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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone! My name's Harrison and i moved to gold coast from UK just over a year ago! it was a big decision and a lot of stress but we made it! so if any of you want to talk or anything else like that about anything just send me a message and I'll be happy to help! Thanks guys Harrison
  2. Well its happened again to me, its the second time this year, the last time was in January and it was a close call whether i would pull through, but somehow my He Man' qualities helped me survive and this episode has hit me hard, because it is the first time i have had ..... Summer Man Flu' Anyone got any remedies, cures, or drugs they can send me ASAP that will ease my pain and ladies ............... its Man Flu' which is medically proven to be twice as severe as flu that you ladies get. Can anyone help me?:cry:
  3. Hi prob a very daft question to most but does anybody know if "John Frieda Frizz Ease" products are sold in Oz shops, if not I will ship some without it I look like a very scary, Scary Spice:biggrin:
  4. Hi all Just a couple of little tips for anyone who may be feeling down about the move or upcoming move. .... 1. Journal.....I suggest keeping a Journal, write down all your fears and worries. Just writing them down helps to release some of the tension. After a couple of weeks have a glance back at the things you were worried about and note all of the things that have since been resolved or that didn't turn out as badly as you feared. The point is that eventually you will see how many things we worry about that get resolved without a problem and you may be able to let go and relax a bit more. 2. Diary..... When you are moving or have moved there is so much to keep track of and it can cause stress. keep a diary of everything that needs to be done and choose certain days to complete certain tasks. Don't try to keep it all in your head as you may find yourself going around in circles. Hope this is of help to some Kama
  5. Guest

    Please put my mind at ease!

    Hello everyone! New member, so please be patient. I am going to ask lots of stupid questions that you have probably answered a million times before, but I'm in desperate need of reassurance! Heres our situation...My family (hubby, son and I) are from Chester, but have been living and working in Cyprus for the past 14 months. Unfortunately we cannot afford to stay. Yes, the weather and people are great but the wages are atrocious and since they changed to the Euro everything has gone up another 20%! We have to get out before we go under and we don't want to go back to the UK. OH applied for trade recognition but was unsuccessful because he does not have enough formal training (he is a CNC operator). No point in me being assessed because I too do not have sufficient of bits of paper (I am a Creative/Graphic Designer with 18 years experience), and Pathway D is shut...for now. After the move to Cyprus - different language, culture, schooling etc - the thought of upping sticks again doesn't bother us. We have done a lot of research, read some wonderful comments about Australia and are really excited about the possibility of moving there, but after our experiences here, we are scared of the reality. What, honestly, are our chances of getting employer sponsorship (457?)? How long will it all take? What happens if our new employers don't rate us. Is there anything else we could be doing, or anyone we should be talking to? This move to Australia (hopefully Brisbane) would be for life as I do not want to bugger up my sons education any more than it has been. Any advice gratefully received! :unsure:
  6. Guest

    Help ease my fears

    Did anyone see the program on sky 3 tonight about deadly spiders etc...........why do 90% seem to live in Oz. I suppose this has been covered before but i aim my questions at people who are living in Oz. How the hell do you sleep at night ? Do you have to watch your every step ? Please ease my concerns.
  7. Hi all I have just had a quick look at DIMA's New. Improved Website in relation to Parent and Contributory Parent visas. It's a bit back to front, in my view. The only way I could find to get into the parent stuff was via telling the website's search engine to look for each of the exact visa sub-classes, quoting the numbers. You have to do quite a lot of hunting around to find Booklet 3. Without that, you wouldn't have a clue which visa sub-class you might want! As a way of telling people, "Parents are not a priority in our own scheme of things," the New, Improved Website definitely succeeds! Once you understand all the criteria for parent visas, the new website is definitely less bitty, wordy and difficult to follow than the old version. However, once you already understand all the criteria, you would have no further need for website in any event. It's a pity they didn't get a few people in off the street and tell them, "You want a Parent visa for the purposes of this experiment. Play with the website and tell us what you think. Is the stuff easy to find? Do you understand all the criteria for it?" And so on! On the plus side, the new website does get rid of the contradictions and confusions created by the old one in relation to the Balance of Family test, particularly with regrd to step-children (which question was a thorn in my own side on my mother's behalf for quite a while last year and in years before that.) I'm relieved not to be starting from scratch today, though. I'd be interested to know what others think about this and other visa-types. Cheers Gill