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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all Im looking for sponsorship in oz, currently living in Ireland. Anyone know any of good sites to check out, or better again of any employers that do sponsorship for wall and floor tilers?? I am a fully qualified wall and floor tiler, a member of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen and hold a National Craft Fetac Level 6 Advanced qualification with almost 20 yrs experience. Need to emigrate fast, no work here in Ireland!! Keith
  2. Guest

    Can I emigrate by doing this

    Hi can I emigrate to Perth WA by doing this (I don't have a skilled occupation) First of all I plan to go to Perth WA on holiday I am going to do 3 tests first test is a Heavy ridged licence second test is a Hauler truck licence third test is a excavation licence with all these under my belt would there be a possibility of me getting a mining company to sponsor me and then me moving over there and would they maybe pay for me and my family to move out there or do they not do that any more . Thanks Thomas Aintree Liverpool
  3. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/passport.jpg[/WRAP]Nearly 800,000 British Expats appear to have decided against returning back to blighty with the UK's gloomy economic prospects and the recent riots believed to be contributory factors in discouraging a return to Britain. Earlier this year, Lloyds TSB International published it's 'International Expat Survey' which indicated 67% of expats had no plans to return to the UK – up 11% when compared to when the a similar survey was conducted 6 months previously. Further research by Lloyds TSB has now indicated that even more expats (69%) are planning to permanently stay overseas. 15% of them indicated that they had cancelled plans to return in the last 12 months. The survey indicated that improved financial prospects and the belief that the oft-quoted 'quality of life' is higher aborad were the principal factors driving expats’ decisions to remain living abroad. In spite of the economic hardship that many expats have had to put up with due to unfavourable exchange rate movements since the start of the economic downturn, 64% said they were still financially better-off living abroad, only 25% reporting that the cost of living was higher. Amongst the surveys findings: 74% of British expats said their 'quality of life' was higher. 68% of British expats say they prefer being based overseas. 51% of expats said that their new home was 'a better place to bring up children'. 'Feeling safer' - only 13% of expats said that their neighbourhoods back in the UK had been 'less dangerous' when compared to their local neighbourhood abroad. Tony Wilcox, managing director of expat banking at Lloyds TSB International, said that concern over Britain's economic problems, and the riots which took place across the country earlier this year, were likely to have cemented the decision to stay for many. “The perception from abroad of Britain is driven largely by what they see in the paper and on TV, and what they’ve seen this year is increasing inflation, low growth, unemployment, and the summer's riots. These go together to make a collage of Britain that is not as appealing as it would once have been, and it is not surprising that expatriate life starts to looks more favourable.”
  4. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/kangaroo1.jpg[/WRAP]Australia remains the top destination for would be British Expats looking for a new life abroad. A survey by Post Office International Payments showed that 27% of respondents have considered a move overseas, with a further 20% saying they remain open to the idea. Australia is the most tempting destination – a fifth of people (21%) say they would most like to live or work there, followed by the United States of America (18%) and Canada (14%). Spain came in fourth place with 10%. Sarah Munro from Post Office International Payments said: "Living and working overseas is a tempting thought, with many people considering a move abroad at some point. However, taking the plunge is a big emotional and financial upheaval, and it isn't surprising that the worry of leaving family and friends is the main barrier. "For those looking to live or work overseas, the average amount of time people expect to stay is about seven years, giving them plenty of time to immerse themselves fully in the culture and enjoy a different way of living." Interestingly, for retirees the language barrier does not seem such an issue, with Spain being voted the most appealing place to retire for British expats, closely followed by Australia, the USA, France and Ireland. Research by the Post Office also found 27% of 18-34 year olds would move overseas if it would improve their career prospects. Meanwhile, one in five have already lived or worked outside of the UK and 39% listed better job opportunities as their main motivation for doing so. Sarah Munro from the Post Office said: "The combination of financial constraints and a difficult job market is making a move overseas look more and more attractive for young people from the UK." Working abroad was deemed one way to ride out the effects of the current economic climate by 12 per cent of respondents, with those willing to relocate saying they would stay away for at least five years. For nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of young people, moving overseas is seen as a way of combining their desire to go travelling with working and getting paid. Elsewhere, opportunities for promotion were listed by 19 per cent of those eager to relocate. An improved quality of living was the top reason for wanting to escape the UK job and housing market with 63 per cent, while the prospect of a higher salary came second with 43 per cent of the votes. The results of the survey come after the Money Advice Trust revealed research has found nearly one million 16-24 year olds are currently unemployed in the UK.
  5. Cerberus1

    Another '10 reasons' thread

    It appears the recent wave of 'nn reasons to live/ not to live...' threads has spread beyond the shores of PIO with the International Business Times now getting in on the act. They have produced a list of '10 reasons not to live in the UK'.