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Found 40 results

  1. hi all, my brother carelessly forgot to extend his student visa in 2008 and overstayed in australia for more than 28 days. he reported himself to immigration and he become subjected to the exclusion period preventing him to be granted any temporary visa to australia for 3 years. however, he managed to appoint an immigration agent to arrange his VE 176 nominated occupation accountant in mid 2008 and his application had been submitted since then there are various sources that state that exclusion period doesn't apply to permanent resident application, but we are not sure. we are afraid that his mistake would affect his permanent visa consideration. so can any one provide a concrete answer for this case? will his overstay status back then affect his off shore permanent visa application's consideration? this case is serious, we would be grateful for any help provided:notworthy:
  2. Hi, I just wanted to ask the question of whether I am now eligible to apply for a LRR visa because my brother has just been granted a 457 and the rest of my family (mom, dad + other brother) are all PR's. Or do I have to wait until my brother is also a PR and not just on a 457? Also, I am here on a student visa, do u know if I would be granted an onshore bridgeing visa if I did apply for Last Remaining Relative visaand what rights/restrictions would I have on that brideing visa? Any help would be great thanks.
  3. my husband is primary applicant.(i m secondary applicant).my aunt is in sydney. we are going to apply for PR from sydney?(we applied for 485 before 8 feb 2010. so we are eligible for transitional arrangement.)is my aunt eligible for family sponsor even if she is in sydney.thanx in advance.
  4. Hi, I see many people mentioning this allowance, but what makes someone eligible for it ? Thanks Stereo
  5. Guest

    Would I be eligible?

    Hi folks, I am just looking for some advice really. I have just finished a 4 year uni course where I gained a BA hons in psychology. I have work experience working with people with special needs but would like to come to Oz to work as a psychology assistant and maybe continue my studies to gain my PhD and continue my career as a psychologist. I have relatives in Perth and have sat a mock visa questionnaire to find out if we had enough points to come over, the we being my wife and daughter. Apparently I have enough points, my question for now is, how accurate are these questionnaires? It was from the migration expert website if that makes a difference. I have always wanted to move to Oz as there is no prospects for my daughter here. I would also be grateful for advice on where to look for employers, if any, who may sponser. I apologise if I sound as if Im rambling, my head if full of web pages and information overload lol. And then I found this site that may be able to steer me in the right direction instead of me going around in circles Thank you in advance for any advice at all. As you may already have worked out, I am just starting on this journey that hopefully will end up with me in Oz Gary
  6. Hi all, I have completed my three years bachelors degree in IT overseas with 67% overall. After that, I worked as Help Desk Support role for 4 years before coming to Australia. I completed my Masters in IT here in Australia last year in July and applied for 485 and still waiting. I have got my skill assessment as IT Business Analyst. My question is : will I be able to get 5 points with my overseas experience as 'closely related' occupation ?? Very confused if the Help Desk role is regarded as Closely related with Business Analyst ?? Any help will be appreciated. thanx
  7. Hi All I'm new here. I would just like to ask regarding my situation. ACS already emailed me that my ANZSCO code is 262113 (System Administrator) though I applied for Systems Analyst. I would like to ask if I am right in SOL - Schedule 4 System Administrator is included and it is written: "This list applies to occupations in the State Migration Plans (StatSOL) with ANZSCO codes. This list applies to applicants for subclasses 176 (Skilled – Sponsored)" I check 176 Skilled Sponsored Visa it says: This visa requires you to be sponsored by an eligible relative living in Australia or nominated by a participating State or Territory government. My brother and sisters are already permanent resident of Australia and been living for more than 10 years. Does this mean I can apply for 176 Visa. Hope anyone can help.
  8. Hi there, please can you help? I recently completed the free eligibility assessment on migration expert Australia, and I was surprised to see my profession (TV sound technician) on their list, resulting in a total score of 130 points. I was delighted! But after checking the SOL, I'm don't think this profession really is on the list.. I'd love to move to Oz but I don't want to pay migration expert Australia $399 to assist me with my visa application if I'm not really eligible.. what do you think my chances are?? I'm 32 English Bachelors Degree in music 5 years full-time experience as sound technician Any advice would be very much appreciated, thankyou
  9. looking into whether I qualify as a special education teacher or not at the moment. Currently working in pupil referral unit for secondary school students with behavioural issues, special autistic needs, or run the risk of permanent exclusion from their mainstream schools. I am educated to MA level but not a qualified teacher, working as unqualified teacher at the moment with the official title of 'vocational coordinator' managing a relevant alternative curriculum for our students and wondered if this is indeed a special education teacher in Australia. what I am wondering is what people think i should do. do i pay for the skills test on vetassess, speak to an agent or keep researching. i have also seen 'vocational teacher non trades' on some sites but can't find it on the SOL any help would be greatly appreciated Jon
  10. Hello to everyone! Before asking for the clarifications required, let me introduce myself and visa category I am planning to apply. My sister has permanent resident status at Oz. Im electronics engineer by profession and applied for skill assessment. My wife is registered nurse and got skill assessment from ANMC on November-10 and we both are offshore currently. Planning to apply for PR under subclass 176 (sponsoring by eligible relative), with my wife as main applicant (since her assessment got finished) and myself as dependent applicant, partner. After completing the points test we got 105 marks, which we hope passed the eligibility criteria. Clarifications required.. 1. Are we eligible for applying visa under subclass 176 with my wife as main applicant and my sister as sponsoring relative? 2. What's the normal time line for visa processing under subclass 176? 3. Do I need to wait for my skill assessment also to get complete before applying for visa? Thanks in advance. Regards, Rajesh Joseph.
  11. alex2010

    Eligible visa for 885?

    Hi, a friend of mine holds 485 and her partner has student visa subclass 572. She has got enough points now to apply for PR 885. We have found on DIAC website that she and all secondary applicants have to hold an eligible visa to make a valid application for 885 ( Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885) ) The question is if all applicants must have the SAME visa subclass or it is ok if every applicant included in the application has an eligible visa regardless of the fact that they have DIFFERENT visa subclasses (in this case 485 and 572)? Any advice much appreciated. Thank you. Alex
  12. Am I Eligible For A 5 Year Resident Return VISA (Subclass 155) To Australia? Hello In May 2003 my family and I emigrated to Australia under the Skilled VISA Designated Area Sponsored (subclass 139) and unfortunately we moved back to the UK 2 months later because my parents didn't feel that this was the place for them to live and we have not been back since. I was 11 at the time and didn't want to leave. I am now 18 and the VISA expired in February 2008. Would I be eligible for the 5 year resident return VISA (Subclass 155)? Under the grounds that I had no choice in the matter to return to the UK? I still have family over in Australia, my aunt and uncle and cousins. I would very much appreciate any knowledge you can give on my situation. Thank you.
  13. My cousin completed her course on 18th July 2010. Her course was of 2 years duration. We read somewhere that she had to apply for the 885 within 6 months of her course completion or does this apply only for bridging visa holders? Currently, she is on a student visa doing another course. Her student visa will expire in April 2011. My question is, can she apply for the 885 after 6 months' of her course completion as long as it is before April 2011?... or will she be in trouble because of the 6 month window... in her case, I am guessing she has to apply for the 885 before the 18th of January 2011? Is this right? We are so confused. :confused:
  14. Hey guys, Need some advise. Just came to know that SA started accepting applications for state sponsorship from Schedule-3 Skilled Occupation List. 'Under Schedule-3 SOL' it indicates that 108 occupations from 1st July'2010 PLUS students/applicants who are eligible for transitional arrangement can apply under this category for sponsorship/PR. I am bit confused whether i am entitled to this schedule 3 list under transitional arrangement policy. As I have compled my study (commercial cookery) 25 JUN 2010 and lodged 485 visa 30 JUN 2010. As a matter of fact my occupation 'cook' not there in 1st July 2010 SOL list, which is a case. Any suggestioin will be highly appreciated from you guys. Thanks...... Robin
  15. Hi there, Can anyone answer my question? I recently got my IELTS exam score which is 6.5 and it seems to be enough for visa under the SMC. I'm 28 years old and have over 5 years of experience in IT sector (mostly mobile phones). Also I have no criminal past and I hope I'm healthy (you never know, right?). How do You guys think? Do I stand a chance? Or do I need to have a job offer in first place to get NZ visa under the SM category? Eryk
  16. My friend wish to sponsor me to help out his business in Melbourne. He is operating restaurant now. How to check whether is his business qualify to be a sponsor or not? Based on turnover or no of manpower? However, his proposed pay isn't that exciting too. How long i have to stick with his business if he is my sponsor?
  17. Hi all poms'ies! By reading this forum I do not found any information regarding accountants with IELTS below 7. I shortly mention the situation as I think the answers will be of a great benefit for many people who can not achieve IELTS 7777. 1.My IELTS is 7.5-6.5-6.5-6.5 (overall 7) How much points on the points test it gives? 2. I received ICAA assessment on December 2009. Is it still valid to apply for 175 visa? 3. I am 29 years old, married, no children, my hubby is preparing docs for his skills assessment(but is it neseccary?) 4. I have been working in accountancy, my experience is 6+ years .Living in Lithuania. Any thoughts or information about is there a possibility to lodge for 175 with such data. I will gladly accept an agent help, but first I need to know whether my application will be considered eligible. I have read, that there are many applications with "eligible but doomed" status because of the IELTS score below 7777. It is not a big deal if I have to wait couple of years before CO is asigned. The most important thing is lodge an application now to avoid future changes. I have a friend who lodged an application as accountant with 6IELTS a year ago, but I refused to do so and instead have taken two additional IELTS exams and improved my score for 0.5 points, but I see now that my friend avoided all these changes that I face now.So time here was my enemy and waiting was a big mistake. Thanks for your advice.I hope this topic helps other people too by shearing the visa process experience.
  18. Guest

    Eligible family sponsors?

    Hi, having just found out that my hubby has only 100 points and not 120 (we were going to apply on 175), we are thinking about applying on 176 instead as he has an auntie out in oz. I am not sure though, but his auntie was only related to his mum by marriage (his mum had a brother who married, her brother has now died). Does this still count as related? If not, we are seriously in trouble as we have no other option but to go in the pool, and he is 44 this year! Any advice or links would be appreciated. Yours, gutted.. Jen x:sad:
  19. Guest

    am I eligible for medicare ??

    Currently hold 485visa ,but already submit 175 visa application before got 485, am i eligible for medicare ??
  20. im from pakistan, have done my MBA specialised in marketing, age 30 yrs ,IELTS score 7, married, working as manager marketing for last 5 years which category do i fit in for autralian immigiration plz advice
  21. My husband's work are seconding him for a year to Melbourne to work in their Australian office. I am also heading out with our 2 1/2 year old daughter and are expecting our 2nd one in July. The visa he will hold is a 457. I've contacted HM& Customs and have been told that, as it is a temporary move, we'd be entitled to Child benefit for only 8 weeks after we leave. However, our visa does not make us eligible for the equivalent benefit in Oz. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting government handouts, but we will both be paying taxes and NI in the UK for the whole year (i've got a number of A/L weeks and mat leave and my husband has to pay it for the first year through the UK section of his work) and he will also be paying full Australian taxes. It just seems that we are falling between a huge gap. Am I missing something?
  22. I am currently in oz on a working holiday visa which is due to run out in April 2010 and am planning to apply for a defacto visa. What I’d love to know is once my WHV has expired and my defacto application is still being processed am I eligible for a bridging visa? If so, do I need to apply for a bridging visa or is one allocated automatically? To give a bit more background info::wubclub: April 2008 – Started relationship with Oz boyfriend who was working in London June 2008 - Boyfriend’s UK visa expired, he returned to Australia. We had a long distance relationship and I visited him in Australia every 2-3 months while I saved enough money for a WHV visa. April 2009 – Granted a WHV visa and moved to Australia. Moved into an apartment with my boyfriend, opened a joint bank account, shared bills etc… April 2010 – WHV expires and can apply for a defacto visa now that we have been living together for 12 months. BUT what happens when my WHV visa runs out??? Any help or advice would be appreciated so please respond! Thanks for reading! :notworthy:
  23. Hi everyone. I have finally got my spouse visa (309)..and i'll be moving to adelaide in FEB, so can i start looking for jobs now from my country so that i have some job in hand when i move to AUS..I'll be going to AUS for the first time ever...anyway am i eligible to do so? and can anyone help me find some good weblinks for job search? Many Thanks.
  24. I have a foundation degree in Leadership and Management. I've been living in Spain for the past 14 months, I bought a Bar and have been running it ever since. I'm looking to move to Australia, obviously - but I don't know what my nominated occupation would be? One of the lists has; "General Manager"? Would that be me?:unsure:
  25. Hi everyone, a couple of questions please if anyone can answer? If we go over on the student visa, Jamie is going to try and gain an employer to sponsor him, can you tell me what the rules are surrounding this option? I have read the ENS on DIAC but would just like some defo advice. This seems the only way for us to gain employer sponsor is to be in the country, if we just went out for a month and he tried to get work we would still have to come back first to sell the house etc? Were really undecided on this guys and would appreciate some guidance, im a half full type person and providing we have the funds to cover fees, get a car pay a years rent im up for just going and giving it a shot im a bit of a risk taker tho sometimes dont always think of the consequences, where as Jamies the opposite, he is up for the student idea but i think he needs some solid info on how the employer route would work if successfull, many thanks kelly:wubclub: