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Found 9 results

  1. I'm sure I've read somewhere that there was a draft SMP for WA, and wondered if anyone has a copy, or remembers what occupations were on it? I know, it will still need to be finalised, but would just like to know whether there is even a glimmer of hope that we may still be able to get a visa in the near future.
  2. Has anyone sent a bank draft (in aussie dollars ) from UK to PVCentre using an international courier and was this a safe option. If so can anyone recommend one.:twitcy:
  3. We are going to send off our visa application next week and I am still trying to figure out how to pay for it! I have asked the HSBC bank and they say they have not heard of an international money order, but can issue an international bank draft in Australian Dollars. Does anyone know if it's okay to pay this way? If so, do you tick 'bank cheque' or 'money order' on the application form? I'm stressing more about this than anything else at the moment!! Thanks, Emmy B
  4. Guest

    Draft SOL list :-s

    I am not sure if anyone has put this on here! I came across it and thought that I would like to share it with my fellow PIO peeps. Bear in mind that this is a draft list and some of the occupations seem very generalised. Well they do to me!!! Hopefully the actual list will be more defined, I wait with baited breath for our occupation to be on there:notworthy:!! Views and discussion welcome!!
  5. Guest

    Draft of Proposed SOL 2010

    Hi everyone, I got this info and thought to share. Please leave a reply. Bear in mind that this is draft only. But defineatly a concern. IMMIGRATION NEWS Volume 164: Draft SOL Released Skills Australia has released a report titled “Australian Workforce Futures” which contains a draft of the new Skilled Occupation List. This list is to be examined and perhaps revised by DIAC by the 30th April 2010 but it gives a good indication of the changes we can expect. Page 83 and 84 of the report; 1331* Construction managers 2544 Registered nurses 1332 Engineering managers 2611 ICT business and systems analysts 1341 Child care centre managers 2613 Software and applications programmers 1342 Health and welfare services managers 2633 Telecommunications engineering professionals 1343 School principals 2711 Barristers(d) 1344 Other education managers 2712 Judicial and other legal professionals(d) 2211 Accountants(a) 2713 Solicitors(d) 2212 Auditors, company secretaries and corporate treasurers(b) 2723 Psychologists 2221 Financial brokers 2725 Social workers 2241 Actuaries, mathematicians and statisticians© 3122 Civil engineering draftspersons and technicians 2245 Land economists and valuers 3132 Telecommunications technical specialists 2311 Air transport professionals 3211 Automotive electricians 2312 Marine transport professionals 3212 Motor mechanics 2321 Architects and landscape architects 3221 Metal casting, forging and finishing trades workers 2322 Cartographers and surveyors 3222 Sheet metal trades workers 2326 Urban and regional planners 3231 Aircraft maintenance engineers 2331 Chemical and materials engineers 3233 Precision metal trades workers 2332 Civil engineering professionals 3241 Panel beaters 2333 Electrical engineers 3243 Vehicle painters 2334 Electronics engineers 3311 Bricklayers and stonemasons 2335 Industrial, mechanical and production engineers 3312 Carpenters and joiners 2336 Mining engineers 3321 Floor finishers 2339 Other engineering professionals 3322 Painting trades workers 2341 Agricultural and forestry scientists 3331 Glaziers 2346 Medical laboratory scientists 3332 Plasterers 2347 Veterinarians 3334 Wall and floor tilers 2393 Teachers of English to speakers of other languages 3341 Plumbers 2411 Early childhood (pre-primary school) teachers 2412 Primary school teachers 3421 Air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics 2413 Middle school teachers 3422 Electrical distribution trades workers 2414 Secondary school teachers 3423 Electronics trades workers 2415 Special education teachers 3942 Wood machinists and other wood trades workers 2421 University lecturers and tutors 3991 Boat builders and shipwrights 2511 Dieticians 3996 Sign writers 2512 Medical imaging professionals 4112 Dental hygienists, technicians and therapists 2514 Optometrists and orthoptists 4114 Enrolled and mothercraft nurses 2515 Pharmacists 4115 Indigenous health workers 2521 Chiropractors and osteopaths 4231 Aged and disabled carers 2523 Dental practitioners 4233 Nursing support and personal care workers 2524 Occupational therapists 4412 Fire and emergency workers 2525 Physiotherapists 4413 Police 2526 Podiatrists 2527 Speech professionals and audiologists 2531 Generalist medical practitioners 2532 Anaesthetists 2533 Internal medicine specialists 2534 Psychiatrists 2535 Surgeons 2539 Other medical practitioners 2542 Nurse educators and researchers 2543 Nurse Managers * The ANZSCO unit group code number (a) CPA or equivalent (b) Auditors only © Actuaries only (d) Legal professionals admitted to practice only
  6. connaust

    Draft SOL List

    Apprently draft SOL list has been doing the rounds of (some) state education institutions according to article "Jobs list will dash hopes of residency": .....University of Technology, Sydney business dean Roy Green said the draft list was dramatic and "much more credible than anything we have seen previously". "UTS business will look very closely at this list to see which occupations were included and excluded," Professor Green said. "We note accountancy is still included, which is an important part of our intake of overseas students." The draft Skilled Occupation List was released last week as part of Skills Australia's national workforce strategy. Of course no conflict of interest here allowing state providers access to the draft list before the new SOL is official
  7. Guest

    The Draft of new SOL....

    According to the Draft of new SOL, which published by Skill Australia, Accountant, commercial cookery, Pastry, hairdresser and translation occupations may not be included in the list. TR may also be canceled given that your occupation is off the new SOL list. Further, Migration requirements of Accountant tudents are likely getting tougher with restricted immigration policies. Australian Government has treated our international students as a tool to make money and then throw us away like trash. I just wanna ask, ARE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS HUMAN???? Therefore, I intended to organize a student protest in Sydney at the middle of April. Whether you like to appeal this policy or not, not matter the upcoming SOL will affect you or not, please give us a help. The protest will be held in mid-April, and I have already sent the protest related documents relevant to the government department. If you are the one get affected, this is perhaps the last opportunity to express your opinion. If you have any questions related to this protest, please massage me directly and I will provide more information privately. Thank you for your support. . . . Please add QQ groups 105968186 (if you are a chinese) or PM me, so that we can determine the figure of people wish to attend this protest.
  8. Got this in an email this morning,makes interesting reading,especially the comment about 457 visa holders needing to pay for private health cover. Government releases draft employer obligations for overseas workers Thursday, 12 February 2009 The Rudd Government today released draft regulations outlining new sponsorship obligations for employers of temporary skilled overseas workers on Subclass 457 visas. A panel of industry, union and state government representatives will now begin assessing the proposed new regulations to provide feedback to government. The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, said advice from the Skilled Migration Consultative Panel will assist the Government to finalise the sponsorship obligations that will apply to all employers of Subclass 457 visa holders. The employer obligations were drafted following the Visa Subclass 457 Integrity Review conducted by industrial relations expert Barbara Deegan last year. Proposed employer obligations to be considered by the panel include: Payment of a minimum salary to Subclass 457 visa holders Payment of return travel costs for visa holders and their spouses Cooperating with inspectors exercising powers under the Worker Protection Act. Senator Evans said the Government is considering basing the minimum wage for Subclass 457 visa holders on the market rate paid to Australian workers employed in similar positions. 'Paying market rates for Subclass 457 visa holders will effectively make them a more expensive option for employers,' Senator Evans said. 'This will ensure that temporary skilled overseas workers are not employed ahead of local workers or used to undermine Australian wages and conditions. 'The principle of the Subclass 457 visa scheme is to supplement – not replace – the local workforce when there are serious skills shortages. 'The scheme is not to be used to employ overseas workers at the expense of local labour.' Senator Evans said that application rates for Subclass 457 visas in January 2009 were 31 per cent lower than in September 2008, reflecting the change in economic conditions. The declines were most pronounced in the construction, mining and manufacturing sectors. 'The 457 visa program is a demand driven scheme and it is showing that it is responding to the changes in the labour market,' Senator Evans said. The draft regulations also propose removing the requirement for employers to cover health care costs for temporary overseas workers. Instead, Subclass 457 visa holders will be required to take out private health insurance at their own expense and cover any school expenses for their children. Under the Worker Protection Act passed late last year, employers who fail to satisfy a sponsorship obligation may face administrative sanctions and/or pecuniary penalties of up to $33 000 from September 2009. The Subclass 457 visa program is an uncapped scheme driven by labour market demand for employers to sponsor skilled overseas workers in Australia for up to four years.
  9. parsonsbigfamilyadventure

    bankers draft for TRA

    Please can some give some advise, i have been to the bank to order australian bankers draft to send to the TRA I have had it made payable to the collector of public money DEWR, is this right. Thanks Johanne