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Found 11 results

  1. JoandJon

    Dreaming Dogs

    Just wanted to tell someone, and OH is asleep: Satch is currently curled up on the couch asleep - and dreaming so energetically that she's yipping...
  2. Hi my name is Mallam 25 years old. Brother in Carlton Melbourne and hope to join him in a couple of years , spent 9 months backpacking in Oz 2 years ago visiting most of the major cities.
  3. Guest

    Dreaming of Australia

    ... For once a lovely day in the uk , sat at the park dreaming of Australia , feels so far away at the moment !! Good luck to everyone going through the process and congratulations to everyone who has the thumbs up x
  4. Bod


    Hello all I know not everyone is in this position. But has anyone been so frustated, waiting for the visa to come through ever fancied selling up and going traverling just to pass the time away waiting for a yai of nai? (Is it possible can we still deal with the application while bumming it on Chaweng beach sipping Mekong & coke out of an ice bucket.) It's crossed my mind but what if we get turned down? what a massive come down to come back to mother England and start again knowing that the dream is over. But if we did get the visa: We maybe would have had a great few months or so in paradise just before we started the rest of our lifes In Aus. It's just a dream but you never know. John
  5. Guest

    No more dreaming!!

    we have sold our house!! we can't believe it,it has been on the market for 10 months.I do feel for those of you who haven't sold, just hang on in there!! we thought exactly the same.We are heading to Brisbane middle of April not sure on the date yet,we will be staying with friends in jindalee for a couple of weeks then hopefully we will be heading over to Springfield Lakes thats if we get a rental!! I know there is quite a few of PIO living in S/Lakes, are there plenty of rentals and what year does the state school go up to?Any info will be much appreciatedWell i thought i would share my news with everyone, we are all so excited!!Its been worth the wait we have had our 136 visa since october 07,validated it Jan 08.Paula Adam Adam G(10) and Luke(6) soon to be 7
  6. Guest

    Dreaming of Oz!!

    I've read loads of threads regarding application waiting times and have noticed that many have received a receipt for fees. We haven't.... Should we have ? (they have definitely had it...like most of us I have the credit card bill to prove it!!) At the end of March our agent said that AH is way behind, apparently because of the increase in work load due to the Sept' changes and no extra staff....Interestingly she advised us to go ahead with med's and PC's only WHEN we get a case officer assigned whereas most seem to have got them done first. Which is best - med's before CO assigned or med's after ? From memory, here is our time line... Aug (07) - Appoint agent Nov 2 - TRA lodged Nov 27 - TRA Accepted Nov 28 - Visa application (and fees) sent Dec 13 - DMA confirm application received Apr 21 ..........................................................the silence is deafening!
  7. Guest

    Who else is dreaming!!

    Every day i compare every day life with Australia! Its really doing the wifes head in! I walk down the street and see all the litter and tut! Dont see that in Oz, Walking the dogs and its Cold! Not cold on the sunshine coast!.. Wrapped up in coats, scarf and gloves... Would be wearing flipflops in oz! Road rage and bustling cars...... Quiet in Oz.... Been to Australia twice and loved every single minute of it... The sooner we get ther the better... Does anyone else feel the same? :arghh:
  8. Guest

    Dreaming of spiders!!

    OMG just plucked up the courage to look at huntsman spiders on google images! Then watched you tube video 'welcome to australia - deadly creatures '- very funny!! Thanx Tom the Pom for that!! Anyway spent the night dreaming of funnel webs and their mates!! Dreamt I saw a red back and when I looked again it was a lady bird!! My 3 year old came in wet the bed and I was just getting back to sleep when I dreamt I saw afunnel web in the garden and scared myself so much I woke up again - heart pounding!!! This is the result of growing up with an arachnophobic mother who jumped on chairs/beds at the sight of black fluff!! Anyway is there any hope for me!!!? It is funny really how much the brain plays tricks on you while you sleep. I think I'll have to watch a few more episodes of 'Bondi rescue' on sky before I go to bed if ya know what I mean ladies!!:jiggy:Catherine
  9. Guest

    Newby family dreaming of oz

    Hi everyone, my name is Claire, my husband Simon and I have been thinking of taking the life changing plunge of emigrating to Australia. I am a Midwife and Simon is a Taxi driver, we also have two children aged 9 and 11. We are still in the thinking stages at the moment, so we are trying to find out as much information as we can about Australian life, employment and the migration process. I have only just come across this forum and I’m finding myself hooked already. Claire.
  10. Guest

    Am I dreaming??

    Hi folks, We are considering a visit to Oz this summer to suss things out and see if we can entice the older kids to be a bit more agreeable about moving. We haven't lodged any visa application yet but I have a feeling I've read somewhere, have read so much on immigration etc, that if you have one visa on the go (ie temporary one for holiday) then you can't apply for another or if you have a permanent visa application lodged you can't apply for a temporary one for holiday! Am I making any sense!!??!! So what I was wondering was if we get a temporary one, I think it lasts for 12 months for upto 3 months during that time to holiday, does that mean we can't lodge a permanent visa application until that one runs out? Or could we apply for the permanent one as soon as we get back if we wanted to? Also if we lodge a permanent one does that mean we have to wait for that to be approved and holiday on that one and not apply for a temporary one?? Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing, hope someone out there can understand and perhaps advise!! Or have I dreamt the whole thing?? Dream of Oz alot lately!! Thanks