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Found 12 results

  1. Hello! I am going to emigrate from Sweden to Australia within one or two years. :daydreaming: Now I would like to open an Australian bank account in order to place some money Down Under in advance. Which bank and what kind of an account would be the best for me?:confused: Looking forward to a little answer from somebody. Kindly Marie
  2. Please can anyone help if the have been in this situation. My 475 relative sponcored visa application as been in since nov 08 but we didn't have medicals done our agent said not too due to the processing time. But I have since got breast cancer I have had the lump removed and had radiotherpy . I am told I am clear of breast cancer but I sill have to take tamoxifen for 5 years and breast scans. Will this stop us from getting to oz our agent as said just leave your application in but whats the point if I wouldn't pass meds I would rather face it and move on than have an impossible dream. Please help anyone even if its nots good news.
  3. Hi all, I apologise for going straight into a new post without researching the forum further... I'm a bit tight on time today but want to get any sort of ball rolling! Thanks in advance for any feedback. I'm a 40yr old single professional in the Graphic Design sector with dozens of years experience, etc... I've gotten to know Sydney well over the years after various trips, and have now decided to have a make a bid for moving there permanently. I realise it's not an easy process. I have no real links or background related to Oz that will help. As I understand so far (online research) it appears to be a case of Find Job > Get Sponsored > Move. I understand this will obviously take some effort, but worth it I'm sure. My question is, aside from Find Job > Get Job to Sponsor > Move, is there any other great avenue or opportunity I could pursue under these circumstances..? The outcome would always be to relocate to Sydney and work permanently, but maybe there are more ways than one..? Thanks again for any pointers. Mike.
  4. Hi New to this so this may have been asked before! Myself and my husband are wanting to emmigrate to Perth, however neither of us have even been to Oz let alone Perth and wonder if moving out without visiting first is a good idea? Any advice would be appreciated!!:biggrin:
  5. OK, an argumentative thread title for which I apologise. The glamification of oz on programs like WDU and PDU create a world in peoples heads which simply doesnt exist. I have been on the other side watching these programs and notthing can prepare you for the actuality of arriving here and having to survive in a foreign country. All people see is the sun, the big house, the nice weather and forget about the reality of living, surviving, working, missing family, etc. This is supposed to be informative as I am mega happy here but the amount of people who come over with little investigation and leave with a Going Back to the UK register post is becoming more apparent. If you have an average life in the UK theres a good chance it will be worse in Australia (unless you are retired with a shed load of money) There is only one thing cheaper in Oz than it is in the UK and thats petrol although I can see partiy coming soon. Dont compare dollars back to pounds when you get here, you are not earning pounds any more. Renting is expensive although a majority of Aussies do it because house prices are so high. I can even see parity in rentals and mortgages soon - 1000 difference currently between our rent and our new mortgage on a 700k property. Exchange rate - enuff said, we managed to exchange at 2.12, my mate at 2.60. Dreams - It has turned out to be a dream move for us but we researched so much before we came we knew what to expect. Many people dont bother looking before they arrive and find thy dont like it and have to go back (so far two friends who managed 6 weeks here between them) Money cant buy you love but you need it to survive...if you are close to the bone finance wise in the UK, dont bother, there is no pot of gold (unless you drink them) and unlike England, Australia pay well for the skills they need, the average aussie wage is no more in comparison to the average english wage. Just be careful when you plan, rose tinted glasses do mist up that decision. Sean
  6. Just had a squiz at this link...Doesn't say too much for the UK. Over 50% of Brits seek a better life abroad!. Cheers, Bobj.
  7. Many people like the idea of moving to Australia but haven't visited the country. Others have moved here and don't like it. I'm trying to write an honest account of the trials and tribluations of moving to Australia to help people find out what it's really like before they take the plunge. Good luck with all your travel plans!
  8. Guest

    Emmigrate or immigrate?

    I'm sat at work in my rubbishy temping job and working on my resume so that I can finally get a half decent job over here. I'm putting down that I'm working as a temp after emigrating but the spell check thing is coming up as saying the grammar is incorrect and that I should be saying that i'm working as a temp after immigrating to Australia as you emigrate from and immigrate to. Is this right? I'm assuming it is since Word wouldn't say so unless it was but I just want to double check since don't want to get it wrong since its so hard finding work over here at the moment without having mistakes on my CV! Thanks!
  9. Hi there again, I am asking about what i need to do do to get my mum and dad to be able to follow me and my family out to aus. I am going to be going hopefully on a 175 visa. My mum and dad would love to come to aus, but we don't know if it would be possible. My mum doesn't work, and my dad is a taxi driver, i do not understand how to contributary parent visa works. How much money do they need to have? do they need to pay before they go, or is it just so that they can prove they can support themselves. thanks in advance to anyone who replies. Tracy x
  10. Hi all ~ I am very new to all this.... They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing ~ but loads of information is just as bad in IMHO....:unsure: I would dearly like to get the ball rolling as I hit 40 in 2009, but I am so confused about where to start? Is there anywhere I can get my hands on the definative guide to emmigration to Oz? Thanks to all Mac
  11. Hi, We've been trying for a baby for the last year, and to be honest are loosing all hope that it will ever happen for us. We've started the ball rolling with emmigrating, and we had decided just to continue trying, if we get PG then thats just a bonus! But i am wondering if being pregnant or having a small baby could cause any problems or hitches in the process? The only thing we have indentified is that we will stop trying once we hand in the visa app until after the medicals, because i wouldn't want to have an x-ray whislt pregnant. I'd really love any opinions, tips or advice on this? Meg xx
  12. In order to get through the process you will need to purchase the following items; Several Crates of Holy Water (Chardonnay) or Communion Wine (Shiraz), to steady the old nerves Plenty of cotton wool padding so you soften the blows as you bounce of various walls in your home. A couple of exercise mats are good too for those who can't muster the energy to launch at the walls so just prefer to bang the old head on the floor. The entire stock of St Johns Wort in Boots (or better still, grow your own). I actually have my own version of Rescue Remedy which is 50/50 Holy water and Communion Wine!:biggrin: Copious canisters of laughing gas (for when another form plops onto your doormat). Entonox is good too - doesn't stop the pain, but it stops you from thumping the person causing it! A huge mallet so your OH or kids can render you unconcious when (not IF) you become hysterical. ( One swift blow is usually sufficient from someone with average aim!) A huge sieve to put over your ears to filter out all the emotional blackmail from family and friends (especially advisable for daughters who thought they were grown up but discover that actually they are still only five!!!) A big neon sign that comes on saying "talk to the hand coz the face ain't listening.." when the old " Grass isn't going to be greener..." speech starts going! A huge rocking chair . (There will be days when you find yourself rocking backwards and forwards , quietly moaning to yourself. It just looks better if you are in the chair!!!) A "My First Magic Tricks" set (or anything to do with Harry Potter) so you can transform yourself into a slim, non-smoking, non-drinking, super-fit, low blood pressure, no existing conditions, no past medical history god or goddess , just in time for the medical! Copies of the daily papers to remind you why you want to emmigrate in the first place. (Can always be used to swot Neg-Heads , or even your mother girls, as a last resort!!!) Plenty of Internet access - so you can come onto this forum and be healed!!!! Feel free to add , I always forget something off the list Love VoD:wink: