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Found 17 results

  1. Nic Eachmharcaigh Ciara

    16kg dog - - - Dublin to Perth

    Hi there. I would appreciate help here! I plan to bring my dog Wally to Perth with me in April/May next year, he is 16kg and will be almost two at that time. Can anyone recommend a good pet shipper? I have got quotes of €3500 from K international and two quotes form Multi-Cargo for €3500 for a PVC box and €2500 for a wooden box a little smaller than the PVC. Would Wally be ok in a wooden box to Perth? Is quarantine open in Byford in April/May 2014? Any help, or tips or ANYTHING will be gratefully accepted. Lost and confused.
  2. Hi Folks, need to start organizing the shipping of the two dogs, looking for some info. We are based in Dublin and need to get a Yorkie and a Basset Hound to Oz. We are looking at leaving mid March 2013, we have two options, fly the dogs straight out or leave them with the folks for a few months until we are settled and have them picked up. Frank (the basset) is a big lad, prob 1.2 - 1.3m head to tail, Clyde (yorkie) is prob 30 - 40cm. If anyone has time frames on jabs etc, i could do with the info! Also, if anyone has ballpark figures for getting both to NSW / Victoria, thanks in advance. Cheers, Kev
  3. Guest

    Any Aussies in Dublin ???

    Hi there ! Are there any Aussies in Dublin ? Would like to catch up and see what they say about their beautiful country that I'm in love with :-) Annette
  4. Hi guys ! Does anyone know good migration agent in Dublin, Ireland ? Any help will be much appreciated :-)
  5. Guest

    Pole in Dublin is calling !

    Hello everyone ! I'm Polish living in Dublin for the past 7 years. I think it is time to move to sunny Aussie land, esp that after my last two visits to this amazing place, I fell in love with Oz ! I'm trying to do my research on partner visa - prospective marriage, as my bf is Aussie and already there. Anyone out there who could advice on how long it takes to get granted this type of visa, and how difficult it was ??? Any help is appreciated :-) Have a nice day ! :biggrin:
  6. Hi All, Due to the success of the last meet up arranged by Andy in the CityWest Hotel Dublin we are looking at another meet up for Sat 7th of May. Not sure of location as of yet as will wait and see who is planning on coming. We may change location this time to a more child friendly place. Andy suggested a Park and maybe we do a BBQ which sounds great (Weather Permitting) and we can meet earlier in the day to give more time for a catch up. Anyway leave your details and everyone is welcome. Look forward to catching up with everyone.
  7. 4 pm at the City West hotel. All welcome.
  8. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a Public Notary in Dublin that doesn't cost a fortune? I contacted one today and he was quoting €50 per document up to €100 and then €20 each after that, it just seems a bit much!! So far i have on my list to get done is birth cert, passport, college degree, college transcript, Ielts exam results. am i missing anything else? pay slips?? Also do i need to get work references done too even if i can get multiple originals of them to send? This is all to apply to ACS to get my skills assessed and then apply for visa. Thanks in advance for any info given :wubclub:
  9. GaryandGillDublin

    Medicals Dublin ??

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone has had a medical in the Mater Clinic, Dublin. We're due for ours next week and just wondered if anyone had any feedback and how long the results took to come back (online). PCC's received back this week, just waiting on tax document (hopefully will arrive today), then scanning everything (PCC's, payslips, birth certs, passport photos etc.) over to agent at the weekend. Cheers, Gill
  10. surhythms

    Meeting with the ACT in Dublin

    Hi guys Just wanted to give you all an update on the meeting we had with Julianne from the ACT yesterday in Dublin. They were also holding seminars in Dublin in relation to people migrating to Canberra specifically and how one goes about it. It was an interesting seminar and even though we didnt learn alot that we didnt know already about the visa process (because we have already been through the process), it was nice to put a face to the name and see how the ACT work in relation to giving state sponsorship to people. Firstly a breakdown was given on Canberra itself in relation to education and employment. I did learn that ANU is in the top 20 universiteis which is a bonus :biggrin: and the unemployment rates are as low as 3.6% - pretty good when you see Irelands unemployment rates at the moment. The guys explained that the rental market in Canberra is pretty tight and rents are high so it was nice to hear a realistic viewpoint on this. Julianne was very clear and direct about what she expects from people looking to migrate to Canberra: 1. At least 3 years work experience in your current field - even though the DIAC only require 12 - 24 months 2. IELTS score of 8 - even if you are from an English speaking country (you automatically get a score of 6 but she is looking for everyone to sit IELTS now) 3. Financial Capacity - 20,000 for the applicant and an additional 10,000 for each dependant - she did state that if you dont have that amount to relocate you can use equity as part of your financial capacity although you must CLEARLY state how you are going to support yourself for the first 6 months. She really emphasised that it is an expensive process and she wouldnt like to see anyone ending up in Canberra on a park bench. She also stated that even though you gain permanent residency you dont have automatic rights to social welfare payments for up to 2 years. I guess this is something that alot of people are getting in Ireland at the moment because of the downturn. Someone did ask the question of getting rent allowance if the rents are so high (which made me cringe a little!) I guess people are used to getting rent allowance in Ireland but that is not the case in Canberra! We met with Julianne for a meeting before the seminar took place which we found really useful and helpful for us as a family. Julianne is really nice and personable and was happy to answer any questions that we had.The main points we got out of it were that kids tend to go to a school near where they live and she recommended the Catholic Schools as they tend to focus a little more on values. She said te governement schools were fine but if we had the finances to send Sarah to a Catholic School. We brought up the issue of getting a rental as we havent really rented in Ireland and dont have references. We were advised to bring our old mortgage statements and also a statement of our accounts to show we have the financial capacity to pay the rent even though we wont have jobs immediately. We also asked about central heating :biggrin:. It was recommended that we get it as Canberra does get cold in the winter. Alot of the old plots dont have it so thats one to look out for. Julianne said to get in touch once we reach Canberra and we can go through any other questions we have with her team. I really feel that I am being looked after so all is good :biggrin: Suzanne
  11. Guest

    Dublin Australian expo

    Hi just wondering anyone travelling to dublin this weekend to Australian expo in RDS in Dublin???:err:
  12. Just booked tickets with Trailfinders Dublin- Melbourne via Lon and Sin with Singapore airlines for early June €3000 for 2 adults and 3 kids one way with a 1 night stay over in Singapore Just to let everyone know- I think Singapore air have a sale on at present. Any ideas on what to do for a day in Singapore with 3 kids?
  13. We will be soon getting to the stage of booking flights for family of 5 to melbourne from Dublin. ( Kids 10 8 3) Looking at various options and just looking for advice from anyone who has gone through the process. There seems to be good value with BA/Quantas but this means going through Heathrow and I'm not sure if we only have to book luggage in once at Dublin airport etc. Also when is the best time to book flights for June- do wait until 6/8 weeks beforehand for sales ... Anyway andy help would be greatly welcome
  14. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has flown Dublin to Sydney with Etihad Airways. We will be travelling with a one year old. How are Etihad aircraft for space, leg room etc. They use Airbus A332 (going by their website). The advantage of not travelling through London is that there is only one stop but we would have more options for airlines going through UK. Anyone out their who has used Etihad from Dublin? Cheers, downunder
  15. HI Everyone I am new to the whole forum thing, but i have been looking at this recently and think i might get some help. My name is Vickey as you might have guessed and i am married to Philip and we have 2 boys harry who is 3 and sam who is 1. Philip went to sydney last monday to start work and he is coming back at christmas and then we are all hopefully going in January. Both myself and Philip are really missing each other and obviously he is missing the boys terrible, but as there is no work for him here he had to go. We taught it would be a good idea for him to go first and make sure he liked it before we all made the move and i am praying he does because i am really excited about it all. I need help with everything really as in how to find property to rent in a good family area in sydney for a reasonable amount, where is the best place to live with a family? what about schools as Harry was due to be starting here next September so when does school start over there??? do prperties come furnished or would you be better off to ship all yours over? if yes how much does shipping cost??? Most importantly is it really a better life for kids over there because that is all i am hearing? I would really appreciate if anyone could help me as i really do have many more questions. Thanks Vickey
  16. Free seminars hosted by the Governments of South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria. To register to attend, please visit Saturday 18 April 13:30 – 15:30 Belfast Saturday 18 April 16:30 – 18:30 Belfast Sunday 19 April 13:30 – 15:30 Dublin Sunday 19 April 16:30 – 18:30 Dublin Monday 20 April 18:00 – 20:00 Galway Tuesday 21 April 18:00 – 20:00 Cork
  17. Guest

    Dublin to Brisbane

    Hi all! We have today sent off form to have hubby assessed and would love to know how long this takes roughly with the TRA. Also I see that some people apply for their visa directly, others use an agency..can anyone advise on the best way to proceed? One agency siad it could take a min of 14 months but I see some people have managed to get their visa in 4 - 8 months! We are looking for a 136 visa so perhaps this makes a difference? Anyway look forward to sharing all our ups and downs with you all! Di :lol: