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Found 18 results

  1. Guest

    eHealth help

    Dear mates, I have booked medical for 9th May. Could anyone share your exp in eHealth?
  2. Guest

    eHealth forms issue

    Hi there guys, I've got my medical in 6 days and there seems to be a problem getting the forms from the DIAC site. Has anyone else had issues with it? I've emailed them and awaiting response. Getting nervous. Thanks Alan
  3. Just booked our Medicals and want to use E-HEALTH option if we can. The Clinic explained that we need to complete details online about each applicant before we attend the medicals.............Question is...where do we log onto to complete these details ???....do we have to register somewhere to log onto e-health or is there a specific web page that we need enter..... Any help from those who have already done it would be great Cheers Carlos
  4. Guest

    Help on a E-Health issue

    Hi all, Can any one help me? Both me, the o/h and both our children are booked in to have our medicals, we were told by our agent that we are on the E-Health system but I phoned the clinic where are booked in for another matter to be told that we are not eligible for that on our visa which is a ss 176. :unsure: Has any one else had the same sort of experience and is there any thing that we can do to get on this E-health system? Thanks in advance Anne :notworthy:
  5. harrison clan

    How do I contact eHealth?

    Just spoke to the clinic to book our medicals and she said we're not showing up on the clinic's system. She found us on the main system and we are all booked in now but she said we need to contact the ehealth people and get them to move our examinations to their clinic so that we can do ehealth. Has anyone else had this? How do I contact them? I've had a quick look but can't find any details. Wendy
  6. Guest

    Time to finalise eHealth

    Hi, my medical reports have been uploaded online today. Could anyone tell me how long DIAC will take to finalise my medical (just for myself), please? Thanks in advance :wubclub:
  7. Hi, I went for medical and panel doctor used ehealth. During the fill up the ehealth through internet, Doctor could fill up my form. But the doctor did not find any entry in the system for my spouse in the system . Doctor used the TRN number & Birth date of my spouse. Doctor says, it's happen sometimes and will inform me later after he contacting with DIAC. Did you face similar issue previous. BR, Morshed
  8. Guest

    eHealth - help needed

    Hi all, I'm tempted to front load my Medicals (well I say front load - hopefully by the time the appointment comes around I'll actually have a CO). From the site, these are the instructions I found: Instructions Before your visa application can be decided you must undertake both an X-ray and a medical examination (and blood tests, if necessary). What you need to do Download forms 160EH and 26EH by clicking the form icons above. Print both forms (3 pages for form 160EH and 8 pages for form 26EH). Contact your nearest Medical Clinic (The following link details the complete list of the Department's registered Radiological and Medical Clinics) for an appointment and to tell you which Radiological Clinic to see. Make an appointment with the Radiological Clinic. Personally complete part A of form 160EH and part A of form 26EH. Attend your appointment with the Radiological Clinic, who will take an X-ray. Be sure to take form 160EH and your passport with you to this appointment. Complete part B of form 160EH in the presence of the Radiologist. The Radiologist will then forward the X-ray and completed form 160EH to your nominated Medical Clinic. Attend your appointment with the Medical Clinic, who will complete a physical examination (and blood tests, if necessary) and form 26EH. Be sure to take form 26EH and your passport with you to this appointment. Complete part B of form 26EH in the presence of the Medical Practitioner. The Doctor will then forward the completed form/s to this Department. Do not accept the X-ray or form 160EH back from the Radiological Clinic or form 26EH back from the Medical Clinic as this may invalidate your application. Are these the instructions for eHealth, or normal paper version? Also it sounds fairly complicated - have they just chosen lots of words that means: book a panel doctor and attend with the relevant forms? Do I need to worry about the clinic part and the radiologist? Is it all part of the same Panel Doctor appointment? Very confused why it seems to be paper based if I wanted to use eHealth?
  9. eHealth Medical vs Paper Based Medical?
  10. Guest

    eHealth - advantages?

    Hi all, What exactly is eHealth and why should I do it over a 'standard test'? Looking at the Knightsbridge prices it's more expensive to do a eHealth test, but I presume it then wouldn't need to be couriered to Oz? How do I become eligible for the eHealth?
  11. woodsy16

    ehealth forms

    Hi all We have our medicals in May and was wondering if anyone had used the ehealth forms rather then the courier option. I have printed the forms off in both EH and normal format but was unsure which way to go. It seems extra cost vs faster processing. Am I right in thinking from our point of view the only difference in the EH forms is that the first section is prefilled out for us? Thanks Kate
  12. Hi We have our medicals on Monday in Brentwood. The lady there has told me we are meant to fill in an online medical history and print a referal letter. i cant find this anywhere on the immi website. Ive finally managed to locate the E160 and E26 forms. Ive printed those off to bring a hard copy with us but where is this online questionaire?? Can anyone help?? Thanks Jenny
  13. Hi All I know there are a number of medicals threads talking about what's involved and the related costs but I couldn't work out exactly what it would cost for our family so I emailed the approved doctors in Manchester ... I thought I'd share these in case others find it useful .... The cost of an adult medical is £120, and for a child it is £65. The chest x-rays per adult are £75 each HIV blood tests £27 each. There is also a courier fee of £40 for the family. If any other blood tests are required for any reason this will add to the cost accordingly. (ie if you have tattoos,etc) The children will only require the medical examinations. So for our family of 4 this makes it £120x2 + £65x2+ £75x2 + £27x2 +£40 = £614 The above costs refer to your medical applications completed on paper forms. If you complete your medical information online, the chest x-rays will be £90 each and instead of the courier fee there will be an administration fee of £20 each. So if you want to go down the eHeath route which is less paperwork and probably a little less work its £684 .. an additional £70. This is from Manchester and I believe the costs vary from clinic to clinic. Roy
  14. Guest

    ehealth form download issue

    Hi, Just try to download health forms, It gives me server error. Is this normal? thxxx

    Medicals -EHealth

    Just for information, if your forms for your medicals that you down load have an EH next to them, that is 26EH & 160EH, then they can be electronically uploaded by the centre that you save your medicals with, thus saving the time it would take to courier it to Sydney. Thought I would share this as there are so many now with CO's, Lynda
  16. Guest

    eHealth for online meds

    Hi Does anyone know how one goes about doing the Medical forms online. I have booked an appt at my nearest medical centre who do the medicals for Oz, and they have said I can fill in the form (160 and E26) online, however they cannot tell me how to go about it. Any ideas. Thanks
  17. Just thought that I would post about our medicals which we had this morning at St John Street Manchester. We chose this practice mainly because it seems to be the only one in the Midlands that offers the E-Health (online) service and it's a one stop shop (some places you have to have your x-rays separately.) Anyway we had Dr Smith who was very efficient and friendly. He put the kids at ease and was great with my 2 year old who was surprisingly cooperative (was expecting a nightmare, he cries normally when strangers look at/talk to him!) Had a chest of drawers with toys in for the kids. He was very sensitive with my 11 yr old (going on 18) treated her like an adult all very respectful and gave her a sheet to cover herself (as he did with me) We had to provide urine samples when we got there (gave us pots) not needed for under 5's though. We all took turns, stayed in the same room, he did the kids first then me. Asked a few questions about history etc then had weight and height done, blood pressure, eye test, looked in eyes/ears, checked abdomens/looked for hernias, looked at back, checked range of movement in all limbs, checked my calves for varicose veins! (I don't have any!) Had to touch toes and that was about it. Then I had to have bloods taken and we all had chest x-rays (except 2 yr old) we had to strip to the waist then wear sexy radio-opaque dressing gown! Dr doing x-rays was also very friendly and professional. Gave our daughter her chest x-ray on a cd-rom to take home! We were in and out in 2 hours and the total cost was around £700 for 2 adult (class adult as 11 and over!) and 1 child med, 3x chest x-rays and 3 lots of bloods for me. Cost £23 each for the courier fees. One thing to be aware of is you have to pay to park; a couple of quid for an hour so make sure you take lots of change! All in all a fast efficient service (if a bit pricey) but very convienient and the meds should all be received in Oz by next Mon One less thing to worry about!:smile:
  18. hoorayhenry

    Online Application & E-health

    Hi everyone again! Has anyone recently applied online? Was there anywhere on theonline application form that asked you if you wanted to do the e-health (i.e. online) medical? I was hoping to do the e-health medical in York but can't remember being asked during my online application and now I have to get the medicals done the old fashioned way (i.e. be delivered by post/courier). I just wondered if I had missed the question on the online application - or if I had to sign up for e-health by some other means. Hope this isn't too confusing! Thanks HH xx