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Found 78 results

  1. Hi everyone i am currently half way through a 457visa application to work for lubemobile in canberra. I was just wondering how easy it is to get somewhere to live when i get over there as lubemobile are putting me up for 3weeks in a hotel while i find somewhere to live so just wondered how easy an quickly you can get somewhere. Also just wondered if english credit ratings mean anything in aus as mines not the best. Thanks Josh
  2. Hi All Firstly, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong area but I would really appreciate other PIO members thoughts & for the long story! We employed an agent to manage our migration application for a 176 visa at the end of February 2011 & we were advised to apply under myself with a skill of Program/Project Administrator with state sponsorship with SA. Fine, I completed all the forms for VetAssess, collated all the required information (employment history, payslips, certifications, IELTS, stat decs etc) & sent to the agent at the beginning of April. Once received, the agent advised they needed some additional information so this was duly collated & posted (express & tracked). Unfortunately, this documentation went missing & took a month to be received. Everything was then put together & we thought it was being processed for the skills assessment. Turned out that it was never processed as the agent was concentrating on the July 1 changes & our case was put on a back burner (even though they kept promising it would be submitted) for 2 months. July 1 changes were now in place & I ended up having to complete a new skills form for VetAssess. For this, I completed a Stat Dec for my current employment (to be used alongside additional documents) to avoid the reference part as I don't want my employer to know yet (just in case they think I won't be applying myself) & an employment I had between 2003 - 2007 (company had been bought by IBM in 2007). When I returned it I got a response from the agent telling me I had not completed important sections (contract negotiations & management) on the stat dec which are key to the program/project admin skill. My response was rather blue & along the lines of I won't lie on a stat dec as it has nothing to do with what I do. I then got sent the ACS forms & RPL to complete with no ANZCO code or explanation on what I was being put forward under. It seems my agent is now having difficulty understanding what I do. Its not the first time I have questioned what skill I should be going under but now they are sending over roles that couldn't be further from my job. I currently work in IT as a senior service technical lead & change management for a Global Application Support Team supporting 3 enterprise applications (18 months). My previous role again was in IT in a global capacity for enterprise application management & support for 4 years. Prior to this I worked with one of the applications I currently support but in a business capacity for 3 years & before that I was a horse riding instructor. I however, do not have a degree, only A-Levels & BTEC in Business Studies. This is their reason for using VetAssess & not ACS as I will be deducted some experience years for not having a degree & that my role has not always been within IT. I am certified in the applications I work with (cloud based CRM Systems/e-Marketing tools/Customer Satisfaction Tools/ Collaboration Tools) & ITIL V3 Foundation certified. I have worked in a support/development/BA capacity for the last 5 1/2 years. From all your experiences & knowledge can anyone advise if there is anything suitable on the SOL?? The agent is being as useful as a chocolate teapot at the moment & the advice is non existence. Direct questions are never answered. It seems they want me to decide what is the correct option without any knowledge of the process. I am now questioning what I am paying a large sum of money for (other than submitting forms). Any thoughts will be gratefully received :spinny: Thanks A
  3. I am finished BBA 3rd yr in Nepal.I have 1 yr left.I have a situation so I am willing to apply for exemption(credit Transfer) in Australian University.How likely is it to get exemption and what are the documents required and process to apply for exemption. thanx in advance.
  4. Hi Good day I am a civil engineer with construction experience. I am planning to move to Brisbane in a couple of weeks on 176 PR. I know securing a job in my field would be a little bit difficult at the beginning and it may take time for me to get a job in Civil Engineering. In the other side, as far as I understand, living expenses are very high in Australia. So, I am planning to get a casual job ( any sort of job such as working in restaurant, super markets ) as soon as I arrive and carry on until I get a job in my profession. Now my question is, given that I have never visited Australia before is it possible to get a job in the first week ? Then how would I get that job ? Should I go in person to employers and speak to them? How much do they give for those jobs ? Thanks for your help in advance Regards REZA:wubclub::notworthy:
  5. Hi I was wondering how easy you have found it to get a job in Perth after moving there? My partner is an Architect (and so on the SOL's list) and I work in marketing. We have been looking on Seek etc and have not had much response, but we are in the UK until we move in March. So have you found it easy to find jobs once you have arrived in Perth? Thanks Sara
  6. Can anyone pass on information on how easy it is to get a mortgage in Australia, we are hoping to move over next year on a 176 but if I keep getting 7's on my IELTS reading we will have to go for the 475 visa.
  7. Hi ~ I am booking a holiday rental for when we first arrive But what I need to know is, how easy is it to get a rental once we are there, how long could it take before we can move in? etc... I am unsure how long to book my holiday rental for? :confused: Dont wanna end up homeless!
  8. whichway

    Easy teas

    So most of the time I totally do not want to struggle to make tea when the baby is needing my attention and the husband is home late from work. Any ideas? I am talking virtually no effort required at all. My only idea is toast and beans but I figure some folks may have some other ideas up their sleeves. Cheers x
  9. Hi All, We are in the following position and after reading many of the threads have decided to do the following, but would appreciate any feed back from the Poms community before going ahead and making any unforeseen mistakes/loses - We are moving to Perth end of 2011 and due to the unfavourable exchange rate offered at present we will go armed with credit cards (12k) and have been offered a short term loan (20k) to tide us over by family. We have funds in our accounts in the UK but would prefer not to transfer largish sums of money over when we can do it the forementioned way and cut out the weak sterling and pay them in Ozzie dollars earned. But, there is a real possibility that we will start a business up shortly after arriving and may need more funds. In your experience what methods are best to get - 1/ Best exchange rate 2/ Does it need to be organised in advanced from the UK end? i.e set up an exchange account? Or can it be organised from Oz. 3/ Our current bank is well known for not do you any favors when spending on debit/credit cards aboard. So we don't want to be left in a position where we have no other choice than to transfer from this account? I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts on this? Kind Regards Megan:wacko:
  10. me and my boyfriend were thinking of getting bar or restaurant jobs to start off with to socialise first before going into our real jobs is it hard to get these? my mum said u have to do a test online or something?
  11. how do me and my boyfriend go about applying and getting one?
  12. Hi I am Air Con engineer very close to getting our visa, I have to obtain the Disconnect / Reconnect electrical license, How easy or difficult is it to obtain. Thanks in advance Si
  13. Might seem a silly question, but it's something that has been niggling at me for the past week. How easy is it to make friends?? The reason I ask, is it's just me and my husband, we don't have children and it seems alot of people emigrating have families. I was wondering if it's harder to make friends because of this? Would be interesting to hear people's experiences. Thanks
  14. The Bridge Family

    457 to PR... Easy?? How Long...?

    :cute:Hi there, everyone... Long time, no speak! I used to be on here all the time, in preparation for our move from sleepy ole Suffolk, UK to the sunshine of the Gold Coast. Well, we have now been here for more than 2.5 years... and, although we love it here dearly, we have been to Hell and back ~ several times! Steve, 41 (hubby) works for Coles. He had been with Tesco for 23 years in the UK. I worked in sales in the UK, for a radio station... but had long-since given up, to raise our boys. I am Andrea, 45, and am now having to face the prospect of returning to full-time work, tomorrow actually!! This is not a prospect all of us face with any sort of enthusiasm... not least of all the little 6 year old. We have Jack (11 next week) and Callum (6). They love it here ~ although they miss their older brother and sister, from my first marriage, heaps. We are now in the process of chaging from a 457 Visa, over to PR, having been here long enough. Has anyone done this fairly recently? Has it been an easy transition? How long did it all take? Coles currently has the paperwork underway... we will then be dealt with by Fragomens, before being passed to the Dept. of Immigraation. Any advice, thoughts, assistance would be gratefully received by us all. Thanks so much, everyone. Love to anyone who remembers me/us. Take care, and enjo your Sunday x x x :cute:
  15. Hi guys i have a few ideas running just now, id love to start my own business if we get to oz, an idea ive had for ages just wondered if anyones aware of all the ins and outs? could you point me to a website thagt may be able to give me the info? Im going to check the tas gov site thanks K x
  16. Hello friend's i have one six year old child,who facing the problem of Dyslexia (basically a learning disability), so me and my wife we both are trying to learn him by the practical way, is there any education toy's are available for our children, who help's us to make learning process easy for my son. i need suggestion on this topic. Thank’s
  17. Hi guys I am new to the forum!! My family and I (husband and 2 boys aged 13 and 15) are currently looking to better our lives, from hum drum in the UK to bright and sunny in Oz, my husband is 50 this year so we woul need to come over through me, I am 38, I train horses for a living and having spoken to an agent understand that if I fnd employment I can come over on a 457 visa, but I would need sponsorship - he said that it wouldnt be a problem if I offer to pay for the sponsorship process and could be quite straightforward. He said basically I find a job and get on a plane then contact him and he would take care of all of the paperwork - for a fee of course, I have no problem with this but how realistic is this, my family and I are just looking to make the most of the time we have working left and looking for a brigher future for our boys, we arent planning to do this until possibly next summer. Any advice would be very much appreciated!! Am I really just thinking pie in the sky or is this really do-able!! Any advice good or bad!! thanks Ali j
  18. Purple Princess

    573 to 457 is it easy?

    I hope someone can help me? I am currently on a student 573 visa and have just started a job. My employer was fully aware of my work restrictions, however, he doesn't want me to reduce my hours in March, therefore has offered to sponsor me. He has never sponsored before and has asked me to complete the paperwork for him and he will sign it. Is this easy to do myself, I've looked at immi's website and it looks straightforward, but I'm sure there is more to it!! Would it be better for me to appoint an agent, if so, what would be the approximate fees for this? Thanks Steph
  19. Hi, we are moving to Melbourne next year Oct ..i have 1 son, age 4, planning to take the childcare community service when at melbourne..easy to get job around Doncaster East?
  20. Hi i am new to this site, i am a upholsterer and have been for the last 20 years. Would love to live in oz, can anyone give me any advice how to go about getting a empolyment sponsor. need a new life down under.:jiggy:look forward to from you all!
  21. Now come on be truthful, who thought they would find the house of their dreams, the job of their dreams, and most of all, life on easy street!
  22. Hi to all, Would anyone like to comment about finding jobs if your not a skilled worker? Husband in Motorcycle Trade for 20 years (parts Manager) I have been in Medical for along time, Private and NHS, Admin and Clerical. Also worked in retail (supermarkets), waitressing, but would try anything, (within reason) as long as it pays the bills. It is a big concern of ours as we will be bringing a certain amount of money with us (or transfer it), so don't want to run out of money and then start to panick if we havent found jobs. Shall we bring our CV's with us to show to employers? Is it best to find jobs through agencies, newspapers etc... or through friends and family?:arghh: We would ideally like to find permanent jobs and don't mind a bit of travelling. I would like to find a job in a Private Hospital or medical centre or something along those lines. I currently work in a private hospital in UK. Should we ask our current employers for references (and character) and take them with us? Look forward to hearing from anyone.:biggrin:
  23. My husband has been seeking a new employer for our 457 since being faced with the possibility of being laid off. Though he is working for the same sponsor still at the moment we have continued to seek a new employer as work is still quiet. So he has today found a company willing to take him on and take over the sponsorship - However they are not yet an approved business sponsor. So my question is how easy is it for a company to apply and nominate and how quickly do these things go through? Our original visa only too 4 weeks from submission to approval back in 2008 but i'm not sure how quickly the application part for the employer went through. Thanks in advance for any advice on this. The company are wanting him pretty quick so depending how quick we can sort this will depend on whether he secures the job. Any advice is much appreciated
  24. Just wondering how long those who have returned to the UK took to find work? My husband & I are hoping to return early next year but have concerns over how long it will take for me to find work. I'm a Chartered Accountant but will have been on maternity leave for about 9 months by then. I've heard things over in the UK aren't good? But I don't want to have to stay in Sydney just because of being scared I won't find work when we return. I would appreciate peoples opinions!