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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all.... I am new to pomsinoz. I started by VISA related work from November last year (Skill Assessment - by Nov; IELTS- by Dec; etc) Now, have applied for 489 VISA with regional sponsorship by 12th March. This has been a long stressful and strenuous process. Now the waiting kinda killing me. Some of my mates who filed their VISA late last year got their case officer appointed in a week or so and luckily got their visas in 2 to 4 weeks. Now it is my turn; and cant wait to get the visa and rest for a few days with some of the worries wiped off. Will any of you please throw some light on me? How long does it take these days for a case officer to be appointed and the visa to be granted? Has anyone applied during this time? Thanks in advance :hug:
  2. Hi, I am an british citizens , i checked some sites like wikipedia or like :http://visa-requirements.net/for-British-Citizens.html I know i am free to enter Australia but how long can i stay there as a tourist ? Thanks for answers..
  3. hi all, cannot seem to find an answer to this: for the 121/856 ENS, the nominated position should be for a minimum of 3 years but what happens if the employee leaves the job before that? i have found that for the regional sponsored visa the visa holder must notify DIAC of the reasons for leaving if within the first two years but cant find anything for the 121/856. thanks
  4. Would really appreciate some help! Have searched the immi site but still baffled. Currently on temp visa and due for PR Nov 2011. When I get PR I know I have to apply for a RRV in order to spend time away and be able to return as a resident. 1. Can I apply for the 5 year RRV as soon as I get PR and does this mean that as long as I return within 5 years I am ok to stay? 2. If not, how long can I spend away in one go and be able to come back as a resident. I want to spend 2 1/2 years working away for financial reasons, but want to make sure I can still come back with no restrictions! Any advice much appreciated - thanks in advance!
  5. Hi All, One of my friends had applied for the temporarry visa (TR) under the occupation of Fashion designer last year.But there hasnt been any positive feed back.. Please let me know normally how long does it take to process the visa for a fashion designer. Thanks.
  6. Guest

    175/176 Visa Duration

    Hi All I'm going to be filing the app for the 175 visa as soon as the applications are being accepted again (which it is said that it will be July 1st 2010, but I'm not holding my breath) but does anyone have any information about how long I can expect to be waiting after the application goes in?? Also we are going over in Jan 2011 for a month. I've heard that applications lodged on shore are a lot quicker, I have an address to use in Brisbane to file from as we have relatives there (not blood relatives), would this be a better option???? Any help is appreciated Neil:chatterbox:
  7. User Name

    Skills assessment duration for ACS

    Hi Guys, anyone knows how long it takes for ACS generally takes to do the skills assessment? I just finished my course and now going to apply for the 885 visa. Problem is that my visa expires on March 15, and if ACS takes full 12 weeks it specifies on its website, I'll be getting my assessment end of March or early April which doesn't work. And given the new changes to rules, you need to have assessment ready before lodging your application (previously I think you just need to show evidence that you have submitted your application for assessment and post it once you get it). Anyone else on similar situation as me? Its got me deeply worried but I am sure I am not the only one in this scenario.
  8. Hi, Can anyone please help me? :goofy: I need to change my student visa subclass from 573 to 572, One of the education agent told me that there should be at least 3-6 months study should be left before I can apply for 573 to 572, But I could not find any information related to this. I have only 2 months study left. Please advise me, I'm really confused :chatterbox:
  9. briggs

    Work duration

    Hi, One questiong on the DIAC form is: Have you worked 36 months out of 48 months? Could somebody tell me please, how the 36 months are calculated out of 48 months please? Is the 36 months calculated by the days worked, excluding the weekends, or are they calculated by the number of weeks worked to a sunday? Thank you
  10. Guest

    Duration processing of 457

    does anyone out there know how long it takes to get this visa from applying? and when we do our medical check?!!!!!!!! cheers