it common to get sponsored when over there with the working visa. Sorry about this but looking on http://www.immi.gov.au/ is a bit of a nightmare.... any help would be great thanks!!!
  3. Hi guys i have a slight dilemma. My son is sitting his english GCSE's this summer (hes in year 11) and we are thinking of moving to sydney so i can be with my aging parents and he wants to finish school there because we are originally from sydney and have an australian passport. A school we think that looks nice is the Barker College ; It appeals to both me and my son. Unfortunately ive heard mixed answers to this question on yahoo and now i want to know for real whats the answer : i want to know if he can use his (good) GCSE results to get into Barker. On Yahoo some people say yes they can be converted, others say no, they dont mean a thing in australia:arghh:. I also know that school starts/ends differently;that it ends in mid july over here, starts september, while in sydney school starts/finishes january/december or somewhere along those lines. Because of the school start/end difference should i send my son 1 term (up till december) to start his A levels, or should we just make the move to sydney, settle in? If we do the 2nd option, do we have to start school right away or..... we've got until around april to decide if we will move back home to sydney. thank you guys so much for your help! :biggrin:
  4. G'day Dingos..... New to the forum and found it trawling the web looking for helpful info and sites.... we are planning to emmigrate to Oz.... one way or another..... and there are many options and many visa routes..... ...obviously I have come accross the many 'Visa Agents' out there that have "100%" success rates etc in getting people over there etc....all for a hefty fee £$£..!! So my question is.... "Is it worth paying these guys to ensure a near 100% chance of getting over successfully.... ... or are they a complete Rip"? I score 85 on the Skilled Migration test, my career is on the list! I am under 45... my cousin is married an Ozzie and lives in Oz.... Do I go for the applicaiton myself or pay these guys £2000?? (Is that the going rate, 'cause it's what they charge!!) Thanks in advance Bob
  5. we are going to chester on monday to see The Emmigration group about starting the visa process. does anyone have any views on if they or other companies are worth the money. we believe that the final fees would be approx £4000. Not sure we would get our heads around all the technical info if we didnt use a company.
  6. My wife has been offered a position nursing in queensland , i am just curious about the visa process regarding her and also regarding myself. I am not too sure o the process regarding the partner moving and whether i have to meet the same criteria as my wife. I am Ex British Army and am looking to joining the Australian Army and would ideally like to know a general outline to joining them and the visa process. Sorry if i've asked this when there are tons of other similar questions but i couldnt find any using search. Thanks for your help , Fraser :chatterbox:
  7. Guest

    help! on emmigration agent

    Hi All, has anyone used Destination Oz to get them to Australia? Also cant find any reference to them being Marn registered. Any help would be good! Thanks Cat
  8. Hiya, everyone we've just registered. :spinny: We've decided we're fed up with Britain (weather, credit crunch, work etc) and have decided to start our visa application to Australia. We're looking for some advice on how we should start. I'm 21 years old and I'm a city and guilds qualified Plasterer and my Fiancee is 18 years old and a Support Worker. We're looking to get our visa sorted asap and have been informed that with me being a qualified Plasterer and us both being between the ages 18-25 we should stand a pretty good chance??? Could anyone offer any advice on how much it will cost for us to sort out our visa, and how much we should have saved to make our dream move to the Gold Coast. We will be looking to do it on as cheap a Budget as possible. Any advice you can offer us would be appreciated Many Thanks Dan & Bella
  9. Guest

    emmigration show

    Hi guys can anyone tell me of forth coming exhibitions in the near future, we are moving to Bunbury WA shortly, & need to gather some info on shippers, money transfers, pensions, pet migration, etc. Or could you recommend some good companies Thanks Dave n Sue