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Found 10 results

  1. Perthbum

    Another record bites the dust

    It is sssoo hot :shocked: Saturday's glorious sunshine has meant three consecutive record-beating days. On Friday, Cambridge set a new record temperature for the hottest ever 30 September with 29.2C, beating the 27.8C set in Maidenhead, Berkshire, in 1908. And on Thursday Kew Gardens in west London set another record with 28.8C – the highest ever 29 September temperature, beating the mark of 27.8C set in York in 1985.
  2. PILBARA women reckon the booming resource region is a great place for single women to find a man. A spokesman for the Shire of Roebourne said men outnumbered women 4.5:1 in the Pilbara, though the figure was heavily influenced by transient workforce numbers. Among the women who have found love is Karratha bar manager Hayley Warne, 23, who within eight months of moving from Queensland, met 20-year-old local Axel Mayo, an electrician. "There are so many men here for women to choose from," Miss Warne said. "Most of them are decent guys, but some get pretty drunk and get in fights. "There's too much testosterone in one place and that doesn't go down well. "We definitely need more women in the place." Miss Warne said barmaids in Karratha could earn $20 to $23 an hour and up to $1000 a week in tips. Former Perth resident Kelly Strange, 42, met her partner, logistics supervisor Bevan Ferguson, in a month of moving to Karratha. Miss Strange encouraged more Perth women move to Karratha, for love and money. "I sent my resume out to three recruitment agencies recently and had three job offers within two hours," she said. Karratha Tavern manager Mick Brown said it would be wonderful to see more women around because they would create a calming influence on the men. "They're a rowdy bunch, but they're all making big money and they're good guys," he said. But a local sex worker, who did not want to be named, said Karratha did not need more women, but women in the town needed to change their attitudes. She said local women were ignoring men who had non-mining jobs. "There are plenty of girls, but many of them are gold-diggers," she said. "I know quite a few of the young guys and they say unless you work in the mine site earning $2000-$3000 a week, the girls don't want to know you."
  3. Ok it’s armed forces day on the 26th, time to show we all support the real hero’s of Britain, rather than the ones that pretend to do their best, let’s support the Men and Woman that put their lives on the line for us, and do their best day in and day out without the fan fare to make this country great Armed Forces Day | Honouring Britain's Armed Forces - Past, Present and Future. :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  4. Hi Guys, Well, they are well and truly rolling now.......got our visa this morning too:biggrin: I do feel fairly priviledged though I have to say, as we've had a very straight forward and quick visa process unlike a lot of you poor souls. I do feel for you and hope that many more will start to roll shortly. We only started the process in June and here we are looking at moving in about 8 weeks:eek: Keep your chin up guys it will be your time soon. Regards Julz and family xx
  5. LojaChica

    Red dust?

    Anyone else got the dreaded "Red Dust"? We have in Sydney.......................We are covered in it! It is really windy, had to clear the Balconies of furniture/plants etc The Airport was grounded! The sky is "pink" and you can taste it in the air...............yuck! Believe it's now heading to Brisbane Let us know and share your experiences please? Now going back to my mop and broom:dull: Take care everyone
  6. Guest

    Now the dust has settled....

    Hi All, Sarah and I haven't posted for a while but we haven't forgotten about OZ. When we first came up with the idea of emigrating we were full of enthusiasm and I researched like mad, even down to which Foxtel package we'd have! lol. We quickly decided that the only way to properly decide would be to have a reccie, which we booked a long time ago for this October. Since then all the research and most of the thinking about OZ has paused. Now that the reccie date is looming (4 weeks now!) we are not sure how we are going to feel. Our situation hasn't changed a huge amount however as we are trying for our first baby and the fact that we would be leaving new grandparents behind is a constant reminder of what we have here. That coupled with the fact that my self-employed career is going amazingly at the moment makes us ponder what we actually have to loose. All the initial draws to OZ still remain and we intend to have a truly wonderful holiday in a few weeks time, however we are more 50:50 now whereas before we were probably around 70:30. It's not going to be an easy decision....... Just thought I'd post this so that I have an honest account lodged here for when I return and will no doubt be recanting numerous stories along with our joint findings. To be continued.....
  7. OMG! we got our visa today!!! Just got back in from celebrating!!!We are soooooo happy!!!! Never been informed of a case officer just got visa whahoooooo!!!!
  8. Guest

    Cobwebs and dust

    Is it just a Sydney thing or is the dust in Australia on permanent mark 11? It seems I can't leave anything around the house for more than a week (OK, a month) without it accumulating a thick coating of dust and probably a few cobwebs as well. It's been so long since I've lived in the UK I can't remember if this is normal or not. I say this because I stored a few things under the bed after Christmas and they now look like something even Indiana Jones wouldn't touch with a bargepole. Even the car accumulates a few cobwebs around the wing mirrors when parked outside and not used for a two or three of days. Goths would love it.
  9. Guest

    Another one bites the dust!!!!

    Yippee, had confirmation this morning via email that our 457 Visa has been approved. Not quite sure what to do first!, so much now to do, to top it all of the kids are all ill with the flu!! We plan to fly to Perth, Early April, Maybe heading for outskirts of Mandurah, realy depending on the options my husbands new employer offer us! We will know more next week, thanks to everyone at PIO, the threads are really useful. Goodluck to everyone waiting. xx
  10. gazza

    Fairy Dust

    :nah: Did I get it wrong??? :unsure: Y is my little fairy not sprinklng her magic dust????:huh: Anyone have any answers y me avatar is not moving? Thanks Donna (or is it cos we r under the name of Gazza and he ain't no fairy lol) :biglaugh: