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Found 27 results

  1. Hello, Am planning to move to Oz in May - anyone going to the event in Edinburgh on the 18th? Megan x
  2. Guest

    Overseas Emigration Edinburgh

    Me and my husband planning on moving to Perth, he's a bricklayer and we have all the points. We have phoned lots of agencys and my gut feeling was to choose this one-before I do can anyone recommend them? Thanks Vanessa
  3. sunnysun

    cost of medical in edinburgh?

    Hi does anyone have any idea of the cost of the medicals if done in Edinburgh for 2 adults and 3 kids? Tried ringing them, left messages but no luck in receiving the return call. Many thanks.
  4. Just thought i'd give you a wee run down of what happened at my medical that I had done here today at Shawfair Park Hospital in Edinburgh. I was super nervous in the weeks leading up to it and was scouring this forum for other people's experiences so I thought i'd add my own. First off I was given a consent form to sign about having the HIV test done then I was taken into another waiting room where a lovely nurse came along and asked if i'd like to do the urine test first. We went off and did that and afterwards she took me to another room and did an eye test then checked my height and weight. She then took my blood pressure and did the blood test. Another lady saw me after that who asked me about any previous illnesses and then told me to strip to my undies so she could check reflexes, chest, ears, breathing and tap on my back. She then took me off to the chest X Ray where I had to strip again but only to the waist and put on a beautiful paper gown (!!!) so she could do the X Ray. And that was it. It only took about 45 mins in total and it was all very relaxing and friendly. They told me that they send the results straight to Australia and if there is anything that shows up on them they will call me. So there you go! :biggrin:
  5. Have been emailing a few people to get quotes for our medicals, apparently these are being centralised at the Spire Hospital Murrayfield from the18th of January. Dows anyone know why?
  6. Guest

    Edinburgh to Perth

    We are looking to migrate to Perth from Edinburgh, Scotland. Who are the most reputable companies and what sort of time does it take to transport kit across? All advice much appreciated. Kev and Alex
  7. Guest

    Edinburgh Tattoo Sydney Feb4/5/6

    Hi the Edinburgh Tattoo comes to Sydney next year and we have managed to get a party of people to come with us should be brillient for people who have never managed to get up to Scotland.2010 Edinburgh Military Tattoo In Australia. Sydney Football Stadium February4th/5th and 6th.. followed by the Australian Blues Festival 11th -14th
  8. Woman raped for seven hours after being dragged into 'den' - Times Online
  9. Guest

    Expo in Edinburgh

    I briefly saw details of an Expo in Edinburgh next month but didn't see details of venue, date etc. Can anyone tell me please? Many thanks.
  10. Anyone going to this tomorrow? I'm going to the 1.30pm session. I think it is more geared up to how to go about applying for immigration which is not a concern for me as I'm a dual national. just hoping they have some info on the job market / situation as this is my main concern. Our kids have Australian citizenship so will have to ask about my wife's status!! I'm presuming that will be okay.
  11. Hi WA Government are holding a migration seminar in Edinburgh on Tuesday 21st Oct. Click on link for further info. http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/seminar Emma x
  12. Guest

    Edinburgh to Melbourne

    Hi my name is Jane. This is the first time I have been on PIO. Myself, husband David and kids Jack and Ellie will be moving to Melbourne at the start of the year. My OH was over two weeks ago and loved it. Unfortunatly he was so busy with interviews that he never really had a chance to view many areas. We have friends who live in Seddon and they took him round that area. People also told him that Yarraville and Williamstown were nice area's. At the moment we live in a lovely area in Edinburgh and our local primary school is very good. Could anyone give me some advice on areas that are great for family's and have good schools. It is all happening very fast and I am not sure if we should all come together in Jan or I should wait till March and give OH a chance to find something before we all come. Does anyone have experience of their kids joining school in the second term. It worries me if they don't start in Jan they will find it hard to settle in. Sorry they are 9 and seven. I am sure i have so much more to ask so sorry to ask what must have been asked a million times. X
  13. Hi Everyone Concerned, I just wanted to say thanks for a great afternoon and evening yesterday. You all made us feel so welcome as newies, and it was great chatting to everyone face to face, we had a really great time. Thank you to the Keily's for organising the meet, You are a great bunch of people. Good luck to Steve and Mandy (Hope have remembered right names) on the big move in four weeks, hope all goes smoothly and you get the job, sending you best wishes for the future. Good luck to everyone, and the rest of the journey. Take care and hope to speak soon. Tam and Andi. xx
  14. hi all we turned up at the hotel at 8pm last night (earliest we could get babysitter) and no one was there? we had no mobile number to contact anyone and the guy in the hotel had no idea that there had even been a meet on or where anyone was! so thankfully we live in edinburgh so it wasnt a problem getting home otherwise it would of been a wasted trip. i know it started at 3pm but we were lead to believe it was an all night thing? anyhow hope you all had fun we ended up on a pub crawl and now nursing rather sore heads! x:wacko:
  15. Posting this on behalf or Mrs Keily, who kindly organised the Edinburgh meet for us! A great big thank you to everyone who attended! Again, another great meet, where everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and got on like a house on fire! A great bunch of people where there, the usual suspects, plus a few newbies and everyone was brilliant! It was brilliant to see everyone again, and meeting some new faces too. Julie would like to personally thank everyone for attending and making it so successful, but she can't as she's killed her laptop! So on her behalf....THANK YOU!!! Now for the gossip....... The Keily's now have no secrets from me and Robert! After we checked in to the hotel and were given the key to our room....walked in to find Julie in her pants and Neil on the bed!!!! Don't worry, Julie was doing her make-up and Neil was watching Neighbours!! The maid decided to walk in on them the following day....burst in without knocking! (can't comment on what they were doing as I wasn't there on that occassion!) Me and Robert had a view of a naked bloke in the building opposite our hotel room that evening! I reckon we're all now banned from TGI Fridays! Well Jo and Keily are for sure!! Keily decided to get intimate with a spaceman there, and Jo had the place in stitches!!! (All she had to do was laugh and she set us all off!) The Saturday night we all had a lovely chineese meal in the basement all by ourselves!! Reckon TGI's must have phoned and warned them! The police ended up visiting our hotel on the Saturday night after numerous complaints from neighbours about the noise! There were a bunch of drunken bums loitering around the doorway of our hotel making a right racket!! Leaving chips lying about, and attracting all sorts of local characters! Other highlights: We saw Kojack with a manbag.... A couple of blokes called Rick gave us, the Keily's & Brammies a lift back to our hotel on the Friday night.... We listened to some jazz with a bloke called Garry, his model girl-friend and their dog (who quite liked Neil Brammie leg!) We ate rubber eggs and soggy tattie things for breakfast with our moldy toast.... Steve didn't do a speach..... ...have I forgotten anything? I'm sure the guys will add if I've forgotten anything! Yes, another sucessful meet-up, and now that we're all banned from Edinburgh we're gonna do it all again in OZ!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!! Mags:wubclub: x
  16. TheBrammies

    The perfect kit for edinburgh

    Just starting to pack my bag and her case for the Edinburgh meet at the weekend were going for the weekend and thought all you bright!!! people (lol) could come up with the perfect kit for the weekend i face just remember steve and keily are going too.(god help me)
  17. TheBrammies

    Edinburgh Meet

    Just wanted to know who is planning on going to the Edinburgh Meet on july 26th and who is going for the weekend.
  18. well guys just wondering whos all up for the edinburgh meet its at the thistle hotel sat 26th july at 3pm 5 min walk from haymarket train station thers a few goin on the friday night for a couple o beers lol and stayin over the weekend steves buyin lol cheers keily ..
  19. To anyone thinking of going to the Edinburgh meet that hasnt got a room booked, we have a spare room @ the Ramada Jarvis in Livingston. We booked 2 rooms but unfortunately cant use them both as someone has pulled out so if you require it we would accept £60 for 2 nights (25th and 26th July) normal price about £120 per night. If you havent stayed at a Ramada before then i can tell you that it is a very nice Hotel and the breakfast is top notch. So if you are interested then please let me know asap. Thanks Steve
  21. Hi Guys ..... After A Very Succesful Meet In York It Has Been Suggested We Do Another One .... This Time In Edinburgh !!! Although I Live Only An Hour From There I Am Not Familiar With Hotels /pubs ....could Anyone Please Suggest A Hotel With A Meeting Room That Also Does Meals .... And If Possible Child Friendly ... It Will Probably Be Arranged For Early Sept As Fellow Scots Will Know That July And Aug Are Very Pricey With Tattoo ..... Thanks In Advance Mrs Keily Ps ... All Welcome !!!
  22. Hi All :spinny: Thought i would drop a email to let you know we arrived and have been in sydney for just over 2 weeks now. We arrived on the 29th April at 6.am after a long and emotional few hours at Edinburgh Airport saying good By to all our friend and family. (but i would not of had it any other way ) The flight was good, We flew with British Airways so that we could pay and bring extra Bags with us , After hearing at lot of negative stories about the duration of the flight i have to say it was ok we had no problems at all. We were collected at the airport by a driver that my husbands works had organised. We were then driven to our temporary Accommodation in Kings Cross (REd light district and party central of sydney ) we arrived and dropped our bags in they apartment and unpacked and then went out to explore. First impressions of Sydney BIG and Scary for a small cumbrian Girl.:swoon: we walked around for some time and then decided to go back to they apartment. on the way back to they apartment having to walk past all the local strip clubs,Robin was stopped and asked if he would like a free lap dance,but if i wanted to watch they would have to charge me extra.This coming from the local bouncer standing on the door to the strip club - i was gob smacked i wanted to turn around and knock him out. so any way made it back to they apartment and got settled down for the night, called home to let every one know we were ok and had arrived. reality then hit - If some one had said to us we have two tickets for you to go home, we would have been on the next flight and on our way home. 2 Weeks on and we love it, we have settled in , Robin has started work and i am still looking. we have spent the past two weeks opening bank account , sorting all our paper work out and looking for property , we have viewed a few flat in the centre but decided that living and working in sydney might be a bit too much so we have finally found a 2 bed roomed apartment to rent in Manly , 10 mins walk from the beach and only 30 mins by ferry to Sydney CBD so it amazing. our furniture arrives on the 10th June so i am so excite to get unpacked and start me new life in oz This was the life we came over for and we love it For you all that have not arrived if you have any question just ask and if i don't know i will find out for you. For any one near Manly or Sydney area from the UK - I need to go out for a few drink so get in contact. Love Gemma & Robin The best thing we have ever done ITs hard at time but we love it.:cute:
  23. hi all, is anyone going to the immigration show at ingilston highland showground on sat/sun 23/24 of feb?... the wife and i are going and would love meet up with anyone else who are going through the same ups and downs!!! ( mostly ups though ..lol)we will be there on saturday about noon so anyone wanna catch up can mail us and we can catch up.. ....john and marie:spinny:
  24. Guest

    Oz show in Edinburgh - Feb

    Hi I have found out that there is an Australian show to be held at The Royal Highland Exhibition Center on 23-24 Feb. We went to the Expo in Manchester in Oct, paid £15!!! each and didnt really find out anything we didnt already know. What do you all think? A waste of time and money or worth going to. The center is quite big so I though there would be more stands and info for us. Now we have decided we are looking at removals, banks, pensions, the usual. I suppose at worst, we will have a babysitter, so we could just treat it as a day out, just the 2 of us without someone shouting MUM. Doesn't happen very often!
  25. Guest

    Our Cat - Edinburgh to Sydney

    Hi There, New to this site, and actually an Aussie moving home after 10 years with my Swedish wife. I promise not to mention the cricket, so please be nice. We live in Edinburgh and will be moving to Lennox Head near Byron Bay. We want to take our cat and I was looking for advice from those that have shipped cats from Scotland to Sydney. We also need to get her from Sydney to Ballina, we just assumed we would have to go down to pick her up. Is that so? We've started the process and have recieved the relevant permission from AQIS. Has anyone done it themselves? Or am I better to get an agent to sort it all out? Any help would be thankfully recieved. By the same token, if anyone wants some advice on Aussie life, I'd be happy to help where I can. Cheers John.