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Found 110 results

  1. domvan

    Cranbourne East.. anyone ???

    Hi there.. We are currently living in Abu Dhabi and want to invest in property before finally moving to Melbourne next year (2012). First of all, is it recommended to buy property before moving in or do we move in, rent for around 3 months, look around and then plan the purchase? One of my friend who has migrated from here to Melbourne, has bought a property in this suburb called 'Cranbourne'. It is in Cranbourne East (Hunt Club Estates/Dennis Homes). She has bought a 4 BHK for around A$ 450K. I keep researching on the areas on the net & this area seems to be a developing suburb. All amenities exist with good schools, transportation, hospitals, parks, but the only issue is that it's far off from the CBD. Well, it takes 45 minutes to 1 hour (one-way) by train. But on the contrary, the houses here are much cheaper. I also searched on the internet for all areas surrounding Bentleigh, Mulgrave, Brighton, etc... and there's nothing less than A$ 650K for a 3 BHK.On comparing to the Cranbourne East prices, it's a difference of more than A$ 250K. If anyone out there can give us feedback on the above, it would be great!! The only negative factor is the distance from the CBD. But, guess making a compromise in terms of current status would be an option as a big amount of A$ 250K+ is at stake. Regards, Domvan.
  2. Hi we are looking for panel beaters and painters in Berwick South East Melbourne! We are looking for quick and skilled people for a busy smash repair shop. Excellent wages for the right person. You must have your pr and be living in Melbourne or comming very soon lol. pls pm me
  3. Hi, my husband and I now have our flights booked over to Melbourne for the 28th December. I previously asked about renting in Altona but based on advice we received here have decided to go for something on the Sandringham line or next to a tram stop that stops at Hight St/St Kilda (where husbands job is). We have therefore narrowed our search down to Hampton and Brighton but 3 bed houses seem quite expensive (we don't want to go above $500 per week). There are a few about which we are going to apply for but Brighton East seems more affordable - does anyone know what this area is like? We have a 5 month old baby and 2 labradors. Also, am I right in thinking that the closest train station to 600 St Kilda St is Prahan? Hawksburn seems about a 2K walk which isn't ideal. Any advice appreciated!
  4. The Pom Queen

    Skilled Migrants opt for East Australia

    Skilled Migrants Choose to Settle in Australia's Eastern States The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has released figures that indicate that the majority of skilled migrants choose to settle in Australia's Eastern states despite skills shortages and employment opportunities in Western Australia According to the publication, "Immigration Update 2010-11", skilled migrants continue to settle in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland despite the fact that there are fewer employment opportunities and more competitive labour markets. The figures show that the three Eastern states had the most new permanent additions to their populations in 2010-11, with an additional 65,735, 53,204 and 38,852 persons respectively. These figures represent a net increase in migration to Australia. Despite the Australian Government's plan to attract more skilled migrants to the WA mining industry, the number of skilled visa holders moving to Western Australia fell 10 percent in the last financial year and the number of new permanent residents from overseas living in WA decreased to 34,233 from 35,532. Dr Bob Birrell, a population expert from Monash University said the figures indicate a failure of government policy in achieving its targeted migration aims. "Employer nominations come first but they don't differentiate by the state or how crucial the occupation is, so we've got a very large program which is causing a lot of problems in Melbourne and Sydney ... when WA is crying out for migrants," he said. Responding to the data, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia has claimed that the state needs 500,000 more skilled workers by 2020, indicating there are "growing opportunities for foreign workers considering immigrating to Australia".
  5. 2005 Renault Scenic II Expression, 2.0 6 speed manual Low milage 53,500km Full Renault Service History. 4 new tyres put on Oct'11. Rego until September 2012. Colour Metallic Beige. One owner from new (us). Very reliable and well looked after car. $11,500ono PM me for contact details.
  6. Guest

    care jobs in bentleigh east

    Hi all, My partner has just got a job in bentleigh east and i am trying to find a job that good for me, i have an nvq level 2 in health and social care and would preferbly like to work in the care sector, if any one could give me a bit of information about where and how to apply i would greatly appriciate it. many thanks Lillie!! x:smile:
  7. giles70

    east or west

    moving to melbourne in march with my wife and 3 kids,not sure which side of the bay is best for us.we do like the look of geelong though.i am a bricklayer by trade and think i would find work around point cook area.any one in the know?
  8. watford

    East Victoria Park

    hi moving to East Victoria Park in feb 2012 can anyone tell me what its like are there good cafes near by is there a good gym /outside pool is it a ok drive to the nearest beach /malls will i get the freo doctor there thank alan
  9. Hi everyone, Im coming over soon working as a panel beater in bentleigh east. My mrs wants to come out soon she cares for elderly people and we was just wondering about the job prospects in and around Bentleigh East. Cheers Chris
  10. Hi - we are looking to move to Melbourne at the start of 2012 and are looking to move into east Melbourne somewhere - suggested places include Toorak, Armadale, Malvern, Brighton, east Malvern, Glen Iris and Hawthorn. None of these places mean much to us (at the moment!) but we are looking for an area that has a good Catholic school for the kids (primary and boys/girls) and you can walk to the shops/cafes etc. rather than having to jump in the car. The other key thing for is an easy to commute to work in town and good family houses. No doubt a number of people have been in this situation before so would appreciate nay thoughts. Also how do you go about getting your children into a school when you don't currently live in a catchment area? Many thanks, MVB
  11. hi all.. so our move from Sydney to melbourne is taking shape.. the misses has an offer on the table in Mulgrave. So we're thinking of the Glen Waverley area to settle.... However when we arrive we'll need a short term.. between 6 weeks to 3 months.. we dont care if its an apartment, unit or what.. we may not have a car the moment we arrive so it needs to be within a 10min walk from the GW train station... Or close to Oakleigh, Chadstone area as that's got a bus to Mulgrave... Any help or advice will be great. I've checked the moving to melbourne site.. but it's a bit costly for us as budget is $500 a week or cheaper.. (furnished of course) Thanks all !!
  12. Hi What's involved re-registering a car in WA that is registered Victoria? Thanks
  13. Hi I really need some guidance!! :biglaugh::wacko::wacko: Im trying to research north east Adelaide areas to live (we should be there before xmas) but mainly high schools! any information on Golden grove high school? would be great?! I love the sound of the area (my OHs favorite!) and its VERY! close to my OHs work but Ive heard a few bad stories about the school (a stabbing in 2009?) I want to know if this was a isolated incident? or is the school a no no? I would prefer the blunt truth rather than not know plz help! Id love to Move to Athelstone ideally but want to have a bigger area to find a rental before we leave but this doesnt help with school zoning etc as I was also looking at charles campbell high and banksia park international has anyone any preferences? all positive things about the last 2 so far but can anyone disagree with that? thank you wispa x
  14. Lavalamplulie

    Brighton East lease break

    Having been here 18 happy months we are ready to size up to a bigger house and being the impatient type I want to break our lease. Anyone fancy a neat and tidy 3 bed townhouse with air-conditioning in the fabulous Gardenvale Primary catchment? Walking distance to north Brighton and Gardenvale train stations into the city, tram, Landcox park and so much more! We are only moving around the corner cos it's a lovely area!
  15. young2682

    Now in the east, help needed!

    :wubclub: Hey all, My were meant to be staying in the western suburbs (my hubby was originally going to be working in sunshine) but now he has been transferred to Hallam on the East side! We will probably stay there to begin with to save money as he can cycle to work but long term we are looking at Berwick, does anyone have any advice/info on this area or similar? We are a young family with 2 children (3 & 4.5) so want plenty to do and good schools etc Any advice would be gratefully received! Many thanks :wub:
  16. russ&jackie

    East or West OZ ?

    Lucky me & my wife are ready to go to OZ in October but as we`ve only been to Queensland on previous visits ( and loved it ) we are wondering if the opportunities for a carpenter are better on Perth side. Grateful for any input as we are not tied to any particular state and would like to hear the pros & cons for both WA & Queensland. Thanks for any replies. Russ:cute:
  17. I'm new on this forum so apologies if this is not the right place to post this thread. Please tell me if it's out of place! Anyway, just on the off chance there is anyone moving back to the UK at the end of August and is looking to furnish a house! We're moving to Perth first week in september and will be selling most of our furniture, washing machine and fridge. It's all as good as new as we just bought it all 5 months ago. Furniture is all from Argos so cheap and cheerful and better again already assembled! If anyone is interested get in touch!
  18. Hi Guys I have just moved to Brunswick East and am trying to find out whether there are any Men's soccer clubs nearby, playing on saturdays or sundays? I havent played football for a few years due to a dodgy knee, but am keen to shed the pounds and play again!! I'd be grateful if anyone out there could give me any info!! Thanks Dan
  19. Guest

    Mornington or cranbourne east

    Hi all. Myself, wife and 3 boys Darragh(9), Shane(5) and AJ(3) are moving to Melbourne from Ireland in June. We've narrowed our search for a location to live down to 2 locations which are Cranbourne East or Mornington Peninsula. The reasons we picked these 2 locations are as follows; 1.Schools seem good(public primary)-mornington primary-mornington park primary-courteney Gardens primary cranbourne. 2.Sports look strong in the community- our kids are soccer and gaelic football mad and train or play matches 5-6 times a week and in between play soccer on the green in front of the house. 3.Close enough to the sea. Anything to do with the water and I'm there. 4.Not too close into the city, we wouldn't be into the whole inner city living. 5.Plenty of amenities. 6.Close enough to the countryside to escape when we need to, maybe head up snowboarding during the winter. 7.Rentals seem good. If anybody has any insight into the above I'd appreciate it. If I'm totaly wrong just tell me:huh:
  20. Mizzmp

    East Rock/Kwinana Beach?

    Anybody know or been to these areas? We are trying to narrow down where to live. Seems all the jobs are in the city Perth itself but I thought perhaps Rockingham would have plenty of jobs? When I looked on Transperth it said that getting the train from Rockingham to Perth city would take 1.5 hours! Seems a little excessive to me but we want to be away from the city as the houses are bigger and cheaper to rent. I would be looking for admin/legal secretary type jobs and hubby is a builder. Any info would be helpful.
  21. young2682

    Bentleigh East???

    Hi all, My OH has just had a job interview offering sponsorship! The company is in Bentleigh East. If my OH gets the job he will be fast tracked and out there by July, myself and our children would join him in a few months. Can anyone recommend any nice suburbs surrounding that area? Looking on a map we cannot figure out distances! Seems a very expensive area!! Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Alex :smile:
  22. Last evening me and oh chewing the fat as we do, were discussing this subject as its something that interests us and we have thought about for quite a while now, especially with the downturn. Today in the Daily Pail there is an interesting article about the subject in the Essay a good read for anyone who is interested in the way things are going. Of course there are may other articles around about the subject as well and powers that be tend to not want to think about it. However more is being paid out than comes in, more people are emplyed by the gov and its a prescription for disaster in the end. Saturday Essay: La-la land Britain faces permanent economic decline unless we face threat from East By Max Hastings Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2007977/Living-dreamlands-MAX-HASTINGS-Britain-confront-awesome-East-arrest-economic-decline.html#ixzz1QGuV3rSx
  23. Debbie Emblem

    Considering Doncaster East - Any Advice?

    We moved from Scotland nearly three weeks with Tom, myself Debbie, Luis who is 6 and our 10 year old collie cross. We visited Doncaster East to view a few rental properties, and liked the open space and view of the hills. Do anyone have any advice on the area good or bad? Would also be keen to hear whether anyone sends their kids to Doncaster East primary or Milgate primary. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  24. Guest

    East Side of Melbourne

    Hi, I am hopeing to get a bit of advice of anyone please. We are moving to Melbourne and will arrive early morning 22nd November. We initially thought we would live in Point Cook but have since had a good think and gone back to our original place where we wanted to settle which is Berwick. We have never been to Australia so are looking for as much advice and help as possible. We do not want to live in a massive cul-de-sac - like we do back home. We are looking for something semi-rural that has failities (shops, bars etc) good schools and not to far away from the CBD. My husband is a AutoCad Draftsman and I am a self employed Massage Therapist (humans and horses). Can anyone help at all. Any info would be grefully appreciated. Many thanks Nicky Ogilvie
  25. Hi Everyone, Another question for your perusal please!?! Daughter needs a medical. When we had ours there was a panel doctor 20 miles away. Looking on the Panel Doc list there now appears to be only one for the entire south east!?!?!? Is that right and how long is that gonna take? Further advice on getting through this apprciated! Cheers, Steve.