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Found 6 results

  1. Guest

    Dump truck operator

    Hi Can anyone help me. I have been told that at present there is a lot of opportunity for people who can operate Dump trucks etc in Australia. I am looking for a career change enjoy driving, so this is something i would be interested in training in. My question is Is it worthwhile training in the UK and gaining my operators qualifications here. Before i relocate this way i may be able to get some paid work experience on UK sites before i relocate, and this may help with job interviews. Are my qualifications transferable to Australia, or would i have to retrain from scratch. Therefore paying twice for my training. Am in better of just doing the training in Oz, or will i struggle to find employment once i have finished the course because i would not have any experience. Thanks I have heard that they are encouraging more women to work in the industry.
  2. Hi we have been using an agent so far to get my OH AQF III but have been wondering how tricky is it to apply for state sponsorship and 176 by yourself? I'm clever enough I suppose and everyone here seems to be very helpful! I would like to hear opinions because I could use the extra money for bringing our dogs money is tight enough don't want to spend money on something I could do myself and then not have money to bring them!
  3. im such a sensetive guy i find it really hard to dump someone--the relationship has not worked or indeed started,and i wish to terminate it without offence or hurt--i know you should be truthfull,and this will save a lot of confusion,and though it will be painfull this will be the best way--but i just hate hurting people:wubclub: a friend of mine to get out of a relationship with his partener told her that he wuz gay,and had met a guy who was more pretty,and had a better body than his girlfriend--surley this is not the way to go,there must be a better way to dump someone:confused:
  4. hello my name is raymond, i am working in oz as a carpenter kitchen fitter but i am looking to try and get work as a dumptruck driver, but i cant seem to find any one who can tell me what i am letting my self in for, i dont want to pay 4000 bucks for a course and then find out there are no jobs to be found, plus i am dont really know what the job intails , just that the money is quite good, please can somone advize me on all this thanks ray
  5. Guest

    Melbourne is a dump!

    After reading a few threads when I was still in the UK about how awful Melbourne was, my first thought was that the people were just homesick. Now I realise they were not negative homesick posts, they were honest posts, Melbourne is really awful (and I am not homesick)!! I have been to Oz before, and have travelled from Cairns all the way to Sydney (via Brisbane) by car over a number of weeks. I absolutely loved almost all the areas we saw. Cairns with its palm trees, Brisbane with its incredible beaches, Sydney with its great shops and vibe. My OH and I decided to come to Melbourne as we have some family here - we decided to give it a try even though we had never been to Melbourne, with the thought that we could move to Brisbane if we didn't like it. So many people we have spoken to have who had been to Melbourne only had good things to say about it, so we were very positive! The drive back from the airport to our accommodation through Melbourne was awful. The streets are awful, I was shocked at the amount of grafitti that is everywhere. I had heard there was graffiti, and this didnt bother me as I know that most cities do. But, I have never seen a city with as much graffiti as here - and I have visited many countries. Not a good first impression. We have now been here for a few weeks and have spent hours each day driving around to find a decent area to live. There arent many. Brighton was about the best that I saw, admittedly it is lovely there, but crazily expensive. I had a long list of possible places to live from recommendations, including Mornington and Mount Martha, and even those areas are not nice (in my opinion). I had also heard that Melbourne had many great restaurants. Where are they? I have looked around the city, and all the restaurants I have seen look like school cafeterias, very small, run down, with only one or two customers, I wouldnt want to eat in any of them. Ok, to be fair there are a few positive points. The people are friendly. The trams are great and seem to run on time. There is also a lot more parking in Melbourne than London. But thats it. The weather has rained non stop since we arrived 3 weeks ago and has been freezing - the locals say Spring will only come in November. Thats a few more months of miserable weather. Dont come to Melbourne if you are moving to Oz for the weather, its no better than the UK...! Sorry if I sound negative, I am just incredibly shocked with Melbourne and very confused how many people love it here when I think its nothing short of awful! I am 24 and my OH is 29, so we are still 'with the times' - what are we missing with Melbourne that everyone else sees? We will wait for our shipping to arrive in 3 weeks, and then we are heading up to Brisbane where the weather is a lot better, the areas are a lot better, there is less graffiti and the people are just as friendly. I'm afraid for us, the grass is 100 times greener in Queensland! A word of advice - if you havent been to Melbourne, do not assume that you will like it. I only wish we had visited it first so we could have missed out on this horid place and went straight to Brissie! Hayley
  6. Guest

    another trip to dump!!!

    Why oh why do we keep so much rubbish? We have been sorting out the loft, have been in the house for over 20 years and just dont know why we have all this c**p. Poor OH as been up the rubbish dump so much have lost count of the number of times!! Video tapes (hundreds of them) a rusty tray and broken cat litter tray are just a few of bits we have got rid of:skeptical: please let me know we are not the only ones, what have you had to get rid of ?