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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, i've put together a cv for my husband and have a list of companies that i want to send his cv to, to see if they will sponsor him on 457. The thing is i'm really stuck on what to put as a cover letter, and dont want them to delete it without looking at it first. He is main agent trained and has 20 years experiance! If anyone has any advice x x
  2. Hi everyone I just thought I would share this with everyone as I think it is happening alot. I was unsure whether we were supposed to contact the CO when I had uploaded all requested documents, so like others, I left it for a couple of days and went through the torture of waiting and waiting and sleepless nights. Then I thought to myself I have nothing to loose I will send him an email it can't hurt. A few hours later I had the golden email. So anyone that has uploaded everything requested I would suggest sending an email to advice them that it has been done, it maybe worth it! Good luck Tanya:wubclub:
  3. Hi- there was a thread on here about emailing singapore air about extra baggage allowance last week but now I cant find it !! We have booked flights with Singapore Air and tickets state 20kg baggage as I expected. I keep emailing their contact email address on their website to ask about the extra baggage allowance and it keeps bouncing back. Does anyone have their email from contacting them previously ?
  4. Hi, I only applied for a GSW (subclass 475 (South Australia)) on 13 January. At first I panicked as I could not access the facility to attach documents online, but were told I could email them. I have spent this week scanning most of my documents and emailing them in batches (for example Marriage Certificate in one email, birth certificate in another, work references for each employer in separate emails, etc) making sure to indicate in the subject line what the email was about, such as "Applicant: Joe Blogs; Transaction Record Number: XXXXXXXX; Permission Request ID: 1111111111; Document: Marriage certificate" - I have noticed that my document check list statusses still say "Required" - but understand that this can take a while to change, so I now have some questions that I hope you guys that have been through the process can answer, before I can sit back and patiently wait :spinny: 1) I understand that the date by which I MIGHT have a CO to be somewhere in Feb (but also understand that this might be much later) - will he/ she then go through my emailled docs and attach them accordingly to my application (for example my bank statements and salary slips to my "Evidence of Specific Work Experience") - I.e. should I not expect a change of document status untill I have a CO? 2) I think I have made a slight mistake on my online application - my positive skills assesment is in "Computing Professional (not elsewhere class)", and I have applied in my online DIAC application under this occupation as my nominated occupation, I however made the error of not selecting all past employment positions as "Computing Professional (not elsewhere class)", but rather as "Computing Professionals (Applications and Analyst Programmer)" (Mar 2003 to May 2005), "IT Manager" (May 2005 to Oct 2007), and "Computing Professional (not elsewhere class)" (Nov 2007 to current) - all together these prove employment in my nominated occupation in the last 3 of 4 years, and the DIAC site states "you have been employed in your nominated occupation, or a closely related occupation listed on the SOL, for at least three (3) of the four (4) years immediately before you apply" - in hind site I should have listed all my past positions as "Computing Professional (not elsewhere class)". Does anyone think this is a problem, and if so will my future CO allow me to change the naming of my past positions all to the more general "Computing Professional (not elsewhere class)"?? 3) I do not plan to front load my medicals and police checks. Do I assume correctly that my future CO will ask for them as required? Will he/ she also state if all other provided documents must be suplimented with further documentation in case he feels the need be, or do they make a decision purely on what I have supplied by the time he is assigned my case. I know this is quite a mouth full, but hope you guys can lay my fears to rest, so that I can patiently wait for Mr/ Ms/ Mrs CO to come along :biggrin: Etienne
  5. It might sound like a stupid question, but I have never been able to access the facility whereby I can attach my required documentation online to my 475 application with DIAC. But they clearly state that I can use email, "You are required to provide all evidence in support of the time of application requirements immediately. Please ensure the evidence required for lodgement of this application is attached online or scanned and emailed to adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au...", and that I should use references in the subject line as follows: "Applicant: Joe Bloggs Transaction Record Number: XXXXX123XX Permission Request ID: 12121212121 Please ensure that these reference details are included as the first part of the subject line. " I hav spent the past two evenings scanning documents and attaching them and emailing them. I do receive a confirmation, but I am just sceptical about what happens to them on the other side? How do they know that the skills assesment (for example) needs to be attached to that part of the application, or is this done manually by someone on Vegimite power :notworthy:
  6. Guest

    Emailing the TRA

    deleted post
  7. My daughter is 9 yrs old her name is Demi and she would love an emailing pal we will be moving to Sydney to start than off to brisbane hopefully by the end of the year if anyone would like to send her an email please get in touch