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Found 16 results

  1. Hi I hope someone out there can help me. My family and I are looking to move out to Mount Eliza area,as soon as visas etc granted. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. I have been looking at the schools out there. Penninsula School was my number 1 choice but they have no vacancies. What are peoples opinions to the other state/private schools in the area?? I have seen mentioned before that Kunyung is not a good choice, but what about Mt Eliza North, Mt Eliza primary, St Thomas Moore and Toorak College?? Plus , are there childminders out there for my 2 year old or does everyone use day care - any suggestions for this?? Final Question- Anyone know of a very good gymnastics coach/ academy for my 5 year old. Thank you in advance for all your help :hug:
  2. the_whites

    Mount Eliza Secondary College

    We are heading to Melbourne in December to the Mornington/Mount Eliza area and have looked at a couple of school websites. Our daughter is 15 in January so unsure on the Year she will start in (currently in Year 10 in UK). We are going to do a tour of Mount Eliza Secondary College. Does anyone have any children at this school or have any information they can share? Thanks
  3. Cycling in or around the Mount Eliza, South Frankston and Mornington area. Hi 45 yr old Expat who has been in Oz for a while but recently moved to Mount Eliza. Looking to see if there are any other cyclists ( road bikes) that get together over the weekends. Also are there any cyclists who, like me, work in the city and therefore need to go cycling really early during the week 4:30 – 5am ish start for an hour or so?
  4. We have been in Oz now for nearly 3 months, and love it so much we have bought a house in Mount Eliza, and are due to move in at the end of Jan. However, we just assumed that all the schools would have a before school club. None of the ones in Mount Eliza do. Since we are two working parents, we need before school care from 7:45am to 9am (when school starts) for our 5 year old son, who is due to start prep in Feb. We know nobody in the area (we are moving to Mount Eliza from Rowville where we are currently renting). We have applied for Home Based Carers (childminders) but they are not hopeful. The school has said we can put an advert in thier newsletter for other families who may be able to help out, but this will not be out unitl next March. We have even written to the Regional Educational Director to try and get our son into another school which provides before school care. Is there anybody who is able to help us with before school care for our son, or can anyone recommend anyone who can help, or know of any home based carers who currently have vacancies and can do school drop-offs? :arghh:
  5. Guest

    Mount Eliza Secondary School

    Hi, We are moving to Mount Eliza in Feb and have enrolled my daughter (17) in Mount Eliza Secondary School in year 11. We loved Mount Eliza when we did our reckie trip a few months ago, and also had a tour round the school etc. The school looked fine but it's always difficult to tell from a short visit. Is there anyone here who sends their children to Mount Eliza school and can give us a frank and honest evaluation of the school. Both my daughters are fairly academic and are keen to go to Uni - one focusing on psychology, the other on Maths. The reason I'm a little concerned is that both girls spent a day in a different school during our reckie. However, most of the time the pupils did not listen to the teacher, and were on their ipods or laptops - and this school is higher up the ranking than Mount Eliza. We did get a good vibe at Mount Eliza school, but the girls never got chance to spend time in the classroom. Many thanks, Simon
  6. Another question!!!!! i know you folks have answed my last posts, but here i am again, does anyone have any suggestions on how to help my 15/16 year olsd son settle, i feel he will just withdraw and i am very worried. we will be in Frankston south in 3 weeks time and we have appointment's with Mornington Seconday and Mount Eliza schools but we are in the catchment for Frankston high, he is not the kind of kid to join clubs on his own, i just wondered how othere teens coped, he was young the last time we moved it was very different for him.
  7. Hi everyone, Ok, so we have just got back from our extended reccie, ( thanks to the volcano erupting ) in Melbourne and have made an offer on a house in Mt Eliza, however............ am now concerned about our 15 yr old daughter, as initially she loved it there and the house etc, but spent a day at Toorak college and hated it! I must admit, I wasn't impressed on my tour of the school, it was such a mess everywhere. We contacted the Penninsla School, but they don't have any places available for either of our children, which then meant we went to Haileybury, which thankfully has places available and both kids enjoyed their day there and I was very impressed with the school ethos etc etc, but this was at their Brighton campus, which means we would have to forget about living in Mt Eliza, or send them to the Keysborough Campus, which leads onto my question........ does anyone have any teenage girls living in the Mt Eliza area that go to Haileybury, Keysborough and if so how do they find the travel to school? Also can you tell me what the teenagers do at weekends in this area, as our daughter now thinks that it will be boring living in Mt Eliza and would prefer to live around Brighton and be close to all the things that Melbourne has to offer, but living in the inner suburbs was never our ozzy dream, but it is also important that the kids are happy, as if the kids are happy, then we are happy, if you know what I mean? Having just spent 3+ weeks with our teenage daughter, being totally miserable and moody, the last thing I could deal with is her being bored and missing home, because there isn't a lot to do in Mt Eliza. We are totally confused, AGAIN!! Please help! Vanessa :err:
  8. Hi, have spent may hours reading your posts on this website, and would like to ask if there is anyone who can help us out? We are just in the process of booking our flights to Melbourne for October, and need help on finding a holiday let for approx 1 month - 6 weeks, whilst we settle in visit schools for the children and try and sort out more permanant accommodation. Is there anyone who can help with this, or at least point us in the right direction. I regularly check domain and the other main sites. I have also been emailing the primary and high schools in the mount eliza area, does anyone have any first hand experience on these schools, or can simply recommend a good school for both primary and high schools as my children are 7,9 & 11. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi there, moved to Mornington last Saturday 22nd Aug - and love the place and the rental that Kate (moving to melbourne) found for us. As well Tricia (our landlady) both have been brilliant and very very helpful. Huge thank you to both of you xx I have a 7yr old who is about to start Mount Eliza North Primary school - wondered if anyone has a child out there who goes there and what they thought? xxx
  10. Guest

    Mount Eliza North Primary school

    Hi Does anyone know what this primary school is like. We are moving from Uk in Aug and hope to go to Mount Eliza. I have read their website and it looks good. Is there anyone out there who sends their kids there. Cheers Natalie:jiggy:
  11. Guest

    Gina - Mt Eliza

    Hi I'm looking for Gina. we met at a rental viewing down in Safety Beach. I've lost your number. Can you PM me if you read this. Cheers, Shelley
  12. HI, We have the possibility of emigrating this Jan so in that Limbo of don't get your hopes up vs OMG this to do and that to find out just in case! Hubbie's job would be Braeside and we liked the look of the the Mornington Penninsula and have read lots of posts on here about how people love it. I heard from some aussies Frankston can be a bit rough but we were encouraged by the regeneration plans. I think it may be a bit cheaper to buy there before this is all done. We liked Mt Eliza and Mornington itself. Can someone let me know about secondary schools especially Frankston High - is it a bit rough? Looked at the Penninsula School - bit out of our price range!!:yes: Thanks Catherine
  13. markry

    Mt Eliza to Clayton Commute

    Hi all - My family and I will be coming to Victoria in November and really like the look of Mt Eliza as a suburb to settle in. However, my work is in Clayton around 35 kms away. Does anyone have any thoughts / experience on whether this commute is doable? My tomtom seems to think it should take around half an hour by car but a couple online route finders think nearer an hour? I currently have about a 45 min commute so this is managable but I wouldn't really want it to be any longer. Thanks for any help!
  14. Hello there, Can any one give and information on where I might find a child minder or baby sitter in the Mount Eliza area. We have only been here 10 days and don't know where to start! :unsure:Many thanks
  15. lezo

    mount eliza

    anyone any advice on what looks like a great place to bring our 3 daughters aged 2 4 8 up. we think looks not to far from city but we want to feel like we living a differant life than the one we have here in busy liverpool. we been to melb before so this our 2nd time at moving there. :yes:
  16. Guest

    schools in mount eliza

    We have been living on Bayside, Melbourne for three years now but have decided to move at the end of the year to Mount Eliza 'cos it's cheaper!!). Can anyone give some information on good Kinder and Primary Schools in this area. Also good secondary schools- there seems to be lot's of good ones, but which are the best? It would be great to chat to anyone who lives there with Kinder/Primary school age kids. We have one of 3 1/2 and one of one.