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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Does anyone know if emergency travel documents can be obtained from the British Consulate office in Brisbane? Has anyone had to do this recently? My kids and I are due to fly to south Africa tomorrow and one of my boys passports has expired.
  2. Hi there I've seen from searching the forum that a few PiO members have kids with epilepsy. I wondered if you could help me out with developing an emergency response plan for my son at school? We moved over in January this year. We are on 457 visas tied to my husband's (permanent) job. We had no problems whatsoever getting a visa for my son. He hasn't had a seizure since March 2008 and he has been off drugs since September 2010. I have a letter from his neurologist in the UK with a complete history, saying she feels he has (had?) a benign childhood form of epilepsy and is unlikely to require a neurologist in Australia. In fact I have only once taken him to a GP and it was a drop-in clinic because he had a viral infection and his temperature wasn't coming down (no seizures though). I felt it worth flagging up the epilepsy with his school just in case he has a seizure, and understandably they want to develop an emergency response plan for that eventuality. I feel perfectly able to write this myself (based on the information we used to give to all his carers and his previous schools in England) but I wonder if it is worth taking him to our 'regular' GP just to let them know, and make sure they have an input into the plan? Anyway if anyone wants to share their experience with me I would be very grateful. Thanks so much Scimum
  3. Life on easy street

    flights back to the UK in an emergency

    Reading a post last week made me think. Is it possible to take out insurance for flights back to the U.K in an emergency like a serious illness or a death in the family? Or as an alternative Is it possible to have return tickets to the U.K that have no restrictions and can be used at any time. It is not an issue for me as I have credit limit on my credit card that would pay for a flight back to the U.K. in an emergency. .
  4. nurse sue

    so far from home in an emergency

    Just wanted to share I have been in Australia 3 years in April and have been lucky enough to have returned to visit uk twice due to sons 21st and parents. But a week ago I got that dreaded call to say my mum was very seriously ill. it was late evening on the saturday so i made the decision that would return back to uk to support my dad as he has always been there for us. I tried ringing airlines searching the net but alas due to time of day no luck on phone and on interenet unable to book anything within 48 hrs. sunday morning managed to contact several travel companies they needed me to fax copies credit card passport etc but was advised maybe pop in to travel agents. whilst in travel agents got the call that I had not been wanting to say mum had passed peacefully away so now in pieces I explained to the poor girl in travel agents what my need was the earliest flight they could get me was the tuesday lunchtime I just wished i had my own wings and turbo engine. i knew there was nothing I could do and my sisters /brother were ther for my dad but I just wanted to be there with him. we had to tell our daughter which was really hard but also gave her the decision to whether she wanted to go to uk for the funeral especially as she is in yr 12. danielle decided she was going to come to uk but firstly sorted her school projects out assignmeents and understands it will be hard . my daughter and hubby followed a week on from me. my son and his girlfiend were already in uk on a 4 week visit her first. we have had no end of trouble with changing their return flights with the travel agent they even demanded copy of death certificate and funeral letter from undertaker. the airline I flew with were excellent they didnt up grade me but blocked off the seats next 2 me so was able to stretch out over 3 seats sleep and quietly reflect without disturbing anyone. yes i have to admit was the worst time of my life flying alone but the staff were supportive of which i will always be greatful. my manager at work has been difficult wher as my husbands work have been supportive my manager said "sorry to hear about yr mum" when are you returning to work" I hadnt even left for the Uk. a friend said the other day that it has made her think and put things into perspective that she has opened an account for an emergency fund and also you dont realise how far you are away from loved ones when something like this happens. yes approx 24 hrsbut you cant just jump on a bus/plane as soon as need to. we were lucky that we were able to afford to fly back but for others it may not be as easy. somthing like this also has unsettled me and all though i am with my family including time with my dad the hardest part will be in 3 weeks when i return to Oz.
  5. Guest

    Emergency Visa Numbers Query

    I like to make sure that in the event of my demise or illness that my affairs are in order for my family's sake. Our Wills are in already lodged both in WA and in Tasmania and my children have the said copies. My husband is an Australian so its a different ball game .... but should I be taken seriously ill on my death bed etc I cannot find any information on the various web sites that allow my children on a Friday evening for example to obtain an emergency visa. I see emergency numbers are in places for Australian citizens only which are... After hours emergency contact FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY, Australian citizens requiring urgent assistance outside normal Consulate office hours, including weekends and public holidays: Call (+62 361) 241 118. Follow the instructions (press 4, wait for the information recording to begin and then press 6), this will connect you to the 24 hour Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra. * Alternatively, call the Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra directly on (+61 2) 6261 3305. I am fully aware of the on line tourist visas , but also noted to my dismay this year this was a considerable delay in obtaining these... Anyone got any ideas please? Susie x
  6. Guest

    State Emergency Services.

    Well, from what I can gather from friends etc out in Queensland and to some extent the media to date there have been no recorded fatalities after cyclone Yasi, however I think there are two people missing, lets hope they turn up well and healthy. And I also realise that Cairns etc didn't come off as bad as some expected, unfortunately further south it was a different story with places such as Mission Beach fairing rather worse. I am the first to have a pop at local and national government if they need a good telling off, BUT. From what I can gather the way this potential devastation was handled by the Queensland government, and much more importantly the state emergency services is truly worth of mention. I realise that a lot of Queenslanders took it upon themselves to do what they could to ensure their own safety, but in no small part the SES should be praised for the work, planning and communication that took place that I dare say saved many lives. As with the recent floods in Queensland the SES have been working overtime to ensure peoples safety, and often at the risk of their own lives. It is all too easy to criticise many aspects of government, but in this instance I would particularly like to highlight the SES and the terrific work they do. They can be seen time and again in bush fires, floods and cyclones etc work their behinds of to ensure no lives are lost. And it is worth remembering, a lot of these people are volunteers whose only aim is to help their community often in times of great peril. The unsung heroes of this latest event are indeed all those who put their own lives in jeopardy in order to help others. I'm not sure, but if it were not for the emergency services (all branches) then the injury and death toll may have been a lot worse. So in short, a big thank you to all the state services for the work they did, and indeed are still doing to get Queensland up and running again, lets all hope that Queensland can breath a sigh of relief and hopefully mother nature may give the state and its people a little respite and peace for the coming months and years. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  7. Please pass this message on, it was passed to me via facbook Reposted from a friend: It is a friend of a friend in QLD. She has available yards stables for people not knowing where to take their horses. She has enough room to take 15-20 horses. Located Caboulture. Her phone number is 0418385774 if anyone needs emergency accommodation for their horses. Please respost if you have friends in QLD. Hope this helps someone!
  8. We all know the does and don'ts of most emergency situations that can arise in Australia but I am sure we have members out there who can provide sensible advice for emergencies That are not normally thought about. So I will start with a couple of things, please add any others you can think off. If on medication ensure you have enough to last in case pharmacies are closed or cut off. Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged, so you can communicate in a power failure. Keep spare batteries for torches and portable radios. There must be other simple things members should do, so if you can think of something add it to the list
  9. Looks like our Australian cousins have got their priorities in order to survive the floods in Queensland...
  10. Any nurses who work in the RPA emergency deaprtment sydney? or in perth (freemantle hospital)?
  11. Guest

    Please Advise!! Emergency!!

    Hello everyone, good day. I am in some kind of a confusion here and hoping you guys can help me clear things up. I applied for my Australian PR through General Skilled Migration in November 2008 after studying there (bachelor and masters) for 6 whole years. Here is where things get messed up, i had to leave Australia and return home last night as a result of an extremely important family medical emergency (i won't be returning to Australia anytime soon) and i had forgotten to apply for BVB before leaving the country...ugh!!! (i was holding Temporary Resident Visa) :sad: May i ask if my PR application will be affected? Will my TR still be there when i return in 6 months? Please give me some advice guys.. will be extremely appreciated. :arghh::arghh:
  12. Wendy Robinson

    price of emergency ambulance

    Hi All, My 2 yr old son was recently taken to hospital due to him having a fit because of a high temprature, OH and myself had never experienced anything like it so we called out an emergency ambulance..We have just had the bill OMFG how i wish we hadn't put off getting medical insurance:no: $738 to go from Quinns Rocks to Joondalup health campus. So anybody thinking of putting off getting medical insurance DON'T because as i've learnt the hard way. On a good note Joondalup Hospital staff were fantastic and so were the ambulance service,My son was given a teddy off the paramedic and blanket from the nurse treating my son. Thankfully my son is back to his old self, But I am still in shock at how much ambos cost with no insurance. Wendy xx PS We now have health insurance.:smile:
  13. Hi all, I am currently in Sydney living with my partner of 3 years with my son. We are in the process of applying for a de facto spouse visa and DIAC have stated that they need consent from my son's father for him to emigrate. He has no parental rights as my son was born before December 2003 and we were not married. He has not applied for a court order or parental rights, I have a HMCS search to prove this. I have contacted a UK family lawyer and am trying to get a declaration of UK law to state I am solely responsible for my son. Meanwhile, the father has agreed to sign, but is stalling and I am worried he may be trying to apply for parental rights. Can he do this without my consent/knowledge? Can I object to him being granted parental responsibility? He does not pay for his son and as such does not see him. I have read stories on here that DIAC are forcing mothers with sole rights to gain consent, even though the wording on the application form states: "Do you have the sole legal right to determine where each child shall live or to remove each child from their home country?" Is it consent or a court order? And also, why would I go to court to gain an order for something I already have - sole parental responsibility? This makes very little sense and is causing me a great deal of stress. Please help.
  14. Guest

    emergency nursing

    dear all, havent been on here for ages but with 94 days to go... Just wondering if anyone can give me advice re nursing in a and e. I trained in perth in the 80s but have been back in uk for last 14 years. I last worked at rph and have forwarded my cv and been offered a telephone interview. Friends have told me to hold out till i get there as plenty of jobs. Is this the case or should i get my foot in the door at rph then see??
  15. ali

    Emergency Dentist

    Not had much cause to use the health system here yet and generally the kids teeth are seen to via the school dentist. But yesterday morning Tom (8) woke up with a very sore and swollen mouth and had an absess. Rang a local dentist at 10am (we're not patients there) who offer emergency and saturday appointments - the dentist was fully booked but would see him at 12, the receptionist rang back within mins and asked if I could take him now. The dentist did an x-ray whilst he was sat in the chair - which promptly appeared on her lap top, she gave us some antibiotics and will see him next week. $69 which we've claimed back on medibank Can't help wondering what would have happened had we still be in the UK Ali
  16. Guest

    Emergency fly home insurance

    I was on a website earlier on in the year, it was a special insurance for migrants to fly home in case of a death or emergency, they offered to have you on the next available flight. I thought I had put it in my favourites but can't find it, Does anybody have such thing or heard of it????
  17. Hi All New members to the forum and just saying hi to all brits in oz and brits coming to oz. Emigrated here to Brisbane from Liverpool UK 10yrs ago and enjoying every minute of living here. My question is that we need to return back to the UK to see a family member who is very ill and i remember when we contemplating moving to Australia like everyone we used to get delivered the Australian Outlook newspaper and at the time there was a company which advertised in it and specialised in medical return flights back to the UK if a family member was not well, i think the company had a name with the words Patrick in it but unsure as it was 10yrs ago. If anyone on the forum knows the name of this company or perhaps a similar company doing the same thing then i would be more than happy for any information received. If there is any poms wishing some information on coming to Brisbane then drop me a line and i will be glad to try and help out. Regards Tony..........auzpom