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Found 16 results

  1. We have had a few threads on here with regard to racism and integration of the immigrant has come up time and again. What do people consider to be integration? Is it dressing like those in the host country ? Speaking the language of the host nation? Eating like the natives? - eg changing their cuisine, mode of eating- ditching chopsticks or fingers for knives and forks? Not speaking their mother tongue? What do you think is integration and what is perceived as lack of integration?
  2. rockola57

    Whaddya eating now?

    Pardonez Moi.Just being nosey!:wideeyed:What's your latest nibbly fad when on PIO?Are you out to the fridge on a regular basis?Is it a healthy diet whilst participating in cyber chat?Seems to me like lots of us imbibe with plentiful quantities of alchofrol 'n bad stuff!:yes:Anyone sippin' tea and biscuits?The delicacy tonight por moi is the wonderful stuffed green olives:rolleyes:jellybeans and Cheezells and camembert,washed down with copious amounts of Chang Beer!Perhaps Jamie Oliver needs to get a few ideas off us on here!:wink:
  3. The Pom Queen

    Eating Fishy Food

    Following on from Maryroses thread re oysters. I have never indulged in any seafood only peeled cooked prawns, scallops and fish from the chippy, haddock, cod, flake and barra. I would love to try crab but have no idea how you eat it, the same with fresh prawns every smorgasbord as unlimited supply but I never take any because I struggle peeling them, I gave it a go and was pulling one leg off at a time and it must have taken me 10minutes so I gave in. There must be a Dummies Guide to Eating Fish Food
  4. The Pom Queen

    Dog Eating Festival

    I was glad to hear this years Dog Eating Festival in Korea was cancelled, however the 15,000 at the food festival in China weren't so lucky. Please don't click on this link to view the photos if you are squeamish http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/171939/20110630/chinese-festival-dog-meat-industry-animal-abuse-15-000-dogs-slaughtered.htm#page0 I find it disgusting and barbaric. Yes I know, I still eat cow etc, but to see these poor dogs suffering is terrible:cry:
  5. tonyman

    eating defrosted Fish

    :fish:How long can defrosted fish stay safe in a fridge , thanks for any sensible answers as this is a forum for sensible people .........:goofy:
  6. i have been told its bad luck to kill a cricket , this one has took resident in one of our cordaline plants and slowly ruining it .......ive tried to scare it away by showing it pictures of my wife but it keeps coming back.......any help please !!!!
  7. Hey everyone, I moved to Sydney temporarily about 3 1/2 months ago on a temp work visa and had to leave my wonderful family back home in essex. :cry: but they are coming to Sydney in a month to stay with me for a few weeks :smile: Back of the net!!!! Now since I've been here I'm loving the food all around sydney, but it all mainly Thai/ japanese/Chinese, and my wife and kids dont like it as much as I do and not certainly not my 2 1/2 yo. I've been trying to find some more traditional and simple restaurants with a good family environment. I've found The Hogs Breath Cafe and that seems great but obviously cant go there all the time. Does any one know of a good reliable restaurants or chains that would suit a family? Australia is famous for a good BBQ but I havent seen many restaurants aimed at that. Trying not to sound to cheap, somewhere simple like Harvester back home would be ideal. Thanks for any help Will.
  8. whichway

    Emotional Eating

    So I am sure that this topic plagues a few of us, but how on eath do you not do it? You know how they say if you eat when you're not hungry you're eating to fill some emotional gap? I cannot identify the emotion and don't know how to stop. Example - I just had some noodles and I definitely wasn't hungry, but I cooked them and ate them, so I had time to think it over and I cannot come up with a reason (emotional) why I had them other than I wanted to. Of course this happens every darn day. There must be a way to stop!!! Maybe if I could come up with the reason, I would not eat the noodles, chocolate, crisps, everything.......... So does anyone have any advice on. How to identify the emotion? How to not eat the thing? And How to not battle with ourselves forever? Cheers x
  9. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> With the threads on burqas, Bin Laden and others I’m wondering if some want the cake and be able to eat it as well. It seems that some want the burqa banned for all number of reasons, but in all honesty is it the right thing to do? Once you allow a freedom to be taken away, what’s next? It’s the same as people burning a flag as a protest, or having some Muslims protesting when a dead soldier comes home. Personally I don’t agree with it and think it’s an evil thing to do, but it’s part of our freedom to be able to do those things. There are plenty of ways to skin a cat without taking away our rights. <o:p> </o:p> Some say, well we couldn’t do that in their country! Well no we couldn’t, but we can do it in ours and that’s why our countries are great. But once we start banning things because we don’t like them are we any better? We send our soldiers off to war to fight for ours and others freedom, when what we are saying is do as we say not as we do. <o:p> </o:p> It’s the same as Bin Laden, most will agree he was an evil man, but shotting someone in cold blood because he done the same to others doesn’t make it right. We have a system in place to deal with these types of people. Once it becomes OK to take someone else’s life what’s next? The governments have put process in place to deal with these situations, and for whatever reason they are not following them. What happens when we don’t follow the rules?
  10. anyone know of any places with good food that are in your opinion worth a visit with our kids.?
  11. Guest

    Eating out

    Morning all, me and the wife are provisionally planning our trip to oz which we hope to do at the end of Febuary. We are planning to rent a motor home and drive up the East coast taking in all the sites and looking for potential areas to settle. We are looking to do this trip as cheaply as possible ( within reason ) and were wondering about the costs of eating out. We will use the motor home for meals also but that will soon get tiresome so we will want to get out a bit, we have 3 children who eat like horses so nothing to fancy, so how much can we expect to pay in an average restaurant for us all to eat. I realize its a kind of open ended question but any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Also we reckon this trip will cost us around the £13,000 mark:shocked:, this broken down is basically, £4,500 for flights, £3,300 for motor home, £1,000 to park up in parks, fuel £,1000 + £3,000 spending money. We are going for a month. Does the above sound reasonable?:unsure:
  12. Hi folks. I know there are a lot of nurses and doctors on PIO, I was just wondering if you can help me. I want to find a specialist in eating disorders etc, that is approachable and honest. I have had contact with a few over recent months, but to date not one that I can 'truly' relate to if you know what I mean. I have trawled the net etc, but NEED to actually speak to one with a sympathetic ear and understanding. It is nothing to get worked up about, more the case of research really, just need to know the ins and outs and SAT down and explained to me. I am at present based in Hertfordshire, UK, so anyone local would be great, but I am more than prepared to travel ANY distance to have a chat. I know it is a strange request but I have been unable to find a specialist that is prepared to explain the details and the like. If you would prefer please PM me so I can explain a little further as it is rather complicated and I don't want to bore everyone with the details on here. Many thanks in anticipation. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  13. rockola57

    Drinking Aqua,n' eating Cheese.

    These two things in particular make me function correctly here in OZ!I have noticed that without regular intake of the afore mentioned,i soon feel sheeeyut.Is there ow't your wellbeing must have?:wink:
  14. We are staying at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne (Collins St) overnight on saturday :jiggy:(wotif secret deal) Need to know somewhere me, husband and 11 year old daughter could eat nearby. Husband more of a steak man, me and daughter like pasta/lasagne/pizza. We are not fussed by posh places and want somewhere nice and not too expensive to eat - know anywhere?
  15. tracy123

    Eating your way around Britain

    Hi All I know Lancashire has it's hot pot, and the Cornish have their pasty! So what is the dish that represents your part of the UK? What are your recomendations Cheers Geoffrey PS sorry in advance if i make anyone home sick or hungry LOL
  16. Guest

    Eating out in Brisbane!

    Hello Everyone, For those people that are arriving soon or have recently got here, lets give them some eating out advice in Brisbane! Favourite places to eat please.................. Me and Mark....Bali Grill in Rosalie, Brisbane. Bali Grill Restaurant - Good food, good wine and good body