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Found 9 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Fish Dying in Cape York River

    Over 1000 fish were found dead last week in a Cape York river, most of them were barra and jewfish, still no idea why, they say it could be the weather but come on surely this wouldn't kill all those fish would it?
  2. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/newshome/9253693/divorce-sick-wife-doctor-told/
  3. Hi, Please can someone help. My husbands kids (from a past relationship) mother has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They are 18 & 23. We have been state sponsored and have just been requested to go for the medicals. Is there anyway we can add them to the visa application as dependants so they can come with us or is it too late. We have not mentioned them coming with us yet as we did not want to get their hopes up. As you can imagine it is a terrible time for us all but I could really do with knowing what the options are - many thanks
  4. Hi, I'm in Oz on a 457 visa expiring in a few months. Basically the place I'm working at is going down the toilet. Although my visa will allegedly be renewed its not a pleasant place to work at the moment. Long story short, the boss is sh*gging 1/4 of the staff (allegedly), sacking or being abusive to another 1/4 and the remaining 1/2 of the company including me are just plain p*ssed off and miserable. I think it will be only a matter of time until the **** hits the fan and the department gets closed down or disintegrates. I applied for PR 175 as soon as applications reopened in July 2010 and so far have heard nothing. I think I'm category 3, Analyst/Programmer but have had no confirmation of this or heard anything about my application, nor do I expect to given the backlog. I know I could be earning a lot more as a contractor and I'm getting sick of not having the freedom to choose who I work for. I feel completely trapped since the 457 binds me to my employer. Is it quick/easy to arrange new 457 sponsorship so I can stay in the country? Any advice from other PIOers? I'm going out of my mind waiting for the 175 to come through!! Apologies for the ranting long post, I'd rather not use my name in-case I'm identified! Thanks Raging of Adelaide :arghh::arghh::arghh:
  5. Hi Everyone, Am full of questions today. My OH is busy at the moment filling in his RPL for ACS as he didnt finish his degree years back : ( So in the meantime I feel useless, I am dying to de-clutter the house and I am not a hoarder so its pretty tidy everywhere. Its the garages and the loft mainly I want to get them decluttered, and books and toys, clothes etc I know we are way off applying for the visa (when the ACS give us a thumbs up) do you think its too early to start clearing out?? Also I am thinking of selling my beautiful car and riding around in a banger so we can put the money from the car into the bank. The neighbours will think we have fallen on hard times hee hee lots of curtain twitching I expect!! I don,t want to leave everything to the last few months and have a mad panic ....add to this when is the best time to put our house up for sale, would you say as you apply for the visa, before, after???????????? Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions this site in totally invaluable and also very addictive I am spending way too much time on here.....:eek:
  6. Hi all I'm new to this so please bear with me. My story for wanting to start a new life is Oz is essentially a love story. I've known my partner for 17 years, we went to college and were best friends, but I could never tell her I loved her because she had a long-term partner whom she eventually married. Instead I stayed silent for years because she said she was happy and I didn't want to lose our freindship. A few years later I married, and about 3 years ago both our marriages broke down. When my partner came back to the UK for a holiday in 2009 we met up for a catch-up and kissed for the first time. I told how I'd felt about her for years. It was such a relief and to be honest I thought she'd freak out, but she didn't and she said maybe we could see what would happen in time. When she went back home to Sydney we spoke on the phone every day ... our record remains a 27-hour long chat - thank God for Skype!!! We phone each other twice a week, text each other dozens of times a day and chat on FB and Skype whenver we can. Not sure how things would develop between us, I went to Australia for the first time last April and things went great ... I've been back four times since but so far all options for me to get a Visa have failed ... and options are running out fast. I'm still going through a divorce - a really messy one from my previous marriage - have applied for hundreds of jobs and had feedback saying get a Visa and you get a job from many potential employers - it's so frustrating. We're so desperate to be together and have even thought about applying for a de facto visa although we have never lived together and the more times goes on the more tense the situation becomes. She really is my life. I can't imagine being without her. I'm desperate to start a new life together with her. She is settled in Australia and I have no ties in the Uk - only mountains of debt run up by my ex - so it makes sense for me to go there, if I can. Does anyone have any advice they can offer before my dream dies? Is there a way to a visa we haven't thought of? Is it worth trying for a de facto visa and telling our story to immigration and hope they grant us the chance we crave? Please help if you can. I'm desperate. Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for offering any advice.
  7. rockola57

    Your dying day!Here or the UK.

    Hiy y'all, I was just wondering where you would prefer to spend your last years Here in Australia,or back where you once belonged :unsure:?
  8. kernow43

    This is a day of celebs dying

    Celebrity chef Keith Floyd dies I can't believe this guy has gone,he was a real hard celeb in his field! BBC NEWS | UK | Celebrity chef Keith Floyd dies
  9. How excited am I, doing a night shift, just checked and we have our visa - feel like screaming with excitement! We are on our way:biglaugh:. Now the fun begins all over again:jiggy: