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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, My family and I are looking at heading over to Perth (transfer to the RAN) Jan 13 all being well. An opportunity has come up here for me to get a property cheap, with guarenteed tenants. If I took out a mortgage here in the UK what effect would that have on obtaining a second mortgage in Australia. Do the two financial systems work together? Do banks even check international debt? I have no idea where to even start looking! Thanks, Chris
  2. Hi All, I just wanted to ask everyone's thoughts on the effect (if any) that the July 2012 visa application changes (EOI) will have on 175 applications that are lodged before the changes are implimented. Looking through recent posts I have seen that some 175 applications have been turned around in 8-10 months which wouldn't be a problem for us. Our only concern is that if we were to lodge a 175 application within the next month or so, and a case worker isn't assigned before the July changes, would the changes delay the processing of the application, i.e. will the new EOI system take priority as these applications could be thought of as being more attractive than an old 175 application? Any thoughts???
  3. Someone told me last night that when you book a flight on-line, the more times you look (without booking), the dearer the cost becomes. This is because 'cookies' are stored on your PC. Anyone experienced this or is it a myth? I'll clean my 'cookies' before I book just in case! If you google 'booking flights cookies price rise' there's plenty of information... Cheers, Mike.
  4. Will this affect the applicants from Pakistan in any way?
  5. Just wanted to get a discussion started on the possible effects to the higher education sector in Australia, if the new points based system is approved in parliament. Monash University already had to lay off 300 people due to the drop in International student applications. Last year Australia shot themselves in the foot by handling the supposedly racially motivated attacks against Indians in Australia, which led to an 80% drop in applications from Indian students. Considering the fact that Indian students coming in were second only to Chinese students in numbers, this has quite an impact. Now it seems that they have shot their other foot as they have tightened residency laws. This might have an effect on how many Chinese come in too. I think the Australian Universities are going to struggle, I mean it wont have a massive impact per se but the government will have to fund them more, and can mean that the contribution rates of local students go up too. I'm interested in knowing what you guys think about this.
  6. Hello, first post I just spent 2 years in Aus on a 417 working holiday visa. Absolutely loved it, and definitely want to migrate over (as a Teacher) in a few years time. However I need to pay off an English credit card, and I have quite a bit of money saved up in 2 Superannuation funds in Aus. My question is this - will claiming back my Super now in any way effect my visa application in say, three years time? I'm guessing the answer is no - but I just want to check. I can half imagine them asking the question, well if you want to come back, why did you claim your super? Thanks in advance Phil
  7. Not sure if it is the same with all visa's but you need to have health insurance set up in order to get a 457. The insurance is sorted and the visa was approved just before Christmas (we are heading out end of February) but my husband has not been feeling too great recently and is being tested for diabetes next week. If this test comes back positive (which I hope to god it doesn't!!) obviously this will change our health insurance....will this effect the visa?
  8. hi, i'm just wondering if this will affect my visa in any way. My visa got approved (subclass 176 under Victoria) last year and i already did my first entry early this year. However, i'm looking at applying citizenship in another country before I permanently move to australia.. because i only plan to do so maybe in 2-3 yrs time from now. Would this have any effect to my VISA? because i know i have to inform the oz government if i have any status changes.. is there any chance the government will revoke my VISA? any adivse would be appreciated. thanks!
  9. Hi all, Just wanted to know what would be the effect of SMP on the processing of onshore visa. Since the fact, SMP(176) would be processed in Adelaide and the onshore visa are processed in Brisbane. So is there any major impact of the SMP on onshore independent visa? I also heard someone saying on other forum that with SMP being announced the DRC would be revoked from category 3? Can any RMA or pomz shed some light on the same. Cheers Adi
  10. I just got my 485 visa as partner (secondary applicant) and will divorce.:sad: Anyone knows about the effect of my divorce on my visa? Thank you very much.
  11. Hi there My husband is a printer, and it looks like he might be taken off the new SOL list, after looking at Skills Australia's draft list. Am I right in thinking even if he is not on the new SOL, we can still get state sponsorship? (please see below) http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/faq-sol.pdf Many thanks
  12. Gas Heater for sale with lovely wood effect in door. Model is vienna and it is black, would look lovely in a home and heat throughout in Winter. I have been told that these sell for a few thousand dollars. It is up for sale for $400,00. We are in Clarkson Perth WA.
  13. Hi, I have been reading todays announcements with interest. W eare incredibly lucky as we originaly looked at taking the skilled migrant route, my husband is a chef but he only just got the points. WIthout the points for his career we would have been scuppered. I feel for people who are in this situation. We found out that my husband was eligible for citizenship by descent and he has applied and been granted this. When we have saved the money we are going to apply for my spouses visa. My concern is that everything in todays announcemnets makes me think that they are clamping down on immigration ina big way. My husband has never lived in Australia and the chances are he'll be going over without a job. DO you think that they will be tightening up on spouse visas too? We want to look at my husband goinga nd gettinga job first but are terrified of him going away and me not being able to join him for a while. I have also looked at going with him on a tourist visa but I was told that if they suspect that we are not there as a visitor we'll get turned away, so I don't think this is a good option. If anyone feels that there is going to be an impact on these visa can you give me some advice as to what may help secure these visas for certain. Thanks
  14. Hey guys, Don't know if you've all been following the financial world extra keenly after September 23, but it seems that the Australian economy has not only turned the corner, but is starting to move up through the gears. For example: - Unemployment is peaking earlier and lower than expected at 6.75% in Q2, 2010 (a 8.5% peak forecast for June 2011) - The economy grew at 1% last year when most other countries struggled and is forecast to grow at 1.5% (-0.5%) next year - GDP is also set to grow faster than expected at 1.75% (0.5%) in 2009 and 3.25% (2.25%) in 2010. I realise we are not out of the woods yet. And I'd be a fool to suggest this will have an overnight effect on migration policy and lead to the Government re-evaluating September's bout of knee-jerkism. But at least Mr. Evans will soon have to look elsewhere for his first best excuse for messing us all around. Sources: 2nd UPDATE: Australian Govt Ups Economy View; Deficit To Stay - WSJ.com RBA Says Australian GDP to Grow Faster, Rates to Rise (Update4) - Bloomberg.com
  15. Hey guys, I left Australia a couple of months back and received an email from a leasing company to say that they are just about to put a mark on my credit file as I have missed three payments. I actually had an overdraft with NAB which should have covered all payments until I got back to Oz but obviously not. I have now been offered another job in Australia and have accepted, they are applying for my sponsorship visa now. My questions is could a mark on my credit file effect my sponsorhip? I have been told no but it may effect me when I go to get my PR. Any advice is much appreciated. Cheers,
  16. Hi everybody..:swoon: my visa was pre-granted last weekend and they informed me that only i need to do is going out of AUS and get your visa as mine is offshore.(176 can't be granted in AUS) so i booked my ticket to go next week. today i am confused.:arghh: how my visa is going? please tell me about this...and save me from this nightmare...
  17. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has been thru this or knows if it will effect my application. I have just been diagnosed with postnatal depression and wondering will effect my application when i eventuall come to do my medicals? I am now not returning to work because of it. Am that desperate to get to OZ i will not take the medication and fight my way thru it and go back to work...silly i know but i would do it to get to Oz. The doctors have told me some benefits i can claim but i really dont know what to do !! Thanks and looking forward to your response.
  18. guys if, now i am 175 applicant(CSL+MODL) and yet to allocate a CO after June. i plan to apply for WA Sponsorship and yes, my occupation is in their list. scenario 1) when i'm in a process to get approval from WA gov's approval, will it affect my 175 application? scenario 2) if i've been sponsored by WA gov, and i've been approved my 175 visa. is there any negative effect? basically i just don't hope that applying WA sponsorship may ruin the possibility of getting 175 that i've applied since last july. i'm so worried now.
  19. My husband and I are currently in the process of applying for our visas and awaiting a date to complete the medicals, we hope to be out in Oz within 6 mths if it's possible! We are excited about going but realise the effect on our families that are here in the UK. Our daughter is only 4 mths, which makes me feel very guilty about taking her away from grandparents and other family. But I know that life in Oz will give her so many other opportunities. Brisbane where we are planning to move to. Has anyone got any advice that has been through the move??
  20. Hi All, I wonder if anyone out there could tell me.... if you have been made Bankrupt in the UK will this effect your Visa application at all? :dull:
  21. Hi there to everyone! Does anyone know if it makes a difference to your visa application, if you are pregnant? Me and my partner were planning to start trying for a baby in the coming months and now we've also just decided to try for a perminent visa to Oz. Should we go ahead and try for a baby as the visa application process takes awhile? or should we wait until we get out there? And if the baby is born in Oz do we have to apply for a visa for the baby? Thanks for viewing, any help would be great!
  22. Our medicals are looming and I'm due to go into hospital to have an operation on my ankle. Basically I have a bone deformity and I will have my ankle joints fused together. This will sort my ankle out and I will be pain free which in a funny way am looking forward to. I will be in a cast for 3 months and even though the operation if succesful and it does have a good success rate will fix the problem. I'm just really worried that it will affect my medical when I have it done. :wacko:
  23. Guest

    How do ops effect medical

    Hello all, I have just found out I have got to have an operation on my arm to relocate a nerve. I am scheduled for the end of January, so I will be putting off having my medical for a couple of months but does anyone now how this will effect the medical??? I am worried that they may not want me with a manky arm... :cry: And how long after putting in your visa app do they normally request your medical? I am waiting on my TRA at the mo and hope to submit visa end of this month(was going to get meds done at the same time ). Do I have enough time to get over the op? (consultant said it takes 3-6 months to recover). If its not one thing to worry about its another. I hope the warm sea and sun and good life is worth it :lol: Kate