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Found 9 results

  1. Am have few queries regarding academics/educational qualification evaluation (ICT related) by ACS. Preface – Two parallel studies carried out. Primary qualification is Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com – 3 years) through correspondence. Secondary qualification is Diploma in Computer Applications from DOEACC Society, i.e. O level diploma course of two semesters (10 hour / per week) followed by A level diploma (in continuity to O level) of two semesters (15 hours / per week). Q 1 – How to treat the overall qualification, will it be considered Full time or Part time? Q 2 – What’ll be overall coverage of ICT content, will it be considered ICT Major, ICT Minor or ICT Diploma? Q 3 – How many years of ICT related work experience will be considered/consumed to meet the eligibility? Will appreciate some insight and clarity in the said question… Thanks…!
  2. On the new points list the points for Educational qualifications are below, have any diploma nurses applied since 1st July? If so have you been able to claim any points for your diploma, we're getting different opinions as to whether points can be claimed. Not sure whether points can be claimed because of a positive skills assesment? You have met the requirements for award of a: • bachelor degree, by an Australian educational institution; or • bachelor degree, awarded by an overseas educational institution or a recognised standard; or • post secondary qualification or award of a recognised standard as specified by the Minister in an instrument in writing. 15 points You have met the requirements for the award of a diploma by an Australian educational institution, or a diploma awarded by an overseas educational institution of a recognised standard. 10 points You have attained a qualification or award recognised by the relevant assessing authority in determining the applicant’s skills for their nominated occupation. 10 points Thank you
  3. Hi I'm Alan's wife Sam. We are moving to Perth in Jan 2010. We are staying with family when we first arrive so we're able to suss out areas to live and schools. We have Katie 16, Alex 14, and Ben 4. Our daughter has just finished her GSCE's here and we are wondering would anybody be able to help with solving my questions? Will she be able to go back to school in Perth and if so what year would she go in to? Can she start an apprenticeship at a college, maybe hairdressing? She quite likes the idea of going back to school and carrying on with her education but not sure if thats possible? If anyone else is in the same situation I would love to hear from you. Sam McGuire
  4. was just wondering if anyone whom has done the medicals or has any knowledge if a child with any additional school needs has had probs when it comes to the medicals. We are currently waiting for our youngest (7) to be assessed for the second time. He was assessed when he was 2 for autistic spectrum disorders, and was discharged giving him a a diagnosis of receptive language difficulties. Which could present with social and emotional difficulties. Now we are in year two and they think he is different!! and want him assessed. Lovely word that different!! Anyway before going on my long speil about how wonderful he is whatever label they decide to bestow upon him, I wondered if anyone knows of the aussies penalising his chances of coming here beacause of it. Asd has a wide range of difficulties, some fairly mild to others more severe, my son would only need additional support for reassurances, not really in his work too much. He would not need any medical attention ie medicines and has a clean bill of health apart from hay fever and he gets a fair amount of tonsilitis. He has gone through school without any probs, apart from him getting upset (ie, he cries)if he does not know what is going on . If he has not understood the teacher, in a class of 30 you do not get a whole amount of attention, which is not the teachers fault it is just the way it is, but that is where he could do with a bit more support. This has only happened to a point they have brought to my attention twice in the whole year. I am told he is very well behaved and is never in trouble, just trying to paint a picci of the low level of help that may or may not be needed. Do you think they will want his assessment done before we can complete?????? Oh thinks as it is not medical we may be ok, but I AM NOT SO SURE!!!!! Help please!
  5. mamba

    Start of educational year

    Hello everybody,this is my first post but if all goes to plan not the last. There is a possibility that we shall be moving to Melbourne around Dec/Jan time. Our only son sits his GCSEs this May/June and would then start his sixth form UK education in Sept. My question is, would he start his sixth form education in Australia again in Jan/Feb 2010 (preferred). In Jan 2010 he will be 16 years and 7 months Thanks for any reply. mamba
  6. Guest

    Educational qualifications

    I've started to get all my documents together to apply for a 457 visa and one of the items on the checklist states 'visa applicants relevant qualifications skills and experience' and it asks for certified copies of educational qualifications. I am a midwife so do they just want my diploma certificate or will they want copies of my o levels too??
  7. Guest

    Special Educational Needs

    Hiya all, I am fairly new to this site and have been trawling through to look for info regarding Special Educational Needs Schools/educational settings in NSW. We have submitted out 175 PR last month and now have the task to find our 5 year old with a "Statement" who has speech and language difficulties a secure setting in New South Wales. I have seen posts from Quoll and they have been very interesting and really helpful and wondered if our son would be refused entry due to the burden he would put on the Oz educational system? He is not on the autistic scale, is not diagnosed with ADH/ADHD and is not prescribed drugs but he has got learning difficulties and would be classed with "global delay" but his schooling at a Special School has done wonders for him over the last year, obviously we would like him to have the same schooling should we be successful with our visa. :notworthy: p.s I did notice that JAMES & DAWN had posted something back in April of this year and wondered if they are still on the forum?
  8. wattswalkaboutgang

    statement of educational needs/disability!

    Does anyone on this forum have a child with Educational special needs or a disability? My son who is 16 has had a statement of educational needs in place since he was about 6 yrs old, he is in mainstream school, but does find school hard and needs help in lessons. I am so worried about his future. We are discussing him either staying on in the 6th form and doing a year there until we move to Aus middle of 2009 or him going to a small college to do a foundation course in construction. He is interested in becoming a Bricklayer. I would imagine that this course would stand him in good sted to carry that on in Aus as the GCSE's don't seem to count for anything in Aus anyway. Any advice you could pass my way would be of great help. Kind Regards Alison x
  9. Hi, I thought i'd start here for this query as not sure where else to get the info (apart from paying money through an agent) although my situation is that we should be granted visas through DH police job. Anyway, my 5 yr old has a statement for special needs as he needed speech therapy and at first it was quite severe. He now has almost perfect speech and is in mainstream school doing very well. Is this going to case any probs with our meds? Am a bit concerned as an earlier thread about a 2 yr old with speech delay caused me to wonder just how strict are they? Thanks Caroline