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Found 20 results

  1. verynewuser

    is my electricity bill normal

    I live in a 2 bed unit with no gas connection. My last 4 monthly electricity bills are $140, $229, $100 and $193. Our stove top is electric (ceramic) and there is no air conditioner. A couple of persons have told me that my electricity bill is a bit higher, for a 3 person household, because of the electric stove. If I replace it with a gas stove, the bill would go down to approximately $80-$130 range monthly, on average. I still have to authenticate this myself.
  2. Hi All I'm moving into a unfurnished unit in January and want to source the best electric company and the best internet company. I want an electric company that has good customer service as well as being cheap - do any do scheme where they give u money back if you haven't used a lot etc (or something like that)? I know you can't have it all but I will have a damn good try!!!! For the wifi internet - I need really good internet connections. I'm not to sure about having television - digital or otherwise. I've managed to live without a tv for the last few months and its quite nice. However I thought it may be useful to have a 'landline' telephone as well as internet. Also I have seven working days to do the house checks etc when I move in. I've been around twice and already noted damage, wear and tear but how do i keep good records of this - I thought a video would be good but then how do I store it and give the agents/landlord a copy - disc? Anyhow any ideas, tips, or not so helpful advice I will be pleased to receive. BEGal - presently waiting to get out of the current landlady's clutches. p.s. I'm sure she's gonna stiff me for my 4 weeks 'bond' as I am a lodger and we don't have many rights. p.p.s comments appreciated on house contents insurance too?
  3. Whether you are in the UK or Australia you can take part in this. The reason I ask is that ours keeps coming in at over $1000 per quarter and I don't know if this is normal or not, yes we have a pool and all the low energy light bulbs etc, but even so........:cry:
  4. Hi everybody, just wondering if anybody knows whether a UK 3 pin elctric hook up will work in Aus? Hoping to bring with us! Very grateful for a quick reply as packers are coming on Monday! Many thanks! Ali :cool:
  5. rockola57

    Electric Guitar Players.

    I can't decide who is/was the greatest.Was it really Hendrix?Quite possibly.To me it can be Zappa,or Page,or Kossoff,or Gilmour.Not talking about that fast fingered soul less stuff,but real Electric Guitar playing.Who else D'yer reckon.?:confused::biggrin:
  6. :arghh: Help !!!!!!!!!! I was trying to print out the medical forms for the 176 ,i had just paid the fee and the electric ran out, i can now not get to the screen that allows you to upload evidence as i didnt get to put in a password ............any advise would be great .
  7. We are trying to decide between getting a petrol or an electric lawnmower. Have read up on a few sites, and in general the views seem to be that a petrol one has more guts? We have quite thick grass here, and it grows flipping fast!! Can anyone offer any words of wisdom or recommend any particular mowers? Thanks!:wubclub:
  8. tonyman

    Electric Blanket in Oz

    during the short mild winters we have here does anyone use an electric blanket......i know it does get cold at night so im thinking about it for this winter..........any good safe make please..........
  9. The Pom Queen

    Electric Car Trial in Melbourne

    For anyone interested in trialling the new electric cars in Melbourne I have posted some information on our sister site: Electric Vehicle Trial Would love to have done this myself.:wubclub:
  10. Guest

    Electric Bill.

    A lot seems to said about the rising cost of electric Australia. It seems to be a regular story in the papers and on the tv. So I thought I would say how I find it. We are near Wollongong in NSW. I know it can get very cold in some parts of Australia, we only have to go to Robertson or Bowral, not far from here to feel a big difference. But I think it is mild where we are. Our last two bills have been- Quarter up to April-$155 for 575kw Quarter up to July-$225 for885 kw. We are all electric so no other fuel bill. We do not have air-con. Thought we would melt in the summer but apart from a few days here and there found it to be very liveable. Got a few stand up fans and used them as required. I can't say it's been cold here, it has been chilly on some days and some nights. We aquired a couple of fan heaters but haven't even thought of using them yet. Had the water bottles out on 4 or 5 nights but that's it. Got some warm bed sheets, good jumpers and we have been fine. And of course it helps that on some days it's very nice and sunny so you feel warm in the day. I think we have used more juice due to using more hot water and the tumble dryer. Where we have to hang the washing is not in the sun and has little breeze so have been using the tumble dryer to finish them off. We are a family of 2 adults and 2 kids, live in a 3 bed flat and have a normal life, tvs,playstation,appliances,cooking etc etc. I don't think we use anything to the extreme. My brother in law lives in Castle Hill Sydney and his bill for the summer quarter was nearly $1000!!!! He does have the air-con on a lot. When we visited I had to step outside to warm up a bit! Each to their own I guess. I realize that it's different elsewhere but I must say I was surprised how 'low' the bills have been for us. I can't quite remember what our gas and electric bills used to be in the uk but it would have been loads more. Of course we would have used more gas due to central heating. Figures of around 150 pounds for electric and 300 pounds for gas during the winter period in the uk ring a bell. It would be interesting to find out costs of living elsewhere in Australia with air-con,heating,wood burning etc if anyone would like to comment. I'm off to a comparison site to see if I'm paying too much. Bet there's a better deal out there. Hope this may be of assistance to some and I do realise that this is what we have found and may not be the case for everyone. Stay warm,
  11. olly

    Electric bicycle

    Electrically assisted bicycle, burgundy in colour, comes with battery etc. Great for those hills if not a good rider. Is a top of range brand, cost $1600.00, has not had a hard life! Can deliver in suburban Melbourne if requested. Asking $400 o.n.o. If interested pm me. Ta
  12. Team Rennolds

    Help!! Utilities,gas,electric & water

    Hi All Think i read somewhere that water rates are included when you rent a property in South Australia. Is this correct as we are just putting together our research for the SA Govt? Also have seen some great threads on suppliers for gas & electric but no approx monthly costs. Can anyone help with some rough monthly prices for say a 3 bedroomed house in adelaide suburbs? Thanks in advance Mark :chatterbox:
  13. in australia yes silly Q i know but would just like to know and thank in advance :emoticon-signxmas:
  14. jay290901

    Electric Toothbrushes

    Do electric rechargable toothbrushes work in Oz or is it best to buy new in Australia?
  15. When the hell is it going to warm up in Perth:no: I have been bloody frezzing especially at night for the last 5 months, anyone got a spare electric blanket.
  16. Que Sera Sera

    Electric Stuff!

    Apologies if this seems a stupid question.:embarrassed: But my Ex Mother in Law :arghh: has told me that you cannot use your electric equiptment e.g. televisions computers games consols etc, in Oz and that you have to buy Ozzy ones over there. Is this true ? or can you just buy adaptors for them? I am going to have one heck of a job persuading my 7 year old son to sell his Wii, PSP and Xbox (spoiled git!) Also we have just bought a brand new computer so would prefer to bring it with us. :unsure:
  17. Guest

    A Grade Electric Licence

    Hi Im due to write my electrical A Grade theory exam. I was wondering if anybody could give me any pointers or hints on what they ask in these exams? David
  18. Guest

    Taking electric items

    Hi there, just want some info on electrical items. I know you can use adapters but are there any items that are really worth taking? would like to know what items to sell prior to going and what to take with us or is it cheaper to buy the lot when you are there. i won't be taking the smaller items but was thinking more of tv, dvd etc.
  19. Guest

    Electric Motors

    Hi, My OH sent an off spec letter to some companies regarding availabity of work for him. One company has responded positively and wants to know if there are any more of his tradespeople. If so, he would be willing to help us relocate:daydreaming:. This is astounding as we have not decided whether or not we are going for certain yet, just getting the facts so that we can make an informed decision. Please respond if you can wind electric motors:yes:, armatures (I don't know what I'm talking about, my hubby does & he's away this week:unsure:), gearboxes, pumps, generators etc. This is in no way a promise or a definite for us so please regard it as the same for you.:smile:
  20. Guest

    Electric kettels ect

    Hi Is it ok to take our kettles toasters ect to oz? And do we need plug adaptors for all our items or can we just plug ours straight into the mains...silly question :wacko: any info would be great. Trace