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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, Could you inform me, (and the community in who may read this thread in the future)in regards to: Inviting someone to Australia As of 2022 Could you please answer these questions, that could help me, or others in the future too. the examples are to illustrate case situations that may fall in these criteria, you may be in that situation or not, not all examples are pertaining to me personally but rather to emphasize the requirements, given how obtuse such answers are to enquire. #1 What is the minimum employment status towards inviting someone to Australia: - Example: John has been working for 3 weeks and has only one pay slip but has accommodation, Sarah has been working for 3 months and has multiple pay slips but has no accommodation, Chris is listed as casual, and is recieving part payments from Centrelink and has accommodation family, Lastly Tom is unemployed but can provide some financial assistance with accommodation while on Centrelink, but is not working as of now. - #2 Does the visitor require mandatory travel health insurance if they visit? #3 Does the visitor require funds before traveling over sea's? #4 Does the recipient from whom they invite require all documents provided via their respective channel, need to have all documents statutorily signed by a public official (bases on documents) - Example: bank statement from it's respective source/government/Centrelink/payslip, bankruptcy in the unlikely event, compound interests, pertaining towards proof of support. - #5 When and when not(basis of pandemic or not) do you notify immigration of immediate changes: - Example: Andrew's wife was married outside of Australia but decided to inform the immigration in that respective country, due to the nature of unforseen circumstances that had created them to live single lives, they then decided to remove financial burden in their respective countries given the situation was out of their control, until they were able to do so on arrival in Australia. Ben was living in Thailand or Philippines, or any region in Asia for two years, and found work while unable to return to Australia, could a family member invite Ben back to Australia if he was a British born citizen, or countries that have joint sovereignty to Australia like New Zealand being one example, should Ben notify the embassy, or contact Australian immigration immediately to update changes. - #6 What constitutes a business for a visitor to visit Australia: - Example: Lou worked for the family business, but earned nothing from it until he's older sister found work, given Lou was not employed, and the business name was in Lou's sister's name, but Lou's older sister decided to give Lou the online business due to her finding employment; does Lou's new found business in these respective countries: Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia allow Lou to apply for a 600 series visa even tho Lou has no property but is earning a income. - #7 Does each state enforce immigration more differently then other states of Australia: - Example: overseas visitor to Perth Vs over sea's visitor to Sydney (pre-pandemic and current pandemic) would the outcome be more stringent or more lenient. - #8 If at such circumstances the visitor isn't able to travel to the respective state in Australia, can another family member invite them? - Example: Harry's younger sister lives in Mexico, but wishes to visit family in Sydney, but cannot because harry has only invited he's sister to Perth and only Perth, could Harry's sister stil travel from Perth to Sydney and leave sydney back to Mexico, if that person in sydney who stil is a family member but could not for-fill the requirements pertaining to work, or accommodation that Harry could still be able to meet the requirements in a different way. -
  2. Hi, Does anyone have any experience of Early Years teaching in Adelaide? Could you start the registration process whilst still in the UK with just the mandatory notification training to complete on arrival. I know teaching in Adelaide is a competitive market but any tips would be appreciated. Quite prepared to do daycare ECT but school/ reception would be the goal. The main thing is gaining experience, meeting new friends and having some kind of income to get set up.
  3. Hi we should be moving to Sydney in the next three to four weeks and we are only going to take personal things like toys, photo's and cloths. So we are looking at just shipping over t-chest and book boxes. I just wanted to ask should i vacum pack things like cloths or not? Maddy:unsure:
  4. Hi , Just wondering if anyone has bought an outdoor smoker to smoke fish and such like . we do this here at home and wondered if anyone can give us any info of a place to buy when we get to oz . Thanks
  5. Hi, Any advice on what vaccines, timelimes i need to get done with sending cat to Oz. Have had Rabies inj and microchipped but as Daff website very detailed just wanted a quick checklist if possible. Using Air Pets nyone else used them? Cheers Angie M
  6. Hi i am hoping someone on here can help me, i am currently on a temporary working holiday visa with my husband! We are both in our 20's and are desperately needing to find 3months harvest work ect to apply for a 2nd working visa next year as our permanent one has been delayed. We live in south Australia, Aldinga Beach, have our own accomidation and vehicle. Both reliable hard workers, my husband is a carpenter by trade, and has experiance working on farm land, using tractors ect. If anyone out there could help or put us in conatct with someone that would be great. Thanks Stacey x x x Stacey_tarr@yahoo.co.uk
  7. Hello, Im sharon, I have two children age 8 & 13 and my husband is a mechanical fitter. We live in perth at the moment but would love to live a greener life with acerage and start a business with our own log cabin holiday lets and have a sort of farm stay lifestyle. The only problem is out daughter doesnt want to leave perth as she has made so many friends in the 2yrs we have been here, so we need to be somewhere that has pleanty of things around us, shops schools activities ect. we dont have a massive budget in fact we have quite a small one :wacko: but as long as the land is big enough to do what we want we are not too bothered about the state of the house as we are both pretty handy. any ideas would be great thanks sharon
  8. Hi All Got this from a girl i work with so though i would pass it on she has moved over to the uk from Sydney Must do: Have chips with chicken salt (in Australia crisps are also called chips - so when going to chippy ask for hot chips!) Eat every flavour of tim tam (best ever chocolate biscuits) Try: - Cherry Ripe (Choccy Bar) Jatz (nothing quite like them here - Ritz comes the closest, but is a huge dissapointment compared to Jatz) eucyalptus lollies (sweets = lollies) Jaffas (round hard shell choccies) beef burger from chip shop (totally not the same as a UK one) Woolworths Mud Cake - yummy! Rosella Tomato soup is best tomato soup on the market. Bega Cheese is best normal (chedder like) cheese. Hug a koala ( but watch out for the claws) Be warned no square sausages in Oz no orange cheese milk etc is in mls - no pints distance in kms - no miles cans of soft drink are bigger - 375 mls - compared to UK's 330 mls! Weekend away info Hunter Valley (lots of wine tasting) Cessnock is good (bout 2 - 2.5 hrs from Sydney) Darling Harbour, the Rocks, the Opera House (the usual) Try not to hit any Kangaroos - they do a lot of damage to your car if they hit you! Buying a Car - try the trading post (online and also in paper form from newsagents). Further afield trips - drive up to the Gold Coast and Brisbane and then onto the Glass Mountains at Marocydore - stop at Coffs Harbour overnight - is good halfway point - Opal Cove Resort is very nice - at Coffs as a tourist you have to go to the big banana - but that is rather sad! There is also the Jetty strip which has nice cafes etc and good beach - then heading north there is Byron Bay - great surf, rather new agey community - lots of backpackers as well - big tourist place, then keep going north to Gold Coast - great for shopping - then up to the Sunshine Coast - tourists must stop at the Big Pineapple and Big Macadamia Nut! Harvey Bay is very scenic and nice, further north still is Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef - that you really do have to go and have a dive in and spend some time there - very lovely - you can also go across to the Whitsunday islands - again very pretty. Further afield requires flying! Canberra you can drive to - though not much there - a big merino and nice roundabouts - roundabouts with water in them - but pretty much a concrete city - but if you want some colder weather head there - or much closer to Sydney and much prettier is Katoomba - which has the three sisters to look at! Some nice mountains and it does snow - if you are missing the cold and the snow - book a few days away at Thredbo Ski Resort! Melbourne - Luna Park, trams... And loads of shops - and off course the Melbourne Cup (horse race). Ayers Rock - well it does look pretty awesome - but it is basically a big red rock in the middle of nowhere - about 2 hrs away is Kakadu national park which is supposedly very good (I've never been). Budget Airlines http://www.jetstar.com/au/index.html and http://www.virginblue.com.au/ are your two budget airlines - which at the moment have some really good flight prices - £30 each way to Melbourne from Sydney. Standard beer for NSW is Tooheys, and Four X. supermarkets and shops Coles = Sainsburys Woolworths = Tescos Franklins = Asda None of these do the tv/electricals like they do here. Big W has cheep clothes and a variety of stuff at reasonable prices - bedding etc, as does Target. There is no postal service on a Saturday.
  9. Guest

    paper work ect

    how much paper work did people take over with them???? we have 6 years of bank statements/10 years of tax ect,ect we was just planning to go over with suitcases and at the moment we have 2 big boxes of paper work. could anyone tell me what really inportant to bring...as all this is in my sleeps!!!! thank lee
  10. Hi all, Not posted for a while but been reading all the goings on. We have been up to our mecks decorating everything that moved and loads and loads of visits to the tip to get the house put on the market this week. We have our medicals tommorrow--- Feel sick with worry--- we are fit and healthy but what lies beneath???:unsure: We will see tommorrow. Anyway looking forward who do you tell you are going ??? Paul is self employed so the Tax office i suppose and what do we do about next april tax return ??? What abour child benefit, doctors, dentist etc or do we just go and sod them all:biglaugh: Yvonne :cool:
  11. Guest

    Electric kettels ect

    Hi Is it ok to take our kettles toasters ect to oz? And do we need plug adaptors for all our items or can we just plug ours straight into the mains...silly question :wacko: any info would be great. Trace