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Found 27 results

  1. Hi All, Need you suggestion. I am an Electronics and Communications Engineer working as test analyst (in IT). I want to apply for assessment to Engineers Australia as Electronics Engineer so I will be eligible to apply under 189. If I apply as Software tester I will be eligible only for 190 (only Victoria ss). My job responsibilities are that of tester but my qualification is Electronics engineer. My designation is "SOFTWARE ENGINEER' in my first company and "SYSTEMS ENGINEER" in current company. Is it possible to get a positive assessment as electronics engineer?
  2. shellsparkles

    Seeking Security Technician

    **Please not I am posting this for a friend - DO NOT PM ME** We are looking for someone with experience in electronic security for a position in Sydney. Ideally you will have inner range, concept and integrity certification/training. Additionally experience in IP CCTV systems. We may be able to offer sponsorship after a trial period. Please note, you must currently be in Australia to apply for this position. Please forward your CV to jasonf@jlmintegrated.com.au
  3. i have some problem for that i joined this forum......can anyone please guide me about it?........... my Degree is named as "Industrial Electronics Engineer" ........its Electronic engineering with major in Controls , Automation and Electrical machines......... i want get assesment from Engineers Australia ....... as electrical engineer , my experience is electrical engineer in idustry and airline maintenance....... so pls advise me , it is accepted "Electrical Engineer" by Engineers Australia on the behalf of experience as degree title is "industrial Electronics" thanks in advance
  4. Hello everyone!! I'm new in this forum and I hope to find useful information from it. I was looking information about TRA assessment, because I don't understand a couple of things about it, all over the threads but I couldn't find exactly what I need. This is the situation: I want to apply for the "Electronic Equipment trades worker" assessment. I did an apprenticeship for 5 years and 3 month, working in a University Electronic Laboratory. Then I worked 1 year and 7 month in an Electronic Security company, and now I've been working for 6 years and 7 month in another Electronic Security company. I have all the employer letters to confirm all my statements, but the problem is that I don't have any "certificate" for the apprenticeship I did. My letter says that work was under an apprenticeship program, but without the certificate I feel my application may be refused. In addition, I have 2 years and a half of Bachelor in electronic engineering (I didn't finish it). Does anyone know if I can apply in my situation? How could I complete the different blanks on the assessment form? I hope somebody can help me on this because I really want to move to OZ and I'm a bit frustrated... Thanks in advance!!! Nicko
  5. Hi Am after a bit of advice. Have just bought my Travel Visa for Australia...and apparently we dont get anything through the post...they are now electronically tagged to the passport number. Can anyone confirm if this is the case.....am panicking slightly. dont want to get to Australia to be turned away. Thanks[/color][/font]
  6. Hi All, We are delighted to have just received our visas (PR sub class 175). However, like many I guess, are waiting on the sale of our house; letting it is the likely outcome. I am security technician (CCTV & Access) and would welcome feedback from anyone in the industry, particularly from Perth or Melbourne. (We are pretty much open minded on our destination at the moment). I am interested to find out the practicalities of obtaining the ACA open license. Thanks very much.
  7. Hoping someone can guide me Does this just mean I need to get passport photos and scan them or do I take them myself and upload if so any ideas where I will get template etc?
  8. Why is it that between 8am -5 pm Australia time, the electronic application inquiry system is always down? I have been trying to access it for the last 4 hours without any success. This happened last week as well. I was only able to log in later that evening. Is this happening because too many applicants are trying to access the system at once putting pressure on the server or is it because the DIAC officers are updating information in the system or could it be because of routine system maintenance or failure? It is happening too often now and it is quite frustrating to be honest.
  9. Hi I applied for state sponsorship in South Australia on 03.03.2011 and I am interested if someone else has already applied on this occupation, please share your experience Complete Set of Documents Received by Immigration SA Office 07 Mar 2011 Thank you
  10. Does anyone have forms 160EH & 26EH on their computer and willing to uplaod them here or email them to me please? I've going for my checks and the download links are off-line. paul.w.thompson@jhg.com.au
  11. I am Electronic Engineer and Master Degree in Industrial Engineering. 10 years of experience as Project Engineer/Manager..mainly IT Projects.. I am living 1,5 years in Brisbane. IELST 7.0 My Immigration Agent recommend me to do the assesment in Australian Engineer as Industrial Engineer.. probably next week I will obtain it. Now, I am not good... I was waiting for QLD and WA SMP long time and Electronic Engineer is in the list..but Industrial Engineer IS NOT!!!!!:arghh: What can i do now???!!!! Thanks,
  12. Hi all, my passport is off being renewed. I'm currently on a working holiday visa, which is electronic, no label in the passport. When I get the new passport, who do I need to contact to get the visa transferred onto it? thanks RockDr
  13. Hi. My family and I are hoping to emigrate as soon as the new SOL list comes out and are looking for some help. I am an electronic engineer looking into the Australian Electronic industry. Can anyone advise where most of the electronic industry is in Australia? :laugh: I have heard there is a need for electronic engineers in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territories. Can anyone advise if this is true? Any help/advice welcomed. Julian, Jennie, Abigail (11) :cute:and Melissa (9):hug:
  14. Hello Since managing to lodge our visa on Friday, we have advised our Agent that we lodged online ourselves and they are now going to check our app and upload the docs that we posted to them. Our agent is now asking for the following: Electronic Application/Record of Responses (it is a record of the entire application as completed by you and Peter last Friday) From what we can work out, we can log into the Electronic Application Status Enquiry system and check the status (i.e. documents required, etc & see a checklist and our receipt). Does anyone know how we can see a record of the entire application as we completed it? If we had the time on Friday we would have probably done some screen shots for our records but the clock was ticking. Thanks Claire
  15. sedgecl

    Electronic Application Status

    HI All I have just been to the Electronic Visa Application site to see how my Application is going. I have not been on the site before, so have clicked on a few buttons to see what the messages where. Anyway, when clicking on the message buttons it says 'You and your dependants are required to undergo a medical and or/' Then on another page it says that information for the rest of my family and myself is missing. My agent has been looking after my application, and has been really great throguh the whole thing, I can't ring them as it is Bank holiday, so just thought that I would ask on here. I am just confused to why the online status gives all this information, but my Agent hasn't mentioned anything. Don't worry I am not going to run off any get the meds done until I am told to. Perhaps it's jsut routine or just to give us hope...lol.. The application hasn't been lodged that long, so I wouldn't expect to get my visa that soon. Just wondered if anyone might know the answer to this.
  16. Hi All, I was wondering if somebody could help me. We finished the online application form for visa 176 and needed to upload supporting documents. We got an email from SA about the State Sponsorship they offered but haven't got any real paper yet. In the Document Checklist: "Please provide evidence that you have been nominated by a State/Territory government agency or Regional Certifying Body." Should I simple print and scan back the email I got and upload? Thanks in advance, Annamaria
  17. Hi.I am an electronic instrument tradesperson. This does not appear on the CSL...as anyone got an assesment from TRA for electronic equipment tradesperson. If so do you meet all the criteria for that skills and granted that assesment. Also when documenting your apprenticeship do have have to list daily acitivities and handtools etc. Need help??? Nerve wrecking to complete. Thanks D
  18. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help. My WA SS application is with the DIAC since mid-November 2009 and my occupation is in group 2. My medicals and police checks have also been done and sent in. I notice that a lot of posters know when they have been assigned a case officer. When I was taking a look at my electronic application status on immi.gov.au I saw a message 'Application being processed further'. Does that mean my case officer has been assigned or am I still waiting for this to happen. thanks
  19. Hi there, I got my 176 SRV for WA in sept 09 I have my TRA in General Electronic Instrument Tradesperson (Nov 2007), however while looking various job sites, almost all jobs require WA Class A Grade Electical License.:arghh: After going through all details and enquirying deewr, I need to apply for ARTC in either of Electrical Mechanic / Fitter trades.:wub: has anybody from electronics or instrumetn trades applied for ARTC in electrical trades...kindly let me know... I have 5 years exp in Electrical maintenace, & PLC Control System Installation & Commissioning, mainly for Automotive Industry. My friends in sydney n perth got their artc unsucessful... please help out to make it a sucessful submission......... Narendra...India
  20. Hi, there. Is here any body completed his skill assessment as electronic equipment trade person ASCO code 4315-11. If here is anybody can I get help? I need a sample experience letter. Plz. Thanks with regards. Jony
  21. Hello everyone! I'm an experienced Application/Sales engineer in the electronics/electrical industry. I've been trying and applying via Seek for a job since January and still nothing I've sent out hundreds of applications, and though I've gotten a few good replies, but none are sponsoring companies. I was just wondering if I went wrong somewhere? Not looking at the correct places? Are there job agencies out there that could help hook me up with a sponsoring company? Where should I look, really? Appreciate all the help I can get. Thanking you all in advance! Cheers! Mei
  22. Can anyone help me with form 80 please? Question 25 askes intended date of arrival-------I do not have one as I will arrive once I have a visa. Alao address in Australia.................again wont know untill I get visa granted. Question 26 askes contact details in Australia.........again untill I arrive I won't have an address. Thank you for your help if anyone knows what to put in the boxes.
  23. Looked this-morning at my status on-line and the front page is the same, but I looked at the document checklist (don't normally) and the things that had said 'requested' such as med stuff and police checks now say 'met' the date is 11th may. The only thing that still says 'requested' is my police check:wacko:..........Know I have nothing dodgy on there so I am hoping we are nearly there......what do you think? I'm keeping everything crossed......we've been waiting such a long time and we just want to get on with the rest of our lives. Amanda
  24. Hi does anyone know if you are allowed to attend job interviews on a tourist visa, I think ours will be the electronic one (our travel agent did it for us). Cant find any information about this on net. It just says you cant actually work on that visa. My husband may use our time in March on a Looksy visit to go for some job interviews, kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak. Any help greatly appreciated.
  25. From 21 April 2008, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship is implementing changes to the ETA system. The department will continue to process most ETA applications instantly; however in a small number of cases, some additional processing will be required. If your ETA cannot be issued immediately please check back in 12 hours to confirm whether your application has been successful. Please apply for your ETA as early as possible to allow sufficient time for your application to be processed.