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Found 53 results

  1. I currently have a small investment in Physical Gold and have been told by the Customs Information and Support Centre that, because it isn't coinage in current use, (gold bars) that it would be subject to Goods and Services Tax on import but, given the fineness of the metal, they would be duty free. No details were given as to the percentage of value of GST that would be applied and I'm looking for any advice on what to do with it prior to making the move to oz or indeed any personal experience anyone has. If gold prices go up before I emigrate, no problem, I'll sell but if they don't... lol Thanks
  2. I came to OZ about 3 years ago on a working holiday visa and have since married an Australian and got my permanent residency. Now I'm settled here I thought that I would ship some of my personal effects that we didn't have room for, or the money to ship previously. I arranged a shipping company and it was all good. Now they are saying that because I haven't been out of the country for over a year (last time was a holiday to Fiji in 2010) I will get charged Duty and GST on all of my items that I'm shipping. Most of the items are of sentimental value only but there are a few bits like an old bike, stereo etc which are well over 5 years old but worth a little more. I am really just wondering if I would really have to pay GST and Duty on the goods just because it's been left so long to ship them? Is there any good resource that would have the answers I need? Any numbers I can call? I don't want to get charged loads in Duty as the goods are of little value. Any help would be gratefully received. Cheers Ross
  3. Hi I've been told that 1st time home buyers do not pay any stamp duty in WA? Can anyone confirm if this is correct or have i been led up the garden path?:skeptical:
  4. Guest

    car customs duty

    hi i have had a quote for my volvo v70 for shipping but what am i likely to pay at other end for tax... its prob worth less than 5k bought for 12k 5 years ago i hear it is 10% is this 10% of its value or original cost ...any info pls alan:confused:shipping uk to perth
  5. 'Fluff' was backed up all the way through the tube and poking its head out of the mouth of my vacumn. (Can a head poke out of a mouth, though?) As a bloke who lives on his own, my standards of cleanliness are somewhat 'relaxed' and I was quite content to generate a 'protective layer' between my carpet and my feet. It actually reminded me rather nostalgically of walking through the leaves on an Autumn day in The New Forest. I did consider being proactively 'green' and started to extract stuff out of the old bag until I realized I had a spare one.
  6. Guest

    The Call of Duty Thread

    OK guys. Share your thoughts on Call of Duty. Who's your favorite character? What's your favorite level? I have played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 & 2 and Blackops. Favorite character is Captain Price with Soap MacTavish a close second. I have completed both modern warfare 1 & 2 in veteran mode (don't ask the number of times my character died in the process). The only levels I couldn't do in veteran mode are the ferris wheel level, the airplane level at the very end of modern warfare 1 and the museum level at the end of 2. How many hours a day do you play it? Currently I don't play at all :sad:
  7. Help - I'm so confused!! I am due to settle on a piece of land on Monday and I keep reading/hearing different things about stamp duty concessions - I keep ringing my Conveyancer and e-mailing but she's either never in the office or sends e-mails back without answering the actual question. So I'm hoping someone on here may know the answer:- We have had properties before in the UK but they have been sold. The letter from my Conveyancer more or less reads that if we have had properties/land anywhere in the world before then we are not eligible for the stamp duty concession, however, then we read that if this is vacant land and we are to build on it within 2 years and it is the first land we have had in Australia then we may be eligible for a concession? Anyone know the answer? Thanks in anticipation. Kat :biggrin:
  8. derham

    Car import Duty

    Can any give me a rough idea what the import duty would be on a car worth $15k and I have owned it for 3 years?:wacko:
  9. dferri2000

    ACT Stamp Duty on cars

    Hi guys, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I'm only connecting by phone at the mo... What is the stamp duty on cars in ACT? I know its 3% in NSW and we are wondering whether to buy one while we are still travelling or whether to wait until we get to Canberra. Thanks! Sent from my HTC Wildfire using Tapatalk
  10. Smirfyduo

    First tour of duty!!

    Just recently back from our first trip back to the UK after moving to Aus!! BIL was getting married, so we made the effort and went over and caught up with all our mates and rellies as well as putting in an appearance at the wedding. It was a quickie – only 2 weeks in the UK, with 4 nights in Singapore on the way back.:goofy: Unfortunately, OH family and mine don’t live near each other, and our mates are even further afield so it meant a lot of travelling whilst in the UK as well. Add to that the fact that I came down with a good dose of tonsillitis at the end of week 1 and you will understand that we did not get off to a good start.:yes: On the plus side, there was an emergency doctor open over the weekend where my Mom lives, who saw me within 10 minutes of walking through the door. Minimal forms to complete, very quick and easy!! Had to go back again on the Monday – seen within 5 minutes of walking in – no appointment either time!! Very impressed.:wubclub: I must say, I had forgotten how pretty the UK country side is! It really was very green and looked lovely. We did not have the greatest weather while we were there – it was pretty chilly and overcast, but I think it only rained once in the whole 2 weeks. Apart from being good to see everyone, I think the trip was good for us as it reminded us a few things which we thought that we missed…. And maybe we don’t really miss some of them?? There were the silly things. The corner yoghurts with the crunchy bits – in my mind I remembered them to be much tastier!! Wotsits, Quavers, ginger nut biscuits – all sorts of little things that I thought that I missed and they turned out to be a disappointment when I got them! Then there were the not so silly things – friends who didn’t make the effort to meet up with us even though we had given them plenty of notice. We arranged a pub night and told our friends about it well in advance. Loads of people did come and it was great to see them, but there were a few people who didn’t, even though they said they would. Don’t get me wrong – it was great seeing everyone who came, but of all the people who did make the effort, those that didn’t were the ones that we thought we were closer to?? (2 weeks later and still haven’t heard from them either) Grandparents have gotten older, friends’ children have grown! But otherwise people seem to be getting on fine without us!! In fact a lot of them are doing the same things they were doing when we were there. (Not that I am knocking it!) It did feel like we were telling the same stories 500 times, but that was understandable because every one we saw asked similar questions. I remember when we arrived in Aus, we were blown away by how friendly people were. I distinctly remember our first shopping trip to Coles, and how friendly the cashier was. I think because of that, maybe I started to remember only the bad instances in the UK? Like everyone was rude and unfriendly all the time, and all Aussies were warm and welcoming ALL the time. While we were in the UK we ate out at loads of pubs and, apart from one waiter, everyone was great! Friendly, helpful, reasonably priced. It was good to be reminded of this. I certainly found that drivers are more courteous in the UK, and I found groceries in general to be cheaper than in Aus – but then to be fair, when we moved here I got $2.20 to £1, now we only paid $1.60 for £1. The specials in the supermarkets did seem really good value – I saw pork joints for £2.50 /kg Small things and really arbitrary examples of things, but heyho!! I guess this trip reinforced to us that the UK was not a bad place to live – and that the move to Aus, for us, has been a good thing, even though we still miss things about the UK.
  11. What the hell were the 'leaders' at the time thinking when they employed a person who likes the odd tipple to white line their country. WTF happened between the border of Victoria and NSW. I realise that it must have been one hell of a job, but there is no excuse for the dereliction of duty shown when such an important job had to be done, hiccup, excuse me. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  12. Guest

    Duty payable on Imported Car

    Hi, Moved down to NSW in Dec 2010, and loving it:wink: Getting our Household Goods down was little or no problem, thanks to Anglo-Pacific and the guys at Australian Vanlines. The Car however.....:wacko: I spent a day completing the Import Permit documentation in the UK, which included details of Purchase value of the car (in 2008) and current value. It wasnt an expensive car, just my Wife's "Baby" (Pug 206 convertible). The guidelines indicated that Import Duty would be based on this UK value converted in Aus$. So I was expecting a Bill for $500 mark. Not So:arghh: Having waited a Month for AQIS and Customs to get off their Fat Back sides, the Car was then valued at twice what we'd estimated, so my duty payment was $1000. That's on top of the $600 for Steam cleaning (dont bother doing this in UK, they'll sting you here anyway) and the $500 for AQIS/Customs Inspection etc. My wife will be glad to see her Baby, but to be honest, it's been far too much hassel. Dealing with AQIS and Customs who move at their own pace and seem to change the rules when it suits, and also using an inefficent local agent (OSS) who added 3-4 weeks delay thru incompetitence, I'd think twice about importing a car again.:swoon: I've worked out that the Car has spent more time in Aus Customs than it did on the Ship coming down here from UK! It arrived NSW March 6th, and we're still waiting for it to clear!:goofy: Moan over. Australia............We Love it here!:biggrin: Martin
  13. I am looking at buying some oakley sunglasses for our trip to melbourne, and wondered if they are cheaper to buy in duty free at heathrow, Kuala lumper or Melbourne airport or just in oz Hope someone can help please :biggrin:
  14. christopher

    Stamp Duty in the UK

    I am just wondering if anyone on here knows the rules with Stamp Duty in the UK. My wife and I will be buying a house outright on our return next month, now I have had 2 mortgages in the UK, one on my own and one with my wife but we sold up in 2008. Now I have heard that if you haven't had a home loan (or your names on deeds) in the last 3 years you are actually classed as first home buyers and the stamp duty limit goes up to 250,000 pounds instead of 125,000? is this true?
  15. Hi We will be moving to Mandurah as new residents. Does anyone know if we will qualify for a discount in stamp duty on the purchase of the house as we will be first time buyers in Australia? Many thanks
  16. Hi all, I am due to be moving to Aus in the next couple of months and I was just wondering whether they will try to charge me duty on electronics of mine when I do. Things that I'll be taking with me on the plane such as SLR camera with lenses, laptop and possibly some sound equipment. Is there an import duty exemption for people moving to Aus or would I be liable to pay for things I bring in when I move there? Matt
  17. Hello everyone, I need some advice as I don't know where to start, I am thinking of going back after being here for 19 years, but what do I actually need to do? I have both a British and Aussie passport, what I really need to know is who do I need to inform? Do I have to complete paper work? l remember the red tape in trying to get here! Or do I just rock up at Heathrow and announce I'm back? I have tried to call the British consulate, but can't get to speak with a real person, just keep pressing buttons on the phone going round in circles. I think I have the shipping thing sorted, furniture done this before a few times ( don't ask) but also might want to take a car back, so is that likely to be a problem? ie customs and duty etc. So any advice re best movers with cars would be great. Cheers bigben
  18. Air passenger duty: avoid it by hopping to Europe - Telegraph
  19. Guest

    Customs and Duty

    Hello everyone; Wondering if anyone has any advice. My husband and I will be arriving in Australia at the end of October on 457 visa. I have some jewellery that in total is worth about £6000 and a watch valued at £6500. I have owned all these items for minimum of 4 years and the watch for 10 years plus. They are in pristine condition and I don't have proof of purchase given the age of some items and others were gifts. Given that they are personal items that I have preowned, are they subject to duty? I read somewhere that personal items that have been owned for over 12 months are not but then I also read somewhere that jewellery and expensive items are so I'm a bit confused... Any help welcome. Thanks in advance.
  20. A bit of a difficult one this. At many times we look at other countries and in 'our' opinion what they do 'seems' to be unjust, intolerable, unfair etc. For instance, punishments in the middle east, to some the act of amputation of someone's hands because of petty theft seems disgusting. Bull fighting in Spain etc, to some (me included) this seems barbaric and wholly unjust. The death penalty in many eastern countries for the use/supply of drugs, (seems to come to fore more when a Brit is involved though). There are many things throughout the world that 'we' deem as unjust and in this modern day world wholly disproportionate to the actual 'crime'. So is it our 'duty' to highlight these so called rules and regulations. As a mainly law abiding and 'civilised' (I use that term lightly) society is it our duty to highlight these types of things and try and bring about change because 'we' view them as wrong. Or is it our 'right' to highlight such issues. Because as caring compassionate human beings one of the rights we are given is to stand up and say that certain things are not to our liking. Is it not akin to a foreign national saying, 'I don't like the way you treat religion, I think it is wrong,' I think the vast majority of us would turn around and say, 'Look, your not even living in this country so go away and keep quiet'. I for one think it is a duty, not a right to highlight certain issues, BUT. To a degree I think at times we can go a little too far. For instance, many far eastern countries have a policy of zero tolerance to the importation of drugs. Execution is often the punishment handed out. So if a UK national is caught in possession of drugs is it our right to say it is wrong to punish them in such a way, when in all likelihood the accused knew only too well the consequences of such actions, and knew the laws of the said country. Amnesty international and many other organisations do an excellent job, but do we at times interfere a little too much with other countries laws, beliefs, principles and morality. And another point I would like to raise. At times this country can seem in the need of radical change, should we have more the mindset that, 'Until we highlight and change our own shortcomings then we have no right to interfere in another countries policies'. In other words, 'Put our own house in order first'. The above sentiment isn't my own by the way, I personally think it is our DUTY to highlight certain issues and change what WE see as wrong. Cheers Tony:wink:
  21. hi, I'm due to emmigrate to Oz in September and I've read that some NI contributions can be reclaimed and placed in another pension, but I'm unable to find the form on the government website to do this, although there are plenty of agencies offering to do it, which I would like to avoid. Also, on my QIS form for customs it asks about items bought within 1 year as I will have to pay duty on them. Will it be my responsibility to prove that all items were not purchased within a year? I've kept many original boxes for stuff I bought in the past 2 years or so, knowing we were off to Oz, but I don't have receipts for them. If I do pay duty on some items, can I claim the UK VAT back and where can I find the form to do so? I'm guessing that the fact I may charged duty on some items in Oz (on the basis I may not be able to prove when I bought them and therefore must be less than a year old-if this is the case) wouldn't be enough to then prove the case for claiming the VAT back in the UK. So will I be taxed twice effectively? Many thanks for any advice and info
  22. touch107fm

    import duty tax

    Hi all My good from the Uk is finaly here.... over 4 months.... Long story but got screwed by the shipping company. My goods have now being checked by customs and are waiting to be sent to my apt in Sydney. I have hit a glitch I bought a 100cc engine for my paramotoring about 6 months ago and ''The paraglider that you are bringing over can not be classified as personal effects, This is stated as motorised items, This can not be cleared through Customs in the normal way. The clearances for you paraglider will be done through our Customs Broker, we require the receipt for the purchase of this paraglider. Please note that this will be a Formal Clearance and the fee will be AUD$350.00 in order for this to happen'' So I have paid the $350 but now I am afraid I am going to be hit with a import tax on the engine as its less than 6 months old.. Has any who shipped over goods had to pay import tax on there goods. Thanks
  23. Hi, I am a 457 Visa Holder and live & work in perth since Jan 2009. I am due to apply my PR by Nov-2010. I have recently purchased my first home in perth and settlement is due by end of July 2010. Do i receive FHOG? Do i have to pay stamp duty.? House cost is below $450k. Any help would be apprciated. Thanks, Hari
  24. Guest

    stamp duty query

    Hi there, I am hoping to move to Perth this year. I own a house in the UK, which I will be selling before emigrating. Will I have to pay stamp duty or will I be excempt as it is my first property in Australia? Also, can you include stamp duty costs in your mortgage?
  25. A bottle of Bells whisky could rise from £14.79 to £23.73 while Gordon's gin, another favourite of middle-class drinkers, would increase from £12.79 to £21.17. Budget 2010: Drinkers face rise in spirits duty - Telegraph MPs called for a return to the level in 1983 when the duty on a litre of pure alcohol was 11 per cent of the average male weekly manual wage, compared with 5 per cent in 2002. Such a move would send Britain to the top of the European league table for spirits tax. :arghh: