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Found 92 results

  1. rocky123

    has anyone left 857 visa early?

    Im really struggling at the moment and feel really isolated. and im looking at my options in to leaving early and if anyone else has had experience with this. i really dont want to leave Australia but i need to be somewhere where there's a bit of life. Has anyone left early? did your visa get cancelled? did you have to move to another regional area or to a city? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  2. I looked out the ielts score for kindergarten teachers (for teacher'sregistration), which is 7 in each sector.Does is the same score for teacher's assistens and childcare workers? Thanx
  3. ok here goes...i have been working for my current employer for 1 year and 5 months. 8 months of that has been on a RSMS 857 which is a permanent resident visa where i am obliged to work for my sponsoring employer for a period of 2 years from the date of my visa grant. The area i am working in is extremely remote, i am not even on mainland australia. I have a long term partner on mainland australia. The plan was for him to move to where i am but my employer refused to let him move into the property i rent from her and with no other available accommodation on the island (and even if there was my wage doesnt cover the rent prices), we have been forced to live apart for the past year and 5 months. I have finally hit a brick wall and i can no longer continue living in this situation. I think it is totally unreasonable for me to live apart from my now fiance...we want to start our life together, get married, start a family....but this is totally impossible with him living on mainland and me living on remote island community. what is meant to have been the happiest time of my live has been the most miserable and depressive and i want out. So i am handing in my resignation tomorrow. I have no idea what the future will hold....what are the chances of my visa being revoked? I am aware my case with go to headquarters in Canberra...does anybody know how long this process takes before i get a response on my visa status. Me and my partner also have a holiday booked at the beginning of next year....if i leave the country am i going to have difficulty getting back into austrailia if there is a decision pending on my visa status? Am i better off just cancelling the holiday of which i will get no refund but its not about the money its about my happiness. Argh im so stressed but there is no point me being so sad anymore, i need to take some action. Oh and i will be moving to another regional area, which is my partners home town, where we plan on eventually buying property so i will be a long term regional queenslander. Somebody please help
  4. Hi, my wife (Annette), daughter (Arianne) and me have made a few posts on here but this is the first when we have known exactly when we are going…..We fly out on the 27th of August from Stanstead to Kuala Lumpur and then onto the Gold Coast, landing on the 3rd of September. We will be staying in Ashmore Palms holiday village for a few weeks whilst we find a place to rent. Anybod else off to Gold Coast/Bris about that time?
  5. Hi, unfortunately hubbies employees have applied for and been granted PR nomination for hubbie in October, so we have 6 months to start the process which we wanted to do onshore, but we won't be in Oz in time limit. Any advice on how to proceed, we have our 457. And if we were granted PR would this alter the companies responsibilities towards us with regards to paying for us to come back if they made him redundant etc thanks Cal
  6. Guys anyone know if there is any particular difference between the above re ethos, structure or otherwise???? Thanks in advance! Kate
  7. A break away from my fishing trip last weekend, just ordered my nieces Letter from Santa early this year and saves myself a fiver. She’s getting to the age where she’s starting to wonder if Father Christmas exists and so what better way to convince her than a genuine letter the man himself. These things look proper authentic, last year she was so excited when the envelope arrived from the North Pole. You can grab your Letter and customise all online at http://www.SantaLetter2011.com. They normally jump back up to full price £10 in Nov/Dec so its about half price and means they will be arriving first week of December or there abouts. ..Back to the trip caught my best ever catch on first cast this week came in at just over 4lbs. Good start to the week.
  8. motherof2

    Christmas has come early....

    Just had the call from our agent to say that our house stuff is being delivered on Thursday morning. One day short of eight weeks door to door.:biggrin::biggrin:
  9. Hi there.. looking at coming on the business 457 visa but need ideas on where to go to for sponsors.. I am looking for work in the child care field. Any thoughts or ideas? looking for the newcastle to sydney areas thanks janine
  10. Just thought i would share this site with you as we have found it very helpful this last couple of years. You choose 2 ways to be contacted , we personally choose e-mail and text (text will work even if we have no power) and if a BAD storm, flood, anything weather related is headed your way they contact you to tell you so you can either take precautions or get out. This is the link to their website - http://www.ewn.com.au/ Cal x
  11. Shame on me for watching the first half at home but I did push myself to walk down Elizabeth Street at 6 am to watch the 2nd half in The Triple Aces (5 other guys had turned up but none were drinking beer!) Afterwards I had a 2nd breakfast with a couple of them back up E St - is it the Centennial Plaza? That ugly three-block complex full of cold-wind tunnels - it was chilly today too. Might have to go back to bed now though!
  12. Time4change

    Very Early stages - advice please???

    Hi All - I've a shed load of questions, and don't really know where to start, so any advice is welcome. We're in the extremely early stages of considering a move as an opportunity for a job transfer has come up. But - we know very little about the Melbourne area! So, I'm throwing self on your mercy and begging you for as many titbits of information you have, that would have helped you when you moved, or what I should be considering and all things like that. ? i've 2 small children so have to consider schools and stuff too. What's the cost of living like compared to the UK do you know? (I've done an online shop with "Coles" and for basics it seems pretty comparable - obviously delivery from there to Southend in the UK would bump it up a bit ;-) Looking on the net, things like car insurance/tax seem high, but that's only an average - can anyone shed any light on things like insurance costs and other living costs compared to the UK? Even things like - would my childrens Nintendo Ds work? Would any of my electricals work!? (food mixer etc). What's worth taking initially, and what's worth dumping before leaving because it's cheaper to buy out there than store/ship? We're not expecting perfection but we're not totally naive, this opportunity has come up and it seems too good not to take, but we want to make sure we've at least some idea what we're potentially going to! Thanks for your time...any advice on where I should even start would be great :-) Thank you Tanya
  13. Hi all, my student visa expires on mar 2012 but i managed to complete my course earlier due to credits from another course. Do i need to apply for a bridging visa or will the student visa remain valid till mar 2012. a bit confused as i am hearing different things from different people. I have yet to do ielts and ACS assessment so i cant apply for TR straight away Thanks.
  14. Guest

    Medicals Early July.

    Hi poms, Our Medicals shipped to Sydney on 1st of July. But still Medicals status is shown as Required. My agent said that HOC is still processing medical received in early June. Any one knows an update on this? OR Did any one called HOC recently? :wub: Many Thanks, Horizone
  15. Hi We are mvoing over to Perth Early September to begin our new life and are looking for a Possibly short term rental or ongoing. It has to be furnished initially until we get settled in. Does anybody have or know of a rental that maybe available at all. We need a least for 4 weeks. 8 weeks would be better. We have a upto 4k budget Aud as company is paying to start us of. Any help PLEASEEEEEE
  16. Hi guys we have our 176 visa application in with the DIAC and have now turned our minds to actually living in OZ and the cost etc. We have two children currently aged 9months and 3 years old and are probably looking to move over to Perth metro area (Rockingham initially) this time next year. I know our eldest will be able to start Kindy/pre-school depending on his age at time of move but I'm wondering what sort of childcare is available for our youngest as I would like to be able to work myself once we've settled down. I was wondering what the current costs for childcare are how availble places are many thanks for your thought Est
  17. Is it wrong to drink champagne this early in the morning? I would usually say yes but today................................... I HAVE JUST BEEN GRANTED MY VISA. Cant explain how relieved after what feels like a slow painful journey. Dont know how some of you cope that wait for years.Good luck to all of you waiting and dont bother cheching your screen daily because ours was never updated until granted.:biglaugh::biggrin::laugh::cool::yes:
  18. We are returning to UK and have to break our lease. We are currently renting a two bedroom townhouse in Black Forest, it is close to the train and tram so easy to get into Adelaide for work, only 10 minutes and the public transport here is very reliable. 15 minutes drive to the beach at Glenelg. Black Forest is very quiet and we have very good neighbours. This house would suit a couple or family with one child, sorry but they don't allow pets. The house has recycle airconditioning, and a secure carport. Both bedrooms have large built in wardrobes. The rent is $290 per week, which is very good for this area, similar properties are going for $320 or more.We have spoken with the agent and she has confirmed that 290 price. If you are interested let me know and I will give you the agents details. We move out on 4th August so I am sure it good be ready pretty quickly after that.
  19. We are hoping to move to Canberra in August this year - we have already used our extra allowance as we have validated and now we will be stuck with 20kg as hoping to fly with Singapore (will try and get the extra 5kg some have got ...) Our things will be shipped 2-3 weeks before we fly, we are then stopping off at Singapore and expect to be in Canberra for 6 weeks before our shipping arrives. We think we are going to need more clothes and shoes (including interview outfits) and possibly a printer for job/house applications etc so are considering sending a box over early with these items in. Sevenseas will charge £120 for one tea-chest box. Has anyone else done this or do you make do with what you can put in your case?? Maybe I'm overly worrying!! Any tips appreciated!!
  20. I filed the visa in person on June 6, 2011. They stated to me at that time someone would contact me- clearly the case officer in 2-3 weeks from that time. I received a receipt email that they have it and noted a case number and case officer in the email on June 9, 2011. Today is July 7, 2011. That is just about a month. As most of you are aware in the system generated receipt email it says not in my nest interest to contact them first etc etc. This is for a prospective marriage visa so you guys may understand that I am eager to hear what is going on. Any advice? Thanks!
  21. Hi, My British husband is on a temporary spousal visa which he activated by entering Australia in July 2010. This means we have to wait 2 years before applying for his permanent visa. I am now 7 months pregnant and due in August 2011. I thought that once our baby is born, my husband could apply immediately for his permanent visa, and we would not have to wait the full 2 years (and as a family have the security of his permanency). We have spoken to others in the same situation who got their permanent visa early (thats what they told us anyway). I called Australian Immigration, the man I spoke to seemed vague and unsure, but said he thinks my husband still have to wait the full 2 years to apply for permanency. Can anyone offer us some advice? Once our baby is born can my husband apply early for his permanent Aussie visa? Thanks for your time! Fredandginger:confused: If it is possible, what branch of Aussie immigration do I contact?
  22. I am just about at the point of accepting a job offer as a nurse with visa sponsorship and am totally torn as to wether it is the right thing to do, probably a good thing I am having these thoughts before starting the process and paying anything out, but I am really stuck on what decsion to make firstly i should probably tell you a bit about my background I am a nurse and live in Scotland with my hubby and 2 kids who are 9 and 7. We have no close family whatsoever, my parents are down in Yorkshire, hubby's parents are over in Cyprus, we have had no family support for the past 6 years since moving to Scotland. We don't own a home and rent a 2 bed flat which isn't ideal by any means with 2 growing kids of opposite sexes, but there is very little else to rent in this area and no prospects of buying anything in the near future. We had a bankruptcy 8 years ago and although it is spent and supposedly off the record it still impacts on our life and means that we have no chance of getting a decent mortgage (not that we have a deposit anyway) Saying that we live in a lovely town, my kids go to an excellent school and honestly I am settled here in many ways and I have lots of close friends here something i never seemed to have in all the other places in the UK we have lived. We moved up to Scotland with hubbys job but he was made redundant 2 years ago and i took over the role of breadwinner going back to working full time as a nurse, hubby has had no luck even securing part time work to bring in extra pennies but he does have his own business doing IT repairs, website design etc. It is by no means a lucrative business bringing in millions but he ticks over and it helps. I have done well in my career since going back to nursing after having 4 years working just casual bank shifts and a year ago i pretty much got my dream job and I love my work and I have aspirations of where i would like to take it in the future. Of all the slagging off the NHS gets I have to say that NHS Scotland is not a bad company to work for at all. So I would say that in no way are we living an excelent life here in the UK, don't own a home, we manage to get by every month and do have occasional treats, but generally we are happy, I have a great job and I hope that eventually we could get a break and start to have a bit more of a comforatble life. We have thought about moving to Oz on and off for a few years now, we are not expecting to suddenyl be rich or wealthy and have everything one could dream of but we would like to have an adventure, experience life in another country etc and it seems sensible to do it whilst the kids are young and we have no real ties here in the UK, but i still can't help having that feeling that it could all go terribly wrong. One of main worries is financial. We don't have a lot of money, we can scrape together the costs of moving over there but we would be going with practially no money behind us, just enough to survive really until the first pay check comes in. Hubby would try to establish his business again over in Oz i think as it would be most practical from a childcare point of view (as it is in the UK) but we would cross the bridge with him working/childcare etc once over there. I wold be working full time as a nurse and with my level of experience i would be on the top of the RN pay so i estimate approx 80K per year with shift allowances etc. I haven't been converting it to it's equivalent in GBP because i don't feel that appropriate as we will be earning and spending $. What i have been doing is trying to omapre percentage of wages for living costs eg. % of my wage we pay currently to rent here in the UK vs % of my wage to rent in Oz and for a less percentage we can get a bigger house, with a garden adn wher the kids can have a room of their own, nothing flash but that is all we require. As for food etc we will have to budget but we are used to that anyway, we already make meal lists, buy specials etc. My other worry is my job, as i said before i love the job i do at the moment, however i hav been through some pretty roughtimes in my career to get where i am now and have thought of packing it in on many occasions, due to bullying etc. I have finally managed to get a promotion to a band 6 on a fantastic ward, and I'm worried that I might hate nursing in Oz, might hate my new workplace and might never get back to the level i am at now and then i will regret the move. My hubby has suprised me a little in all of this. He has always been very laid back about it saying whatever he will go along with, he's happy to move if i am as he feels we have no prospects here in the UK, but I always had a bit of feeling he was not 100% behind the move and if it all went wrong then it would be my fault and could cause problems, however since telling him I am not sure i want to go through with it, he has come across as quite dissapointed. As you ca tell I am really torn here and there is no major pros or cons as to why i can se but something just hit me the other day and made me panic. Thanks for reading if you have got this far and i welcome any kind of advice or reassurance you can give me
  23. Wonderingaloud

    Shipment arrived early?

    Hi our container left the Uk heading for Brisbane on 1st Febuary. We were advised 10-12 weeks so had arranged accommodation and other things from our personal circumstances to be ready to have the goods delivered without having to pay storage/ extra costs. We had an email from the rep in Brisbane yesterday that our container has arrived, 7 weeks to the day it left. :eek: Now I know it's odd me moaning when most people are desperate for their containers but we don't fly out until 3rd April and have 4 weeks temp accommodation, we won't get into a rental until may which means we will be hit by quite a nice size bill for storage, storage insurance, and storage handling...:unsure: Anyone got any experience of this? And any chance I can claim somehow from the shipping company for the storage expenses? Long shot I know..... Just tell me to shut up if I am being ungrateful and just be glad my container is there:embarrassed:
  24. Hi I am moving to Sydney in early March and need to find some short term accomodation so that I can then start the house hunt. I am a single, early 30s, female and will be working in the CBD to start, but in time will be working in CBD / North Sydney and Parramatta so I need somewhere with good transport links. Budget is $300pw. Can anyone recommend any short term accomodation? Is finding a house share easy? Thanks K
  25. Guest

    Selling house too early ?

    Hi Guys Our 175 was lodged 18th October 2010 and put our 3 Bedroom house up for sale shortly after. Today we had a viewing and they like the house and would like to come back for a second viewing, but I dont know if we are doing this waaaaay to early or not, should we wait at least we get a CO, what are you guys doing ? I cant see our visa being granted before the 24 month mark with the way things are. We love our house and have only lived here for 1 1/2 years but have done so much to it and its on the market for the price we bought it for so we wont be walking away with more than 15K at best and we`d be renting somewhere untill the 175 came through but my concern is realisticly theres no idea how long we`d be waiting I have no faith in the DIAC timescales. erm, help? suggestions please. :eek: Thanks Matt and Jess