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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there, my husband and I have just logged our visa appliacation for WA and want to go to Perth. My husband is a toolmaker/manager and I am a dental nurse also known as an assistant. We were woundering if there is anyone who has emigrated with these trades and if so would love to hear your story the good and the bad. Are there as many jobs to choose from as everyone tells us and what is the pay like in comparison to the cost of living? We look forward to hearing from you :smile:
  2. Has anyone moved to Australia with Children & not really known which suburb they will settle in :wideeyed: We are doing just this & im so worried about finding 'the right area' & not taking too long, as still need to find a school for our 8 year old :eek: We have been on a reccie & although we saw some suburbs we like, we still havent found the one.... How do you even know when its the one? :confused: I feel like im going nuts! :wacko:
  3. Hi there Has there anyone who has recently emigrated to the Noosa / Coolum areas, would love to hear from you if you have. What a beautiful part of The Sunshine Coast it is. Julie
  4. Hi there we busy going through the visa processs at the moment OH has a job in canningvale near Perth as a carpenter so getting a sponsered employers visa. His employers seem very nice and are helpful they trying to give advise on areas to settle and we would like to be quite near the coast and fancy Rockingham area. We have been offered a house to rent in Baldivis near Rockingham when we first arrive and are keen to hear from anyone from the uk who has emigrated and living in the Baldives area need to know what your thoughts are on schools and shopping and general info on settling in that area. Thanks for your time :smile:
  5. A year ago today we set off in the snow from Manchester Airport to emigrate to Australia. We spent our last day having Sunday lunch at a lovely country pub with our relatives and saying lots of tearful goodbyes. As we lived a fair distance from the airport, we had booked to spend the night before the flight at a hotel and the dear friend who dropped us off there didn't want to leave. We flew with Singapore Airlines, no complaints there - we visited the Koi Fish pond and the Butterfly Garden at Changi, both very nice. We arrived in Brisbane Airport and were met by our long term friends, whose house we had arranged to stay at for 5 days until we got on our feet. They will never know just how grateful and appreciatiative we will always be of the help they gave us in those first weeks - showing us how to apply for driving licences, medicare, etc was such a help to us because we didn't have a clue what to do. We spent a couple of weeks in an apartment overlooking the Brisbane river after leaving our friends' house, which was arranged by the company my OH works for as part of a relocation package. We were very fortunate that my OH had secured employment before we arrived, as we couldn't have afforded to emigrate so soon without a wage coming in (he's the skilled one, not me). We spent hours driving around and looking in real estate windows for a house to rent - we still havent sold our house in the UK even now. I would urge any new arrivals to wait until you can get here and see areas for yourself because some of them look nothing like they do on the websites you browse from the UK!! It's okay to have a vague idea of where you want to settle, but do keep an open mind until you can see places for yourself in the cold light of day. We eventually decided to stay on Bribie because it was within (reasonable) travelling distance to Brisbane (OH can't use the train as his workplace is nowhere near the train lines). He managed to secure a car share on his first day with two local lads and this has been a great help with petrol costs. We haven't found Australia to be "expensive" per se. Some things are cheaper if you know where to shop (buy meat from the large warehouse style butchers and fruit and veg from the fruit and veg shop, not the supermarket). Other things have surprised us such as the Pay As You Go phones, which require you to use your credit within a specified timeframe - or you lose it!! That struck me as daylight robbery if I'm honest but it's swings and roundabouts generally - some things cost more, others less. The kids have settled better than I expected them to which has been a relief. They have joined swimming squads (even the tiny folk are awesome swimmers in Oz, IMHO - my two were considered good swimmers before they came here but they have to fight hard to keep up here, lol). Our 13 year old is learning to surf and they both love the outdoors lifestyle here. We bought a little old boat for next to nothing about 6 months ago and OH and son have thoroughly enjoyed doing it up and we get out on it as often as we can, it's not the QE2 but it floats and that's all that matters!! There have been times I have missed my family so much it's like a physical pain but you have to remember why you came here and get on with it if you can. My heart goes out to anyone who feels like this, it's the worst feeling in the world and a huge shock to the system when you have been confident you'd cope beforehand. I hope this has not been too boring a read. We're gradually still finding our feet but we feel more comfortable each day. While we have never said this is forever (who knows what the future holds for us?), we are glad to see our children blossoming and that's good enough for us right now. Such alot has changed in a year it's really quite amazing. Good luck to all those still waiting! Sue x
  6. I am looking to train as a hairdresser maybe but i hear that you have to have 4 years proof!! What proof do they need to know you have been working in a salon i,e payslips ect...?? Or just referances? All help needed because i need to know whether to go down this route. Also is the money good over there and are there many career options??? Many many thanks, Lucy x
  7. Guest

    'Emigrated' a very short story...

    As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts, I am doing some study with the Open University to get my qualifications sorted out to go back and have another go at moving to Oz. One of the courses is a fiction writing course and before being let loose to write our own stuff, we had to study the work of published authors. The very first short story we had to look at was: "Emigrated" by Thomas Bernhard from The Voice Imitator (translated by Kenneth J. Northcott) "My former classmate who emigrated to Australia eleven years ago and returned to his Styrian homeland two years ago, emigrated to Australia again six months ago, although he knows he will return to Styria again and will continue to emigrate to Australia and return to Styria as often as it takes him to find peace either in Australia or in Styria. His father before him, a journeyman baker from the Mölltal who went to school with my father, emigrated from Carinthia to Styria at least twenty times and each time returned to Carinthia from Styria until he finally found peace in Carinthia, in Arndorf near St. Viet-on-the-Glan, where in the old smithy---his final lodgings---he hanged himself on an iron hook because he was homesick for Styria, without, and he was reproached for this at the time and long after his death, thinking of his wife and children." I was pretty bummed when I first read it as it really hit a nerve with me. But it is comforting to realise from reading on here, that this experience is so common (although, mostly with less tragic consequences, I hope). I really wish that there was a magic pill that could be taken or even something resembling a lobotomy that could just remove that sense of being so unsettled and torn. Is there no way of putting everything back as it was and are those of us experiencing this destined to live with a sense of loss and regret, whatever we do and just need to accept that. Or, once the decision to stay put in one place and live with it has been made, do things get better? I am so determined to use my experience to make my next attempt at Australia a blinding success but am I deluded and may I well find that the same feelings I experienced when I was homesick in Oz before wash over me and take over again? All thoughts on this appreciated!!
  8. Hi all, I emigrated to Australia in 1965 under the big brother scheme but returned to the uk a few years later... I am returning to Oz shortly and would dearly love to meet those who were with me on the trip, in particular Steve Kelly who I last saw in Melbourne around '67, who was originally from Petersfield Avenue, Harold Hill, Romford, Essex, Peter Mulholland (may be spelt wrong, sorry Peter), who I last saw in Brisbane '65 - '67 approx., Linda and Susan Gibson, who were 13 and 11 in 1965, no doubt they are both married and called something else now? Their parents were talking about eventually retiring to Perth or Freemantle and were named Enid and Tim or Ernest Gibson, I knew him as Ernest? If anyone could help me locate any of these people, or better still if you are one of these people, or you know me from the Big Brother Movement, or from working with me, or perhaps you were a neighbour? Please get in touch... Thanks Tom Tilley
  9. I do wonder how many people chance a move such as this without ever visiting the country first. Maybe we can have some stats on this??
  10. Hi, We have contacted a migration agent who suggested that, as we currently own and manage our own company (manufacturing and retailing window blinds), we should attempt to get into australia on a business visa. Has anybody else gone down this route. I am unsure of such a big move, with 2 young children, knowing how hard it is to establish a new business. My husband is 44 with over 20 years exp as a panel beater and i am a qualified primary school teacher, with very little experience. Neither of us have been employed in the above sectors for over 3 years. Any advice, comments etc. would be very welcome!

    250,000 Emigrated 2007

    I was watching Richard and Judy the other day, (yeah alright embarrasing I know) and they stated that in 2007 there was a record 250,000 departure emigrations to grasses greener :no: They also said that if this trend continued, which it cannot, then there would be no British left by 2046 ?? :wacko: Interesting calculation and theory. Better get my skates on before this lot close the doors and shut me in :policeman:
  12. hi im a 36yr old paver and after a breakup im wanting a complete fresh start to life and leave all the crap behind but im worried that me comming over on my own will be so so hard. has anyone made the move in the same position as myself,,,how was it ,,what about making friends and socialising,,renting a place,,so many questions i dont know where to start,my minds 90% made up [im off work again today due to its lashing down as we speak as usual]wish i could get a working holiday visa and come and see for myself but too old but hey nothing ventured,,,,
  13. considering emigration through family sponsorship, in very early stages of information gathering. would love to hear from anyone who has had experience in this specific area. My daughter has hydrocephalus and had a shunt fitted when she was 2, no problems since and is now almost 14, attends mainstream school with no special arrangements other than to avoid contact sports. We are worried that we will fail at the medical stage, we had information - not sure if urban myth- that if you are likely to cost the oz gov more than $20k you're not welcome! worst case scenario if daughter required new shunt don't know what cost implications are. can anyone help???