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Found 17 results

  1. Let me be clear-- this is not in anyway to be offensive to Aussies. All the Aussies ( albeit only a handful) that I have come across were kind, soft spoken and polite. Taking on from another thread I'm just trying to explore why or whether Aussies are being perceived as the above. Do you think Aussies in any kind of majority or noticeable proportion are either one of Dumb , Drunk or Racist? Pomsinoz offers a good venue to discuss this topic because it would give a relatively unbiased opinion I think, with the majority of posters either British or Aussies. Just remember to keep it civil and not to do any racial bashing! :biggrin:. Mainly I'm interested in knowing IF there is such a perception elsewhere ( other than in India) and what are the reasons for such a perception.
  2. ..... dumb. Who wouldn't want to sit in a sauna with wheels and crawl along New South Head Road? In fact the only thing worse was to sit in a sauna with no wheels stuck in the ©rush hour as I watched snails rush past me on the way home. Redleaf & Seven Shillings was packed with white and pasty Pommie bodies enjoying their first taste of an Aussie Barbie. 5pm now and I bet they all look like zebra crossings when they take their togs off. My God, I actually find that thought a bit of a turn on! What is happening to me? Mind you, there were plenty of Aussies there too, think they'd know better. One woman there had skin like a Mars Bar. If you have any sense, never go to the beach after 10am or before 4pm!
  3. Guest

    Glad to be Home

    Glad to be home in my village in north yorkshire. Forgotten the taste of yorkshire puddings!:cute: Brisbourne was awful. Sweating there like a turkey in the oven! The sea was dirty, the kids hated that. So glad and relieved to be back in the UK. who cares about the recession, my cup of real PG Tips satsifys me. :tongue: The only good thing is that i saw Neighbours 3 months ahead.
  4. With state sponsor 176, do you still have the same time scale to validate as you would 175, many thanks x
  5. i have read on another thread, but cant find it again, that people have sent their passports off to have visa put in using special delivery envelope. Now fo the dumb part, do i sent this to the general passport office or DIAC. I sometimes wonder how i ever managed to get this far in the process lol :err:
  6. Guest

    How dumb am I?!

    I am so cross with myself! I had a phone interview lined up - for a job with the NSW Health Board, right location, right area of practice - perfect! The department manager seemed very nice, and I was really hoping to make a good impression. We agreed that she'd phone me on Wednesday morning, Aus time. Somehow I got completely muddled up and forgot that that would be Tuesday evening in the UK, and went out to orchestra rehearsal - d'oh!!:arghh: I think now I've made myself look like a complete idiot, and am worried that I won't get the job. The worst thing is, I know they did the face-to-face interviews today, so I suspect they'll offer the job to a local candidate & then I'll only be eligible for any hours they can't otherwise cover. I know that compared to a lot of folk on this site this is a minor problem, but I'm so vexed I had to get it off my chest!! (And breathe...)
  7. Hi, I know this will sound stupid but here goes... I am about to leave for Oz in Dec, I am going in under the 175 skilled offshore as a general electrician.... the question is... What exactly do i need to do in Oz to be able to work just like I do now in the UK as a self employed person.... What other hoops do I have to jump through! I have the Vetassess passed, but what come's next... Please help, I know I should already know this but the honest truth is I don't really!! Many thanks.. James... :jimlad:
  8. emmaj

    A Dumb Question

    Can someone please confirm that if Hubs gets a visa (sponsored, 175 or 176), that I will be able to work in Oz too or do i have to apply too? Many thanks Emma x
  9. Guest

    Dumb Questions!!

    Do English electrical goods work in OZ? Including TV's We lived in the USA until 3 years ago and had to change everything on our return - expensive! I know the plugs are different but is it as simple as changing them? We are very early in the visa process and plan to buy a business in Melborne but the dumb questions just fill your head!! :wacko:
  10. Que Sera Sera

    Feng Shui or dumb blonde?

    O.K. I decided to do the red envelope trick today (I know but its worth a try !) anyway I put some wood in from a skirting board and a nail in from the wall and some soil from the garden in a nice red envelope I had made out of a piece of red paper. I had to drop my son off at Tae Kwon Do so I thought I would drop it in the river on the way home. I stopped at the nearest river and was about to drop it in when it occurred to me :idea: This bit of river runs directly into the sewage works. Now I am no Feng Shui expert but surely that is not good luck to have your red envelope and wishes swimming with piles of s**t! So off I went to the next closest river and the bridge is very narrow so I had to be quick before a car came, so I threw it over and guess what? It ended up on some weeds on the side! Now again I am no Feng Shui expert but surely that would mean that your hopes are just sat on the weeds and until it can float free that would mean the house would not sell. So I got a few stones and started throwing them at the envelope trying to free it , now this is a rural country lane but would you believe it about 6 cars had to pass while I was doing it, God knows what they must have thought! I knocked the letter off the weeds where it promptly sank, so it is probably sat on the riverbed as we speak. What does that mean? did it work or are all my wishes now sat at the bottom of the river along with me hopes of selling the house? Cause if so I make have to do a bit of paddling when it gets dark!!!!!!!:biglaugh:
  11. Guest

    sorry for being so dumb!!

    hi all asthe title says i feel dumb at the moment as oh trying to apply for a skilled independent visa suclass 175 as a carpenter but ehat is the difference between doing a tra and vetassess? sorry spelling rubbish!! also oh has 25 yrs as a capenter and foreman with city and quilds cert.i did not know there was a subclass(what is it pls?) GETTING CONFUSED NOW. any help would be very gratefully received ps vetasses form looks a nightmare to fill in, many thanks gail :arghh:
  12. Hi all, As the title starts.....this is probably a dumb question but......if you go out to oz on a 175 visa, do you have to do the work that qualified you for a 175 visa in the first place. So basically if you are say a brickie here in the UK and go out as a skilled worker, do you have to be brickie in oz, or can you change career and be a shop assistant instead. Sorry if this is a dumb question but was wondering if there are any visa checks or things when you finally move to oz. Thanks Mandisfam :wideeyed:
  13. sadsmile23

    Probably a dumb question!?!

    Hi This is probably a stupid question, but you know how all sorts of things wizz round your mind when you let it wander!! What I want to know is this - if you leave the UK and you've got, say, 3 years left to run on your UK passport, do you need to renew it when the 3 years are up to return back to UK for hols etc? How do you do that from Oz? Do you only get an Australian passport once you apply for citizenship? Sorry to be thick:err:!!!! Thanks
  14. These are probably stupid things to worry about, but they have been bugging me. Do you have some form of council tax when renting or buying a home in Oz? Can you pay bills by direct debit or something similar? And can you get groceries delivered if you live a bit far from the shops? Cara
  15. Herbies

    Really dumb Question

    Really sorry guys, complete novice here, how do you all know when you are due to go? Do they give you an approx date that you'll receive your visa. Also when the visa is issued how long do you have before you must activate it? Plus just one more if we're not ready and i send my OH to activate it can he leave and come back or must he stay in oz for a period of time. The visa will be a 136 or 175 as it will be tomorrow. :twitcy:
  16. Guest

    Really dumb question!

    hi everyone, maybe a really question, but what is a TRA? New to this game just starting on the paper chase to Oz! Any advie would be great. Cheers Andy&Nikki
  17. Guest

    Dumb, thick question, but....

    Hi all I notice that a lot of people are able to post replies without quoting the person to whom they are replying. Yet as far as I can work out, the only way to reply to a post is to click on "quote." Is it that you delete the original quote if it wouldn't be helpful to repeat it, or is there some other way to get to this result, please? Truly sorry to be so clueless about computers. Thanks all Gill :?