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Found 47 results

  1. Hi there, I'm a British Citizen from the UK moving to Oz to work as a doctor in August. I'm applying via the 457 visa and have all my sponsorship and nomination approved just need to complete the personal visa. It is a requirement of the 457 visa to have adequate health insurance upon application. Australia has a reciprocal health agreement with the UK in which I would be eligible to apply for a medicare number. This can only be done once in Oz. The Australian immigration website states: "If you are overseas, you must arrange adequate insurance for your initial period in Australia and provide evidence of this insurance as part of your application. You may be eligible to then enrol with Medicare once you are in Australia. Being enrolled with Medicare is sufficient to comply with visa condition 8501." My question is: Would health insurance for 1 month qualify as adequate insurance for my initial period in Oz prior to enrolling with Medicare? If not then what is a reasonable period of time? Is there any level of cover that must be met? Any recommendations or advice would be really appreciated! Thanks JK
  2. Guest

    Problems with e457 system?

    Hi, everyone. I paid for and lodged my e457 application last night. Unfortunately my browser crashed before I could print out the application forms and payment receipt... I've tried to access the system today to attach documents and to check progress (obviously there will be none so far but I wanted to check that it had been lodged etc.) and I can't log in. I have put in my TRN and put in the password and other details but I cannot access my application for love nor money. Has anyone had similar problems or any advice as to how I can get around this? I'm obviously quite concerned given that I have paid the visa fee and would like to attach documents swiftly to try to speed up the process! Thanks in advance for any thoughts or comments. db3006
  3. I've only been in my job a week and I'm realizing it's not for me. I did my interview when I was back in the UK over the phone so I wasn't a 100% sure what I was getting into. The job and the area just isn't right for me. I'm bored stiff. I'm now applying for the job I want near the city, I'm a city girl. I'm a nurse with acute poly-trauma ward experience applying for an ED Job. The state has sponsored me and I'm applying within the same state. Anybody done this? If so was it an easy process or is it a nightmare? Would love to hear from anyone here, not just nurses. Sorry us nurses seem to hog this great site. :wacko: Thanks in advance! x
  4. hi guys i am planning a move from nz to australia on an e457 visa . got job offer in 1st week of oct ,haven't applied for e457 yet as my hubby's pp needed renewal.my employer hasn't applied for sponsorship or nomnation either as i haven't submitted pp copies yet. i will have my pp on 21/11/11 and send a copy to the employer then .my question is can i organise the medicals before actually applying for e457 as i feel things are not going to move any quicker with christmas and NY holidays approaching.my start date at my new job is on 16 th of January.I AM REALLY WORRIED PLS HELP:arghh:
  5. benandkelly

    Aaaaaaaargh... e457 visa problems

    Lodged e457 visa application this morning but had some problems with the internet. The visa application is lodged and paid for but now I cant upload any documents. Is it me doing something wrong or is this normal?
  6. Hi i have lodged an e457 application and as yet not been assigned a case officer but have already booked our medicals. Can anyone help please on what i should take with me as i cannot download the 26EH or 160EH forms as it says you will automatically get the link when you are assigned a case officer. The medicals are next week and beginning to panic as it may not be possible without the forms. Help!!!:unsure:
  7. keith056

    E457 medicals

    Hi Poms in Oz, We have completed all the medicals we were asked too by our CO, problem we have is that the hospital logged them online instead of by post. Big question is will this matter or will I need to get in touch with the CO and tell them or do they get an automatic notification that something has been logged or changed. Thanks in advance :hug:
  8. Guest

    E457 granted!!!!!!

    Hi Everyone, Well everyone I decided to do the daily ritual of checking my e457 visa process and would you believe it.....it came up APPROVED..lol :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: We placed our lodegement on the 07/05/11 and was officially granted 06/06/11. My OH is a murse so it was only her that needed a full medical. Well I am just off to book them flights with a hot brew in hand!.... Many thanks to everyone on this site as you have all been fantastic and I will keep on posting any information I can to help others in the way that I have been helped! Thanks again everyone:wink::wink::wink: Si & Gem x
  9. Hi guys, I'm in the process of applying online for an e457 visa and need some advice about the documents that have to be attatched. Can I send pdf copies of my original documents or do I have to get copies certified and then pdf the certified copies to attach to the application? Thanks for any help. T
  10. Guest

    e457 Question

    Does anyone know who can certify documents? I can't find anything on DIAC website.
  11. keith056

    E457 lodged

    Well folks thats the e457 lodged today :biggrin: still to do medicals and waiting on the police checks coming back..........Let the waiting begin :wideeyed:
  12. keith056


    Hi folks, another question for the world of Poms in Oz, My better half has been waiting for AHPRA registration for about 7 months now :arghh:, she has a TRN for her visa but we have not started the online process as we wanted to wait untill the registration had been granted. Question is can we start the online process without the registration letter or are we better waiting untill we have the nod from AHPRA. Cheers for now
  13. I *think* I lodged my e457 last week. Looking at the online checking thing, there has been no progress beyond "processing has commenced". The last screen after completing payment, I'm really sure I saw a couple of tickboxes; one definitely said something like "Have you finished uploading documents?". Like an idiot, I closed one of the other windows in the background, which shut down the whole lot before I had chance to read it. I've since uploaded all my documents and obviously it's paid for, but I'm just a bit paranoid that DIAC are waiting for me to 'tick a box' that I can't now access before they start processing. Any advice?
  14. We are going out on a full employer sponsorship (e457) and have sent off our part of the Visa application. Does anyone have any idea how long we will wait for it to be granted?
  15. sm79

    e457 supporting documents

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked many many times but I'm having trouble finding information via the search function. I have submitted the 457 online and am gathering documents to attach. I'm a bit unsure exactly what I should be attaching (defacto evidence etc) so was hoping someone has information/a link to the relevant page/form on the immi website or similar (or info from personal experience). I have obviously looked through the immi site and 457 information but cant find what I'm looking for. Thanks
  16. Hi Guys, I am new to pomsinoz. I was on a working holiday visa last year in Oz and came home to find out (what I already knew) that there is NO WORK :swoon: where im from for me or anyone else. I worked as a QS for a 6 month duration in Melbourne and on returning home I contacted the Oz company to see if sponsorship was possible. Happy days yes it was, so on the 10/01/11 the Oz company submitted the employee nomination to the DIAC for approval. The Oz company already has the Employer Sponsorship aggreement sorted so it should be straight forward. On my end, I gathered all the information needed for the visa application= Certification of Degrees, Police Checks, (no meds required because of a low risk country), passport I.D., CV, References, medical insurance certificate, work experience etc... Ready to roll.... With me being a QS i have obtained a QS degree and a seperate Construction Management Degree, so I relised that I need a skills assessment from the AIQS. I submitted the application form with the certified degrees on the 14/01/2011 to the AIQS. I recieved a response immediatly stating that the assessment is in motion and will take up to 4 weeks to process. On reading other peoples comments on this site, nomination approval can take as little as 5 days from the DIAC. If I recieve nomination before my skills assessment returns (hopefully positive), can I submit my visa application online? Without having the skill approved. If so do I indicate the date of my skills assessment application as well as the authorities name assessing the skill? The paper Visa Application also asks for a 'Skills Assessment Identification Number'. Is that a number given to me on the assessment approval email/letter or is that the ANZSCO number? If anyone has experience or knowladge please let me know as I am bursting at the seams to get this out the door. I have worked hard on getting it together but now im twiddling my thumbs in anticipation waiting on the DIAC and AIQS. :SLEEP: Cheers in advance, Kbo
  17. Hi folks, Just wondering if my employer sent in a paper Sponsorship and Nomination if Ii can submit for the 457 online? (I don't want to wait for post etc; my employer submitted paper apps as they were advised they take the same time to be evaluated) And also if there's any benefit to submitting in either way? Also my employer hasn't had the sponsorship approved yet nor has my nomination been accepted, but both have been submitted and he has a CO assigned and is preparing further information for DIAC. I'm eager to get the 457 submitted, I have everything almost in order (awaiting a few letters as I'm front loading, they should be here next week) and I want to try and get ahead of the festive rush/ holidays. Do people generally wait for the sponsorship and nomination to come through before submitting? or do i just bang it in and sit back and wait? :unsure: Any advice most appreciated! :wubclub: Ta! Caz
  18. chalkyhill

    e457 - Have we missed any documents?

    Hey all, We have just had our employer sponsor number and have started the application - We have attached the following documents : Birth Certificates Mortgage agreement (We are a 'defacto' couple) Rental agreement (2005 to prove we have been together a while) OH'S CV (She is the primary applicant) Private healthcare insurance confirmation Sponsor confirmation letter from Wa Health board General Medical Council certificate proving the OH is registered Australian Medical Council OH'S contract for job in Perth Copies of passports It is all a bit confusing as there is no checklist of exactly what is required - however does anyone think we have missed something?
  19. loubylou475

    e-457 granted!!

    I know I don't post on here much but we've been mad busy since OH was offered a sponsorship on 1st April. Agent lodged our application on 21st April and e-mail came through with approval today!! 8 days - must be something of a record! I just wanted to say to anyone who's worried about convictions such as drink-driving offences - OH was convicted in 1996 - we were honest in our application and I uploaded clear PCCs even though they weren't asked for. We've not been asked any questions and dont even need medicals. Sold the house too this week so on countdown now! Good luck to everyone else, Lou.:biggrin:
  20. Guest

    Help with e457 Visa

    Hi Guys I am applying for a Subclass 457 - Business (Long Stay) visa and have received a 'Request for Further Information'. I have specifically been asked for the following: For Myself: [ ] Passport personal particulars/photo (bio-data) page [ ] Evidence of relationship with your partner [ ] Evidence of overseas qualifications [ ] Evidence of work experience [ ] Curriculum Vitae or résumé [ ] Proof of Health Insurance My Partner: [ ] Passport personal particulars/photo (bio-data) page [ ] Proof of Health Insurance My Son: [ ] Full birth certificate [ ] Passport personal particulars/photo (bio-data) page [ ] Proof of Health Insurance I am a little surprised I have not yet been asked for my meds. Does this come later in the process? If so is it worth me organising them now anyway? (For further information I am going to be working for an IT Consultancy, my partner is the manager of a travel agents but will be looking for work on our arrival and my son is 16 months old.) Cheers J
  21. :confused: Hi, My husband is being transferred from his UK office to the office in Brisbane via a E457 visa, all our paperwork is now in via his companys agent - Marriage Cert, Passports, Medical Insurance ( costing alot ) Neurologists Report for my epilepsy, doctors letter to confirm i am ok to leave the UK as my condition is medically controlled, all his companys supporting documents for the his role, so we are now living with his parents awaiting approval of our visa, does anyone know how long (the company agent has received Approval of Nomination ) will it take for our visas to be approved? We have not been asked to provide any kind of X-Rays as i have read in a few forums, we are both in the I.T industry, so i am not sure if we require one?? We are aged 25 and 26, married for 6 months and no children. We are desperate to go now :arghh: and just want a date to get out of here!!! :cute: Anyone else been in the same position, who would be able to give us a timeframe? Thank you Claire and Marcus
  22. Guest

    457 Visa Approved in 4 weeks

    Hi I havnt been a member here long but just wanted to share my great news:laugh: I have had my e457 Visa approved today in exactly 4 Weeks ( I am A nurse) , over the Moon. Perth here we come, Good luck to everyone still waiting, hang on in there. Dawn:jiggy:
  23. Guest

    e457 granted!!!

    just got the excellent news that our 457 visa has been approved.... YIPPEE!!!!!!!! Melbourne here we come! wondering if it is too early in the day to open the bottle of bubbly that has been patiently chilling in the fridge since we submitted our application?! better wait until hubby gets home (especially as he is the main applicant!) all gone through v. quickly.... lodged application 4th July, attached documents 6th July, visa approved 20th July! 16 days..... OMG, we have got so much to do before we go! incidentally we didn't need to get medicals or police checks done so if you are thinking of front loading these be sure that you are likely to be asked for them... guess it depends on what your job is?! right, off to run around with big grin on my face! Clare
  24. Hi, First post on here although I have gained much advice from reading these forums :-) We submitted our e457 application on 21st July 2009, the status is "Application received - processing commenced"....We have submitted the application and attached as much documentation via .pdf as we have. My question: Do we go ahead and arrange for our meds or will we be contacted and asked to go ahead when they are ready? I am concerned that they are waiting for the meds although I am waiting for them to contact me! Any advice is very welcome! Thanks Nathan
  25. collie 1979

    e457 employer sponsor

    hello, ive just been offerd a job by a employer in melbourne who has not yet been aproved as a sponsor e457 visa,has anyone got any info about the process please as i im already to go my end?