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Found 10 results

  1. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/inhaler.jpg[/WRAP]According to new figures, Asthma cases in children and young people are on the way down but the poor are still more likely to suffer. A study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare compared figures from 2001 with 2007-08 and found the prevalence of asthma in people aged between 5 and 34 years old had dropped by 25%. The study also found a drop in the number of new cases among young people and a fall in hospitalisations and deaths linked to asthma. The director of the Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring, Professor Guy Marks, says during the 1980s and 1990s the number of cases were increasing, but the long-term trend is now down. "Our report today shows that over the last 10 years there's been a decline in the number of children and young adults who have asthma by around about one quarter compared to what it was in 2000," he said. "The same has been seen for the number of people who have been hospitalised from asthma. There has been a decline probably since the mid-1990s again that seems to have plateaued in recent years." The report also found those from disadvantaged areas were more likely to be hospitalised than people from high socio-economic areas, with the gap widening in recent years. Professor Marks says Australia's asthma rates are "relatively high" compared to the rest of the world, but says the recent decline in cases remains something of a mystery. "We don't know what causes asthma. We do know that it's likely to be something related to environment or lifestyle factors, but exactly which ones of those factors it is we can't say at the moment." He says while the drop in the disease is good news, asthma remains a significant health challenge in Australia. "We have to be careful about being complacent because the prevalence rates and the outcomes of asthma are still high in Australia compared to other countries," he said. "One of the other things that our report shows is there's increasing evidence of a difference between people living in poorer areas and people living in more well off areas of Australia. "The prevalence of asthma is higher in people living in more disadvantaged areas and also the outcomes of the disease are worse in people living in those areas."
  2. The Pom Queen

    Melbourne House Prices Drop

    The latest RP Data-Rismark statistics show Melbourne is pulling down the nation's property market. The median house price across Melbourne is now $501,500, which is down 6.2 per cent in the six months to July. Apartments fared slightly better, down 4.3 per cent to $425,000. Scroll down to see how long it takes to sell a house in your suburb Across Australia, capital city house prices fell for the seventh month in a row, down 3.4 per cent. RP Data research director Tim Lawless said Melbourne property prices had rocketed 29 per cent during 2009 and last year. "You have to expect that level of growth was clearly going to be unsustainable," he said. "Melbourne is slowing at quite a rapid rate." But Mr Lawless said the top end of the market was responsible for most of the price falls. Premium property prices had tumbled almost 10 per cent in the past year. "That compares to (a fall of) 0.3 per cent at the most affordable end of the market," he said. Falling house prices and a lack of buyer confidence are buffeting Melbourne's property market. Auction clearance rates have lingered below 60 per cent for 19 weeks, as would-be buyers keep their hands in their pockets. It comes as a separate survey shows revealed home builders believe consumer confidence is the biggest threat to the prosperity of their sector. Of those who responded to the Master Builders Business Sentiment survey, 20 per cent said a lack of consumer confidence was the biggest single threat to profitability while a further 18 per cent said excessive or inefficient planning regulations were the biggest threats. However, the outlook for the coming 12 months was positive with 60 per cent saying they expected business activity to improve and 58 per cent saying they expected profitability to also rise during the next year. Executive Director Brian Welch said it was heartening to see that residential builders were undeterred by the "mass hysteria" surrounding the residential property market. "Our members are telling us that they understand that consumer confidence is having an impact on the industry, but they expect that contraction to level out over the coming year," Mr Welch said. "This can be explained by the fact that 63 per cent of respondents said they have at least 4 months of work on their books with 14 per cent reporting they have more than a year’s worth," he said. "These builders are not deterred by current economic uncertainty and continue to plough ahead." The latest statistics come ahead of the Saturday start of Melbourne's spring selling season, which experts believe could be a buying bonanza for house hunters. "It is absolutely a buyer's market," Mr Lawless said. Real Estate Institute of Victoria spokesman Robert Larocca said buyers were well placed to make the most of the market. "Prices have peaked, affordability has become a concern, people have become more conservative and auction clearance rates are down," he said. Rismark International economist Christopher Joye said an interest rate cut would help house prices recover. "If rates do remain on hold, or begin to fall, we would expect to see Australia's housing market find a base and begin to generate capital gains again," he said.
  3. [YOUTUBE]td1rMpsVr9E[/YOUTUBE] :yes::yes::yes::biglaugh:
  4. Guest

    push for it or drop it

    hi been on poms few year now and our vision of livng in a.u looks dead..robs a class one trucker which isnt on the short list.angela clothes machinist by trade although hasnt worked in that feild for few year but like riding a bike she says our dilemma is should we and can we gain entry to au on any other visa/way or should we bury our dream of living over there and try n.z instead but au would be our first choice.....we need help.....and why wont the au go allow truckers on there list after all it is a proffession ??? any help would be grateful folks.happy new year to you all .......rob and angela..x:biggrin:
  5. Oil prices fell to their lowest level for about four months amid expectations that slower world growth would reduce demand. Light, sweet crude traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange - the world's benchmark price - touched 112.75 US dollars before edging up slightly. It is nearly 25% lower than the 147.27 US dollars seen in the second week of July. The drop came after Europe's biggest economies - Germany, France and Italy - contracted during the second quarter. Japan also said this week that its gross domestic product shrank between April and June, while Bank of England Governor Mervyn King warned that the UK economy was likely to shrink in the coming year. Victor Shum, an energy analyst with consultancy Purvin & Gertz in Singapore, said: "Worries about an economic slowdown in the US and Europe, and even Japan, are weighing on the oil market." Oil also fell despite the continuing tensions between Russia and Georgia. In the UK, average petrol prices have fallen 6.5p to 113.15p during the past month, the AA said. Petrol prices peaked on July 17 at 119.7p per litre. The average price of diesel has fallen from 131.56p per litre to 125.58p, a saving of 6p a litre. But filling up a tank is costing normally £1 more than it should, the AA has argued, based on falling wholesale prices which are down 18%. That equates to an 8.5p per litre reduction in the average price of unleaded petrol, taking it down to 111.2p. The AA's Paul Watters said: "Whichever way you look at it, many drivers are being short-changed by around a £1 a tank when they fill up with petrol in the UK. As well as undermining family budgets, selfishly holding back two pence a litre in wholesale price reductions is denying potential consumer spending at other local businesses suffering from falling sales."
  6. Guest

    House price drop it or not ??

    Hi I have just had a conversation with my ea he recomends we drop the price by £10,000 the house has only been on the market for 5 weeks and have had 2 viewings with no offers, i have told him we wont drop price just yet but what would you do i really need some advice. Thanks
  7. Guest

    savouring every last drop

    proberly not the best time to do this now that kids have broken up for the summer but have decided to go on the wagon, not saying I have a drink problem but I do like the old red now a again... oh ok most nights. Have managed to put on nearly a stone over the past few months, my brain is pickled can't remember a thing......... what was I saying.. oh yeh and to be honest its getting abit expensive. Stupid question can't believe I'm asking but anyone want to join me our even just some moral support will be fine. Just to be nosey what is your favorite tipple???:goofy:
  8. OH had a phone call at work today from Aus house - can we provide a further piece of evidence as we are just short of enough (going back date wise) to secure him PR straight away - BRILLIANT NEWS! :jiggy: Sucker punch...........medicals have had to be sent to Oz as there is a problem and will be at least 4-6 weeks before the c/o hears back!!! :arghh: We were told by the medical centre carrying out the check that everything was clear so we are hoping that it is just a bit more information required about his thyroid - been overactive, had radiation and now underactive and on tablets for life. So in the space of 5 minutes we went from being elated to down in the dumps!!!
  9. :arghh:I know they deal with house sales every day... but this is seriously hacking me off! The Estate Agent has just telephoned... again! She wants us to drop by another £20K, so as to encourage viewers! Encourage them! We'll be bloody giving it away soon! :biglaugh: They just casually say £20K, as though it's absolutely nothing... just a drop in the ocean. To us, it is more Ozzie Fund, so not to be taken off the price lightly. So far, in 3 months, as have has no viewers! WOW! None! Well, if I am honest, we did have one couple.... but they were after a small bungalow, and our's is a large 5 bedroomed detahced; Only a small error there then! Sorry for the moan with a capital M, but this is enough to p**s a Saint off! When are we just gonna sell???????? :arghh: Anyone else sold of late? Just to give me hope.... :notworthy: Thanks, Guys! Andrea x x x
  10. hedgehog

    Drop bears

    I have seen several refrences to drop bears in these pages, well they are the only animals in the world that feed on fairies, elfs and pixies. No wonder thay are so huge eating up all that magic dust, their preferred habitat is found at the end of rainbows. you have been warned.