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Found 38 results

  1. asimon

    UK DVD player

    Has anybody figured out a way to make UK DVD players recognise AU DVD'S
  2. Guest

    TV and DVD pplayers

    Will my LCD TV work and my hard disc recorder or not? Steggy2
  3. cartertucker

    Dvd question!

    If we take DVD's with us, do we need to take a UK Dvd player? :unsure: Would they work on Australian Dvd players? :unsure:
  4. bensdad

    living down under dvd's

    right i have 2 dvd's i bought for £15 each from livingdownunder.co.uk Gold Coast & Queensland Perth Free to a good home, please only ask for them if you genuinely want to research these areas. please dont ask for both thats greedy :policeman: the best begging reply posted on this thread by saturday night wins, just title your reply either qld or perth. have fun :jiggy:
  5. fluxsta

    TV and DVD compatability in Oz?

    This has been asked before but I am still unclear as to what the solituion is? I found this posted on GoMatilda but am unclear as many people say that their UK TV's work over there? Televisions and video recorders made for the UK will not work in Australia, because the frequency of the sound signal differs between the two countries - you might be able to tune into a TV station and see a picture, but you won't be able to hear the sound Any thoughts? Thanks
  6. Jackboots

    DVD shipping from uk to Aus

    Anyone know of a good website for buying Dvd's and getting them shipped over here . the dvd uk tv series i want to buy is not available from Amazon at the moment and playuk don't ship here .. any others ?
  7. Guest

    TV, DVD Problems

    Sorry if this has been written before but I've been searching around for some time and can't find anything to help. I bought my large TV and DVD writer to Aus and obviously can't tune into the freeview channels here. The DVD writer will only play DVD's and play what's on the hard drive. It can't even find any tv channels at all. I bought a cheap set top box which gave me the additional channels but a bad picture. I emailed Sony to see if there was anything that I can buy/do to get this thing working and all they suggested was that I had to buy a new DVD writer. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do so that at least the DVD writer will pick up the terrestrial channels here so that I can record things. any help is appreciated as I've already spent many hours (hate to admit it) trying to get things working!!
  8. Guest

    Digital TV and DVD

    I actually live in New Zealand, but hope that the information I'm after is relevant to Australia too. I am planning on returning to the UK after 20 years here. Can anyone tell me if my digital TV and DVD will work in the UK? I know that when we moved out here we had to ditch our TV, but that was back in the old analogue days. I'm hoping digital technology works the same in the UK as NZ and Australia. Thanks!
  9. Hy guy's Apologies again as to why i've not posted on here for a while, been mega busy since we bought our house, little did i realise back in the UK that my semi detatched front lawn would be a doddle now compared to the overwhelming task each week i now endure..............still i'm NOT WHINGING lol just a slight moan. Ayway i have managed to De-Regionalise my English bought Samsung dvd player :jiggy: The other day we sat down to watch Elf, that someone had bought one of my boys for christmas here in Oz.........put it in and :arghh: didn't play wrong Region. So i did a bit of googling and managed to De-Regionalise it, i'm not sure how legal :policeman: it is to do but, well ? Anyway i decided to explore what other money saving ideas i could come up with as most of us whether over here or ready to come over will experience the same frustrations etc, and this is where some of my time has been spent as well. I have started to hand write my ideas down ready to put on a site i created, the site is new and i would appreciate your feedback. P.s the info for doing the dvd thing id all explained on there. Happy New Year by the way
  10. Still in wrapping, bought by mistake. In this DVD you will see the areas of: Sydney City The Rocks Manly Bondi Palm Beach Freshwater Cronulla Wollongong Terrigal You will find out about: getting a job and the tax system coping with the change in climate the cost of living the education system the medical systems whether to buy or build a house buying a car and the transport system if you can take your pet snakes and spiders shopping life at the beach and what to do in your spare time plus lots more! Worth £13 but selling for £10 ono
  11. tonyman

    Portable DVD Players

    whats the life span of these Base dvd players , we have(the children) 3 and only one just about works now,they have been hammered though and they are about 2yr old now roughly...............its nothing to do with the batteries as they are ok.........thanks .........
  12. does anyone have The Tribe Complete Series season 1 2 3 4 5 DVD in WA , if so please get in touch with me and do a deal .............nick
  13. Hi Was just wondering if any PIO members have seen / bought this DVD and would recommend. http://movingtoaustralia.webs.com/aboutthedvd.htm Cheers Claire
  14. Hi everyone, i thought you might like to see this as i was called yesterday Australian time to do a interview with Tessa Steven, she created the LivingDownUnder DVD'S 4 years ago. this is the link to the tv programme I was on yesterday i HOPE YOU ALL find it useful www.youtube.com
  15. Guest


    Hi, this is a bit of a random question but we were just wondering about dvd's and cd's in Oz. I believe Oz is region 4 for dvd's and we are region 2 and so they wont work over there. Any ways round this?? Can we save things to a pen/hard drive and take that over or would customs check and think we had broken copyright laws? Just got a lot of dvds and not sure wot to do with them! Thanks x :wideeyed:

    Living Down Under DVD's

    Evening all Can anyone point me in the right direction, I am trying to get DVD's of the Living Down Under series (so that we can at least see it as we won't get there till 2012!). Does anyone know of a website I can order them from? Can't find them any where. Also, does any one know when the new series will start? Thanks all Lynda
  17. cartertucker

    Living Down Under DVD...

    Im possibly going to buy one of these DVDs.....So thought i'd post the link, in case anyone else was interested? :wideeyed: http://www.livingdownunder.net/ Be good to hear from anyone that has already bought one too....:yes:
  18. Hi. It is my grans birthday next month so I thought that it might be nice to send her some pics and camcorder footage of our daughters and where we are living. She has a dvd player, so if I copy photos and camcorder footage from my laptop on to a dvd, will she be able to look at the photos on the dvd player/tv? We have a blu-ray thing so I'm not sure that if I test the theory on ours, it will work on hers. She doesn't have access to a computer very often and I don't want to send her a useless birthday present that she can't look at. Cheers!
  19. Lynandsean

    Living Down Under DVD's

    l have a copy of 'Living Down Under, Sydney, NSW' and 'Living Down Under, Gold Coast' that we no longer need and am happy to send these to anyone who might wanna look. l purchased these originally from Australian Emigration DVDs - Living Down Under and they are advertised as 'a real life view of everyday living in Australia for UK families considering making Australia home'. They are basically DVD's made on a home camcorder by a lady called Tessa Steven and are quite basic however they might prove useful for some people and dont really wanna bin em. Just PM me and l will post free of charge to first people to request them. Lyn x
  20. Guest

    recommend a dvd?

    hi guys we all know ozzie tv aint exactly hot lately weve been getting a few dvds out adn thought why dont we do a thread on recommend a film weve wztched and liked, i watched taken liam neeson this is fantastic film well worth watching plenty action the bank job british true story another 5 star well worth a watch and body of lies terrorism film russell crowe and leonardo de caprio all worth watching lesley x
  21. Guest

    Video & DVD players?

    Hi all We aren't taking any tv's with us but wondered if we needed to take uk video and dvd players with us so that the kids can play their films or would the tapes and discs work in aussie players? Also the same for stereo's? Any help would be great Mandy
  22. Guest

    will my dvd box sets work

    Hi all, can anyone tell me if my DVD box sets will work in Melbourne. Will I have to buy a new dvd player, or will mine be ok. Thanks in advance xx :wubclub:
  23. Dawn75

    DVD s ?

    Hi I know UK Tvs and fax machines dont work in Oz cause of frequency but what about DVD players and films on DVD that are bought here ? Only thought of it today as I was buying a DVD as a xmas present ?! Thanks Dawn :daydreaming:
  24. Guest

    DVD player

    Hi can anyone please help just wanted to know if a DVD player brought in the UK will work on an OZ telly? Thanks:skeptical:
  25. cartertucker

    Dvd's about moving to Australia

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any good Dvd's about moving to Australia? I buy all the books, magazines & am always researching on the net, but my husband isnt really into that, so I thought a Dvd would be perfect (also good for my eldest son) Kelly.:smile: