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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, I must be driving everyone mad with questions at the moment, but wondering if people have found it easier to rent a furnished or unfurnished house in Perth? I am trying to decide if we should ship our furniture or not. We will be renting out our home here in Ireland so can rent it furnished if we decide not to bring our furniture. Thanks in advance! Kate.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-14558490 Or are kids in the UK just getting cleverer? Better teachers? Strange how every year see's a higher success rate in exams.
  3. Guest51810

    whats easier??

    Hey guys, Do you think its easier to move yourself/couple or as a family?? Sometimes i think it will be easier for me as im still very young and have no responsibilities as such but then other times i think maybe its easier for familys, they have their kids to look after and i guess that takes their mind off things for a while. So many silly things that are starting to worry me. Every person that knows our plans keep saying " but wont you be very homesick" or "why would you want to leave everything here " You would think they would want me to see more of the world.
  4. I currently work in sports travel, I organise the travel for a formula one tream to all the GP's. I'm looking to get into sports travel over in Oz. Specifically AFL. Now, I've seen numerous jobs advertised through recruitment consultants, however, they seem ridiculously hard to use, unfriendly and to be honest, didn't seem to have a clue what they were talking about. Can anyone suggest any decent recruitment agencies? Thanks! Ian
  5. Not a wholly serious thread, but you never know, you may pick up one or two bits of information. We all know the journey to Australia is loonnnggg and stressful, so here are my tips and tricks to make that journey easier. Some I have actually experienced and some I have used a bit of poetic licence on. 1. When booking your plane journey, NEVER admit to having a child that screams, (particularly if you are using British Airways). Tell the booking staff that your child/children are the most well behaved there is. Otherwise you may find you and your off spring in the luggage hold. 2. When asking for an upgrade, (BA again) wear a bowler hat and speak with a plum in your mouth. Hide all tattoos and piecings, and remember to call the check in staff, 'My Dear'. 3. ON the journey to the airport NEVER strike up conversation with the taxi driver. If he hears you are going to Australia to live he will say, 'Don't blame you Guv, who would want to stay in this sh7thole anyway, blah, blah ,blah. When you say to him, 'Why don't you go? he will in answer to your question say, 'Naa mate, it's not so bad after all, and the bloody Aussies, can't stick em'.:goofy: 4. If you are in cattle class on the aircraft be sure NOT to try and take a sneaky peak through the curtain at First Class, again if BA this will result in immediate clamping of the genitalia by electrodes and those from first class invited to give you an electric shock. 5. If travelling with Qantas be sure NOT to ask the stewards if there are any highlights of the Ashes on the in aircraft entertainment channels. You will be met with a rather disconcerting look, and the next meal you order will only be available in CHICKEN, and will be split down your lap. 6. If travelling with El Al, NEVER mention the word BOMB, you will find yourself with a Kloch 9 mm pointed at your head, with a crazed Israeli special forces member on the other end, with a facial tick, saying, 'GO AHEAD PUNK, MAKE MY DAY,:policeman: just waiting to spill your brains over the interior of the aircraft. 7. When packing suitcases make sure NO ONE has access to them after they have been packed. My mother, God love her, once put several sprigs of good luck heather in my luggage as I was travelling to Columbia.:shocked: Try explaining that they are harmless sprigs of heather to the customs official in the drugs capital of the world. 8. Same as above really. When I was on one :nah::goofy: my 'mates' in Australia decided it would be funny to put several kilos of talcum powder in my luggage in tightly wrapped plastic bags. Oh how I laughed after having been 'interrogated' for several hours.:mad::biglaugh: 9. The drug sniffer dogs at the airport are NOT a petting zoo. If you bend down to stroke one he/she will have your hand off, and the handler will walk away with a wry smile. 10. The immigration official may meet you with a 'G'day' (yes, the Aussies really say that). Do NOT reply, 'Oh, that is so cute, I always wanted to hear a fair dinkum Aussie say that'. The personal in question will look to his left at his colleague and immediately book you in to have a full body search, with cavities included. 11. If he/she asks if you have a criminal record, do NOT reply with, 'Ha, ha, I didn't think you needed that anymore'. Ha bloody ha. You'll be laughing the other side of your face when they decide to actually probe your arse with gloves on and KY jelly. 12. And finally, before you get bored. If you arrive in Australia in the summer, avoid at all cost the need to say to the taxi driver, 'Blimey, it's hot here isn't it'.:biglaugh: You may find yourself dropped of in the outback, somewhere near Wolf Creek. Hope my top dozen tips and tricks come in useful folks, any more would be most welcome, lets have a laugh for God's sake. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  6. Hi, im trying to clarify what the course of action would be on expiration of a 457/two year work visa in relation to securing permanent residency.. Ie. I am querying whether it would be better/easier/cost effective to apply for full Permanent residency now or to take up a 457 visa for 2 years and to then apply for permanent residency; i.e. are the full permanent residency fees the same/the same course of action (medical/skills assessment) necessary if I have been resident in Australia on a 457 for 2 years.... Any help greatly appreciated. Liam
  7. Hi Everyone, Ive posted a few posts on here for advice and finally handed in my partner application to the Sydney Immigration office yesterday. We took 3 manila folders full of evidence in and got two back!! The man who served us asked us where we met, how long we'd been living together and then went through all the information we took in. He made notes of our phone bills, bank statements, reciepts etc on our case on the computer and then gave them all back to us. He seemed to think everything was in order and said it would be about 3 months until a case officer is assigned to the case, and he also told us the processing times through the Sydney office at the moment are 8 to 12 months!!! Anyway, just wanted to update you all... I was very stressed and nervous about the whole thing but it all seemed fine once we gave him everything and he didn't seem to think that there would be a problem! If anyone needs any advice relating to de-facto applications feel free to private message me and I'll let you know what we provided etc. Good luck everyone, Lib x
  8. Hi, Just wondering if those who have recently migrated here have found it easier,harder or about what they expected?Was there anything major that surprised you?Was/is the upheaval more daunting than you had prepared for? Unexpected issues have become the norm for me and my family,however we soldier on as we feel it can get a lot better.Housing,Family,Homesickness, and Work are just a few things that are clear and present in our lives at the moment.Ain't doing bad really,but still.What about you?:confused:
  9. Is it circumstances like not having close family to leave behind? Is it being well-travelled and being used to living away from 'home'? Is it an outgoing personality and independence maybe? Or is it none of these things and just a case of living it and seeing how it works out for some people? Is there such a thing as a 'type' of person who is likely to settle? Be interested to hear your views :wubclub: Sue x
  10. The gap between Australia's regional jobless rates is at its widest in almost 20 years. FAR north Queensland may be beautiful one day, perfect the next, but the economic climate in the tropical north has taken on a definite wintry chill. Am sure there is employment if you have skills in demand e.g. healthcare etc. Cairns had already been belted by decreasing tourist numbers from Japan etc. The article also includes data comparing suburbs in Melbourne etc.
  11. i have just bought a i pod and having a nightmare with itunes.Does anybody know if there is other program i can use with Vista instead of i tunes? I used to have a creative zen which is just like a external harddrive,can drag and drop albums etc and was 100 times easier! any suggestions?
  12. Guest

    easier or harder ????

    hi guys Just a thought .... reading through all the jargon about requirements for visas and then more about how much Australia needs more migrants do you think the whole process will ever become simpler or do you think in time it will just become more and more complicated I struggle to understand how if Australia is in such demand for skilled workers why they make it so difficult for a majority to apply for a visa i'm not saying they should just let all willy nilly into their beautiful country because that would be silly wouldnt it ,but maybe be a bit more lenient to the ones who are obviously skilled and have something to offer but may just have mislaid a piece of paperwork or something trivial like that(i'm not skilled but hopeing i will be in next few years) maybe i'm just hoping the rules will lapse a little for my own selfish gain but hey what's a guy to do i have to have a little hope that some new list will include my occupation or that a case officer takes pity on me .........you never know :skeptical:
  13. Like the thread suggested, just wanted to find out if anyone knows if New Zealand may be an easier route to take than the rules of Oz? We are going to try the 457 visa into Australia next year, but it does seem pretty hit and miss, and lots of red tape. Maybe New Zealand is the answer? What are your thoughts?
  14. I've just found this website... Australian Emigration Secrets Think it is fantastic - they've got an e-book that will make life so much easier for moving over to Oz. Also include coaching one on one if you want it. The e-book has loads of checklists, advise and personal experiences - on all the things you need to make the move easier. From planning the move, is Oz the right country, how to find people to help you move, how to cope with the emotions, how to stay in contact with the family... and it just goes on and on. Covers absolutely everything - EXCELLENT resource for people moving from the UK to Australia. For me it has been worth every penny - and pretty cheap actually considering all I am getting for it. Good luck. Rudi
  15. Just received this information via our agent (GoMatilda).......... Date: Monday, April 09, 2007 The assessing body that oversees skills assessment applications for those with trade skills who are planning migrating to Australia - Trades Recognition Australia - has published an Easter bulletin. The Bulletin (which can be accessed via the weblink below) discusses two important issues: Offshore Assessment Services For the last few years it has been recognised that those with trade skills have had difficulty securing immediate employment in Australia. Migrants with certain occupations have required further courses of study leading to Australian qualifications before they could commence work - which while understandable to a degree clearly delays the time before a skilled migrant can help meet skills shortages in Australia. In February 2006 the Council of Australian Governments agreed to introduce new arrangements that would make it easier for migrants with skills that meet Australian standards to work as soon as they arrive in Australia. In its Easter bulletin TRA has announced that it is presently planning that Australian registered training organisations will be given authority from the 1st of July 2007 to carry out competency based assessments in certain occupations and in certain countries that will enable individuals to undergo a single assessment that will meet the requirements of: - migration, - qualification recognition, and - occupations licensing requirements The countries where these assessments will be carried out are: - the UK - India - South Africa - Sri Lanka - the Phillippines The trades in which these assessments will be possible are: - General Electrician - General Plumber - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic - Motor Mechanic - Carpenter and Joiner - Electrical Powerline Tradesperson - Cable Jointer More details are expected in the next 2 to 3 months. Childcare Co-Ordinators TRA assumed responsibility for the assessment of the occupation Childcare Co-Ordinator on the 1st of July 2006. Having reviewed information provided to applicants TRA advises that it will accept evidence of work experience of not less than 3 years in a regulated environment of substantial size with children whose ages fall anywhere within the 0 to 5 age group. Weblink: TRA Bulletin