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Found 23 results

  1. Hi Friends, We currently live in Sydney. My husband has secured a job in Carrum Downs. We have a year old son. How is Carrum Downs as a place for bringing up children? Unfortunately or not, Carrum downs does not have a train station. We would prefer to live nearby train station,because we are yet to buy a car and I have to look out for jobs, so I might have to make frequent trips to the city. I read the nearest railway stations to Carrum Downs as Seaford, Kananook on Frankston line and Cranbourne,Merinda Park on Cranbourne line. We have no idea how these places are!We would want to rent in any of these areas, or preferably somewhere close to Carrum Downs. What we are looking for most primarily are: Community minded suburb close to train station and commutable distance to Carrum Downs,a nice Childcare,close to shops,safe suburb. Suggestions/help appreciated. Thanks, Shilpa :biggrin:
  2. Guest

    Sippy Downs / Sunshine Coast

    Hi All, Living in Sippy Downs with partner and little one (18 months old). I am originally from Middlesbrough and Donna is originally from Peterborough. We have been living in Sippy Downs for nearly 3 years now after spending over 2 years in Sydney. We would love to catch up with some other POM locals for a barbi, drinks, coffee etc and get to know a few more friends in the local area. Feel free to drop me a message or e-mail. :smile:
  3. Which would you choose. Factors we are considering i our decision. . .. 1. public schools with lots of choices and reasonable strict 2. Fewest red necks/bogans 3, near shops 4. can build a house for under $450,000 all up Any thoughts????? or should we consider Narran warren or officer. . . . :rolleyes:
  4. We hope to be going on a reccie and visa validation trip shortly and are looking for a holiday home in a nice suburb of North Brisbane. My brother lives in McDowall so want to be close enough to him. Ideally looking for a 4 bed with pool.
  5. mrsindecision

    Coping with ups and downs

    I would love to hear from those who have been back for a year and how they have settled. I am five months in and have hit the wall of honeymoon period over and excitement of returning settling and now have to get on with real life. It is really cold and grey at the moment and family are still split so feeling miserable and missing the sunshine (not the heat) All our stuff arrived last week and while that was exciting to have our precious things back it has been a huge lot of work and like trying to fit 2 pints into a half pint pot. I figure moving in the first place was tough and I worked hard to settle and get everything sorted for family there which involved lots of compromise and hard work. Here everything is falling into place nicely workwise and educationally it couldn't be better - moneywise great as well - but I still have the collywobbles and occassionally have to go into the next town which is bloody grotty and I wonder if we have done the right thing ( in my heart I know we have but the re-adjustment is harder than I imagined it would be). Also my BF has cancer which has knocked us all for six and the great fun we were planning together has been blighted by treatments etc... I know what a whiner I am - so those who are tempted please don't have a go - just hoping that some of you have been through this and come out the other side.
  6. Dear Fellow PIO'ers My family and I are currently in Perth on a 'validation of visa' visit. To start off with we were 'seduced' by programmes such as 'Wanted Down Under', and decided to visit migration seminars as well as joining various web forums such as this one. We applied for our 176 visas in July of 2009 and prior to being awarding them in January 2010 we visited Perth in October 2009 for a two week holiday. At that time my employment/renumeration prospects were better in Australia than they were in the UK due to the economic climate, however on that visit we did notice that life in WA, is certainly not cheap. That said there is a cost to hoping to enjoy a higher standard of living and I think there is/was a mis-conception that it's easy money here in Australia. The reality is, unless you are financially well off then I believe you may have to work harder for your $ than you would for your £. Fast forward to Jan 2010, were awarded our 176 visas and as we have a large family (4 children) there would be a lot of organizing which would many of you have been through or are aware of. Without wishing to commit financial suicide of resigning from my employer at the time without a job in Australia and attempting to sell the house in the current economic climate, we thought it would be prudent to complete a validation visit, as a visit for 6 (£10000) was a far cheaper prospect than moving with no certainties (£150000+). That way we would then have until January 2014 to move and in the meantime, I could then potentially travel to Australia on my own to secure employment, in the knowledge that my wife and children had experienced some aspects of life in Australia even if it is for a short period of time. On our visit in 2009, we did not do so much of the tourist thing, but concerntrated on speaking to recruiters about career/salary prospects, looking at schools, and speaking to teachers about the education system (My eldest son is mildly autistic), and what provisions are in place for special educational needs. We also looked at housing and compared properties which were new builds to those which were 10+ years old. To be completely honest we were not overly impressed with the houses at that time as I wondered why on earth did so many homes have very tiny back gardens. Inside the houses there were many examples of high level of spec for appliances and house layout. After our 2009 visit, as our visa situation had not been decided by DIAC, we were still in limbo and could not plan our move, as it would have been a great deal of time and money wasted had we not been awarded our visas. That visit was invaluable as it gave us many thoughts about life in Australia, and the numerous people we spoke with about the many areas of life in Australia was great, they were honest and frank and as with anywhere in the world, some loved it, others were not so keen, (Aussie's included!!). March 2010 saw a change of job for myself which now has presented a number of various oppotunities, one of which is the possibility of moving to Australia to open an office up for my new employer. This is not an immediate option, and may take two years. The 7 months I have been working with my new employer have been great in all areas. This has made life in the UK somewhat more pleasant, which in turn has made the desire to leave less likely. October 2010, we are in Perth on our visa validation visit, and as with our 2009 visit we have met a number of great people, all with differing stories and views of life in Perth/suburbs. Some have no desire to stay in Australia and are looking to return to the UK within a couple of years, others have no wish to return to the UK permanently but are going back for a short visit to complete their emotional closures, before returning. To summarize, I guess the short answer to the $64,000 question is, will we move to WA? My response at this moment would be is to spin a coin. The only advice I can offer is that you can never do too much research into this subject. I thought that once we had our visas life would be simplier, that is very wrong. The visa process is a small part of a huge life changing action you are embarking on. I will continue to add to this post from time to time, but it would be great to read your comments about my thoughts. I would also like to thank the numerous people in Perth we have met as well as the numerous people on PIO who have contributed their thoughts and ideas on the numerous aspects of life in Australia. I'd better sign off now as we are off to King's Park for a picnic with a fellow PIO'er,Floater and his family. Kind regards Ronnie Rocket
  7. cjscjs

    Karana Downs

    hi anyone live in Karana Downs - west of Brisbane? WOuld like to know how you like it? thanks
  8. Guest

    Sippy Downs / Sunshine Coast

    Hi All, Living in Sippy Downs with partner and little one (18 months old). I am originally from Middlesbrough and Donna is originally from Peterborough. We have been living in Sippy Downs for nearly 3 years now after spending over 2 years in Sydney. We would love to catch up with some other POM locals for a barbi, drinks, coffee etc and get to know a few more friends in the local area. Feel free to drop me a message or e-mail. :smile:
  9. cjscjs

    Karana Downs

    Hi - does anyone live in or around karana Downs - we are thinking moving there and want some inside info!! Thx
  10. Guest

    Schools around Murrumba Downs

    Hi all We are moving to Murrumba Downs next week with two girls aged 12 & 9 years. Can anyone tell me what the schools are like in that area-would be interested in looking at both state & private. Also, i'm looking for a piano teacher & a horse riding school-does anyone have any info on that? Any info you can share is much appreciated!
  11. Guest

    Bridgeman Downs questions

    Had a look round Bridgeman and seems a really good area. Anyone on here who commutes to CBD and can let me know commute times app. and also whether they use the alternative of driving to a station and train in as an option. Any other feedback re the area also welcome Thanks
  12. Someone asked me the other day about Cabinet Maker vacancies in the South East of Melbourne, I can't remember who it was but here is one in the local paper: Experienced Cabinet Maker Experienced Cabinet Maker required for busy Carrum Downs company. To continue to grow our small business we are looking for an experienced Cabinet Maker to work in our Factory. Duties will include but are not limited to: Cutting, Edging, Laminating etc. Fabrication of Cabinets. Delivery of Cabinetry with some on-site work. The successful Applicant must be; Fit & Strong (heavy lifting required), Reliable & Punctual. MR & Forklift Licence Desired. Please forward all resumes to hartnett@nex.net.au Also there is an advert for Cabinet Makers in Dandenong, which would be great if you lived in or near Berwick, Cranbourne, Narre Warren, Lynbrook, Lyndhurst, Mornington etc. The number to call for this one is (03) 9792 4321 or fax resume to 9792 4325 and ask for Nina or Gary.
  13. Guest

    Moving to Carrum Downs!

    Hey all I've decided to take the plunge and move back to Australia! Moving out in June and currently stressed beyond belief! I'm lucky in a way, as i have an Australian passport from living there when i was younger, i don't have to apply for visa's and work permits etc. I feel for you guys that do. But even still....They say moving is one of the most stressful things you'll do in your life? They aint half right! Getting quotes, sorting things out, getting rid of stuff you never use, deciding what to take in the one 20k suitcase your allowed - bearing in mind i won't have my stuff for about 8-10 weeks. Hmmm.... Sigh, i guess it'll be worth it in the long run. Hey ho...keep on smiling people...we're of to the Wonderful World of OZ! Skippy
  14. Hi can anyone help. We arrive in Melbourne on the 16th March and need somewhere to stay until we manage to secure a permanent rental (anyone any idea how long this usually takes?) Anyway, I was recommended M2M, who have been great...but the one they have is full and the others are a bit out of our price range. any advice greatly appreciated :spinny: oh before I forget - we are a family of 5 but really only need 2 bedrooms as the kids end up in ours most nights anyway..... thanks again, Shelley
  15. I am sure a lot of you are aware of the case that is currently being fought in Victoria at the moment about the German Doctor who is here on a temp visa and has just been refused PR and told he has to leave Australia in 2010 because his son with Downs will be a drain on the health service. There is an uproar at the minute over here and he is hoping to get the decision overturned. For those that don't know anything about the case take a look at this article (I have cut and pasted from the Herald Sun) if he wins it could open up the doors to other families who have also been refused visas because of health costs. A MIGRANT doctor and his family are being forced to leave Australia, and the Victorian town that desperately needs him, because his son has Down syndrome. Dr Bernhard Moeller answered a call from the Federal Government and the Horsham community two years ago, and moved from Germany to become the town's only permanent specialist physician. But the Department of Immigration and Citizenship this week rejected an application from Dr Moeller and his family for permanent residency because his 13-year-old son, Lukas, has Down syndrome and does not fit the bureaucracy's health criteria. On advice from a government doctor, the department wrote to Dr Moeller saying his son had been assessed as a burden on Australian taxpayers and could not be granted permanent residency. A copy of the decision said care for Lukas was "likely to result in significant costs to the Australian community in health care and community services". Angry? Send Immigation Minister Chris Evans an email about this decision. But Dr Moeller said his son would always be cared for by family and his needs at school were not prohibitive. "I have the means to look after him and I will look after him," he said. Horsham, with a population of 20,000, is enraged at the prospect of losing its only internal medicine specialist and residents rallied outside Dr Moeller's practice yesterday, demanding the decision be overturned. As well as his private practice, Dr Moeller fills a key role at the Wimmera Base Hospital, which serves 50,000 people in the region. "We are desperate for doctors in the country and the Government says we must get skilled labour from overseas," said Business Horsham's Andrea Cross. "The decision to reject residency is crazy. He has a disabled child but we've got great support for him here." Dr Moeller said he was hurt by the rejection, but thanked the community for its support. "We feel rejected, not welcome any more, by the Australian Government," Dr Moeller said. "But we've had huge support here in the community." Dr Moeller is in Australia on a 457 temporary working visa that expires in 2010. He and his family searched for the best place to raise a family and his wife, Isabella, said Australia was the preferred choice because of the support it offered disabled children. Lukas attends a mainstream primary school and has an integration aide and speech therapy. He plays football, cricket, golf and table tennis, and his parents say he has no difficulties coping. Ms Moeller said Down syndrome was graded from zero to 100, with zero representing a fully dependent sufferer and 100 the mildest affliction. Lukas was rated close to 100. "It's the worst thing that's happened to me – worse even than when they told me Lukas had Down syndrome," she said. "We fought for years against discrimination in Germany against Lukas. "We wanted to make sure he got the best quality of life, and when we looked all over the world we decided Australia was the right place to live. "We came to Australia in April 2006 on a temporary residency visa, and we told everybody then we wanted to stay in Australia as permanent residents, but they didn't mention anything like this even possibly happening. "Now we have to start fighting all over again against discrimination." Down Syndrome Victoria yesterday slammed the Federal Government's decision. "This decision is disgraceful and discriminatory," Down Syndrome Victoria executive officer Catherine McAlpine said. "The department are not looking at Lukas as an individual or seeing his potential. "Instead, they are making assumptions based on their outmoded understanding of intellectual disability." Ms McAlpine said the case was one of a number where people with Down syndrome were refused residency automatically because they were judged to be a drain on Australian resources. "It is outrageous that in the same year the Australian Government ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, it is effectively stripping this young man of his human rights," Ms McAlpine said. Immigration Minister Chris Evans's office referred questions regarding the Moeller case to his department. A departmental spokesman said officials were legally bound to reject an application if a Commonwealth medical officer deemed the applicant posed a significant cost burden. "It is long-standing government policy that high-cost medical conditions are a consideration in visa decisions," the spokesman said, adding that the family could appeal against the decision to the Migration Review Tribunal and, failing that, to the minister. Dr Moeller said the family would appeal. Horsham hospital Wimmera Health Group chief executive Chris Scott said he was very disappointed at the decision to refuse Dr Moeller's family permanent residency. Mr Scott said Dr Moeller's was the only permanent position at the hospital, and two other vacancies were unfilled. "We recruited him specifically from Germany," Mr Scott said. "We think it's very disappointing that such a decision can be made when rural Victoria is crying out for senior medical appointments."
  16. After a round of exhausting house hunting I have finally made out the highest value/price ratio suburbs in Melbourne, not Hoppers Crossing or Point Cook, but Taylors Hills-Keilor Downs. It only takes 30 minutes train to Southern Cross and the houses are real beauties. Just the neighbouring suburbs are not so good--St. Albans, Sydenham. What are you comments on this area?
  17. Lovely spot here, we love it! Anyone else up here?
  18. Hi, looking to relocate from the UK to Sydney by starting off an application for a 457 with my wife and 3 kids of 8 , 6 and 3. Our daughter (8) has Downs Syndrome, and we are concerned about our prospects for getting a visa as we have a child with a disability. Even if we get the 457 we are unsure where we would stand with a permanent residency application further down the line. I have spoken to a migration agent here in the UK and they say no problem, but I am not convinced. We would really appreciate some honest feedback from anyone who may have any experience on getting into Australia (permanently) with a child with a disability. Thanks in advance, Stewart.
  19. Selling Honda CRV 2001Classic Need to sell by next week. The car is in Cars Australia - Used cars Australia - New car Australia - Car reviews Australia | carsguide.com.au for $11950 will take $10000 just to get rid of as we have a flight out of Oz going back to Uk on 18th april.[ATTACH]482[/ATTACH] It's a good car and is worth alot more as you'll see other older cars going for alot more. If you have any questions just ask John
  20. Guest

    toowoomba/darling downs area

    Hi does anybody know anything about toowoomba/darling downs area i.e. is it really too rural or is there any life there big shopping centres etc Many thanks Gilly
  21. Hi Guys, have been handed a very pretty and colourful copy of Michael's new work rota so I can see which are his weekends off. With this thread I am posting a poll to see which dates you guys think are best for having our Poms in Oz picnic. Please post on it and then I can start arranging finer details. I know it's still a bit early in advance but that way we won't double book ourselves will we!!!! Felicity:wubclub:
  22. The Broughtons

    Dunstable Downs

    Hey guys, I know the weather in this country is pretty unreliable but there are lots of us that live in Northants / Beds / Bucks and I thought maybe a Poms In Oz picnic on Dunstable Downs might be a good idea at some point in the not too distant future. Let me know if you are interested and then we can start looking at dates. Might not be till May or June but these things seem to take a bit of organising! PM me or post on here and I'll keep you all updated Felicity:wubclub:
  23. We are considering this area as we've heard alot of nice things about it, especially as its not from the CBD for hubby to get to work. BUT what about the schools?!!!