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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, We are looking to move to Oz from the UK next year, but have no real idea of schools. We were wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations. We are ideally looking at a secondary school with smaller classes, good pastoral care and a strong awareness of special educational needs. Both our kids have dyspraxia and slow processing, one has mild dyslexia, the other dyscalculia. They score very highly on cognitive tests, though. The state we end up in largely depends on which job I get, but probably one of Qld/SA/ACT. Visas are no problem, since the kids are Australian citizens through me (their Mum). Any suggestions/recommendations would be gratefully received! Thanks, Clare
  2. Hi, I am completely new to this and have come here to see if anyone else is having the same problems we are. We moved to Melbourne nearly a year ago with our two children 8 and 6. We've noticed now that our 8 year old daughter is really starting to struggle at school and has all the classic symptoms for dyslexia, however much to our dismay we have found that it is not 'recognised' here or as the school put it to me, there are those who thinks it exists and those who dont. I got the distinct impression she was in the latter camp!!! Anyway, we've had her privately assessed and our worries confirmed, but we dont want to pay $2,500 for 7 days worth of private assistance only to have it undone by the school (who are now going to get her assessed by a psychologist). As anyone else out there come across the same thing as we really don't know what to do for the best. Any help, advice, recommendations, forums etc would be most welcome. Thanks
  3. andyjackie

    dyslexia in oz schools

    Hi new to pominoz hope to be moveing to qld or wa early 2012 does any body have information how oz schools deal and cater for dyslexic children as our son who is 8yrs old is dyslexic :unsure:
  4. Ahhhh, please can soemone help me as I am so worried and confused! Our Visa paper work has just been sumbitted and we are nearly there, job offer the lot! We have just found out my son is Dyslexic! I am soo worried as so many people have told be Oz schools dont help children with special learing needs. Does anyone know if this is correct?? Im hoping to move around Berwick and want a school that would offer my son some support liek what he gets in the UK! Im that worried about it Im even considering not leaving the UK as my priority is my child. He is 10 years old and would be going into year 5. Please can anyone help me as Im worried Im going to be make the wrong decission for his future. Thank you :confused::confused::confused: a very confused and worried parent!!!
  5. I was just wondering how in demand a SEN teacher is in NSW at present. They seem to be a little behind the UK in terms of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia etc I have tried to look for associations such as Dyslexia Action and BDA but there doesn't seem to be any. If anyone has any experience of this I would be grateful for any advice or comments!
  6. cornish78

    IELTS and dyslexia

    Hi Has anyone attempted the IELTS with (quite severe) dyslexia and managed to get 7 in each part? We are 10 points short, and hoping for state sponsership in time before the changes, but as a back up plan my OH is wondering whether he should take it, but he is dyslexic and really struggles with reading and writing. We've asked about having special arrangements but the local university have said that will take 13 weeks to consider and we don't have that time! Just wondering if anyone else had managed it..
  7. Hi, My eldest daughter has some issies, she was born prematurely and whilst in most ways she is absolutely fine we have some behavioural isses and the school think that its a bit unusual that despite being about 3 1/2 years ahead intellectually she cannot write properly yet can spell and read fine. She is being looked at for Dyslexia and dyspraxia and our Educational psychologist has said she has autistic traits. However she is not keen to get a diagnosis as she says it will label her unnecessarily as it is very low level. My concern is that I have read about a number of visas being turned down with conditions such as these. I don't know whether its worth delaying any intervention so we can et a visa but then am I stiffling her needs, also would this be picked up ina medical anyway, particuarly with the involvement of the educational psychologist already? (I am guessing schools may nee dto do reports????) Also, and this is me clutching at straws, I am married to an Australian citizen by descent, my eldest daughter is from a previous marriage and I have 2 children with my husband. We are applying for a spouses visa for me and the children, my ex has given permission for my eldest to go. What I am wondering is if the medical situation varies sligtly from visa to visa. For eg I can understand why they may refuse a whole family under a gsm catergory etc for a condition such as these? But would they maybe look more favourable on the fact its an Australian returning to oz with his family (even tho he has never been lol) Said I was clutching at straws!!!!!!! Just worried they'll say no becasue she isn't his daughter.
  8. Guest


    Hi, my son has been diagnosed with dyslexia. Can anyone tell us what the policy is for this in primary schooling etc. Does he have to attend a special needs school?. We are waiting for our visa's so hope to move this Christmas. Any help would be very appreciated.
  9. knsc

    Dyslexia help in schools

    Does anyone have information on what help is available for a child with Dyslexia in oz schools both public and private, I am looking for detailed information rather than just that a school has a learning support unit. I have been searching the internet and expat forums but when this question is asked there seems to be no answers or the answer is to general and not on the topic, I am sure there are a lot of parents with kids that would like to know. So if there are any teachers or learning support teachers that can give a clear and detailed answer please help as our move to Australia depends on whether we can find the help my son needs to succeed or not. Thanks Knsc
  10. We are due to move to Adelaide in September and currently trying to choose our suburb. This will mainly be dictated by the availability of a good school. Currently in the UK Myles is 12 and in a main stream high school where he is doing really well. The school specialises in Business and Enterprise and has a strong focus on every child achieving their own maximum potential. We choose this school as the Head Master made it clear that this was his goal, and not just focussing on the A+ Students. Does anyone have any schools/websites they can offer as a suggestion where we will be able to settle Myles? Likely to be looking at Western and Eastern Suburbs around the CBD from the coast across to the foothills. Have looked at Henley high school, but it is very difficult to really judge a school on a web site alone. Many thanks