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Found 13 results

  1. Hey folks I have had a couple of minor things in the last couple of days so I thought I ask some others to come up with some: Don't you just hate it when.............................................................................. Here's mine: Don't you just hate it when; Today - you find your son's mobile phone in the tumble drier, meaning not only is it dry but it is also nice and clean:mad: Friday - when there is only you and another colleague still left at work and her waters break 9 weeks premature in the middle of the meeting. :eek:hmmmm, let's just say I was a tad late getting home but glad she and baby are ok Drama does tend to follow me a little. My mother always said if I had been alive I would have been on the grassy knoll when Kennedy was shot. Anyone else got any good ones?? Millie x
  2. Guest

    drama schools

    I'd really like to know if there are any good drama or theatre schools in or around Melbourne, Brisbane, Hervey Bay or even Auckland
  3. Guest

    Medical Drama

    My wife, family and I went for our medicals this week thinking it was a formality. When my wife had her chest x-ray it showed a scar which was ten years old. She was called back in and asked if she had ever had pnuemonia or TB which she thought she hadn't. We left the medical with the staff saying it looked like TB scaring. We went to our own doctors and when he looked back along my wifes records it turns out that ten years ago she had pnuemonia but the hospital had failed to tell her, she was in hospital at the time with chicken pox. This would make sense of where the scaring come from but I am now worried we may fail on this scaring. Anybody with similar experience would love to hear or any advice? Many thanks a very worried person:wideeyed:
  4. Guest

    Baggage Allowance Quota Drama

    Just thought id make others aware about possible problems if your over your allowance.....also make sure your scales are correct, although ours were new, they were way out on the predictions on weight. We got to the airport on wednesday morning at 5.30am last week, knowing we were slightly over the 40k each allowance, fully expecting to pay the difference advertised as around $20 per k on their website...we thought we were over by about 20k....anyways it looks like to bought the worst scales in history and they were out by our reckoning of about 2-1/2 k per suitcase....in all we owed a whopping 37k...ooops.......The airline sadly was run by an English women that morning acting as a superior to the airlines that we were flying with and declined to even approach us or speak to us for the 1-45 min trauma of having to have the exact 40k per suitcase allowed to a PR validation. she spoke via a telephone three weigh in area's away the whole time. nasty horrible experience to say the least...this airline quoted us £1000 pounds to take the extra baggage, or go by a different company by £200, which we excepted straight away. the reason it took so long was they had already sent our bags down, why i don't know......as we were finally checked in, the manager turned up to such a lovely scene of, holiday makers stood around gawping at us, alongside staff smirking and loving the drama, yes i was crying buckets at this point and she profusely apologised to us.......and changed our seats so we had more leg room and we were allowed to stay on the plane when it reached Germany.........I did tell her i would never fly again with the airline though, after being repeatedly humiliated in front of everyone, with even our underwear on show for everyone to see.........awful drama before we had even left the UK making me want to sprout wings and fly away myself....lol....it just makes me glad that we all finally arrived after not such a bad flight......comfortable and pleasant nice friendly staff....smiles all round...its just a pity my lasting memory will be of the English airport staff......we didn't even get a chance to have a brew before we boarded the flight....the kids were crying because we had to take most of their toys and clothes away from them.......and hubby has gone into Sydney this morning to pick up our case and toys....having been stung for another $150.........Very hard lesson learnt........Don't go over allowance at English airports in Manchester because depending who is there at the time they will humiliate you in public....without a qualm.......they did not even offer us a back room to sort anything out....As i said to the senior staff member...why would i deliberately put myself and my family through all that trauma for a freebie? we were always willing to pay the difference, it was the way they went about humiliating us infront of everyone which was plain nasty...The plane was only half full all the way to Oz too.......which really annoyed me because many were using three seats each.......It would of been cheaper for us to book another seat as a PR holder and fly it besides us.......crazy!!!! Never ever again will i fly with them....although quoted as the best.......And they were not the cheapest either...... Rachel xx
  5. Guest

    GSM 175 PR application drama

    Hello Guys and Gals, Just to outline my issue; I have been employed on the 457 visa for 30 months until recently losing my job, however I have applied for PR down the 175 route approximately 10 months ago. I understand that processing my application could potentially take anywhere up to 2 more years, so with myself being out of all the options to bridge the gap (working holiday and holiday visa used) I have decided to go travelling for a couple of years until my PR is hopefully granted, what I wanted you fine people to let me know was whether this would have any implications on my application? or worst come to worst mean that my application become invalid and cancelled because I would have been out of Australia for so long......... Your help is much appreciated dudes..... The pinkdog
  6. Guest

    Drama school advise

    Hi everyone, we do use this forum a awful lot, but we tend to look at the advise you guys are giving.Rather than us asking, and we have had some great advise off all of you. But we really do need some advise regarding our 13 year old daughter who is very much into drama and dance etc. We are due to get our state sponsership through for WA any time now., and then hopefully they will start prossessing our visas, [we fall in the catagory 5 situation] So hopefully we will be in perth before the end of the year. so if anyone has any advise regarding what schools specilize in drama etc. obviously this has alot to do with were we live ie the catchment area etc, just like here in the UK. Has anybody moved from the uk with kids who are into the same thing we would love to here what your advise would be. Or is there after school clubs etc. and when they finish there main education are there any drama colleges,? We have been on the net and there is one in Fremantle called John Curtin. Also has anyone got any idea of what the fees would be. Thanks Richard, Jo and Ellie
  7. Guest

    More 2nd WHV drama

    Well needless to say I'm slightly nervous now...I made a post a while back enquiring about the submission of my application for a 2nd WHV...and decided to go home for Christmas..return on my eVisitor and then apply once I was back on Aussie soil mid January seeing as I was not sure if with the holidays..my application would be processed in time from overseas... However....there has been a few items in the press recently and another thread here on the forum about an Irish backpacker who was fined and booted out of Aus for buying a farmers details in a pub....now this wouldn't have worried me until I spoke to someone today who apparently genuinely did the 3 months farm work..and yet was still refused a visa....I thought that if you did the work you were pretty much guaranteed the 2nd year..and now I'm completely stressed that when I get back in Jan and apply..that they might say...sorry..coz of the people who bull**** the system...we're not giving it to you...this is the first time I've heard of a 2nd year visa being refused when someone actually did the work...ok I just have her word on it..she may have been telling me fairy stories...but nevertheless it's worrying me rather a lot!! Should I maybe apply through an agent rather than just completing an online application??? I want to make sure I do whatever I can to ensure that my request is not denied...
  8. Guest

    Proposal/Visa Drama!

    Hello all, Potentially very stupid question coming up but as I am panicking thought I'd best check. I am applying for a defacto partner visa end of December and have been getting all the bits together for some time, know what I am doing (for once!) ete etc. My partner proposed to me on Tuesday (!!!) and now, after looking at all of my forms I am a bit confused. Am I still eligible to apply for the same visa or do I now have to declare myself as a fiance? On the form 40 sp it looks like as I am now a fiance I have to apply for the fiance visa, but as far as I can see the fiance visa is a completely different, offshore ( I am in Aus and have been for 15 months) and expensive option! I am really very confused! Any helps will warrant lots of cyber hugs and kisses!
  9. Hi All, In these times of all the stress associated with the BIG MOVE, a friend of mine has had a book published about just that and although I have not yet read it yet, I am confident as are the publishers that it will be a big success. Although factual with her and her families plight, there are many many laughs along the way. VICKY GRAY The author is a very down to earth, lovely and very very funny person in real life and I am sure this will reflect in her book. I am attaching her website to anyone who would like to take a look, and Vicky is going to contact Pomsi n oz to see if she can place a blog on here. australiauncovered.com.au HAPPY READING TO YOU ALL!!! Yvonne:biggrin:
  10. Guest

    Drama school advise

    can anyone advise if there are any drama schools in the perth area, so hopefully i can reasure her. she will be 13 yrs old when we hopefully move to perth. must admit shes pretty good [im her dad, not suppose to make out shes good lol] SHES DRIVING ME MAD. So came accross this web site and amazed on how much imfo you can get on here. Richard and jo
  11. sandramcd

    Help - Visa Drama

    We're being sponsored by Dh's new employers to move to Newcastle, job starting 1st Jan 2009 on a 121/856 visa. Meds were done at the start of august, police checks done, but until now we haven't been able to afford to pay our side of the visa. I'm hoping to send off the rest of the paperwork on monday, does anyone have any idea how long it will take for the visa to arrive? The Uni are very laid back about it and say thay it's ok to come on a temp visa until the PR is granted, but this obviously will have implications for our luggage allowance!! Any replies gratefully received!
  12. Hi im mike and sharons oldest daughter sian, im nearly 16 and we are moving to perth this year in the coming months. here i go to a drama school called stagecoach at the weekends, im a teaching assistant in the morning and then i attend the afternoon classes in all three disciplines; drama, singing and dance. i have been doing drama for over 7 years and i love it and i dont want to give it up when we move to perth so i was wondering if anyone knows of drama schools that are in perth that would want an english teenager! any info would be great! thanks sian
  13. Dear Poms I am cheekily posting a note on this site from grey old London as I want to speak/meet any Brits now living in Australia who might tell us what it has been like making the big move and how life is now/compared to back in UK. The reason is we have ITV interested (don't get too excited, they have not given us the money.. yet) in a new drama series idea about a group of British friends who all decide to up sticks and move to Australia. So a sort of modern Auf Wiedersehen Pet, but this time everyone does different jobs, and some bring families with them. We have a top screenwriter writing a script (he created Wild At Heart and co-created Life On Mars) who is also coming to Melbourne in October and in order for the show to be as truthful and entertaining as possible, we would love to talk to anyone who has emigrated, and could share some of their hilarious or horror stories of their experiences. As I say, early days as we are only at the writing stage, not the making stage, of the show, but hopefully if we write a good script then ITV will say yes and we will be making a long running hit TV series to be shown in the UK and Australia, all about people like you. So if you fancy dropping me an email, or fancy a coffee with my writer when he comes to Melbourne (if you live there/near there) that we would be hugely grateful for all and any help! Many thanks in advance.